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Complete tool kits?

By TigerLaw25

7 years ago

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    #1 7 years ago

    Hello. I purchased my first pinball specific tools yesterday (modest purchases, a magnetic bowl and a leaf adjuster that I needed to help my DW get operational again). Are there any pre-compiled pinball machine tool kits (kind of one stop shops, so to speak) where I could get the bulk of the tools I will need moving forward in one purchase?

    Sorry to constantly be asking for technical help over the past few weeks; but hopefully my questions are slowly becoming a bit better . . . many thanks for your patience and assistance.

    #2 7 years ago

    Oh, and a related question, which one of the various pinball machine dollies do most people prefer? Thanks again.

    #3 7 years ago

    Here's some, I'm sure there's other stuff that's not on the list too haha

    The Master List:

    Power Tools
    Shop Vac
    Cordless Drill
    Assorted Wood/Metal Bits
    Dremel Tool
    6" Bench Grinder
    Berry Mfg Parts Polisher

    Pin Tool Box
    Tool Box with at least 3 levels and a part sorter on top is
    9V Battery (to test bulbs)
    Alligator Clips
    Digital Multi-Meter
    Small Socket Set
    Nut Driver Set
    1/4" Deep Socket
    Large Flat Screwdriver
    Small Flat Screwdriver
    Large Phillips Screwdriver
    Small Phillips Screwdriver
    Screw/Small Part Retriever
    35W Soldering Pencil
    Soldering Stand
    .050 Gauge Solder
    Logic Probe
    Black Electrical Tape
    Jumper Wires w/Alligator Clips
    Slip-Joint Pliers
    Needle Nose Pliers
    Cable Cutters
    Wire Stripper 16-22awg
    Razor Scraper
    Exacto Knife
    Tooth Brush
    Flash Light
    Clamp-On Shop Light
    10' Extension Cord
    Putty Knife
    Detailing Brush
    Index Cards (contact cleaning)
    Paint Markers (assorted colors)
    Super Glue
    Tape Measure
    Allen Wrenches (separate small wrenches are better than an all-in-
    Small Level
    3/4 Round 6" Long Dowel (for pounding inserts back into PF)
    Bulb Removal Tool
    Light Socket Cleaning Stick
    Small Artist Brushes
    Contact Adjustment Tool
    Flexstone Files
    Hard Contact File
    Bamboo Skewers/Tooth Picks (for loose posts)
    Wood Glue
    Circuit Board Removal Tool
    Wrist Grounding Strap
    Cable Ties
    Red and Black 18 and 20 Gauge Project Wire
    Male/Female Crimp-on Quick Disconnects
    Molex Pin Crimper Tool
    Molex Trifurcon Pin Extraction Tool
    Molex .093 Extractor Tool
    Magic Sliders (for moving machines on carpet)

    Cleaning and Painting Supplies
    Pin Skates (for moving game around shop)
    Mean Green or Simple Green cleaners
    Glass Cleaner
    Goo Gone
    Goof Off
    Freeze Spray
    Canned Air
    Novus 1, 2 and 3
    Kit Carnuaba Paste Car Wax
    Isoprophyl Alcohol
    Steel Wool
    Scotch Brite Pads
    600, 1500 and 2000 Grit Wet/Dry Sandpaper (check the automotive
    section of your local mega-store)
    Sanding Block
    Walnut Shell Polishing Media (for Berry polisher)
    High Density Foam Weather Stripping (for lockbar gasket and behind
    standup targets)
    Krylon Triple Thick Clear Spray Paint (for sealing damaged
    Semi-Gloss Black Spray Paint (coin doors)
    Semi-Gloss White Spray Paint (underside of damaged/touched up/repro
    Krylon Semi-Gloss Ivory Spray Paint (for older cabinet touch-ups)
    Semi-Gloss Black Latex Enamel (for newer black cabinets and works
    great on those black Gottlieb side-rails too)
    1" Foam Paint Brushes
    Wood Filler (water base)
    Nevr-Dull Metal Polish

    Common Parts
    Leg Bolts
    Leg Levelers
    Balls (10)
    23/64" Mini-Post Rubber (40)
    27/64" Mini-Post Rubber (40)
    3/16" White Rubber (10)
    5/16" White Rubber (50)
    3/4" White Rubber (10)
    1" White Rubber (10)
    1 1/4" White Rubber (10)
    1 1/2" White Rubber (10)
    2" White Rubber (10)
    2 1/2" White Rubber (10)
    3" White Rubber (10)
    4" White Rubber (10)
    Black Rubber Post Sleeves (10)
    Yellow Rubber Post Sleeves (10)
    1/2" x 1 1/2" Red Flipper Rubber (10)
    3/8" x 1 1/2" Red Flipper Rubber (10)
    1/2" x 1 1/2" Black Flipper Rubber (10)
    3/8" x 1 1/2" Black Flipper Rubber (10)
    Black Shooter Tips (10)
    White Shooter Tips (10)
    #47 Lamps (200)
    #555 Lamps (200)
    #67 Lamps (20)
    #455 Lamps (20)
    #906 Lamps (20)
    Bally Coil Sleeve Assortment (10)
    Gottlieb Coil Sleeve Assortment (10)
    Williams Coil Sleeve Assortment (10)
    Gottlieb Speed Nuts (30)
    Nylon Post Nuts (30)
    Rubber Post Nuts (30)
    Williams Shooter Sleeves (5)
    Gottlieb Shooter Sleeves (5)
    Assorted Inner Shooter Springs (10)
    Outer Shooter Barrel Springs (10)
    Locks (5) 7/8" for coin door
    Heat Shrink Tubing
    Assorted Wood Screws
    Assorted Machine Screws
    Assorted Nuts
    Medium Leaf Switch Blades (10)
    Heavy Leaf Switch Blades (10)
    Gold Flash Switch Contacts (30)
    Hardface Switch Contacts (30)
    Molex .093 Male/Female Pins (100)
    Molex .156 Trifurcon Pins (100)
    Slo-Blo Fuses (5 each of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5,
    6 1/4, 7, 8, 10 amp values)
    Fast-Blo Fuses (5 each of 1/2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20 amp

    Board Repair Bench Tools and Supplies
    Tenma Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
    Digital Multi-Meter
    Panavise Circuit Board Holder
    Swiveling Magnification Lamp
    Small Magnifying Flashlight
    Radio Shack Resistor Value Card
    Close Quarter Nippers/Cutter
    Precision Needle Nose Pliers
    Adjustable Wire Stripper (10-30 awg)
    Tip Tinner Compound
    Soldapult Desoldering Tool
    1 lb .031 gauge rosin core solder
    30 awg wrap wire (board trace repair and jumpers)
    Machine Pin Sockets
    An assortment of all of the common transistors, diodes, resistors,
    capacitors, bridge rectifiers, etc. that are listed in Clay's repair

    #4 7 years ago


    Pinted did a nice write up on Pinball News.

    I don't know that you can buy a specific set of tools that will help you. Probably better off to get things as you need them.

    Don't worry about asking questions. As you learn, eventually you can then help others.


    #5 7 years ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    Probably better off to get things as you need them.

    +1 tomdotcom put together a great list, but you don't need to run out and buy all that stuff right away. You'll soon find out what you need. I suggest some basic screwdrivers and wrenches, a multimeter and a soldering iron are a good start.

    #6 7 years ago

    That is NOT my list, just one found on RGP a long time ago....

    #7 7 years ago

    Sorry, no foul intended.

    #8 7 years ago

    Course not Just wanted to make sure I don't take credit for something I didn't make myself.

    Also that LED sticky at the top of the forum says it was me, but I clearly stated when I first posted it that I got it from another forum...

    #9 7 years ago

    I think clay's video is a good guideline, but yes don't go buy crazy, buy the essentials and then buy other tools as you need them. I plan on making a rollable table with bins of parts (and a soldering station) at some point:

    #11 7 years ago

    Oh, I keep forgetting about the dollie.

    This one looks cool: http://www.pinballmedic.net/yellow_jacket_pinball_dolly.html Anyone have one of these? Does it work well?

    #12 7 years ago

    Good lord that list is insane. I probably have 1/4th of it and have had five pins, fixed all of them without a good chunk of that.

    If you want to RESTORE games, that's probably a good list to go by, but really? 20 boxes of 555 lamps and 20 boxes of 44's? Not unless you have 6+ games. By the time you buy everything on this list, you will have spent enough to buy a NIB Stern I bet.

    The single most important thing to start with, IMO, is a tool chest that you can roll, and that has adequate space to hold a good selection of nut drivers, sockets, allen wrenches, and screwdrivers.

    Craftsman makes a GREAT multi-bit screwdriver btw, I will find a link for it later. It's got like 8 bits in one tool, you just expand the shaft to retract the bit, turn the selector to the bit you want, then push it back together and it magnetically pushes up the bit into place and holds it. GREAT tool, I get so ticked off when I can't find it.

    #13 7 years ago

    I started off with tools I had around the house for typical repairs, and augmented as I went. There's no 'master list' or 'master kit' available.

    A 1/4 inch drive socket set, basic screwdriver set, allen wrenches, and some pliers (needle nose, standard, a pair of dykes, etc) will get you started. Most people already have most of this stuff.

    As you go, you may find a set of nutdrivers you like better than the 1/4 inch drive set, etc.

    I don't use a toolbox for my workshop, I have everything on pegboard. Worked better for me than a toolbox. I *do* have a small toolbox I use for on-site repairs, on the rare occasion I go out and do them.

    2 weeks later
    #14 7 years ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    Oh, I keep forgetting about the dollie.

    This one looks cool: http://www.pinballmedic.net/yellow_jacket_pinball_dolly.html Anyone have one of these? Does it work well?

    I ordered one of these a few months ago and still haven't received it. When I asked for an update, I got an apologetic letter telling me about some problems with their storage facility contracts. I asked for a dolly within 14 days or a refund and got no response. I'll keep you updated if you're interested, but at this point I've sent two letters and received no reply.

    #15 7 years ago

    I've run out to buy a single tool or fasteners or something more times since owning pins than I can count. Of the times I've visited hardware or electrical outlets my entire life, two thirds of them are compressed into the few years I've been a pinhead. I'm pretty well rounded now, with pin-specific parts and general tools, but SOMETHING will come up. It always does.

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