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COVID-19 House Arrest - What Game Are You Working On?

By clodpole

3 months ago

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    #25 3 months ago

    I’m about to start working on a UPL Depthcharge.
    Black and white arcade game from the 70s.
    I have an empty original cabinet that is in really nice shape as well as a complete game that is totally water damaged.
    Got to fix the monitor, but going to transfer all the intervals from the water logged game to the nice one.
    Bringing both in from the garage tonight.

    Neat game where your a destroyer dropping Depthcharges on subs.

    #27 3 months ago
    Quoted from clodpole:

    It's like Sea Wolf backwards!

    Kind of sort of.
    Here’s a pic of what the cabinet looks like
    Basic SEGA Gremlin Cabinet.
    I’ll post some pics later.

    Link to video.

    05AA7E45-436B-445A-8697-3A8E715158B2 (resized).jpeg
    #29 3 months ago
    Quoted from clodpole:

    The subs can fight back! I like it.
    We have a Bally Sea Ray, a Christian Marche "pointy people" underwater pinball game. It would look good in the same game room as your Depthcharge.

    I’m a sucker for any game that incorporates submarines.
    I currently own:
    Sea Wolf
    Sea Wolf (modern)
    Up Scope
    U-Boat (EM Game)

    I would love a good submarine themed pinball machine.

    #35 3 months ago
    Quoted from clodpole:

    This would look nice:[quoted image]

    Oh man, that's rad.
    The cabinet is amazing as well.
    Very much like Sea Wolf.

    #36 3 months ago
    Quoted from clodpole:

    This would look nice:[quoted image]

    Must be rare as hell.

    #47 3 months ago
    Quoted from LesManley:

    I have lots of projects to finish. First up is my operator fresh Torpedo Alley I recently picked up. I have rubbers and new drop target decals coming for it in 2 days. Have to tear it down, clean and re-assemble and get it working 100%. Then I have to finish up my X-Men LE, top side is basically done, bottom needs to be cleaned. Then I have my MK3 control panel to fnish, new plexi coming for that soon. Then finish the power wiring and t-molding for my War Gods cabinet, finish wiring in my Jamma switcher for my KI2 cabinet so I can play both KIs. Finally, get my Galaga finished up, then totally re-assemble my American Laser games cabinet and if there's time...I have about 4-5 coin doors to restore too. So if this lasts for another 2 years I will have probably made a small dent in my projects. [quoted image]

    Looking forward to seeing more pics.

    #86 3 months ago
    Quoted from Waderade812:

    I'm attempting to beat the grand champion on my Starwars. I have some billions to find. My friend is an asshole. [quoted image][quoted image]

    Holly crap.

    #130 3 months ago

    Spent the first part of the morning putting mods and a topper on Rob Zombie.
    Added Muder Ride sign, Red Hot Pussy Liquer sign and spine.
    Game feels way more loaded now.
    Love this game.
    Time to move her back into her spot.

    72A4F95E-DE02-49D1-B5FB-3DF32DED2A2A (resized).jpeg54AC38DF-2447-465D-BC09-8DAB6D713B76 (resized).jpegE5131761-ECD3-4280-A77C-B1599B3B1FBB (resized).jpeg6CAEE106-277C-43F3-8378-5301767A393C (resized).jpeg
    #170 3 months ago

    Tonight the games get a rest (at least until the kids are in bed).
    Tonight is karaoke night.

    00292100-C1C8-46BE-A06F-C32C3BB369A8 (resized).jpeg7D3B4E1A-61E9-4E59-AB36-1E5143EDDD5A (resized).jpeg1D3C4E5D-5305-49BE-A811-91E8179667AC (resized).jpegAC6BB495-4604-4072-B57C-C8C23CE9AA8A (resized).jpeg487FD552-426C-40E6-A09A-8463655CF644 (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #256 3 months ago

    Just installed the Light The Jackpot Panel MOD on my Indiana Jones. Been wanting this for a while and finally chalked it up and ordered it.

    1971FC11-105B-44AF-A426-3274D123A5D8 (resized).jpeg
    2 weeks later
    #428 74 days ago

    Picked up a really nice Stern Pirates a while back that had a couple issues and just finished fixing those.
    The ship wasn’t registering when you hit it, although it worked perfect in test mode. Found one wire on one of the optos that was disconnected. Re-soldered it and that fixed it.
    Auto plunger wasn’t working and fixed that as well. Turned out that the plastic plunger link was busted off (0.79 cent fix).
    Game seems to be playing 100% now.

    #440 72 days ago

    Worked on Twilight Zone and Swords of Fury last night.

    Scoop and Twilight Zone wasn't kicking the ball back out after plunge.
    One of the wires came loose from the coil.
    Re-soldered it and good to go.

    Swords of fury was having issue with the drop targets on the upper play field coming back up.
    It seems a previous owner at some point though it was a good idea to put grease in the coil sleeves and they were all gummed up and sticky.
    Took the assembly apart, cleaned it and put brand new coil selves.
    Works great now.

    #456 67 days ago

    Put a color DMD in Who Dunnit and moved it into the house with its friends.
    Also started arranging the garage, which is where most of the arcade games live.
    The idea is the have pinball rooms in the house and an arcade in the garage.

    IMG_5525 (resized).jpgIMG_5533 (resized).jpg
    #466 64 days ago

    Swords of Fury was blowing a fuse when the kick out coil or the ball pop coil fired which are wired on the same cuircuit.
    Replaced the coils and it’s working like a champ. Game seems to be 100% now. Also replaced the under cabinet speaker which was blown.
    Been getting a lot of little things done and most of my machines are now 100%.
    Thinking about picking up something new to work on.

    0B197BAC-C968-4495-B488-46DE2FEA2733 (resized).jpeg0422E70E-D3F5-4027-AC76-D72A8266EDF7 (resized).jpeg
    #467 64 days ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    I had a motor just came in for the middle reel on the Who Dunnit slot machine. I'll get that in. Sure glad I didn't have it when I had that whole unit out and put new reels on it.
    As long as I'm thinking up aggravating projects. The BBB here has one coin switch that has always been flaky. May as well replace it too and be done with it. Had same issue on Breakshot. Remove the coin door, work on a bench. Easier than sitting on the floor messing with it.
    LTG : )
    [quoted image]

    Awesome, I really like Who Dunnit.
    Fun game.

    #474 64 days ago
    Quoted from Pin-Pilot:

    Whoa! Look at that, you can walk into the garage! Congrats. LOL

    I know right.
    Pretty exciting stuff.
    Huge leap forward from having them all just jammed in there.

    #476 63 days ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Still getting closer...Jesus shit christ, I can't even get this done in a pandemic, how I was in planning to do it normaly?
    Anyway, guys it's totally weird but I'm having problems, like I'm at a loss.
    The machine worked fine before I took every single piece off of it, but now it's full if issues?!?

    [quoted image]
    Edit 1: oh and you can go blow yourself with the whole "drilling PF holes for metal guides. "
    I've never felt more pressure

    Looks awesome.
    Still have yet to play one of those.

    1 week later
    #530 55 days ago
    Quoted from rotordave:

    Got my two cabinets back from the car painter just now.
    $600 NZ for both. ($400 USD ish). Finished in 2K paint.
    I did all the sanding and prep work (as per previous posts)
    See all the holes and seams all screwed and filled ... like a piece of high end furniture.
    Hey, if you’re gonna do it ... may as well do it properly. Look me a long time to work that out. Like, 45 years. Lol!
    rd[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Paragon and Lost World?

    #532 55 days ago
    Quoted from rotordave:

    Paragon and Skateball.

    Awesome, seeing post like this is quite inspiring. They look really great!

    #543 54 days ago

    Working on cleaning the garage out a bit more and getting rid of a few arcade games. Pinball room is at full capacity and the goal it to clear one bay of the garage to set up more pins.

    #546 54 days ago

    Was supposed to be working on games today. Now I’m sitting in a lawn chair at the end of my driveway watching the hillsides burn. Crazy wild fire up here in Cave Creek.
    Thankfully planes laid fire retardant all day so they blocked the eastern spread which is the path of our house. Wind changed about an hour ago and it’s heading south now.
    Right now it’s about 2-3 miles from the house, so staying up to watch it in the event it changes direction and we need to get out. They evacuated people a mile to west of us.
    On my third cup of coffee now.
    Photos from the end of my driveway.

    2F13BDF0-9DFA-45E9-AB86-5FC07980589F (resized).jpegF449670E-2C73-4465-8077-8416FCB3BD6A (resized).jpeg

    #548 54 days ago
    Quoted from dirkdiggler:

    Man that's some scary shit right there. Hope everything turns out ok. Stay safe

    It’s pretty crazy to watch, especially from your own driveway.
    I’m really impressed with how they have dealt with fighting it so far.
    They had planes dropping retardant along the ridge of the hills all day as a fire break. Basically the flames get up to that point and then burn out. When it first hits the ridge it looks crazy as a wave of fire rolls over the top.
    Sound like they are getting it under control, but it’s burned over 1000 acres so far.

    #550 53 days ago
    Quoted from Pin-Pilot:

    I could see it from the roof of my house as well. Much closer to you though. Stay safe Kent!
    [quoted image]

    We’re good, stayed up till 5:30am watching it just to be sure which direction it was heading. Looks like it’s done moving this way, but still burning south of us.
    The craziest part was there’s a house us on the hill to the west that I watched a fire team put out fires leading up to three different sides of that house at various parts of the night. That guy literally has a horseshoe shaped burn pattern around his house.

    1 week later
    #575 40 days ago
    Quoted from Pin-Pilot:

    Finished my High Speed restore.
    [quoted image]

    Awesome. Looks great.

    1 month later
    #640 9 days ago

    Not a game, but a house project.
    Been clearing out a lot of the dried up brush on the propert because it’s fire season (last one got 1.2 miles from the house).
    Decided to put in a paver walkway while we were at it with a round circle of pavers at the end.
    Just finished putting this concrete table on it and blew out on of the casters on my dolly in the process.
    End product looks pretty good though I think.
    2A08AAFB-3B6A-431D-86AD-5A7FFA0E1754 (resized).jpegE3107C37-5AF2-4321-A3BD-25CFC59BC930 (resized).jpeg

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