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Colorado what's fs/ft

By Sijcolo

5 years ago

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#2 5 years ago

I have a very nice second owner Ripley's for sale. Plays perfect and no playfield wear. Cabinet is very nice

I also have a Shadow that plays 100%, playfield is nice, displays are all good,cabinet does have some wear.

#7 5 years ago

"Wesley, didn't you spend about two years trying to find that Shadow?"

Nope I bought it 4 years ago after a brief search. Is a great game, but I only have room for 4 games, so eventually I usually rotate a game to bring in something else.

Oh and I would consider a trade for another nice pin especially with someone in or close to Colorado..

#14 5 years ago

Sold my RBION this weekend and have Shadow for sale now for $2500 or trade. Was asking a bit more for TS, but if I can get it should could combine $ from both sales and maybe get a LOTR or some other nice machine with a higher budget than I'm used to.

#20 5 years ago

Selling Ripley's yesterday was tough, I must admit. That's the bum of only having room for 4 pins.

The main consolation is that if I sell Shadow and with the $ from RBION combined, then maybe I can get a pin like LOTR or something else that's usually out of my budget reach.

#33 5 years ago

"Really loving the RBION Wesley. Thanks!"

Awesome and glad it went to a great home!

I sold NGG and Shadow tonight. So great to meet you Steve and hope you enjoy them!

#40 5 years ago

Just bought a MM in Colorado Springs and very happy with the game!

After buying it and selling 3 games, I have about $1600 left for one more game to buy.

1 week later
#52 5 years ago

So a belated answer to Russ's desire for an original Fireball EM. I used to own one for many years and loved it. Played a Fireball Classic today which has a nearly identical playfield, but is a solid state. Didn't like it as much as the original for two reasons, no zipper flippers and much prefer the chimes and nice sounds of the EM. The solid version is not bad, but the sounds are boring to me. The one con of the EM is that unless you've worked on a ton of EM's most find them harder to diagnose problems than with a SS. But IMHO the EM is more fun in this case.

1 week later
#57 5 years ago

Somebody put a MM on Denver Craigslist tonight for $200. Either a crazy joke or need I say it, scam!

Meanwhile anybody selling in CO. a pin you haven't listed here yet?

#65 5 years ago

There's a Twilight Zone listed on CL Pueblo. I don't know the seller and haven't seen the pin in person.

1 week later
#77 5 years ago

Anyone have a Capcom Breakshot they want to sell?

#98 5 years ago

Anyone selling a pin they haven't yet listed here?

1 week later
#111 5 years ago


#112 5 years ago

Interesting all the video and pics coming from Expo this week. Looking forward to someday playing TH, TBL, and some of the boutique games if I ever seem them someday in our state.

Meanwhile, any body trying to sell something this weekend they haven't listed on this thread?

#118 5 years ago

Anyone have a Black Knight or a High Speed for sale?

#122 5 years ago

PM sent re: HS.

#133 5 years ago

I know I missed my chance here recently on some of this, but just only yesterday got the budget for some of these. I'm interested in buying one of the following pins:

CQ or excellent shape Flash Gordon, High Speed, or Black Knight.
Haunted House
Solar Fire
or something rare or unusual such as a Capcom, Zaccaria, or Alvin G. pin.

I won't be flipping or routing it. Will be my 3rd pin in my game-room and plan to keep it for a good while.

#156 5 years ago

Bought a nice Pinball Magic today from Kevin at Lyons Classic Pinball. Thanks Kevin for for a wonderful game and for telling me a lot about the game and including a plastics kit!

2 weeks later
#189 5 years ago

Just a bump for the weekend to see if anyone is selling a pin they have listed here yet?

#200 5 years ago

Does anyone have a 1970's Gottlieb EM they want to sell?

#201 5 years ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

I need a Western Themed Pinball for a Charity Auction this Spring.
Any cheap working EM's or SS pins out there? I see the "Flip Flop" in Canyon City, but $800 is too much for my blood.

Looks like that game has been reduced to $600 and says that's negotiable, so maybe worth a shot if you can get them to go even lower.

#202 5 years ago

Okay, last try to find a pin for awhile.

Anyone got a 1970's Gottlieb with the 3" flippers and drop targets for sale? Could be 1, 2, or 4 player game but really prefer one that isn't a very complicated project to fix.

There are also a few of Gottlieb's solid state with drops I'd also consider.

This would be my 4th pin and I don't route my games and almost keep my pins for 2 or more years before selling, i.e. not looking for one to quickly sell or flip.

1 week later
#205 5 years ago

Kind of surprised this link how no activity during Thanksgiving or this weekend.

#218 5 years ago

Hey Aladdin did the sale of the Big Game gone through?

#220 5 years ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

Yes the Big Game is sold. Shipping to a fellow pinhead!

That's great and looked like such a nice game for the price and age.

#223 5 years ago


#225 4 years ago

Wife approved a budget this a.m. of up to $2500 for 4th and last pin for awhile. I really only have room for that many anyway. Tried having 5 once but 5th pin was in garage and that doesn't work well at all.

Some pins of interest:

Early classic solid states including Bally, Gottlieb, Stern, Williams or Zaccaria.

Capcom Breakshot or Airborne.

One of the less costly modern Sterns such as WPT.

Might even consider an EM but would really need to be working well especially with the scoring and keeping track of which player and ball is up. I stink at working on EM's, sadly.

So my range is sort of all over the place re: era and manufacturer. Of course, I'd have cash in hand and the plan would be for this pin to stay awhile, not looking to purchase and resale quickly at all.

#227 4 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

I have a beautiful Central Park that needs a good home. Willing to sell it under market for a local willing to come pick it up.

PM sent.

#242 4 years ago
Quoted from Elicash:

Hey gang -
I'm relatively new to these forums, but I have been keeping my eye on FS/FT in Colorado. And I can't believe how little inventory there is here in our state vs mid Atlantic/ New England. Especially around christmas season. Is this normal for our region? Do most of you end up buying games without playing them and shipping from other parts of the country?

Things have been somewhat slow in CO. recently but maybe will pick up after the holidays?

1 week later
#261 4 years ago

For the person who was looking for a Western theme pinball there's now two Bally Flip Flop pins listed.

That one is still for listed on CL in Canon City and I noticed today another came up for $325 in the Co. Springs area if you're still looking for one of these. Unfortunately the cheaper one apparently isn't working. Sorry I don't know anything about either seller or the pins than what's listed in the ads.

I'm looking for a late 70's or early 80's classic solid state like Flash Gordon, EBD, EK, Black Hole, etc. if anyone has one for sale. Would seem like a nice contrast to my other 3 more modern pins (Pinball Magic, MM and WOZ)

1 week later
#269 4 years ago

Bump for weekend in case now that holidays are ending, someone has something they're considering selling.

#272 4 years ago
Quoted from Hyperball91:

Hey Russell, you still chasing a '72 Fireball?
There's one in this thread :- https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/fs-fireball-in-so-cal
Seems a little rough and needs a backglass but if you feel like fixing it up it'd be nice. Cheers, Mal

First pin I ever owned at age 14. Cabinet and BG look rough, but a pretty good playfield and those are usually completely blown out as those games got tons of play. Much nicer playfield than the routed one in Manitou Springs.

Almost tempts me to go for it, but Russell should have first dibs and since I only have room for 4 pins, I don't plan to bring machines home I've owned before anytime soon.

#274 4 years ago
Quoted from Hyperball91:

Hi Wesley, long time no see. You owned a pin at 14? You lucky dog! Wish I had been so lucky. I had to go downtown and blow all my spare change to play pinball. Which I did frequently.

The neighbors across the street one had a Nip It and another a Hang Glider, both EM's. I think my parents got tired of me blowing tons of money at the mall playing pinball when EM's and the earliest solid states were on route from 1977-1980. For Christmas when I was 14 they got a used but reasonably good Fireball and my sister a very used car. This wasn't a typical Christmas for us, probably by far the most my parents paid for us for gifts. My poor parents moved that pin to I have no idea how many houses from one in in Arkansas to several in Austin, TX and then later a town (Mineral Wells) west of Fort Worth, TX. Finally I felt so guilty before I could buy my first house and had a place to keep it, I suggested they sell it sometime in the 1990's. My family, elderly grandfather, friends and I spent many hours over the years playing that pin.

1 week later
#289 4 years ago

Does anyone have a Steve Ritchie game they want to sell? I'm interested in games he made for Williams or Stern World Poker Tour. Unfortunately my budget ends at $3500, so can't afford most of his Stern pins.

#295 4 years ago

Anyone have a nice shape pinball for $3500 or less currently for sale. I've been looking for a 4th pin for awhile and now that the holidays are over, hoping to find one this or next weekend.

2 weeks later
#336 4 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Anyone have a nice TZ they'd like to sell? Looking for a nice one, ideally with LEDs, in the $4500-5500 range.

Russ, I just noticed Pinball Jones has a TZ on that web site for sale listed @ $5,500. I don't know anything about the condition of it.

Also that seller also just listed Taxi and F-14, in case anyone is looking for either of those. I don't think I've ever bought a pin from PJ, others here might chime in.

2 weeks later
#350 4 years ago

Don't know if it's legit, but someone has a WOZ in Denver on Craigslist for $4500 in case anyone here is interested.

#395 4 years ago
Quoted from Boondocker:

I emailed them twice off their website last week and even used the contact us button for a Fish Tales they have, no reply at all.
Wish I could afford that Luci!

Be careful! Coin Drop Here reviews in past have been mixed especially on RGP. I've had same problem in past of emailing and getting no replies.

#404 4 years ago

A friend of mine is looking for an Eight Ball Deluxe. He's excellent at fixing machines (unlike me) and willing to take on one that needs work to get playing well.

1 week later
#433 4 years ago
Quoted from Its_me_aj:

I think I'm going to unload all my EM games to focus on what I really want. They were a good deal offered to me but my heart just isn't in them. I found a couple hooks I need to go up north to check out when the weather clears. Also looking for another firepower. If there is any interest in the EM please let me know

What EMs are you selling?

2 weeks later
#519 4 years ago

This is Mike Strauss' web link.


1 month later
#637 4 years ago
Quoted from Bwheels:

he is a great guy but buys all the pins he can and does not touch them. I went and played a bunch and almost all of them had alerts and were really really dirty. I also played the diner and agree the flippers were rough. If he would clean and service all the games then i could understand the pricing. Again he is a very nice man and i hope he can be successful.

I'd be cautious in accepting sight unseen descriptions of games being in "excellent" shape based on my experience. Not saying there's dishonesty going on as descriptions are subjective and not sure how much the seller is aware of general criteria used by collectors. I agree hope success can happen but be aware the games do usually need some work.

#640 4 years ago


You and anyone who who read's this are welcome to come over and I'm always happy for others to enjoy my pins. Took me many (7) years of buying and later on selling to get enough equity to afford the games I have. Also honestly I had to sell 3 games to afford MM and WOZCE was funded by an estate with rest of $ going into bank and kids' college funds.

Back on topic, anyone else thinking of selling a pin at the Pinball Showdown in June or got anything else not mentioned on this thread for sale? I'm not activity hunting for one, but then again right price and a good game always has appeal. Right now my budget is low around $1500-2K.

#649 4 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I picked that up. It was Mike's from pikes peak pinball. Made the trek on Saturday and got it.

Mike's a nice guy and I imagine you got a very nice working FH. Congrats on your purchase. A very fun pin.

1 week later
#670 4 years ago
Quoted from Kurisu:

Does anyone know what the deal is with that Flintstones machine in Parker on Craigslist? It's been up there for a really long time (maybe a year?). The person claims it's in great shape and seems to be priced about right, I just wondered if there was more to the story.
denver.craigslist.org link

It seems to come up listed for awhile, go away and then come back. Wish I had room as I really like the FS gameplay, art, etc. even though it's based on the movie and not the cartoon.

#701 4 years ago

Crazy Denver CL listings the $2499 Lazer Ball pin.

KING KOOL PINBALL MACHINE 1972- One owner - $6200

2 weeks later
#747 4 years ago

Now that it's less than 2 week awhile, anyone bringing pins to sell at the Pinball Showdown including any that won't be on the free game floor at the show? Personally I'd love to find a decent or better shape classic early 80's solid state pin.

1 month later
#788 4 years ago

Congrats Taxi is a great game!

#789 4 years ago

Anyone have a Spiderman for sale? Or a Cirqus Voltaire?

1 month later
#881 4 years ago

Still looking for a Whirlwind with a good or better playfield or for a nice Johnny Mnemonic.

#883 4 years ago

Has anyone here happened to take a look at the Spider Man for sell on Denver CL for $4500?

#886 4 years ago
Quoted from Drew13:

Its from wolfman, so heavily routed and lightly shopped

Thanks I'll wait until I can find a nice LOTR, POTC, Spiderman, or other before my getting my second Stern game I'll own some day.

Meanwhile if anyone has a nice Bally/Williams 90's pin for sale not mentioned already on this thread lately, might be interested as that's still my favorite pinball era in many ways.

1 week later
#898 4 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

STTNG on CL for $3750...good price if it's 100% as it states. Fun game, love mine.

Anyone know who's selling this? I'd love to get a ST:TNG although right now first priority is trying to find a nice Stern Spide-rman for my wife. It's her favorite pin and would like to find her one that won't need any work other than some minor cleaning up.

#901 4 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

The SMVE rumors are so strong right now. Not willing to wait a little to see if it happens?

I admit I haven't kept up with that real well since that rumor has been off and on again several times. I would wonder about price and if there would be any upgrades or neat differences between it and the older SM's? If I knew for sure it's going to happen and there was a reason to buy it over a HUO or really nice used one, I would wait.

So my current order of preference as I look to buy one more pin only:

1. Spider-man as a thanks to my wife for supporting my pinball hobby for going on a decade. Also it's her favorite game and she wants one that want doesn't need work or very little to play well. As she knows I still stink at most repairs!

2. Lord of the Rings-my favorite Stern pin.

3. Pirates of The Caribbean. All around good choice as my family likes the first 3 movies (including my two teenagers) and we do enjoy playing it.

4. Cirqus Voltaire-my wife's second favorite pin and I so regret not buying one several years ago when they weren't as pricey. Also I can't remember last time I saw one for sell in or near CO.

5. ST:TNG, JM, Whirlwind, or another 90's B/W pin.

#907 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

There is some gambling involved with waiting. Original SMs may become more plentiful on the market when SMVE is released, but they are already priced slightly below a NIB Stern Pro. Then the rumors of it being premium priced may make people consider whether a $2k upgrade is worth it, and the originals may look like a deal and get a slight bump in price... especially considering this:
I don't see a ton of artwork on SM from the original movie anyhow, a little on the translite and a handful of plastics. Using new translite and plastics used on SMVE would make an original look like a generic SM pin too.

Interesting and several things I hadn't thought of Still, if a nice, preferably HUO Spidey, comes up for sale I think I'll go for that.

#919 4 years ago

Bought A Stern Spider-man on Saturday and after a good cleaning and a few very minor tweaks is working well. Wife got 3rd HSTD last night and has been a game she's been good at and usually better than me whenever we've played one for some reason. Glad she has a game she really wanted as most previous buys were mostly for me although only pin she did like eventually and play much was Centaur. So I'm off the market for buying any more pins currently.

1 month later
#1006 4 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

I asked about the Sky Jump. Have yet to go look--waiting to hear condition, it's a project per ad but has a full retail price on it. If I go I'll check out both.

Wow a Catacomb--that's a neat game. If you do go and see it, here's hoping it's worth purchasing.

3 weeks later
#1052 4 years ago

"I have a very nice JM with no cabinet fade and a near perfect playfield if anyone is interested."


1 month later
#1108 3 years ago

The below came up on CL. I often wonder where folks get their info believing their games are worth insane prices? This sounds to me like someone who has no idea about the pinball hobby and prices. A 5K Magic City, where's does that exist?!

Meanwhile anyone, here currently selling a LOTR?

"Pinball Machine - Magic City - $3850 (Colorado Springs)
avoiding scams
Perfect Christmas gift. Restored and operational 1967 Williams Magic City Pinball Machine. No. ~300/2650 built. Everything works and ready to play. These machines sell for upwards of $5k. (missing coin mechanism)

Assembled and ready for your game room!"

3 weeks later
#1138 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I got my GOT LE yesterday, always happy to have visitors.

Congrats Russ! Maybe a couple of us local guys can come over sometime and play it. Are you in on TH as well? The MM I bought from you is still playing great!

2 weeks later
#1191 3 years ago

Anyone looking for a Theater of Magic? I'm not selling one but do know of someone that is in case anyone here is interested.

For myself, still looking for a well playing Whirlwind. I'm fine if it has playfield and other wear as longs as it plays well.

#1193 3 years ago

Here's the email I received from Wolf. Wolf is a tech guy in Colorado Springs and not the same guy as Wolfman AKA Gilbert that sells pins in Denver, just so there's no confusion.

"Hello PinballWorx customers!

You can enjoy the magical experience of owning a very nice, well cared for, Theatre of Magic. A good customer of mine is selling hers. I am putting out the word to all of you because I don't want you to miss out. (Not to mention, it would be nice to keep this machine in my service database!)

Check out the pictures attached. Beautiful all around. Even the "trunk" is pristine.

As always, do not contact me about price. I'm just the messenger, not the middleman. Call Sam directly at


or email her at



1 week later
#1214 3 years ago
Quoted from outcida:

I bought an AFM from Wolfman last week. Yea, it was dirty and had cracked rubbers but the playfield is almost like new. It cleaned up really nice. Still had the goodie bag inside. Cabinet is slightly faded and scratched up a little but everything worked on it minus the DMD. I brought it to Gilberts attention and he paid for half of the replacement DMD. He didn't have to as he sells them as is. My first time buying a game from him as we couldn't come to an agreement on his other machines I've looked at. I'd buy another from him in the future.

Did you happen to take a look at either Scared Stiff he had for sale and if so what kind of shape were their playfields in?

2 weeks later
#1270 3 years ago

Still looking for a Cirqus Voltaire in case any one has one to sell.

#1282 3 years ago

Anybody here selling a Safecracker?

#1305 3 years ago

I have a working Maverick for sale. Just posted pics on Denver CL. Has damage on inside cabinet above left side of playfield from a wire form. Will sell for $1500 to a Pinsider.

3 weeks later
#1383 3 years ago
Quoted from CryHavoc:

Utah resident here. Have any of you been to see this pin?:
westslope.craigslist.org link
(I don't know how to make my link work. It's the Maverick pin in the "western slope" region.)
I emailed asking for some higher quality photos before I try making an offer, but I haven't gotten a response. I'm hoping someone here has dropped by to see it, or knows if it's already sold but not removed from craigslist yet.

I had placed my Maverick on CL but took it off as I'd like to repair an area on the left side inside cabinet where a wire form scraped that area. However, I haven't gotten to that but willing to sell if for $1500. The game plays and works well with a nice playfield. Would be a bit of a drive however for you as I live in Colorado Springs.

#1407 3 years ago
Quoted from ghostbc:

Hobbit is at LCP


#1423 3 years ago

Did someone here buy the LOTR VE in Co. Springs for 5K Man I wanted the game and to put it next to The Hobbit some day! But right now redoing the downstairs and pin area for various reasons. Including mother-in-law is coming in a couple of weeks to watch the kids as wife and I go on a trip to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. So not the right time to be buying a pin--darn!

#1436 3 years ago
Quoted from ghostbc:

If you drive 15-20 min further south I have No Fear, Junkyard , Fam Guy, and Roller Coaster Tycoon in Longmont at Tasty Weasel Oskar Blues tasting room at Brewery . 10 more min to Lyons Classic Pinball, just got Hobbit plus 40 or so others.

My favorite pinball place and Kevin is a really nice guy also! He keeps his games in great working shape and really loves pinball. Lyons Classic Pinball is worth the drive.

#1442 3 years ago

Selling a working Maverick pinball machine. Works well and plays with no problems. Does have damage on left inside cabinet area. Playfield is nice. I'd like to sell in this weekend as mother in law arrives soon and need the room for her. Basically first person who comes to get it will sell if for $1300 as need to get it moved soon.

#1444 3 years ago

Sorry, Maverick sold to the first person who contacted me.

2 weeks later
#1501 3 years ago
Quoted from Havoc:

The Indy 500 in Arvada is Scott and it's a pretty nice machine.

Agree and he's got others for sale that are very nice. Bought a SC a few months ago and was very happy with our whole communication, the pin and everything about our contact.

3 weeks later
#1604 3 years ago

Anyone bringing a Whirlwind to the show they want to sell?

#1605 3 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

Bring what you want to show off instead of what you want to sell. It's a show not a swap meet.

Wish there was an official swap meet with pins, parts etc for sale in the parking lot or somewhere at the show.

#1606 3 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

Bring what you want to show off instead of what you want to sell. It's a show not a swap meet.

Wish there was an official swap meet with pins, parts etc for sale in the parking lot or somewhere at the show.

Quoted from Its_me_aj:

I kinda want a big guns if anyone has one they can't fit due to low ceilings

Is one for sale on Denver CL. I don't think I know the seller and haven't seen it in person.

#1609 3 years ago
Quoted from VacFink:

Anyone know if this is a legit add?
denver.craigslist.org link
Without a list and prices, it seems a lot like phishing.

Anyone here bite on any of the games Wolfman's selling. He has a couple of EM's like Old Chicago and one or two others I might consider. But unfortunately if there all still in Montana, w/o more close up pics, or seeing them in person I just can't do pull the trigger on even one of them.

2 months later
#1799 3 years ago

I just decided to sell my nice Safe Cracker and would give a Pinside a break on the price. Got to make room for my Smaug TH coming soon!

#1815 3 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Where'd your game come from? I sold mine to someone out there back in '99, and miss the hell out of it. Always wondered where it went off to.

Bought it in March or April from Chris in Denver. Hate to sell it but TH is coming and I can only fit 4 pins in my house.

2 weeks later
#1860 3 years ago

Still have my nice Safe Cracker for sale if anyone's interested.

10 months later
#2332 2 years ago

Is anyone interested in selling a dialed in and very reliable WOZ? I bought a early production one and although I love the pin it's been one frustration after another re: repairs and its a HUO. I'm so tired and frustrated on working on it I'm thinking getting one I can just play a very large % of the time is the way to go. I would consider any edition although prefer a ECLE or RR but a nice looking and working standard would be fine too.

#2333 2 years ago

I'm ready to sell my MM (Williams not MMR). Plays very well and no problems at all as far as mechanical or other issues. I hate to see it go but have room for only 4 machines currently and would like to sell to get something else. Might also consider a trade as well.

#2337 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

WC, I'll buy it back for what I sold it to you for. Lmk.

It's yours if your serious and I'll hold it for you. I believe it's in the same shape with no extra wear since I bought from you. If you disagree when you come to see it I'm flexible. I did a few minor fixes such as replace an opto some the moat wouldn't sometimes come down at random. But really I've hardly had to touch it it's been very solid. Not sure I've even has as much as a fuse blow. I also know it would go to a good home!

2 months later
#2499 2 years ago

It's time to sell my Medieval Madness. Hate to sell it but wanting room to get something else. Playfield is good and everything works. Has a color DMD. Cabinet does have some wear. I have no stairs to negotiate and so getting pins out and into a vehicle isn't bad.

Price is $7500 which is firm as that's what I paid for it and have done some minor repairs and fixes. Can send pics. Unfortunately I can't ship it so need someone willing to come pick it up.

Willing to consider trades +- cash.

#2501 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Having to sell a game because you need the space sucks.

Totally agree! The running joke used to be when the kids left for college the next day they would be filled with pins. However, since they do come home, I've never put a pin in either of their rooms.

#2502 2 years ago

Just posted a dozen pics of MM on Colorado Springs/Denver Craiglist ad. Not sure why but the DMD looks dark in the pic. Maybe I forgot the flash or something as the color DMD is working perfectly, no errors or problems with it.

#2504 2 years ago

Posted much better pics of color DMD on Craiglist. Not sure if I mentioned that it has leds.

#2505 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

I have a very nice flash gordon for sale. I have not yet listed on CL. Beautiful playfield with pf protector installed, full LEDs, cab is good. $1600 pm me with a cell number for pics.

Have you sold the Flash Gordon, if not I might be interested in it.

3 weeks later
#2562 2 years ago

I've posted my MM which has leds, gold legs, a color DMD and is working 100%. Has a nice playfield. Cabinet has some wear.

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
From: $ 42.00
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
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