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4 years ago

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#307 3 years ago

Restoring a playboy 35th, and looking for a sound board to fill the vacant spot in the back box... Anyone for one lying around that works? 520-5002-01. Thank you

4 months later
#349 3 years ago

My DE Playboy came with no boards, and I am finally done buying boards, but I was hoping that someone that owns this pin might be able to take some closeup pics of the boards with the connectors so I have a better idea of where all of the connectors go on the boards? It would be a great help, and I appreciate it if it can be done. Thank you.

5 months later
#486 3 years ago

Was wondering if anyone with a Playboy 35th could shoot me photos of how the slide the mansion sits on, is mounted in the back? I seem to be missing whatever it is, as I'm piecing back together and bring it back to life and it's been a fun restoration but hard when you can't see pics of certain parts of playfield on internet. Thank you for any help.

Sight_2016_09_28_185412_249 (resized).jpg

4 months later
#535 2 years ago

Anyone know the best/easiest way to test for 9volts on my flippers for playboy 35th? My flippers are not holding, only machine gunning so I'm under the impression that I'm not getting a full 9 volts....

#537 2 years ago
Quoted from Gryphun:

have you also checked the spacing between the flipper contact switch?

Yes, completely rebuilt everything. Both flips do the same thing which leads me to believe I'm not getting the required 9 volts to hold them up until button is released. Using a new xpin power supply so I'm just wondering the best way to test the 9 volts, both at the power supply and maybe at the flips?

1 month later
#649 2 years ago

Wondering if anyone ever had problems with their sound board playing the sounds but no music? I have a playboy 35th and can't seem to get any music out of it...i get most of the sounds, though. And the weird thing is, I have a second board and it does the same thing...sound but no game music. I thought it might be the flat cable that runs to MPU but no luck on that, either.

#653 2 years ago
Quoted from LamimaMZ:

I had exactly the same issue with my Time Machine.... Checked all voltages, changed the ribbon cable, installed new caps, pulled the sound roms etc. In the end it was a problem on the cpu-board. I got a "new" one on saturday, installed it and my problem was gone.
The old cpu board had some corrosion due to battery leakage that somehow affected the correct communication between cpu and sound board.

Thank you for both responses to my issue. I installed Rottendog MPU, so I can't imagine it's that. I do think it must be a voltage thing.... What is the easiest way to check the voltage on the sound board? I know my voltage must not be high enough because my flippers are machine gunning, too, which leads me to believe I'm not getting the 9 volts required to hold them in place. It's driving me crazy because the power board is a new Xpin and when I check the voltage at the test points on that board they seem fine.......

#655 2 years ago
Quoted from QuietEarp:

I just got my first Data East machine so I don't know if there are any test points on the sound board and I am not getting out of bed to check, but I was messing with the power to mine today and there is a connector with 6 pins on the bottom of the board. Only 4 have wires on them. This has +12 Volts, -12 Volts, ground, and + 5 volts from left to right ). Pins 6, 3, 2, 1. You could test the wires there.

Thank you.... Now get some sleep!!

#658 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Start a new thread on your game with your problems. There's going to be too much involved in getting your issues worked out in this general thread. It will also make it easier for other people to search and find your final fixes.

I tried that.... No one responded to it. But, now I have some ideas other than mine to go with.... It was either that or lose my mind!!

#662 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

You need to keep bumping your thread. Also, post the link to your thread here too.
Edit. I see terryb gave you some information and you didn't report back.
Link to the thread so others can help there.

Sounds good. Here is the link to my issues, with updates as of today, 3/14. I decided to tackle it after a month off. Please feel free to help or assist if you can. Thank you to all in advance.


1 month later
#715 2 years ago

Looking for trouble shooting help regarding Playboy 35th.

I get all the issues resolved, except for the music still not playing, but now, after I start a game and shoot the ball, when it hits only the right pop bumper - along with me holding the right flipper button - that activates the VUK, which of course tells the game that a ball is in the grotto, so it ejects another ball into the shooting lane ready to play while the other ball is still in play. How does this happen when none of them are associated with each other??

Oh, and I did a switch test and it doesn't show any issues... Only happens when a game is played.

Thank you for any brainstorming resolve you might have in advance.

Here is my link that I started on fixing this beast up:


1 month later
#761 2 years ago

Have any of you ever had issues with your sound board playing sound effects but not music, or music is there but not there-there. I'm having that issue with my playboy 35th. Replaced the speakers and still the same issue... Frustrating to say the least. And I tried another sound board.... Same issue. Getting correct voltages, just music is way in the distance and somewhat distorted. Help?!?

6 months later
#856 1 year ago

Looking for a cure to my playboy 35th woes...


Any help or insight would be appreciated.

#858 1 year ago
Quoted from bbhenry2000:

So far only 1 DE, but that will change.
Playboy 35th Anniversary.

Welcome to the club!! Wondering if you could do me a favor? I need to know how your switch under the playfield at right sling shot is wired... on my pics, my diode is connected from 2 green wires to a white/blue wire with middle contact on switch being bare.... I'm thinking my diode should only be soldered to the green wires and to the middle contact, by itself. Not with the white wire. Could you verify, or anyone with a playboy 35th?

20180104_151604 (resized).jpg

20180104_152457 (resized).jpg

20180104_152501 (resized).jpg

20180104_152545 (resized).jpg

#864 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballTilt:

Interesting. I get the startup sounds from the board and audio conversion sounds, but no game music. Tried a different known working pinsound board and flash drive. All I have left to try is maybe the original sounds. Good to know it works for you.
I got this game with replacement boards. Both the power supply and mpu are aftermarket.

Interesting as I'm having the same problem with a Rottendog MPU with a normal data east soundboard in my playboy 35th.....let us know how you make out......i get sounds but music is very faint in background. Have to turn it full volume to hear it. Good luck.

#869 1 year ago
Quoted from bbhenry2000:

Mine appears to wired the same as yours.

Thank you!!

1 week later
#877 1 year ago

Playboy 35th help.....

Can someone please verify the VUK wires and diode placement with my picture to make sure mine is correct.... Or wrong? Thank you.

Sight_2018_01_18_185851_365 (resized).jpg

#880 1 year ago
Quoted from Inkochnito:

There should be a Yellow-Violet wire at the banded end and a Black-Orange wire at the other end (Vertical Up Kicker).
There should be a Yellow-Violet wire at the banded end and a Black-Blue wire at the other end (Grotto Kick Big).

Thank you. I appreciate the help.

#881 1 year ago
Quoted from snyper2099:

From the picture, it certainly looks like someone added these wires that are not the colors in the manual in order to perform an earlier repair. So, it is impossible to tell from your picture if it's correct.
In this case, you will want to disconnect one of the wires to absolutely determine which one is DC power by testing each wire for power. You MUST remove one or both of the wires to determine this!
The power wire goes to the banded diode side and the other wire (the grounding one) goes to the non banded side. This is true for almost every solid state machine that has diodes on it's coils.

Thank you for the help and info. I actually did the wire fixes, but forgot to state which color they "used to be".

1 month later
#900 1 year ago

Is Checkpoint that bad of a game? I've never played it but always loved the Porsche themed back glass.....

4 weeks later
#904 1 year ago

Do the VUK switches generally always have a diode on them? And if they do what value are they? I'm wondering if mine not having one, playboy 35th, is the culprit in why I'm having switch matrix issues.....

#907 1 year ago

Thank you. I will put one in mine and hopefully that will do the trick.

2 weeks later
#915 1 year ago

Can someone with a playboy 35th give me a good close up picture of their trough 3 switch under the playfield....i think mine is the culprit and is driving my switch matrix issues...i need to see how the wires are on it and which way the diode band is facing....... thank you.

#916 1 year ago

Just wanted to let any Playboy 35th owners out there know that Cliffy makes lane guides for it.... they work great!!


20180410_095838 (resized).jpg
20180410_095825 (resized).jpg

4 weeks later
#934 1 year ago

Could someone please give me some up close pictures of your left and right slings in Data East Playboy 35th? I need to look at the wiring going to both of them and could use some really good pics of them up close. Thank you

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