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Data East pinball club

By PinballManiac40

4 years ago

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#359 3 years ago

Troubleshooting a Hook machine.

1) I initially installed a Rottendog MPU along with all of my other changes(Rottendog playfield power, Rottendog Flipper board, New Pinsound Board) and the Pinsound board worked initially. Then after turning the machine off, it would only work randomly. It appears that the Rottendog MPU and the Pinsound board don't always communicate. I contacted PinSound and they are working on a firmware update to make the board more responsive to recognizing the Rottendog MPU each time since I wasn't the only person with this problem. So, I repaired my Data East MPU board and switched back for the interim. That board works with the PinSound board every time. So clearly there is a compatibility issue between the Rottendog MPU and the PinSound board based on that troubleshooting. Just mentioning that here in case anybody else runs into the same problem.

2) I've noticed that my rope lights don't work exactly as they should when I go into test mode or when the machine is running. They operate as OFF/OFF/1/2&3 SIMULTANEOUSLY instead of OFF/1/2/3. I've seen posts about this that talk about a short between two of the strands causing this problem in addition to posts about the driver board for those lights getting fried. However, this is the strange part. When the Rottendog MPU board was in the backbox, the rope lights worked exactly as they should OFF/1/2/3 without doing anything to the lights or to the special board for the rope lights. As soon as I went back to the Data East board, it was back to OFF/OFF/1/2&3 SIMULTANEOUSLY. That makes me think that there isn't a short or a problem with the special board but instead there is a problem in my Data East MPU board.

3) When I received the pin, the knocker had been disconnected and the coil was sitting in the bottom (without any of the rest of the knocker mechanism). The coil had a melted coil sleeve in it. I purchased a new knocker and installed it and it worked fine. Of course, I had already replaced my power supply with Rottendog and the playfield power supply with rottendog before I ever tried this new knocker. However, since I've been having the sound cutout problem with my pinsound board, I decided to put my old data east power supply back in to see if the cutout problem went away. This would tell me if there was the regulated/unregulated 12v issue causing my sound problems. However, with the old power supply back in, the knocker went crazy and started pounding away nonstop from the moment I hit the start button to try it all out. I turned the machine off and on and had the same problem again, so I just took the data east power supply out and put the rottendog back it and then the problem was gone.

What do you think?

#362 3 years ago

Help with hook pinball rope lights. It's not a short or a problem with the rope light driver board. It's a problem at the MPU board.

Advice? It appears that when the correct rope light strand is supposed to light that the output for that pin from the MPU board changes from 5v to .1v
My pins do this:
Off: 5v, 5v, 5v
Strand 1 logic: .4v, .4v, 5v causing strands 1 and 2 to light
Strand 2 logic: .4v, .4v, 5v causing strands 1 and 2 to light
Strand 3 logic: 5v, 5v, 0.1v causing strand 3 to light correctly
I traced this back across capacitors and RA3 back to pins 10,11,12 on the 7segment PIA chip which is putting out the same erroneous voltages during strand 1 and 2 logic
I put a new 7 segment PIA chip in and have same problem. Not sure how to trace further back from here.

4 weeks later
#410 3 years ago

For whatever reasons, it's not super popular, but I enjoy it. It's so difficult to get really high scores. Someone is in the process of reprogramming the rules. He has done this for some other data east machines and many are looking forward to it being a big improvement for hook. If it's less than 1000, I say go for it. 1200 still good in my opinion. It would have to be fully restored for 1800 in my opinion.

#413 3 years ago

Somebody in England has been blogging his refurb and he touched the whole cabinet up by hand. He was talking about scanning it and creating vinyl but not done yet.....(look back through the blog)


#420 3 years ago

Star Trek 25th coming tomorrow but no subway ramp. I'm gonna try and rig something with either fiberglass, PVC, or sheet metal. Open to any/all suggestions.

3 weeks later
#447 3 years ago

It's gone. Good deal. Thanks

1 week later
#448 3 years ago

NeedHelp....I'm getting a popping sound through my speakers that is synchronized to the rapid flashing of the LEDs. Not the flashing that makes you think your going to have a seizure from the GI lighting but instead the flashing of the skill shot lights or the flashing of the scoop target lighting. I have flipper fidelity speakers and a pinsound board. I used to have a similar problem related to the rope lights but I fixed a short and then the popping sound went away. I'm not talking about the data east hum either, this is a distinct pop with every flash.

#449 3 years ago

Btw, it's a Hook machine, but I figure the same problem could happen on any DE machine

#452 3 years ago


#454 3 years ago


3 weeks later
#461 3 years ago

Funny you say that, I feel just the opposite between my 3 Williams sys 11 and my 2 DE. However, I need to make the spring mod to my hook because the spring mounted on the plunger just isn't as responsive as the side/spring.

#465 3 years ago

I almost always rebuild the flippers as soon as I get a machine which may also be why I haven't had much complaint. I've heard people say that data east sometimes goes with coils that are too strong, so maybe that has an effect on how it sounds when it hits the stop. Otherwise, the guts are nearly identical.

6 months later
#619 2 years ago

Getting deeper into the club on Saturday. Adding Star Wars to the collection putting me at 4 DE machines.

Star Trek
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Star Wars

I like the licensed machines from DE. Relatively cheap for throwback themes. I can appreciate the early DE machines, but I just haven't been able to bite the bullet when replacement plastic and playfield are so hard to come by and then they cost too high of a percent of the entire game.

#626 2 years ago

The colordmd are available at Planetary. Just ordered mine today. Where did you order Chad's Roms from?

2 weeks later
#678 2 years ago

I'm pretty sure you lose everything that's stored electronically when you lose battery. I've seen aftermarket counters installed just for that reason.

1 week later
#689 2 years ago

I'd be interested in the set.

3 months later
#784 2 years ago

Unobtainium. I have a good one that I'm waiting for Freeplay40 to reproduce when he gets his larger machine. However, based on the low number of people who bought the Rufio ramps he made, I don't think it will be high on his list.

1 month later
#810 2 years ago

I've got original, xpin, and rotten dog in my 4 DE machines. If you can get a refurbished original, I'd go that route. I've had random compatibility issues with the other 2 depending on the other boards in the machine. If everything else is original then all 3 options will work.

8 months later
#943 1 year ago

Looking for help with R&B...
Hoping for an easy answer before I start troubleshooting backwards from the coils. Looking for a cause of my center pop bumper, both slings, both diverters and Nell relay to stop working all together. I checked all the fuses in the back box and no luck. I know it’s not the flasher/coil relay because these are all directly controlled coils. Thanks in advance, just hoping to save a little time and frustration.

Oh yeah, drop target coil also not working. I tested all of these from diagnostics and they don’t work there either.

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