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ColorDMD - LCD versus LED?

By goatdan

4 years ago

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Post #3 Vendor update on available combinations Posted by Dmod (4 years ago)

Post #23 Vendor update on hardware revision for future display boards Posted by Dmod (4 years ago)

Post #30 Led displays take less power than lcd setups Posted by Dmod (4 years ago)

Post #64 Discussion on smoothing algorithm Posted by Dmod (4 years ago)

Post #90 Video of the led display in spiderman Posted by bobukcat (4 years ago)

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#39 4 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

When Walking Dead is available will it only be LED or will you be able to use the LCD's as well?
I'd like to get ahead of the game and have the display in my game when the ROM is available.

Games going forward are going to be available for both displays. Since TWD is a standard stern ''new" backbox either would work. *BUT* you should not buy a display based on future hoped for support. It may come, it may not. Buy a display for what it can do now.

#45 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Is this for all games, or just the DE ones?

Every head style is different, but in general the WMS and Stern heads are fine with the LCD screen. Gavin just put an LCD in his new GNR at expo and found a mounting position where it would clear the door just barely, but he had to reverse the channel at the bottom of the speaker panel so the taller part was in front -- not sure if it varies game to game for DE with wood speaker panels or not.

#49 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

The smoothing modes look like garbage. You're all monsters with poor taste. It's dot art, keep it as dot art. Color looks fantastic, but those chunky looking smoothing modes or square dots are awful.
I would love if the LED display supported the same set of color ROMs that the LCD displays have. That would be fantastic.

The beauty of the current set of options from color Dmd is Just that: options.

Some people prefer one look, others a different one. But nobody in this scenario is a monster.

#74 4 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Thanks, but are you saying The Walking Dead won't be supported? I thought it was close to complete
It would be a shame not to have Color DMD on that title.

Whoever told you that is a filthy liar. Filthy I say!

There's always a SLIGHT chance that support for a title may require changes to the hardware, or it will take a lot longer than expected to complete due to complexity (heeyyyy Star Trek, how you doin'?), so the "buy a display for what it can do NOW" is a CYA move to prevent disgruntled consumers.

1 week later
#114 4 years ago
Quoted from caker137:

I don't see a shadow on my lcds (including spiderman) the fluorescent tube is up so high that it actually casts some light into the gap between the translite and the lcd.

Yeah, with the tube light it's fine. It all depends on what kind of light you have in the backbox.

1 week later
#158 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Hey, thanks for the reply!
Yeah, there are 4 buttons on the back... I'll try to do it later...
The problem is on the transition of the frames and yes, I noticed that on the attract mode... It will be hard to take any pictures because it happens too fast, but I'll take a note and report to colordmd tech.
I'm surely running the latest SS ROM, now I can't remember which version it is...

Transitions (crossfades, wipes, etc) on WPC games are hard to detect and color because very often they don't render full normal frames while they're happening. So during those, if there's no recognizable frames, the display falls back to the 'default' color for the rom.

#161 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Which one the code is more mature? Oh, so many choices and not so much $$$!!!

Transitions on essentially all of the WPC games are the same -- so the question is just which game has the least transitions that can't be detected.

#166 4 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

I see.... since this is my first colordmd, I understand that the LCD versions basically have the same issue, correct?

Yeah, it's not a screen issue, it's a colordmd processing issue -- so it occurs on both versions.

#169 4 years ago

The spike games use all 16 levels of brightness for shading (rather than the 12 SAM used), so, IMHO, it would look best on the LCD because it can represent those shades without shrinking the points of light. On the LED display, the dimmer the light gets, the smaller the point of light is.

#170 4 years ago

DERP. Sorry

#172 4 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Do you know if I would need the Pinbits Clear Shield accessory with this?

Yeah, any metal head backbox is the same deal. New clear window and standoffs needed.

2 months later
#300 4 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Looks like all the LEDs are sold out.

And production of more is stalled by Chinese New Year break for a few weeks.

2 months later
#339 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Now that I have played it, I can certainly say IM absolutely looks fantastic with DotsXL. From a player perspective I don't notice the display is offset 1/4 inch. The video clips actually make sense now - it's really a night and day difference! To keep the displays all basically the same, I'm going to stick with the LCD.
I only use DotsXL on my games, never HiRes.
The Iron Monger liftoff looks over saturated though, like the colors are not right....?

There are like 4 different monger start clips - and I think at release one of them was not gamma corrected. I thought I updated the data for Randy, but maybe I'm remembering wrong, or maybe he didn't update the rom.

11 months later
#502 3 years ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

why bother in that case? So I get a true DMD and call it good.

There are still reasons to not like the LED, even if you prefer dots. For example - on certain colors, the color separation between the R,G and B LEDs in the display is apparent. That bothers some people. Another thing is that as the dots get dimmer on the LED, the points of light actually get smaller, with the LCD the dot is the same size, but is a dimmer shade. And then there's the brightness ramping issue that I post about way too often.

Anyway, point is, there ARE still decent reasons to use LCD over LED even if you don't like the smoothing. It's all just a matter of preference.

#505 3 years ago

Most of my dislikes with the LED display (everything but the ramping, you can't help that) would be fixed by a thin diffuser panel in front of the display to blend/spread the colors. If a sheet of little circle diffusers could be made that goes in front that unifies the size of the 'dots' regardless of brightness and blends the colors better so you don't see the separation, that'd be pretty freakin' sweet.

#517 3 years ago

The RGB/RBG setting is just a matter of how the panels are wired. The mfg changed at some point so Randy added a toggle to support both types.

#520 3 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

OK, so how do I know which way to set it?

The colors would look way off if the green and blue were backwards, compared to say the preview video of the game. It would hopefully be pretty apparent.

7 months later
#583 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

So.. what display to get for GHOSTBUSTERS!!
Thinking about the Extra Ball and Ecto sequences- what will be better LCD or LED?
I’m pretty happy with all LCD (have it in all my B/W games)
I haven’t seen a LED and want the best option

IMHO, LCD looks best on Spike games because of the brightness ramping difference between LCD and LEDs. The various levels of brightness are clearer on the LCD and GB makes heavy use of all 16 brightness levels because of the 3D renderings.

1 month later
#594 2 years ago
Quoted from wxforecaster:

Long time listener, first time caller (hopefully of many). My TWD came with a ColorDMD (LCD) and I'm in love with it, but a local friend bought an LED version for his SPIKE system and didn't care for it and sold it to me at a very nice discount.
Two questions:
1.) Is the ColorDMD interchangeable among Spike, Sam and WPC games?
2.) Which of these games do you think the LED version would look best in (assuming the above is true?)
TZ, ToM, AC/DC Premium, LOTR, Metallica (need to wait for update to 1.8), X-Men, Star Trek

The display itself is universal. To use it in a different machine type, you just need the proper cables which you can get in the accessories section on the Colordmd store once You decide.

The LEDs look better in the games with only 3 brightness levels (wpc, white Star) than they do in the newer sterns.

#597 2 years ago
Quoted from Koos:

What do you mean with 3 brightness levels?

Just what it says. WMS and early stern games only use 3 brightness levels for dmd dots. High, medium, and low. SAM used 13, spike uses 16.

I mixed up Sam/white star in my earlier post; will edit.

#605 2 years ago
Quoted from Dmod:

Most people probably wouldn't notice a difference in LED characteristics between older and newer games unless it was pointed out.

But .... but ... my soapbox!

#614 2 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

It's odd because it shows the asterisk when entering the custom message (otherwise I wouldn't know it was even there) but those menus aren't scaled by the modes like the actual in-game images are, it just won't show it when in attract mode which leads me to believe it's related to the scaling. The custom message text isn't colored anyway on either game.

Custom messages aren't colored by the ColorDMD system because it's just a screen of text (that can be anything) with no way to identify it. So it shows in whatever the default color is for the rom and exactly what the display signal is sending. So, the missing asterisk on that screen is what the game is sending to the display, not altered by the ColorDMD in any way.

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