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Crazy Sorcerer All Solenoids & Switches work in test mode, not in play

By wildinindiana

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

So, I have an odd issue that is driving me nuts... My Sorcerer quit on me some time ago, and I took it down to start diagnosis. I pulled the batteries and did not get a chance to get back to it for quite a while. A friend of mine who knows his way around electronics asked to take a look at it, and I said be my guest. He did not get it going and I am not sure what all he did.

Anyway, I cracked into it a few weeks ago, and from a gi only state, added NVRAM which put it into attract mode with no displays. 100+ v was low and 100- was non exsistant. Swapped a known ps in and got the display back, all voltages test good. Game goes into attract, sound works fine, flasher works correctly, displays read correctly, Starts a game, spits out the ball (only solenoid that works during game play), but all other solenoids are dead! As well as nothing scoring at all, no matter what switch you hit! Funny thing though, when I put it into test / diagnostic mode, all the solenoids (Flippers, pops, slings, etc...) work just fine. ??????

Am I missing something really stupid that I should be embarrassed about? When game is started and in gameplay, I tested voltages at the coils and they are there, but they do not fire when switches are engaged, but engage just fine and fire off in diagnostic mode, as soon as you hit the button inside the coin door and put it into test mode you can fire all solenoid just fine!!!??? What am I missing?

#2 3 years ago

Bump... anyone have ideas?

#3 3 years ago

Is the machine stuck in tilt?

#4 3 years ago

The tilt suggestion might be spot on. After ruling that out I'd see if any switches are registering and of not figure out if theres a playfield connector not plugged in or something.

#5 3 years ago

My guess would be the main board. Maybe try to reseat the game rom chips.

#6 3 years ago

I will check the tilt section again, I went through it at one time, but it wouldnt hurt to check it again. I have reseated all the roms on the board twice, just to be sure. The roms were replaced with the new l2 version a while back, so it may be possible that they are bad, but I would be surprised. I will check the tilt section and get back. Thank You

#7 3 years ago

If you tilt during a game you get the 'berrrr' tone and the playfield goes dead. The tilt will clear once the ball drains.

If the tilt is stuck closed when the game starts, it actually looks/starts like a normal game would with music and lights but no switches and no solenoids will work. This can be confusing, and appear to a bigger issue than it is.

I shot a quick video :

#8 3 years ago

So you all were right! Thank you as always for that. It is stuck in tilt. I did not realize it at first because the light was burnt out (once fixed, leds will be fitted and a general overhaul). So I went through the whole tilt circuit. Tested the 3 switches in both positions for continuity and voltage. Voltage was 4.91 to 4.98. Continuity was correct for the position. Then tested the connector to the playfield, then the CPU and connector. All with the same voltage. I am going to get the schematics out as soon as I run them down and make sure.... Good Times........

Weird thing though, when I hit switch 1 on the CPU to reset the board, it basically locks up and the lcd is garbled (it doesnt look garbled in the picture, but it is not an 8, it is garbled).....???? Any ideas on that one. It boots fine, starts a game, its in tilt so its just like the video gutz posted (thank you for that gutz), but it screws up with you reset the CPU with the switch...?

Picture 1,2,4 are during normal boot
Picture 3 is of the board after you hit switch 1 to reset the board.

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#9 3 years ago

UPDATE... FIXED> So I went through all the switches again, but I pulled the ball after I had started a game. After testing the switches and logic probing the board, I was at a complete loss. Then I noticed that the tilt lamp was out, while the playfield was up for testing during gameplay, so I figured it blew again. I lowered the playfield and went to check the bulb, and it was lit again. So I raised the playfield again and it went out...! Crazy issue, yeah, when the playfield was down a pinched wire from the playfield slam tilt was grounding! So I fixed that issue that had me running around all over the place, and I am back in business with my Sorcerer. I am now beginning my resto process on it. Thank you for all your help as always.

#10 3 years ago

glad to see it working! I noticed that your Sorcerer (and mine too) is missing a couple of the "eyeball" stickers for the center targets. I haven't been able to find any graphics so I can print some new ones - have you found any? thanks

#11 3 years ago

I just got some from action pinball as I had to put new faces on my drops (2 broken). They were different from the original stickers on mine but I've seen games with both styles. It's the same design as the drops I think just cut in a circle.


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