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Data east checkpoint dmd/reset issues

By joelw23

20 days ago

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#51 9 days ago

I think it was a combo of the display eeprom, nvram, and factory reset

#52 9 days ago

Well that wasn’t it....

Played again, back to the same issues

#53 9 days ago

Try pulling out the ribbon cable a bit at the MPU to see if the ribbon cable makes better connection that way. If that doesn't work, try the same thing at the DMD ribbon cable connection. Maybe there is some corrosion on the board pins.

#54 9 days ago

Ok I will try that! Thx

#55 9 days ago

Interesting checked on my turtles again tonight and the DMD is working properly but still sure there is something bigger happening

#56 9 days ago
Quoted from V8haha:

Also noticed one of my batteries is starting to go bad need to swap them out.

Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Consider going NVRAM to rid of those batteries forever. 124 year retention rate.

#57 7 days ago

sounds like you need a new power supply or rebuild the one you have.

#58 7 days ago

Can you measure the voltages at the DMD power connector? Up till now, seems to have been a data issue.

#59 7 days ago

J2 pins
1 - 5v
2 - G
3 - key
4 - 12v
5 - 68v
6 - 88v - seems out of spec...should be 98v
7 - 100v
8 - G
9 - G

#60 7 days ago

Connector is plugged in at the DMD? It needs to be. Would like to see the exact meter measurements.

#61 7 days ago


#62 6 days ago

fixed the skill shot issue, it was just a switch adjustment....

still not getting the race again/ball save to light up and work when you start a game...

#63 6 days ago

So all your animations are working now you are saying?

Quoted from joelw23:

fixed the skill shot issue, it was just a switch adjustment....

Shooter lane switch?

#64 6 days ago

Screen is still cutting out and garbled sometimes.. but seems random

#65 6 days ago

It was the shooter lane switch for the skill shot

#66 6 days ago
Quoted from joelw23:

still not getting the race again/ball save to light up and work when you start a game...

Does it light up if you go into the lamp test? No others are out?

#67 6 days ago

Yes and no

#68 6 days ago

Swapped in a working bulb from another location? Lamp socket missing the diode or the solder tabs touching?

#69 5 days ago

the "race again" lights up in the lamp test.. the lights twist in to a pcb board.

I'm just assuming "race again" is the ball save function....

it works sometimes, but was playing and it came on at the end of a long played ball...doesn't seem right.

#70 5 days ago

Anyone have a spare cpu board or power supply I could try?

#71 5 days ago

My power supply is also not being used along with my DMD as the playfield is all torn apart. I would want to see about recapping the power supply though if I was to send it on your way.

As another mentioned, capacitors would be a huge benefit to keeping the game running. There are a couple of the smaller ones that do like to leak and eventually would cause loss of 5volts. Currently, I think you voltages at the DMD seem like they are in spec.

#72 5 days ago

Ok...maybe it is something on the dmd...

If not it has to be on the cpu then.

#73 4 days ago

Same issues, but it seems like it’s mostly with the players score.. it can be blank or garbled, but other animations work fine even after the score is garbled.

36C1E11F-D74A-41DE-A93E-869264C48455 (resized).jpegB1C956F5-E0DE-4647-BA26-00C68CCFAEC9 (resized).jpeg
#74 4 days ago

With power off, Can you paritally unplug the ribbon cable at the DMD and at the MPU board? If it helps, then I would scrub the male board pins with a clean toothbrush and alcohol.

#75 3 days ago

I tried that and it didn't help.

clean with alcohol anyway, didn't help.

reflowed the pins on the dmd and mpu board, didn't help.

#76 3 days ago

i played 5 games and 4 out of the five, the screen blanked out when it should show scores during gameplay and rebooted once also.

after the 3rd ball drain, the score will show on the dmd

#77 3 days ago

jeez I wonder what it could be? could the DMD its self be bad?

#78 3 days ago

could be.....

i just ordered a bridge rectifier to replace BR1...seemed to test bad.

was reading another thread and saw this......

"We are having issues with the dmd resetting during gameplay too. After installing a new LED display, a new DMD display rom, new ribbon cables, and a new power supply the dmd still resets randomly during gameplay and/or during the Star Trek preview, except it still keeps score.

From Clay's Repair Guide: This problem occurs because the +12 volts needed for the dot matrix display is generated by the 18 volt lamp matrix bridge and the capacitor / fuse bolted inside the back box (through connector CN5 on the power supply). The 12 volts generated by the power supply board (for the sound board which comes from connector CN6), does not provide this voltage to the dot matrix display. Hence, the power supply could be working perfectly, and this problem could still exist.

This sounds and looks exactly like what is happening. We have looked at this in Clay's Repair Guide and are doing all the reset suggestions, (i.e. replace diodes, bridge rectifiers, etc....)"

#79 3 days ago

Does CN1 on the power supply have any discoloration on the white plastic housing at all? That will be a sign of burnt pins. I think the 100v for the display power comes in at the top corners of this 3x4 connector. May want to just reseat the connector even if it seems ok.

#80 3 days ago
5F67B43D-8199-458D-9B22-7DFA4158F606 (resized).jpegAE18EB3D-98D8-4309-976B-3F6A853D944F (resized).jpeg
#81 3 days ago

found a couple melted wires on CN1..pulled them apart and electrical taped them for now... Same issues...

#82 3 days ago

How does the CN1 look on the power supply? Is there discoloration around that pin? If so, that is an issue that needs to be checked as to whether that goes to the 100v on the schematic. Which pin is this one? I can't tell by the orientation of CN1 in your hand.

#83 3 days ago

I think 10 & 11, might be 11 & 12..i will check today

#84 2 days ago

11 & 12 were melted

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