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Continued playfield issues with JJP and Stern

By f3honda4me

5 months ago

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#365 5 months ago

The biggest reason I care about this is if I ever need to sell one of these games down the road, I'm going to get beat up on the price and have a hard time selling it for something that isn't normal and isn't my fault. Now I don't plan to ever sell, but that's always going to be in the back of my head in the event a medical or house emergency comes up.

I know games aren't investments, and I don't buy my keepers as such, but historically most of us haven't lost much money on these things on average and I've gotten pretty used to that. If jjp fixes this tomorrow and doesn't make this right for current owners, my potc is now worth significantly less. Only option at that point is do a full playfield swap.

So that's my take on it. It doesn't affect playability now, but it's not just about playability.

#475 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Where did they say it wasn’t an issue publicly?
They must be saying it’s an issue if people have been getting replacement pf’s.
I’ve seen several in various threads comment about sending theirs back and getting a new populated in exchange.
So clearly they admit there is an issue.

Their statement to this week in pinball. Meanwhile jjps statement was we are on vacation and we'll get back to you

#521 5 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

That's so bad it almost looks like things were screwed in when the clear was still wet to the touch. Awful.

Yeah. In my opinion it's not an issue with posts being hit by the ball, at least on my pirates. Here is the bracket that holds the shooter ramp to the playfield

15670314361704780339406575925413 (resized).jpg
#528 5 months ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Not under warranty. People looking for resolution need to remove that word from the conversation. The warranty is printed in every manual I've looked at and it doesn't cover playfields.
Yes, companies have 'taken care of' customers outside of warranty. Without that written warranty we're all left mostly guessing what is covered, for how long, and under what conditions.
It might be helpful to get organized. Decide what to call the defects, document who has them, how many, and on what machines. Affected purchasers could post photos, your distributors could refer to those when dealing with the manufacturers.

Are you referring only to Stern? I can't figure that out from your comments. My understanding is JJPs warranty is a 'bumper to post' meaning everything. Although they do mention dimpling and ghosting are 'normal'

1 week later
#952 4 months ago

If jjp offers me an unpopulated playfield for free as a resolution for my pooling issue, I would be happy with that outcome. Fortunately I have the skills to do the swap and would enjoy it. Then if I ever sell the game I can list that as a major selling point over most other pirates with issues and used playfields. That's just me though

#954 4 months ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

Can't you just take the actual cash value instead of another PF that will bubble and chip? If there's people that can't do the PF swap, seems the better option for them would be a partial refund equal to the ACV on the proposed 'replacement' playfield.

JJP will make sure any replacement playfields moving forward don't have this soft clear issue. I don't speak for the company and have no inside information, but there is no way they'd send out playfields with issues under this program. Those that already bought and were refunded, those might have this issue still

#964 4 months ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

And how exactly are they going to be able to guarantee that? It sounds like both JJP and Stern both have ongoing issues with current games. Seems to me they still dont have a handle on what or why these issues continue to occur or the problem would already have been remedied.

Well, I don't know for sure of course but I do work for a major company handling recall issues. I can tell you both the company I work for now and the last one value their customers very much and know the fallout from putting out a fix with the same issue would be catastrophic. Imagine if Honda had replaced airbags with more faulty airbags - they would be out of business. It's very likely jjp has tested what mirco claims is a new process or chemical and have confirmed the issue is fixed. That's essentially what my company does.

#995 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If you say that you can I believe you because i know that you are a straight up guy, BUT you obviously work on pins a lot right? How long did it take you the very first time that you did a playfield swap and what about those people that are just not capable of doing one?
I just don’t understand why its ok and even considered acceptable by some for a pinball company to sell someone a defective product that cost ten thousand dollars and then tell them to get screwed. If the consumer has no protection against things like this then why aren't car companies telling their customers to get f***** when they buy a new car and the motor or transmission goes out?

Had to take the bait on this one. It's because this issue as of now is a minor cosmetic issue that you can barely see when playing. A motor in a car is a major component that stops the car from functioning. If you can't complete the swap or don't want to, well you have some artwork and still have a perfectly functioning game. Just my $0.02, I'm happy with this resolution

#1146 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer67:

I spent $9500 on my Pirates and it has pooling in multiple areas but no chips yet. I've installed in star posts under the slings and rubber washers to cover the problem.
JJP has done a few high profile phone calls to some with the worst chipping and offered a free PF. Great PR move but is it an offer to everybody with issues?
My PF will chip at some point and I paid primo amounts of cash IMO. I am going to make a claim with JJP and see if I get a free PF which I would think would be the minimum they could offer. If this happens, at least when I sell in the future, my machine will have the issue but I can offer the free PF as compensation.
However, the current condition is that the PF must be chipped to get a free PF.
I'll see what happens, if there are any legs to this offer from JJP or if it was just a few high profile settlements to help calm the pitchfork riots.

I've not read what is or isn't included under this new JJP offer. It wouldn't hurt to submit a ticket even if it's just so it's documented should it chip. If the rumors are true and Mirco is having to pay some or all of the cost of these playfields, JJP may be lenient.

2 weeks later
#1872 4 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Hey that gives me an idea. To bring back pinball in a huge way Stern should figure out how to put a coin pusher mech in each game that drops quarters for hitting certain shots or scores!
Put the coin pusher in the back box and watch men, women and children go nuts. Lol
Boom boom, location pinball is back baby

There's a stern Simpsons game like that. It's really fun

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