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Concerns with Stern Pins

By LordCrom

8 years ago

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    #1 8 years ago


    Having only recently gotten into the passion for collecting pins, I haven't had a lot of experience over the years with the games. Here recently I have been going to locations and playing every pin available. I've run across some concerns with a number of the Stern pins of played and wanted to know if this happens with all pins on a regular basis, or just more often with the Sterns.

    While playing Transformers Pro, Simpsons Pinball Party, Pirates of the Caribbean and LOTR, I've had the ball get stuck in different locations on more then one occassion. I've also had the machines at different times, kick out one or two additional balls before I send the ball into the playfield. Causing me to start the game with an immediate 3 ball multi-ball.

    I've played Williams games like High Speed II, No Fear and Space Shuttle and not had the same problems. Is this a known problem with Stern machines, or am I just running into some bad luck with machines that aren't being taken care of properly?

    Thanks in advance!

    #2 8 years ago

    I think you ran into some games that were not taken care of very well.

    I am not a huge stern fan but do not notice any more or less problems with them once they are all setup and tuned in.

    #3 8 years ago

    Some machines have some unfortunate issues built into them - but sure was not intentional.

    I have a Iron Man and on occassion when the ball is launched out into the plunger lane some times it doesn't make it and falls back down and then it will try again and some times eject 2 balls starting a mini multiball. I can't speak for other games but my theory with this one is that the balls get magnetised and has caused a few little bugs in loading on the ball guide etc. I cleaned the field (as I am the second owner) and put new balls suited for magnet play and so far so good.

    As for balls getting stuck, every very rare now and then a ball gets stuck on the edge and between the legs of the iron monger. When the machine looks for the ball, Iron monger goes down and up and 9 times out of ten clears, but other than that pretty good. One the one time the iron monger gets stuck and does risk gear damage.

    I have played Tron and Dark Knight and on both had balls get stuck, though dark knight worse. I also played a AFM and one ball got jammed near the the top right of the centre alien ship and then 2 balls followed and then the game was useless - though I think there was some crap on the playfield.

    Overall if it is a home pin, not a drama really, as you quickly take the lockdown bar off,slide the glass down a little and release the ball and generally keep you game clean even better. On a sited machine jams are a pain.

    #4 8 years ago
    Quoted from LordCrom:

    machines that aren't being taken care of properly

    this is an extremely common problem with route machines. OP's put them out there, and don't give 2 damns about them in the long run.

    #5 8 years ago

    I don't have any home pins, so I have only played routed ones...but it is not uncommon for balls to get stuck on any machines I have seen.

    #6 8 years ago

    Balls almost never get stuck on my spiderman.Routed games some times are not set up level.

    #7 8 years ago

    The concerns would be issues with the operators, not the machines.

    #8 8 years ago

    Balls never get stuck on my TSPP.

    #9 8 years ago
    Quoted from scooter:

    Balls almost never get stuck on my spiderman.Routed games some times are not set up level.

    Ding Ding Ding! Winner.. This is even a problem on my showroom floor.. My guys move the pins around often, and don't re level them so you see WAY more stuck balls.

    #10 8 years ago

    Williams, Stern, Bally, Sega, Data East no matter the maker pins will always have issues to fix. Just a fact of life.

    Quoted from scooter:

    Routed games some times are not set up level.

    Couldn't agree more unless you own it and set it up right you can never be sure it is at the right pitch to play correctly.

    #11 8 years ago

    On my family guy, sometimes the ball will get stuck on top of the drops when they are down. It's not a design flaw, I'm just too lazy to lift the play field and make the adjustment.

    #12 8 years ago

    I've had three Sterns (POTC, Shrek, TSPP), several BW, and a DE (WWFRR). I've seen balls get stuck on pretty much all of them, but it's pretty rare. Sterns don't seem to do it any more than any other manufacturer, though.

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