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Continued playfield issues with JJP and Stern

By f3honda4me

58 days ago

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#82 58 days ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I'm sorry for anyone selling a game these days. The Sherlock Holmes investigation that's gonna go on will be the worst.

I don't think that will be an issue. When your saving serious cash you expect wear and tear. The people posting pins for sale for what they paid including the tax are going to get beat up and rightfully so. It seriously sucks for NIB buyers though I would be pissed. These issues on a used pin would mean nothing to me.

#91 58 days ago
Quoted from PinJim:

I don’t agree. If I were buying a used game, I’d ask about it before seeing in person. And I would heavily inspect it before I bought it. Polling or chipping would be a deal breaker, unless it was at a deep discount. To me a pinball is like any other collectible, and condition is king.

Yeah I don't expect used items to be in new condition, I also don't buy collector quality pins. If I wanted that level of quality I would buy NIB. When it comes to price and inspection, as a seller or a buyer there is an offer and the seller accepts it or he doesn't. I don't do the whole nickel and dime over every little thing.

1 week later
#493 51 days ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Not anymore...they Don't

Considering computers don't have disk drives anymore what would be the point?

1 week later
#971 42 days ago
Quoted from clg:

Honestly if the game was a year old and had some minor blemishes I wouldn't really discount it much. If the PF was a mess after a year I can see how you would take a hit on resale if you sold it that way. I'd be fine doing a PF swap though and I like projects so not a big deal for me. At 5 years I can see how the game with the replacement PF might be worth more.

This is pretty much my stance as well, especially for a game that has a lot of plays. I guess it all depends on if you willing and capable of doing the swap. I think this well help hold the value. There is going to be no more good deals for routed games, a routed game with a spare playfield is going to cost you. If your just a player and not capable or willing to work on a pin you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to buying. Sellers will have no issue as there are plenty of guys in the hobby more than happy to do the swap.

#975 42 days ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Most here aren’t willing or capable of doing the swap.

There are plenty of people that are and you only need one buyer. These are the very latest released pins, even in a couple years you are going to have a line up of buyers. If I'm the only guy in the line not trying to get $1000 off because it needs a swap, lucky me and lucky seller. I think people underestimate how many people in pinball spend as much time working on them as playing them.

P.S. Whats a swap going to take 20-30 hours, shit I put more than that into a video game and at the end I just feel like a slob that just spend 30 hours sitting on my ass. I would much rather work on a pin and have a dime piece at the end.

#978 42 days ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

I wish I had that kind of time.

Ha ha, I'm a software engineer in video games. I have a wife and kids that where in sports that required a lot of travel. I didn't say I did 20-30 hours in like a week. Everybody has crazy time demands, that is just the way life is. All I'm saying is there are lots of people out there that will be willing to pay for these pins and I don't think anyone is going to take a financial loss. You have a massive pin collection I suspect you can find a few hours for pinball.

#983 42 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

No way. Lets just assume you’re right though. If it takes 20 hours to do a playfield swap then Stern and JJP can probably do it in half of that time easily so why dont they do it for the customers that are affected if its such an easy task?

This is very simple mathematics, labour is a major expense especially in America. It would double the cost.

#989 42 days ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

That's really good. Think maybe 50 hours then for a Pirates due to the amount of parts on the game?

Its not a restore, 50 hours seems very excessive to me, its still just a pinball machine and its not like there should be a lot of problems or adjustments required. I wonder how many hours it takes a company to assemble a machine.

#1015 41 days ago
Quoted from Utesichiban:

Ridiculous to think or expect most people paying 10k for a new machine have the time or expertise to undertake a big project like that. Bottom line is they shouldn't have to given they just paid a huge amount of money for a brand new product that shouldn't have major parts and/or design flaws to begin with.
I'm glad you have the time and skill to do this on your own but I do think you are in the minority here. Regardless, that really isn't the problem or point. The problem is the time and cost required to do a full playfield swap shouldn't be on a customer who just paid a significant sum of money for a brand new product.

I completely agree in a perfect world every person affected would get a complete replacement at no cost. The reality is that would be crushing to the industry. A free replacement playfield should allow everyone to enjoy their machine and help maintain value. I could live with the replacement. I never said everyone should just accept it and shut up. All I said was I think people should be fine as far as value if they sold. If this isn’t acceptable to you by all means sue them or try and negotiate a solution your happy with.

#1017 41 days ago
Quoted from donkadelic:

It's very easy for someone who isn't affected by the problem to tell other people they should be ok with it. And of course, you'll expect a discount on the machine when it shows up second hand.

I never told anyone what they should do or how they should feel. Does anyone actually read what people post or is it always if your not with us your against us. I just posted saying I thought having the extra playfield is going to increase the value and I was the guy that wasn’t going to be asking for a discount as a buyer. I just tried to be positive and tell people affected not to worry there are other pinsiders that a swap isn’t a big deal willing to buy.

#1268 37 days ago

It really goes to show how much bigger in the industry Stern is than JJP. The JJP threads on the issue have been around for a while but it seemed like a fairly small amount of people being affected. At the time I thought I'm surprised Pinside is not going mental at this, a couple weeks later and issues start to appear on Sterns. Now its feels like this has spread to every topic and every machine in the last year is impacted. When it was JJP it was minor with Stern its the biggest issue since ghosting on Ghostbusters.

#1411 34 days ago

Visually I’m not a big fan of the how that looks on the LE but it’s better than pooling and cracking. It doesn’t seem like a great fix though, what about the rest of the playfield long term? I would be a lot more confident if the fixed why the art was lifting not just remove art in trouble spots.

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