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Continued playfield issues with JJP and Stern

By f3honda4me

55 days ago

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#600 47 days ago

Well add my IMDN LE to the list.. I just checked, every post has bubbles or blisters, and Munsters Premium which is 5 months old.

#605 46 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

Funny, I just saw a Ted Nugent that still looks great!

Even my Nugent beat as it is, is still in good shape.

#900 40 days ago

Where's Stern with this? I just paid in full for a replacement.

#1042 38 days ago

I haven't had a chance to completely look over the PF but from what I have seen so far the holes that need resessing are milled after the clear. I've done probably 20 PF swaps and IM looks easier than TAF. Mylared areas came with. Incase you are wondering yes I paid full replacement price.

20190906_195234 (resized).jpg
#1051 38 days ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

why did you get another playfield already?

To replace the one with the damage around the posts where the clear and ink is lifting.

#1267 34 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Has anyone heard back from Stern on this issue? Its not much, but it at least JJP is recognizing that its an issue and have provided free play fields to people who are affected....has Stern done anything?

Just the standard we have forwarded your pictures email to Engineering, and QC

#1379 32 days ago

New Elvira Teaser on FB and people have forgotten there is even a PF problem at all, $$$$$ in hand

#1510 27 days ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

If anyone who has reported these issues to Stern in recent weeks gets anything other than radio silence (like I have) please share it here.

It took several calls to Stern after initial email with pictures. I was told that QC has determined this to be Normal. That the clear is solid and hard (which it's not, it's a frigging blister) To which I was told to send in more pictures showing that I could press down on the affected areas, which I did, and sent video. Nothing back. I will be calling again.

However I was also told that many people are calling about this (as they should be).

#1522 27 days ago

Promo photos of Elvira. Already shows blistering!!

FB_IMG_1568824770767 (resized).jpg
#1586 26 days ago

I just got my new Elvira Pin, or rather spent my money I saved for Elvira on a CGC game. Much happier.

20190917_161512 (resized).jpg
#1591 26 days ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Let's play a guessing game before Talon2000 tells us. I'm guessing node boards.

LOL.. What's wrong with them is they are Stern games. They can't be used they will fall apart. Poor little Snowflake machines.

I got a new machine with some Balls.

#1601 26 days ago
Quoted from Ccondo:

I was thinking I’d see what the LE owners have to say before I send a check.

Owning two LE's (not JP) with these issues, and seeing the issues on Current JP's I would cancel your order. Don't waste your money. Get a CGC game, or wait for Deeproot, or someone else who cares about customer service, and care about the quality of their product.

#1619 26 days ago

This is helping a little.

FB_IMG_1525379792235 (resized).jpg
#1620 26 days ago

My latest NIB purchase.

received_885773725127688 (resized).jpeg
#1625 26 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Until you taste it.

Don't like English ale huh? Taste better than Bud, Miller, Coors, or any of that other piss water

#1630 26 days ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

No, not widespread at all Stern.
My IMDN LE has it, Musters LE and looks like my BK3 LE is starting to pool, will check my SW later.

My Star Wars LE is good, other than the Dimples.

#1653 26 days ago

With the obvious problems with the clear coat and art work de-laminating with pressure, what do you suppose the new Elvira is going to look like in short order with the right side VUK kicking the ball out to the middle of the PF? I have a hunch that the center of that PF is going to start peeling post haste. Then it will start chipping, and more peeling as the ball rolls over it.

#1654 26 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

As soon as I saw the pictures of washers I knew it was an snap reaction, trying to spread out the surface area of the post by adding a larger washer was never going to fix this simply delay it and like you said above simply makes the clearcoat wrinkling spread out wider and the damaged area larger

Yup I've seen the same issue with games with washers too. So now they've pushed the damage out further, which then decrease the distance from the ball. I think the ones with washers are going to start peeling away faster.

#1662 26 days ago

New Stern balls for your Elvira

foamballs (resized).jpg
#2054 19 days ago

Well having actually cleared over a digital print. I looks like the printing did not soak into, or adhere to the wood, it has no bit into the substrate at all. The clear coat then softened the art. Then something gouged the art, causing it to peel with the clear clean off the wood. If the art was applied correctly to the wood, time given before clear, and time between clear coats, this would have most likely been a scratch, and not a peel. Point being ink should not peel off the wood leaving bare wood. There's not even an ink stain on that wood.

Basically it should not be tearing and pulling away from the wood, it should just be a scratch. Poor prep, and incompatible products.

Quoted from Chambahz:

You ought to relax, seriously.
That playfield is messed up for sure, and I posted support in the LE thread that he should escalate to Stern and expect them to back him up, 100% (just so you know where I'm coming from) -but as I posted there, that looks like a screw ripped through the wet clear and artwork while in the factory.
Owner confirmed that the peeled paint is covered in clear, so unless you know better, I'd say it's not as you described, "paint just flaking off".
I think it's really important to figure out what caused that "tear" in the artwork. If you are somehow correct, then yes, all bets are off and maybe it's best for everyone to wait this out.
But if you're all fired up and yelling "fire!, fire!" when it's just a one-off caused by a sharp screw in the apron that tore through the clear and art at installation, then that's a one-off, and likely not an issue that should frighten potential buyers.
I posted in the other thread that if anyone with a JPLE wants to remove the apron, to see if a screw is located anywhere near there, that might support my theory.
I think the benefit of a place like Pinside is when you have owners helping other owners, not raising pitchforks without much information.
Any other opinions on the cause of that "tear" is welcome, of course!

#2085 18 days ago

Yeah it looks different, but it's all part of the same problem/issue. I have a feeling his game got gouged while everything was still soft. My thoughts on why the clear is still soft is incompatible products used. The ink is reacting with the clear. I have seen this issue before with paints. Eventually everything will harden, but that's not going to stop the ink/clear from chipping and peeling from the playfield as nothing is adhering. My guess would also be that the ink/clear will stick better to plastic inserts, and judging by the removal of the art around post, the clear appears to not have an issue sticking to bare wood.

Should have stuck with enamels and screening art.

Quoted from zaphX:

This looks a lot different (and worse) than the pooling issue we've been obsessing about. This is just straight up damage. Have you reached out to your distributor/Stern about a resolution? I'm a big believer in giving people a chance to make things right.

1 week later
#2315 8 days ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

No comment from Stern since my Maiden LE was acknowledged to be passed on to QC over a month ago.
Really wanted a JP and Elvira. I’ve since picked up four solid states and I have an Iron Man on the way.
They can continue sweeping this under the rug and I’ll continue not buying their latest games.


#2510 5 days ago

Few hundred more plays and it just get's worse. Still no word from Stern, phone calls and emails. Still waiting.

20191009_201145 (resized).jpg20191009_201200 (resized).jpg
#2517 5 days ago
Quoted from Vinnie:

This is the original and not the new playfield you purchased from Stern correct? I really hope the replacement playfields are better.
How long have you been waiting on Stern's response? Have you tried your distributor?
Sorry you're having this problem and I hope Stern makes it right.

Yes that's the Original PF. Keeping the unused stored for a while, as it may have the same issues.

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