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CSI - Centrifuge spins at the wrong time

By jimy_speedt

4 months ago

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#1 4 months ago


I purchased a "decent" CSI from Austria that is totally crap in reality. I have trusted the seller, should not have done that.

Anyway, I am not here to complain

When I launch a game, if I press the 2 flipper buttons, the centrifuge starts spinning for 5 seconds, then from my perception, randomly in the game. When the ball finally enter the centrifuge, it spins for a certain time, but when it stops, a metal "post" comes out and blocks the exits, the ball stays trapped in the centrifuge which not longer spins.

That's an unwanted behaviour, I presume the spinning is triggered when the ball crosses the opto line, am I wrong ?

Thanks for you help

#2 4 months ago

I'd start with a switch test. See if any switches are activating when they shouldn't.

I downloaded the manual from Stern to see if I might give you a suggestion from the switch matrix page but it's not even in there. It might be in a paper copy or Stern might send it to you if you email them.

#3 4 months ago

We're having the same week! See my post here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/what-machine-did-you-bring-home-today-post-your-pictures/page/415#post-6346138

One of the centrifuge optos was stuck on, so it kept thinking a ball was in there and spinning all the time. There's two optos. They're real easy to find, just pull the plastic off the top. Go into switch test and they should be off. Put your finger in between the optos and if they activate they're ok. If either is stuck on, you have my same problem. Start by checking the connection and ensuring that it is wired correctly. This was my problem, someone wired one of the receiver LEDs in reverse.

#4 4 months ago

Great, thanks for the quick help !!! I ll update the thread whether is works or not.

In the meantime, I received the switch matrix from Stern. Really quick as well

Thanks again

#5 3 months ago

The switch matrix test shows nothing abnormal

What is weird is that when I start a game, the centrifuge starts spinning as I do nothing, then each time when pushing the right flipper bat, the ball is still in the shooting lane. Then randomly.

While the ball is on the shooting lane, I enter the test mode, do my tests, exit the test mode, the centrifuge behaves now as expected. It starts and stops when needed !!

#6 3 months ago

Great! If it happens again, try reseating the wire connector underneath the playfield, maybe you have a flaky connection. Could be a solder joint on the opto itself too.

#7 3 months ago


The problem is not solved.

I badly expressed my feedback. I mean, That when I switch on the machine then start a game, every time there is a problem.

Then after a few manipulations, I do not know why, it goes back to normal.

Should the optos, the wires, the 2 opto boards or sthing o no the cpu be defective?

#8 3 months ago


In test, while pushing left or right flipper, the display briefly shows sw33 “enter centrifuge”. At least, the reason is there thanks god

Shaking the pin without flipping does not make anything. Actuating the pop bumper not either. It is specifically linked to the flippers, that are dedicated switches. so ??

How can I proceed further ?

#9 3 months ago

I will close this thread and open a more specific question. Thanks for the support

#10 3 months ago

This is the culprit.

The optos are screwed to a plastic which end is broken. The part cannot be firmly fastened, emitters do not beam horizontally.

I had ordered the full plastic set from Marco, unfortunately this plastic is not part of the set.

I do not know what to do

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#11 3 months ago

Judging from the unfinished look of that plastic it's not original. It looks 3D printed to me.

Does Stern have a part number for that piece? Engineering drawings if they don't make it anymore?

You can fabricate a new one. Razor knife, dremel, laser cutter.

Good luck.

#12 3 months ago

Unfortunately I see nothing in the manual for this part

#13 3 months ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Does Stern have a part number for that piece? Engineering drawings if they don't make it anymore?

If it's not in the manual try asking Stern for the information.

#14 3 months ago

I have tried for a few days for various topics not addressed on fora. This pin was mistreated as almost every machine that was released to Italy. I purchased for Austria, it is only when I saw the original destination on the stickers, that I said to myself "God, it's not true!!'
For most of my questions Stern could not give an answer. I sent again for this one, wait and see

Thanks for your time

#15 3 months ago

Yes, Indeed this is a trick from the previous owner.

Actually the opto support plastic is clear, and is attached by hex spacers to the top plastic.

Now I need to know the size of these spacers, and also the size of the spacers holding the top plastic so the opto diode/receiver cell fits right to the hole in the metallic guide. There is no indication in the manual.

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#16 3 months ago

Now that original parts replace the bad trick, everything is fine.

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#17 3 months ago

Where did you get that centrifuge decal?

#18 3 months ago

It’s part of the decal set from Marcospec

#19 3 months ago

Hi again,

I must be damned !

The problem of the centrifuge spinning all the time is solved.

when one ball is locked in the centrifuge, it relies on the pin that goes up. a second ball is launched automatically. If this ball hits either a pop, or the microscope stand up target or with a right flip, the centrifuge spinning starts while the blocking pin is still up, spinning or just a short impulse that makes a little movement

I have manually locked a ball locked then pushed on the microscope target. I get the problem. Then I go into test switch (with a finger on the closed door switch) then press the target or right flipper button, none of the switches 33 and 34 show up on the display.

I suspect the CPU but not sure. The thing happens only when a ball is locked.

Any further help is appreciated. Thanks

2 months later
#20 41 days ago

I guess not many people have this game. What I suspected as a problem is in fact totally normal. Youtube is your friend

But this behavior really makes you think there is a problem.

Strange !

All good, now the full renovation can start.

thanks for your patience.

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