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Continued playfield issues with JJP and Stern

By f3honda4me

4 years ago

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#9201 3 months ago

Looks like off centre inserts exist on Batman 66 too, nice dimples too
This is an extension of my previous post #9200
B47B97EA-8C60-4AB2-82E1-941265D53DCF (resized).jpegB47B97EA-8C60-4AB2-82E1-941265D53DCF (resized).jpeg

#9202 3 months ago
Quoted from Hawks:

When did Stern alter the black outline thickness on the clear inserts for Star Wars?
First pic shows an Le (off-centre insert)
Second pic show later run premium
Seeing that the Le model is comprised of the first gen playfields, is it right to assume that all Le’s have varying degrees of this anomaly?
[quoted image][quoted image]

I read somewhere that this was done to cover up any potential ghosting around the edge of the inserts.

#9203 3 months ago

Okay I see, I remember ghosting being a hot topic
More objectionable having insets ghosting over off-centering
Either way, the thicker outlines helps cover up both occurrences

3 weeks later
#9204 70 days ago
Quoted from Hawks:

Looks like off centre inserts exist on Batman 66 too, nice dimples too
This is an extension of my previous post #9200
[quoted image]

What a mess for all that money!

#9205 70 days ago

All of my older Stern games are perfect. FG, Shrek, Sopranos are terrific.
Even Monopoly, with the shitty, planking cabinets has a great playfield.

#9206 64 days ago

I have bought plenty of NIB machines in the past 7 years. With that being said - I am a huge believer in taking the time (and money) to install playfield protectors. I replace them about 1000-1500 games (depending on how it looks). The playfields literally look brand new each time I pull them off. Plenty of people claim it doesn't stop dimpling - but I am here to disagree. After installing over 40 playfield protectors, not once have I had a dimple carry through the plastic. The plastic is extremely firm, it will even shatter if you bend them. Hard to carry dimples through with a tough material like that. Even games like Iron Maiden where the ball ramps and falls on the wood over and over - still no dimpling.

Of course they don't come without a trade off. The extreme downfall of having a PFP, they track up quickly. Ball tracks, scuff marks, occasional flipper drag, etc. They scuff up, and look like s**t in a matter of a few hundred games. That is a worthy trade off for me, since I will change them out when they start getting really crusty. But, I do understand they aren't everybody's cup of tea.

When you match a good playfield protector with cliffy's, plastic protectors, shooter lane protectors, and air ball protectors the games look NIB after several thousand plays. The areas that all buyers look at for wear look brand new, because it is. It hasn't had any ball wear, ever. Thats just my humble opinion.. It is always a time consuming project, but it is also a good time to give the entire game a final QC check after getting it brand new. Stern has famously sent games out (especially post-covid) with plenty of loose screws and terrible adjustments anyways.. great time to pull it all apart and get it set up perfectly!

A few tips tho - If you do decide to install a protector. Be sure to strip your wax from your native playfield. I have learned that if you wax before you install, the protectors tend to almost seal to the playfield. It lifts up fine, but it looks terrible. You will see pockets of air and more transparent sections that almost appear like there is water under your protector. Also I don't recommend waxing the ball surface of the protector either. I used to wax them in the early days, but stopped. It tended to make the rubbers, ramps, and all components black. I just go without, and my machines stay much cleaner.

One thing - I live in Wyoming. It is drier than a popcorn fart up here. I have frequently wondered if a playfield protector had any moisture issues in more humid, or coastal areas. Anybody have any feedback about that?

#9207 64 days ago
Quoted from Hawks:

Looks like off centre inserts exist on Batman 66 too, nice dimples too
This is an extension of my previous post #9200
[quoted image]

Batman '66 was an especially bad offender in the "soft playfield" lottery. One of the worst in the Spike2 era.

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