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Common AFM problems

No one calls this topic a favorite.

By ninjabones

4 years ago


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#1 4 years ago

Going to look at a supposedly restored AFM this weekend (no pics yet). Any less-than-obvious or potentially expensive problems to specifically investigate?

Any other comments appreciated as I am not up-to-speed on this machine, but always wanted one.

#2 4 years ago

Its a great game ! - make sure the strobe light works.

#3 4 years ago

Test the Stroke of Luck to make sure it does not fire balls SDTM.

My favourite game...

#4 4 years ago
Shapeshifter said:

Test the Stroke of Luck to make sure it does not fire balls SDTM.

That's an easy fix. Yeah check the strobe for sure.

#5 4 years ago

Restored ? To what level ?


#6 4 years ago

dood, stroke of luck wear! They all have playfield wear at the stroke of luck, the question is 'how much?'. Also the inserts near there get chipped too. Also, cabinet fade is a big problem with this game. Any mechanical problems are trivial compared to the cosmetics.

#7 4 years ago

If it was restored, you shouldn't have any problems.

If it was shopped, and called restored, then that is a different story.

The common things are strobe light working, SOL hole beat to crap, and the mech that makes the mother ship vibrate.

Not too many things on this that can't readily be fixed. The only difficult part to track down is the middle ramp. For some reason they did not reproduce these on the last run and go for crazy money. That is only a cosmetic thing though, as they really don't effect game play if cracked.


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