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Congo A title

By freddy

1 year ago

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#32 1 year ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Although it's a lot of fun, it isn't an A-list title. From what I understand, years ago they were so incredibly unpopular that they were parted out for their boards, which is a large contributing factor in their rarity today.

you need to qualify this with "on route"

Yeah, on route when the movie came out and was a turd, the general population did not play Congo. When the general public does not even give a game a chance due to a bad license then route operators are gonna just take the hit and pillage parts to keep other games like AFM and MM running which earned big time.

That for sure increased the rarity level and decreased the supply.

Reality is that about 10 years ago, the collector side of the hobby really started growing more and people actually started giving the game a shot. They no longer had the bias of the poorly received movie and instead just treat it like a jungle themed game with an ape. They played the game for what it is and realized it has a great layout, some really good shots, a unique style of code and some really neat toys and features.

Congo has been recognized as an A list title by quite a few for a few years now. People missed the boat because it was a "bad movie". Maybe I am crazy but I actually think the movie is decent when I watched it now. Some funny characters and good 90s cheese. Game is even better and call outs are even funnier to me.

#41 1 year ago
Quoted from jgentry:

No one missed the boat, anyone that wanted one for the most part has one or had one at one point. You are crazy if you think the movie is decent.

this guy is still looking for one

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Wanted! “prefer green cab. cash ready! thanks”
Pittsburgh, PA

so are at least 426 pinsiders.

and with only <400 accounted for on Pinside data base, demand obviously great outstrips supply.

Quoted from jawjaw:

What is even an 'A' title? It's silly to argue over a letter. Congo is what it is. It's a bit rare and has enough people wanting one to drive up the value. I bought one because I really like playing it. That's all I care about.

'A' lister is a pretty silly nomenclature, but in general I think it describes any well liked game that is hard to find for sub 5k. Congo is officially in that realm.

#43 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

So what nominees for A listens do we currently have? Congo, Whitewater, Shadow?
Which is the most deserving? Now obviously we know people that have thought each of them are a listens for a few years but we need a general consensus

pretty sure all 3 meet the general idea. TS probably a little less since it is still easier to find for a decent price.

#50 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Congo is a fun game but their is so much better out their for $5K.

just wanted to mention that Congo is currently 42 in the pinside top 100 (FWIW which is not much)
Looking at the 41 games listed higher I only count the following that are 5k or less : STTNG, TSPP, Whitewater, Aero, Funhouse, TS, BSD, and WWind

8 games in total from that list

I would take congo over all those (easily) if priced similar.

#51 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Please stop the bs. I already have two Congo's lined up nice condition. Just a matter of if I want to drive. About a week to find it and not close to your nonsense pricing.
Stop spreading fake news buddy. I truly think you mean well but your mouth gets you in trouble. Just listen more and speak less

lol, sure thing...

You closed your ad because you hated that people were telling you what past sales were and that the price had gone up.
People can either just look at past archived ads... or they can take your word that you just found multiple examples priced well below market.

Glad you got some lined up. I have a feeling you may really like this one!

#63 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

- MET Pro
- Iron Maiden Pro
- AC/DC Pro
- Star Trek Stern Pro
- Spider-man
- TWD Pro
- Iron Man
- GOT Pro

better go back and check those ratings... you are using prem/LE ratings and pro pricepoints it appears.

That said, can you really find all those games for under 5k?

#68 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Yes, and pretty easily. I just went down the list and that is another reason I put zero merit in that list. Example, I just broke down MET and the prem is ranked higher than the Pro and yet their is a very strong argument that people like the pro better especially when $$$ is added to the equation. Here is another example of how little faith I have in the "top 100". Deadpool is ranked higher than Tron, TNA, IM, BM66, etc.... You can seriously put merit in a system that shows that and you could successfully argue that DP is a better overall game than all 4 of those others?

yeah, Pinside top 100 has gradually become more and more of a joke, esp since it is clear how the LE owners fluff all the games over the pros, when the vast majority of people will always say the Pro models are the better game. TWD, GOTG, SW, DP, etc...

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Nonsense. People say the pros are better values which they pretty much always are. There are only a few games that the pro is actually a better game so if the price was the same people would almost always go for a premium over a pro.

nah, the vast majority of Stern 3 tier games, the PRO is always the best player.

Going down the pinside list: Maiden, MET, ST, TWD, DP, GB, Aero, SW, GOT
I would take the pro every time over the prem/le if price was the same.

#74 1 year ago
Quoted from Billy16:

The price is never the same, the Premiums are almost always more fun with the added features.

disagree 100%

Prem/le almost always slows down the ball, has toys that are less reliable or hared to maintain, needs more fixes to play well.

This is well documented on games form the past 3/4 years.

#98 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Path is the worst. But wow we all wish Quorra shot was that easy.

Yeah, bummer that tron copied 90% of congo and somehow screwed up that shot geometry.

#106 1 year ago

We took a vote in my house tonight and confirmed that Congo is still A list!

#113 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Please slowly step away from the mirror.

all 5 of us agreed. it was unanimous

1 week later
#151 1 year ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

Shots are good, it's been a while since I had mine and remember too much stop and go though. Replaced mine with a Tron and that's an A title to me.

you realize Tron copied 90% of its layout from Congo?

#171 1 year ago

I think the measuring stick should be if a thread debating a games status stays on the front page of the forum for 2 weeks straight, then you have an A title

Seems pretty obvious given the number of people looking, wanting, and talking about this title combined with the lack of them available that it is well loved and at A status.

Going to play some congo right now

#175 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Man have you already had your Cheerios and coffee this morning or what? Seems awfully early in the morning to start pumping(;
[quoted image][quoted image]

Always easy to pick out the guys looking to add a congo to their collection

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