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Creating an Iron Man Premium

By TimeBandit

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

As we all know, Iron Man did not receive the Pro/Premium/LE treatment, but what might have been? I am going to create my version of an Iron Man premium, and just for fun record the steps here. I will drive the add-ons with Total Lightshow, and am going for the following list of extras..

Tri-colour controlled GI, similar to a bunch of other Premiums,
Controlled ramp optic fibres as in Tron,
Two banks of drop targets, in the position of the current seven stand ups,
Metal Apron,
Real knocker.

I hope to get finished within the next week or so. So, here is day one..

I am going to start with the GI. First thing I need to do is decide where to put 18 new red/blue bulbs..

These switch access holes are a good candidate.

01E856DB-85DB-4D94-9B5E-C8B9907E7BA2 (resized).jpeg
A bayonet socket fits. Wedge sockets do not. I will be using bayonet sockets throughout as wedge sockets don’t even fit in the normal GI bulb holes.

FF29261A-720D-4A71-9C47-7E3D04EAAE1E (resized).jpeg

Opto access holes seem to always have the opto itself in the way, and are unusable for a new socket as the bulb hits the switch pcb and won’t go far enough through..

B25C0082-970D-4E23-93C7-4A9D1E3A20C3 (resized).jpeg

#2 2 years ago

There aren’t many of those small switch cable access holes, so I will also use the big version..
40E5DDEA-4986-4C1A-A4DF-C14463A3CA6D (resized).jpeg
And also drop out some factory white. Iron Man is a very well lit game, and a few whites converted to red and blue will not hamper visibility.

This position, in the target cut out, is also viable and I have used it before successfully. This time round though it is out as I am putting drop targets it.
D931A4DC-98B5-47D4-9F57-6D20776D2D19 (resized).jpeg

When choosing where to put the coloured bulbs, I just try to spread them around, and try to get even coverage. The slings will lose both whites, as the inlanes are right there.

Once I have the sockets resting in place I measure the wire, then take them all out and solder. In my final kits I use friction terminals to attach the cables, but in the dev stage I solder.

Red string..
ED953A14-9659-4C40-B862-6A5B155142FD (resized).jpeg

Blue string..
A58B6511-8F8E-4D6A-8915-C56D86178CA6 (resized).jpeg

I use an independent power source to check the wiring. Nothing is hooked up to the machine’s power yet.

#3 2 years ago

All the sockets are now simply screwed in place. I drill pilot holes for new places, with a 3/32 or 2.5mm drill, and just screw into the existing holes for sockets that are replacing factory sockets.

I leave bulbs in the dropped-out sockets so I can find them easily, and also as a kind of cap so that no stray object can go in there and short things out.
FD85091C-6909-47B9-A63D-84BE0470A9EA (resized).jpeg
Dropped sockets can just get zip tied to the cable harness somewhere..
BF3D005A-D1FB-4495-A2D2-9EB5F1F3A6E0 (resized).jpeg
Wiring just runs along like normal GI..
6C3B6A93-D625-4390-BB8F-7DE65BF2D77E (resized).jpeg
All looking pretty neat..
BEC1D935-1D8B-48FE-BF75-45279FAADEAF (resized).jpeg
Red only, checking for coverage, balance, brightness etc..
AE4D219B-61FC-4C9B-BFEE-1D5B501E2930 (resized).jpeg
7AF6258D-7BA8-4C2A-9000-F6F53B175AF8 (resized).jpeg
Red and blue..
A9DD091A-B36C-463C-A365-DAC89804C41A (resized).jpeg
Red, blue, white..
FEEF4297-1187-4E3A-AD24-6AA62E33A47E (resized).jpeg

#4 2 years ago

I will be controlling the white bulbs with the GI Interceptor, so I don’t need a dedicated white string like in AC/DC or Metallica. So that’s the GI done.

Next, to the ramps. There’s no point in trying to do a probably-permanent mod to the the ramps with them left on. Removing ramps is usually pretty easy, so just bite the bullet and get them out of there. IM ramps are really easy. (ST, now that’s a different story!)

First, lift the playfield and disconnect all the switch and flasher wires. All the connectors look like this..
0AD45160-7CDA-4AF0-B50A-92D9E1CC8EF8 (resized).jpeg

Back up top, first thing that needs to come out is the plastic on the back board. Undo all the top and middle screws but you can’t access the two lower ones yet.

Just take them straight out..
983270F8-95CD-43D1-A0D7-A2DB89C8F261 (resized).jpeg

You can’t get this sucker yet..
B387C43B-D260-4456-868C-DAD5777C2AE7 (resized).jpeg

Or this one..
9E89BD2F-C3BA-422F-8108-941318758F2C (resized).jpeg

Now go around and take out all the screws holding the ramps down. Take out the screws that hold the ramp flaps in position. Each ramp will now lift easily enough to get your hand underneath and access the last two screws holding the back board plastic..
8163B581-0A63-484A-8FD9-FA1CC99BFC70 (resized).jpeg
37790752-D9B2-471D-BBD1-29B90A970063 (resized).jpeg

Now just pull the plastic forward and lift it out.
3DF393C7-6B65-4618-80F0-C205EC128066 (resized).jpeg
395B4999-59B9-4E2A-A2DA-27B173601E1D (resized).jpeg

The ramps wil now lift straight out.

#5 2 years ago

Now to fit the optic fibres to the ramps. I will use my own stainless steel clips of course, instead of zip ties. Take the red flashers out as a couple of clips need to go in the cutouts and hook over the edge of the ramp.

The clips all get fed on to the fibre first. The fibre then gets laid neatly around the ramp, and starting at the sharp turn at the inlane end of the ramp, the clips are simply pressed in place moving back up the ramp doing both sides.

Slide ‘em on..
6786643B-4280-458E-B689-BBCCB41EC589 (resized).jpeg

Clip in place, ensuring the fibre hugs the ramp contours..
A78D5F76-9847-4615-A389-C888C4B340EA (resized).jpeg

Done. Top and bottom view.
44447CAA-927A-488A-9F4A-28DE82266C43 (resized).jpeg
90D3734B-6D45-4F1A-8226-E382FBD4D0A6 (resized).jpeg

The loose ends of the fibre on the left ramp slide very handily through to the other side of the playfield through an opto switch wire hole, and a drone stand up hole..
3A430B1B-B4B1-44DB-B786-708F3BC32A63 (resized).jpeg
B37B9E55-DEF3-4B66-B3AC-8C3DAA4098D1 (resized).jpeg
01255EAF-3BB8-4E44-AA16-61FA7F5BA30A (resized).jpeg

The right ramp is a little less accommodating in terms of getting the fibre through the playfield. Best thing is to drill! I’ll get to that on Wednesday.

#6 2 years ago

Awesome work as always my friend! Following!

#7 2 years ago

Whoa! This is way cool, man. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

#8 2 years ago

Nice! Hoping to pick up an IM again in the near future.

#9 2 years ago

Defiantly watching

#10 2 years ago

With the ramps off, it’s a good time to get into the drop target installation. I will be able to get good access top and bottom and get plastics out of the way.

I’ll start with the left 4-bank, as I’ve done the right bank on another machine before. This is my first look at the left bank.

Here’s the area opened up. You can see a couple of new GI bulbs in there. There will need to be a rubber installed behind the targets, and it looks like there is a convenient post already there for one end. Positioning of the other end is not yet clear.
B8753C28-7BEF-4222-AB4B-49B2F3446663 (resized).jpeg

Underneath I just need to get everything out of the way. GI, insert lamps, stand up targets, and a couple of cable harness mounts. Just clear the area. No point in leaving anything in the way.
1B66EE29-0810-49D3-8A48-F407D05C96CC (resized).jpeg
9C886484-A7A8-4BF3-AFFB-4EE787A59D7C (resized).jpeg
C199745B-50E2-4814-8D4B-C1F04935F553 (resized).jpeg
16081996-AD6D-4101-B318-226A5C1923BD (resized).jpeg

#11 2 years ago

I have to sit the target bank in place and make sure everything fits.

Well, the targets fit through the cutout. That’s a relief!
3A48135E-8ABD-406A-A306-D482D3CBD3C2 (resized).jpeg

With the cable harness pushed to the inside it’s a little difficult to get a good view of what’s going on.
00E09001-572F-45E0-A6CB-4DD33948FB3C (resized).jpeg
2EF70525-BD70-4901-985D-638E1C5ACA3F (resized).jpeg

I’ll try the other way. That’s better. You’ll notice here that the inserts don’t line up with the assembly frame, by virtue of their diagonal layout of course. Don’t worry about that. Light still gets through and is dispersed by the diffusing inserts just fine.
06E8EE4C-9EED-46A8-AE2A-A227F4E1FF9B (resized).jpeg

The main priority here is free movement of the targets through the cutout. Without that, you may as well stop right here.

I have an unwelcome tenant in the area. This post nut looks a little too close for comfort. The edge of the assembly sits right on it.
2A0FEE0A-9B4D-4F80-A276-1099A6E5A531 (resized).jpeg
E3740BC0-6F9D-4296-A143-7100BCAFE0A5 (resized).jpeg

Plenty of clearance for the target in the cutout on the bottom.
BF086DEB-8EFA-41C4-99E5-50C40A7B3AFB (resized).jpeg

The top target is binding on the playfield though.
48BE7DA7-7E6A-4CB7-9FA5-25882CE11317 (resized).jpeg

Something will have to give. I had this issue with a post on ST, and just took the nut off and never looked back. I would like to do better than that though. The other options are to see if I can get a different profile nut with a smaller footprint, or file a notch in the target assembly frame. I’ll decide later.

Actually, I’ve decided. I’ll just file a couple of mm off the corner of the frame. There will be no loss of structural integrity, and it will be quite tidy.

#12 2 years ago

Man your crazy but in an awesome way

I'll be watching this one

#13 2 years ago

My gosh!

I would *love* to shoot banks of drops instead of standups on IM!

I can't wait to see this conversion finished!

Be sure to shoot some clips of gameplay.

Thanks for bringing us along.


#14 2 years ago

amazing!!!!!! following the publications !!!! cheer up!!!

#15 2 years ago

Can i buy this when your done

#16 2 years ago

Way cool. IM is a killer game.

#17 2 years ago

This is awesome I can’t wait to see the end result.

#18 2 years ago

This thread will be a godsend for the install. So happy to finally see this coming together Thanks Mike

#19 2 years ago

This is awesome. Wish you were my neighbor I’m ready to buy one when you are done.

#20 2 years ago


#21 2 years ago


#22 2 years ago

Very cool project! Stern should take some notes.

#23 2 years ago

Hoping you post a listing of parts / materials needed to add the drop targets. Would love to add them to my IMVE.

And great work!!

#24 2 years ago

Awesome work as usual Mike! I would love to have drop targets on my IMVE. Following...

#25 2 years ago

You are going to need to add powder coated hardware and a color dmd to classify this as a premium.

#26 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

You are going to need to add powder coated hardware and a color dmd to classify this as a premium.

Stern doesn't......

#27 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

You are going to need to add powder coated hardware and a color dmd to classify this as a premium.

Quoted from AUKraut:

Stern doesn't......

Well, they usually do powdercoat these days. But it'd be a damn crime not to have a colordmd in it regardless. IM looks fantastic in color.

#28 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Well, they usually do powdercoat these days. But it'd be a damn crime not to have a colordmd in it regardless. IM looks fantastic in color.

True. I am going to put that in my upcoming "Pimping out my IM Premium" thread.

#29 2 years ago

Begin the daily grind..
IMG_0375 (resized).jpg

That's that taken care of in about ten minutes.
IMG_0376 (resized).jpg

Perfect. Now the drops fit through the playfield cutout with plenty of clearance.
IMG_0377 (resized).jpg

Mark the holes and drill with a 3mm bit. Only three of the four mounting holes line up with a place to drill the playfield. I have the same thing on another machine. Three is fine. Reuse the bigger screws that were holding the standups in place.
IMG_0378 (resized).jpg
IMG_0380 (resized).jpg

Check that the reset plate moves all the targets freely and that they lock in the up position.

IMG_0381 (resized).jpg

#30 2 years ago

Have a look around to the top of the playfield and flick each target to make sure it drops correctly. Adjust the height so they are flush with the playfield when down.
IMG_0382 (resized).jpg
IMG_0384 (resized).jpg
IMG_0385 (resized).jpg
IMG_0386 (resized).jpg

Now there is just a big mess of wires. I need to clean this up.
IMG_0387 (resized).jpg
IMG_0388 (resized).jpg

First, let's get the standups out of there. Now that I know the drops fit, we're past the point of no return. Just touch the solder joints with a soldering iron and they come off in three seconds.
IMG_0389 (resized).jpg
IMG_0390 (resized).jpg

You will end up with four pairs of switch wires. Leave them loose for the moment.
IMG_0391 (resized).jpg

#31 2 years ago

A few more factory zip ties are going to have to go so I can reroute. I'm going to split the main harness and run some of it left, and some right, around the drop bank.
IMG_0392 (resized).jpg
IMG_0393 (resized).jpg
IMG_0394 (resized).jpg

Some left, some right..
IMG_0395 (resized).jpg

Note the repositioned cable support. It's the one I snipped out from above the target bank.
IMG_0395 (resized).jpg

Insert lamps are replaced, just loosely for now as the bulbs hit the target assembly frame. There will have to be some tweaking later..
IMG_0396 (resized).jpg

Screw the GI sockets back in place and zip tie the harness for neatness.
IMG_0397 (resized).jpg

#32 2 years ago

Now to hook the drop target switches into the switch matrix where the old standups were.
Take the four pairs of wires..
IMG_0398 (resized).jpg

And get ready to attach them to this header on the target assembly. Note the labelling of the pins. There are four switch returns, one strobe/drive and a 5V power/gnd pair.
IMG_0399 (resized).jpg

Here's a handy helper for the job..
IMG_0403 (resized).jpg

Note the labels on the terminal block. This connector can take up to five switches. We are only using four, and will use SR2-5, leaving SR1 empty.
IMG_0404 (resized).jpg

The four white wires are your switch returns and are just screwed into the terminal block in the same order they are hanging. And you only need one of the green ones. They are all the same wire. Choose any of the four to go into the DRV terminal.
IMG_0410 (resized).jpg

And tidy away the other three..
IMG_0405 (resized).jpg

Clip the connector onto the target assembly header.
IMG_0406 (resized).jpg
IMG_0411 (resized).jpg
IMG_0407 (resized).jpg

IMG_0408 (resized).jpg

#33 2 years ago

Sparky approves..

37742293-E504-42D7-9F9E-734C7ECCA720 (resized).jpeg

#34 2 years ago

Here is a walk around view of the finished install.

#35 2 years ago

Oh my.

#36 2 years ago


#37 2 years ago

Here's something I learnt before, but then stoopidly forgot to do with the 4-bank..put the decals on before you install the assembly
IMG_0414 (resized).jpg

3-bank installed similarly to the 4-bank. It's much easier.
IMG_0415 (resized).jpg

Some wide shots of how it's ended up. There you go..what the underside of an IM Premium would look like. Pretty tidy.
IMG_0417 (resized).jpg
IMG_0418 (resized).jpg
IMG_0416 (resized).jpg

And up top..
IMG_0420 (resized).jpg
IMG_0419 (resized).jpg

#38 2 years ago

Now for the rubbers behind the targets.

The right side has some posts already waiting conveniently. How nice.
IMG_0423 (resized).jpg
Only half as lucky on the left. I'm going to have to drill!
IMG_0424 (resized).jpg

Somewhere around here I think.
IMG_0425 (resized).jpg

I can't do it..
IMG_0426 (resized).jpg

Sure I can.
IMG_0427 (resized).jpg

Fit rubbers
IMG_0429 (resized).jpg
IMG_0428 (resized).jpg

IMG_0431 (resized).jpg
IMG_0430 (resized).jpg

#39 2 years ago

Cool project...

How do you determine when to reset the drops? What info does TLS have access to?

#40 2 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

Cool project...
How do you determine when to reset the drops? What info does TLS have access to?

Total Lightshow has access to all switches and all insert lamps, and from the behaviour thereof I deduce game state. I actually have all this already coded. Here is my previous drop target demo..

#41 2 years ago

The target assemblies are now wired into the switch matrix, but they need to be powered. 5V for the target PCB and 50v for the coil.

Say hello to my little friend, the coil driver..
IMG_0437 (resized).jpg
IMG_0438 (resized).jpg

This plugs into a Stern 50V step up board, one for each target bank coil.
IMG_0440 (resized).jpg

And will all get connected back into the machine with this harness. Again, one for each coil.
IMG_0439 (resized).jpg

Mount the Stern 50V boards first..
IMG_0441 (resized).jpg
IMG_0442 (resized).jpg

Then I plug the coil drivers into the Stern boards..
IMG_0443 (resized).jpg

#42 2 years ago

The coil driver needs a 50V line, a 20V line, and a trigger signal.

The 50V will come from a tap in the back box. The 20V will come from a flasher line. The trigger signal will come from the Matrix Interceptor board that drives Total Lightshow.

The harness plugs into the coil driver, then feeds the coil connector..
IMG_0445 (resized).jpg
IMG_0458 (resized).jpg

I have built a piggyback connection to go into the nearest flasher plug. This 20V supply is needed by the Stern board just to tell it that it's ok to operate. The orange wire could have been a bunch shorter, but I have them all pre cut and ready to use on any machine and you can't always be guaranteed of a flasher plug nearby. When the ramps are refitted the flasher will plug into the waiting piggyback connector.
IMG_0444 (resized).jpg

Both banks almost fully wired..
IMG_0464 (resized).jpg
IMG_0463 (resized).jpg
IMG_0462 (resized).jpg
IMG_0461 (resized).jpg

#43 2 years ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

My gosh!
I would *love* to shoot banks of drops instead of standups on IM!
I can't wait to see this conversion finished!
Be sure to shoot some clips of gameplay.
Thanks for bringing us along.

Is there a statement that a drop target is « better » to play than a stand-up one?
Did I miss something?

#44 2 years ago

To a job well done.





#45 2 years ago

The 5V for the target assembly PCB is easy. It's just a 5V/GND pair that will be powered from outlets on the TLS board. One like this for each side..
IMG_0434 (resized).jpg

IMG_0436 (resized).jpg

IMG_0435 (resized).jpg

And here's what has to get run back to the back box when I do that hook up tomorrow. 2 x 50V, 2 x 5V, the red and blue GI strings..
IMG_0465 (resized).jpg

And I forgot to do the trigger signal cables. I will do them tomorrow when I do the back box wiring.

#46 2 years ago

I admire your stones for such an undertaking, very nice work!!

#47 2 years ago

Brilliant work man, I’d love to see how the inserts look lit up, really curious to see those with the drop bank frame over the inserts.

Oh and give me your address mate and expect my IM playfield in approx 2-3 weeks

#48 2 years ago

Will Total Lightshow allow you to include the drops in the ball search?

#49 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Is there a statement that a drop target is « better » to play than a stand-up one?
Did I miss something?

Some people just prefer the mechanical action, I guess. I don't understand it personally. Unless them dropping reveals a ball path, or a secondary target, it's just not important to me. But people like different things.

#50 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Some people just prefer the mechanical action, I guess. I don't understand it personally. Unless them dropping reveals a ball path, or a secondary target, it's just not important to me. But people like different things.

IM is a pretty fast playing game. Drop targets might slow it down a bit, since balls typically bounce off standard targets pretty fast. A good example of this is the difference between AC/DC Premium and AC/DC Pro. I've owned both versions of AC/DC and the Pro plays much faster with the ball bouncing off standard targets. It will play differently with drop targets.

What I would like to know is how this will affect scoring. With standard targets, even when a target is already lit because you hit it already, you still score points when you hit it again. With a drop target, you won't score points when the target is down. Am I correct with this? Thoughts?

Bottom line...very cool mod for this game; however, I would never mod a game that affects the way it scores.

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