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Custom Star Trek TNG for 6000.00???

By dglover4569

12 years ago

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#1 12 years ago

Have you guys seen this monstrosity? I think this may be a bit too much playfield flair for me! What do you guys think? Has he gone too far or not far enough?

ebay.com link: ws

#2 12 years ago

Haha this is fun. The topper is not from the next generation series and for my taste there's TOO MANY toys...they cover up the playfield too much! And the price is too high.

#3 12 years ago

Lmao i couldnt help but laugh at that when i saw it. If i wer you id ask if they can take all of that shit off an lower the price otherwise id pass on it. That machine def. came from a star trek collector no doubt.

#4 12 years ago

LOL - Id give him 1500 for it and 1700 if he removes all the junk...6k is absolutely crazy
they are just hiding playfield wear, those yellowing flippers, broken plastics and other bad stuff probably
A lot of these dealers are just out of their minds with the pricing thing - I hope people don't actually pay top dollar from them.

I picked mine up on the low side $1600 but wouldnt go past 3k on a really nice STTNG - they are out there

I had to go back for a second look - is there even a borg ship in there????

#5 12 years ago

Lol the flippers arent the only thing yellowed look at the fortress thing in the middle of the back its completely yellow.

#6 12 years ago

Thats the borg ship - the thing you cant see LOL - Id give him $60 for the lockdown bar

#7 12 years ago

hahaha i thought the borg ship was to the left lol ive never played the game so i wouldnt know but i sent them a msg and i pretty much shit all over them i might lose my ebay account for that but idc i never use it lol!

#8 12 years ago

looks like a space creature zoo

#9 12 years ago


#10 12 years ago

Yes too much crap on the playfield
hope thats not the next big fad in pinball -
Raiding your kids action figures to mod you pin?

#11 12 years ago

I think he could have gone a little farther and put that ugly topper in the middle of the playfield. lol!

#12 12 years ago

HAHAHAHAAAA!!! 6 Grand!?!!? You would have to be out of your mind to pay that much for this!!! For that price you might as well get a complete restoration job done at HEP!

It's worth a good laugh though...

#13 12 years ago

Wait its worth 6k now - the problem was the center of the playfield was bare - I fixed it with a custom mod ball thruway and another ship that sits ontop of the glass. Let the bidding begin


#14 12 years ago

How about this..


#15 12 years ago

nice addition erak - but your playfield just doesnt have enough mods to be worth 6k - what do you want for those thrusters - we could maybe put them together and charge at least 8k - although I see yours is that very rare version where they did the side art backwards -thats like finding a missprinted baseball card - yeh I would keep it, to valuable to sell

#16 12 years ago

That is way too much stuff in that pin, you can't even see the ball. Sometimes, less is more. Most of the mods are in poor taste too. It's like those stupid kids who put those tiny wheels on their cars with the 100% dish that stick out all the way past their fenders. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. One of each ship would've been just perfect.

#17 12 years ago

Haaaahaha! I wonder how he came up with his price schedule...

1) Star Trek TNG Pinball machine (unshopped)............3,000

6) Star trek action figures ......................................500

5) Star Trek Tng model ships...................................500

1) Ugly Assed Topper ............................................2,000

Perhaps I will just make an offer on the topper! I haven't laughed this hard in a while!!!

#18 12 years ago

And just try to make the delta ramp shot from the yellowing upper right flipper, you can't even see the ramp.
Don't remember Spock being in next gen either!!!

#20 12 years ago

What ??? !!! No Trans-Warp or Orion Slave Girls ??? .. That's just lame and wrong.


#21 12 years ago

Those slave girls look like the pole dancer in BBB lol.

#22 12 years ago

I have to agree with fusion301. Maybe the reason why there are so many toys on there is to hide playfield wear. How are you supposed to see the ball in the center area with all that stuff (aiming cannons or going for neutral zone)?

This pin looks like all it needs now is the blinders from Data East's Tommy (with a Star Trek sticker on them) to officially not see a darn thing during play.

#23 12 years ago

GREAT IDEA! We could call them the Jordi La Forge Visors.

#24 12 years ago

Looks like a Sega pin...

and if you want to get dorky, Spock was in the Next Generation, several times I think. Most specifically the episode about romulan/vulcan reunification.. correct me if I am wrong (or slap me if I am too dorky)

*edit* I do not believe that is even Spock on the playfield there, it is Sarek, Spock's dad.

#25 12 years ago

Can someone tell me how to get my flipper bats to look yellowish brown like that..is that a rust mod?


#26 12 years ago

you can yellow white playfield plastics in bleach over night,
found that out by accident trying to 'fix' pf posts

#27 12 years ago

We all can safely say that its the most ugly STTNG out there

#28 12 years ago

I think the Telosian topper is cool. I'm not sure why all the toybox figures glued into the playfield makes it worth so much though. I'm sure some hardcore trekkie will grab it for Trek's sake.

#29 12 years ago

$h*t if thats the case - anyone have a Star wars pin- I'll send you a crap load of figures - even the millennium falcon for the playfield and darth vader case for the topper - I'll split the profits with you when we sell it for 12k..LOL

#30 12 years ago

I have that Darth Vader case. Maybe I should buy the pin for the topper.

#31 12 years ago

Looks like a star trek birthday cake from a grocery store

#32 12 years ago

lmao star trek birthday cake. Now that i think of it my birthday is comming up soon i might have them put an edible picture of that pinball machine on it im not kidding either that would be hilarious.

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