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DataEast - Lethal Weapon 3 (lw3) club - Join if you have one or haf one...

By mima

7 years ago

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“I am planing to make my self a set of repro plastics and are considering a making a very very limited run of sets. Are there any interest out there for this?”

  • I would run and grab me a set since there are no NOS made for this pin 43 votes
  • I would want to get a few single plastics, some are missing on my pin 40 votes
  • My pin has some beaten up plastics but I prefeer original plastics 3 votes
  • Nah, waste of moey. the pin plays well without / with warped and beaten up -plastics. 15 votes

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#968 5 months ago

First post... first pin. Got an LW3 about two weeks ago. It's in good shape and just sorting out a few little things on it.

I'm new to owning these, just not new to playing. Was hanging out in poolhalls and arcades right in that early 90's sweet spot of Williams titles like The Getaway, Funhouse and Diner. I never played LW3 back in the day, but wanted to get started on the owning hobby so here we are!

IMG_1671 (resized).JPG
3 months later
#1093 43 days ago

Can anyone help me understand if I'm doing something wrong using Adjustment 35? I am trying to turn off the flash lamps.


#1095 42 days ago
Quoted from cabuford:

Just tried in on mine, and they turned off fine. I have LED flashers and Chad's code 3.00. Rottendog MPU board.
hope this helps!

Glad to hear that works for you. I wonder if this was a feature that didn't work on earlier ROM sets and then got sorted out later on with one of the more recent ones? I think my code is still the original from 1992. I do have a couple of Rottendog boards in the game though, including the big MPU one.

#1099 39 days ago
Quoted from cabuford:

Just tried in on mine, and they turned off fine. I have LED flashers and Chad's code 3.00. Rottendog MPU board.
hope this helps!

Hey, back to this flasher on/off feature business... I have tried again to change this adjustment and the flashers are still going strong. Any chance you might be able to do a couple quick gameplay videos for me of your machine? One with the flashers off and another with them on? The flashers are most noticeable when I play when multiball is lit. Not just after you get it into saucer 2 and start multiball, but the little build-up to it when you're trying to get the ball into saucer 2. The flashers flash with the music and it seems well timed to blind you a little just as you go to shoot the ball into saucer 2.

Would love to see some comparison vids of how this looks on other machines. I'll try and get my own video of this same part of the game and post it here.

...oh, and would my machine being programmed for "multiball" and not "triball" have anything to do with it? I don't know why or where you would select it to say multiball instead of triball. Mine has never said anything other than multiball. My serial number sticker says the game was originally for South America, so maybe that got something changed in the way the game was put together or programmed? Identical like snowflakes these machines are.

#1103 39 days ago

Here is a little gameplay video I took a while back. I've done a bunch of work on the game since this was taken, but not to the code or flashers. Mostly just flippers, plastics, slingshots, etc. This is what I mean about the flashers being blinding. They pulse on and off wicked bright and distracting and I'd love to get them turned off. Or dialed down somehow. Or maybe just unplugged?

I also found these two pictures showing the code I am running. One shows the display message and the other the CPU. Both indicate 1992. Does that help figure anything out?

IMG_1675 (resized).JPGIMG_1676 (resized).JPG
#1106 38 days ago

Ok, so I think it's more than just my flasher bulbs. I took the backglass off and then removed the nine flasher bulbs from the backbox. Figured I would start a game and see what kind of difference that made. Here's another video of the backbox lighting in action. Strobe action and you can see why this feels blinding. It is all the backbox lights coming on and off in rhythm to the music. And especially distracting when mutliball is lit (which it does on my machine when ball 3 starts if you haven't already had multiball).

Does this still seem like the game is acting normally? Do all the games do this with the full compliment of backbox lights strobing on and off like they are in the vid?

#1111 38 days ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Data East are well known for the GI flashing on and off like crazy, I vote normal.
You could do what I do which is strategically remove some of the lamps if using LED and/or replace the bulbs with Comet "retro" bulbs which have less brightness than 1SM or 2SM 5050 bulbs.
I run warm white frosted dome 5050 or the warm white retro bulbs in the backglass and not shy about leaving a few out. LED's throw out a lot of light!

Quoted from cabuford:

If that's what's bothering you, you need to find an enerGI Maestro GI smoother. I have one in my LW3 and Data East Star Wars. You can add fade times and control brightness levels to the GI. I'm not sure if the guy is making them anymore though.

Quoted from ChadH:

Version 3.01 reduces the amount of GI flashing. Update your game with this new version and enjoy.

Thanks for the help. Funny how certain game makers were known for certain things. DE def has the rep for lots of flashing lights.

I did go ahead and pull out a bunch of the GI lights in the backbox and it made a difference. Will likely pull out a handful from the playfield too. Plus consider those other options you mentioned. I still like the game and how it plays. Just need to get the lighting balanced out in a way that suits me.

#1113 37 days ago
Quoted from CryptKeeperAUS:

Hi all, If anyone has a copy of apron cards they could email it would be appreciated. I finished the refurb but doesn't look finished without them! Cheers. Steve.


#1116 37 days ago
Quoted from Parkshow30:

Having a lot of fun with this game, playfield reminds me of Dirty Harry with the building and the orbits and the gun. The topper is pretty fun to see going off in multiball while playing in the dark.

Someone just pointed out to me the other day how the LW3 playfield is basically the exact same layout as Terminator 2. I said to him "nah, how can that be? They weren't made by the same company?" He kept saying it's true and I for sure thought he was talking about a different game and got them mixed up. But he was right. Look at what shots you have on those two games and you'll see it. Imagine the Terminator skull and toys removed and it becomes pretty obvious. Hey, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?

2 weeks later
#1141 17 days ago
Quoted from l_1nconnu:

I am happy you guys had a look. It kinda makes sense now. I assumed the display was working fine during gameplay which it is not the case. I’m gonna have to purchase a Color DMD or a Pin 2DMD. Any supplier from Canada or do I need to import from the states?
Thanks for your inputs.

A Toronto pinball owner swapped out a few original DMD's on his machines with the PIN2DMD ones... and he was selling the originals for $100 each. I bought one from him for my Lethal Weapon oddly enough as my top row of the display wasn't working. If he still has any of them left, that could be another option for you. I know he has decent access to shipping things around the major cities. I would bet Ottawa is one of them.

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