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Computer software upgrade rant

By DCRand

6 months ago

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    #1 6 months ago

    So does anyone else remember the "bad" old days when if you wanted a software upgrade you went to the store and bought it? Boy I am sorry those days are gone. NOW every time my computer, which I rely on daily to make my living, is working reasonably well some jerk at Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, or Quicken, decides it is time to push an upgrade and F up my computer. Last week, quicken completely screwed up my financial tracking by pushing an upgrade that then had Quicken opening with a blank screen. Still not fixed and having to run finances from my wife's computer. Today Adobe pushed an upgrade that now causes either Save or Save as to open with a blank save screen - lost 1/2 hour of work on a PDF and still not solved. One Office "upgrade" changed the save button and now the first time I change a document that I just opened, a Save As screen opens instead of just saving the stupid file. So three clicks, instead of one. And these are the latest in a long line of push upgrades F'ing up my computer and causing lost time and energy.

    I know we can't do anything to stop these people, but sure wish I could unhook this feature from all software, and do upgrades on my own time and choosing like the "bad" old days pre-internet. ( And yes, I know there are a lot of great things from the Internet, like Pinside, but this upgrade system, isn't one of them)

    #2 6 months ago
    Quoted from DCRand:

    I know we can't do anything to stop these people

    We can with Free and Open Source Software and web apps:

    1. Quicken:
    Is there a web or online version for your Quicken program that only requires a web browser? Any OS such as Windows/Linux/MacOS
    can run these web apps with only a browser.

    2. Microsoft Office:
    Free alternatives LibreOffice and OpenOffice will do most of what most Microsoft Office programs will do. These run on Windows,
    Linux, and possibly other operating systems. Or you can subscribe
    to Office 365 and use the web apps in a browser, but this is still

    3. Adobe:
    Unfortunately many Adobe programs have their niche and nearly
    all software from Adobe only runs on Windows. However, there are free and open source alternatives for viewing (and I believe editing) PDF documents if that is what you are trying to do.

    4. Microsoft Windows:
    You can try Linux, which still has a limited but quickly growing free and open source software library. It’s super secure, can be configured to update only when you want, is free and uses code that is peer reviewed worldwide by millions of people. However, gaming and hardware support is still relatively limited, but both of these issues are improving every day.

    5. You can contact Quicken and Adobe’s support departments and
    leave public feedback on community sites to push for improvement.
    If we pressure these companies in to improving their software, they
    likely will.

    #3 6 months ago

    You can disable automatic updates in the
    settings/preferences of pretty much any software.

    I don't usually update things until I'm at a point where it's not going to cause a disruption with something I'm working on if something goes haywire.

    #4 6 months ago

    OMG the last OS update on my Samsung S8 sent it into a tail spin. They moved commonly used icons around, my 'theme' is no longer supported, some of my notification tones had changed. And we are now the dumb 'devices' now with all the "smart" at our fingers. GRRRR
    Unfortunately my phone has company monitoring software, I get the "benefit" of automatic updates!

    #5 6 months ago
    Quoted from ForceFlow:

    You can disable automatic updates in the

    Yes you can, but I’ve known both Adobe CC and MS Office to disregard that setting and install what they consider “critical” updates spontaneously. That can be very disruptive in a managed enterprise environment. It’s unconscionable and demonstrates these companies’ sheer arrogance.

    #6 6 months ago

    I'm with you 100%. I am trying to move to as much open source as possible. It is amazing how neat, clean, and well-managed open source is. Microsoft, Apple, Adobe....they suck. My co-rant is the constant "upgrading" of the software. The upgrades rarely add anything new that is useful, in fact, most of the time they just seem to randomly move things around for no apparent reason and make things slightly more complicated rather than, you know, actually IMPROVING it.

    #7 6 months ago

    Thanks and sadly op system and Office suite is Company provided and required. Worse yet, it’s office 365, yea!!!!

    And I have turned off updates only to have them over ridden, or mysteriously changed in the next update I “accepted”.

    Re phone, I often joke that the Apple changes from OS6 to OS 7 were proof that Steve Jobs had died.

    Thanks all for responding to my rant, even though not Pin related.

    #8 6 months ago

    I am a level 2 support engineer. I can guarantee you there are tickets in my queue daily regarding some bug or design problem with Windows 10 or Server 2016. Freezing, reboots getting stuck, issues with failing updates, problems with typing in to Windows Explorer because the language bar process isn't running, problems with Quickbooks freezing and being slow vs. Windows 7 on similar hardware in the same network, etc.

    I'm happy to support Microsoft products as it's great job security, but at home I'm in the process of switching to Linux Mint. I've installed it on my secondary PC and laptop, and working on my main Windows 7 PC now to get it ready. Plus, this extra experience will allow me to diversify my resume as running Windows is getting more and more difficult for small businesses. I feel one day Linux will overcome Windows as a desktop workstation OS, whether it be running on a fat client running FOSS applications or thin client running web apps. I've already used and managed Dell Wyse and HP Linux based thin clients in the past (although they have been a pain due to poor software design, not necessarily the OS).

    #9 6 months ago
    Quoted from DCRand:

    Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, or Quicken, decides it is time to push an upgrade and F up my computer.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of software updates. Others suggested turning off auto-update. It is your best bet if you are looking to not have updates interrupt your workflow.

    But you have to be smart about it. Disable all updates across the board forever and then you risk not being safe/secure. On the opposite end, you update everything right away and you risk having sometime running that was pushed out the "OK it's fine door" a bit too soon and it could blow your device up and have you not getting any work done for a full day.

    There is a happy in between and the challenge is finding it. It's a head scratcher sometimes but as a general rule of thumb, if you are concerned that an update will interrupt your workflow, lean towards the side of putting it off and not towards the side of jumping.

    It's sad but we do live in a work world now where you should probably set aside some time to manage and schedule your updates so that they don't interfere with your work week, causing unnecessary stress and frustration.

    It's sounds like your computer is important enough that you should probably maintain 2 of them. That way, if an update blows one up, you are still good to go. I have to have 4 workstations (3 OSX, one Windows) running all kinds of redundant software for these reasons, as well as testing updates.

    #10 6 months ago
    Quoted from Crash:

    I feel one day Linux will overcome Windows as a desktop workstation OS, whether it be running on a fat client running FOSS applications or thin client running web apps

    I have been a network admin for the last 20 years and have heard this quoted almost daily... LOL. The reality is that everything has flaws, and everything needs patched. Malicious code knows no bounds. My environment has a wide variety of devices- Linux, IOS, Windows, etc.. Everything gets patched almost all the time. Once I am done patching those, then it comes time when you have to patch switch infrastructure, Firewalls, Wireless APs, etc.

    I have had to fix/deal with bugs in almost all of the upgrades, regardless of OS.

    My only gripe with Microsoft at this point is that they need to figure out a clear update path, stick with it, and thoroughly test it and review feedback. I am part of their development/early release network, and there are often many bugs reported prior to release, that make it into the release even after being reported by multiple reviewers. That should never happen, and has been way more common in the last year with them.

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