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Colorado what's fs/ft

By Sijcolo

5 years ago

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#1130 4 years ago

I am considering purchasing a Game Of Thrones Premium. Does anyone have a LE or Premium (not sure if they are shipping yet) that I can possibly play? I played the pro at the 1UP and enjoyed it but really need to get some time on an LE/Premium in order to make a comparison and decision.

#1144 4 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Unless something has changed, Game Exchange almost always has the newest Stern on the floor set to freeplay.

Stopped by and JJ is not sure if he is going to put one on the floor. They did however have the new Star Wars battle pod on display. I did not realize they had a different version Star Wars pod without the enclosure for almost a third of the price. It is a flat screen model and it had a sticker of $10,995. It has really cool animation, sound and vibration features. For the price difference the flat screen animation is decent compared to the 180 degree round screen in the more expensive pod. If I had a route I would definitely consider one, now I want one for the home.


#1147 4 years ago
Quoted from Squeakman:

That's pretty bad ass! So the flat screen is around 3k - 3.5k? That looks amazing.

No the Premium Pod is close to $35,000 MSRP


1 month later
#1304 3 years ago

I am looking for a reasonably priced HUO LOTR if anyone has any leads.(Edit-Found)

1 week later
#1341 3 years ago

I am offering up a Williams Indiana Jones for trade or sale. It plays great and looks good. New cabinet decals,new Rottendog board and some new opto boards. PM if interested

1 week later
#1378 3 years ago

Anybody interested in a Last Action Hero shopped with LED's and alternate translight. Plays well, cabinet has some scratches.

1 week later
#1422 3 years ago

Hey all I just wanted to let people know there is a new arcade in Denver. It is called Gameworks and is located in Northfield Stapleton next to Bass Pro shop. They just opened last week and it is a corporate game company with locations across the US. The business model is very close to Dave and Busters but they have a way better selection of games and yes-they have pinball. Currently Metallica, Game of Thrones, Kiss, and Iron Man. Check it out.


2 weeks later
#1469 3 years ago

For Sale or Trade:

Rocky & Bullwinkle-$1800 OBO-SOLD
Williams Slug Fest-$800 OBO-SOLD

1 month later
#1613 3 years ago

I have a Williams Star Wars Episode 1 in excellent condition I am looking to sell or trade. I can deliver and set-up for free in the Denver metro area or I can bring it to the Rocky Mountain Showdown.
Asking $2300

Added over 4 years ago: -Sold Via CL

1 week later
#1636 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

I have the IC chip ordered, so who can help me install this on my colorDMD circuit board?

May check with Game Exchange and see if JJ has any techs that can do it, otherwise I would send it to Rob-lockwhenlit. He also visits Denver from time to time.


1 week later
#1658 3 years ago

I am interested in a HUO GOT PRO, and a MMR. I may have some games I am willing to trade, let me know if you have one.

4 weeks later
#1732 3 years ago
Quoted from KJL:

A little OT but who do you ship with to sell a game on pallet here in Denver area? Trying to help a buddy who is out of town. I would do the prep work for seller.
While you are at it does anyone sell play field glass that follows this thread?

I use YRC and I drop the machines off at the transit center in Denver. If you use dock to dock and not residential pick up or drop off- it is considerably cheaper.
You may also check with Michelle at STI/NAVL for her current pricing. Sometimes it is easier to use STI/NAVL and just ship the game with the legs on without having to pack & palletize.

I think Game Exchange has stock on playfield glass

1 month later
#1828 3 years ago

Anyone have a nice Junkyard for sale or trade?

1 month later
#1880 3 years ago

I may be interested in a MMR, Junk Yard, CSI, Avatar LE, GOT Pro, and a BTTF.
I may consider letting go of No Good Gophers, Elvis, and Star Wars

I am also looking for some other collectable items if anyone has some leads. Looking for vintage Hamm's beer scene-o-rama motion signs, older Toyota Tacoma's with low miles-under 120,000, and a couple of dedicated arcades in good shape-Marble Madness and a Paperboy. Willing to trade or purchase-any leads appreciated.

#1889 3 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

The "Starry Night" one is awesome, would love to pick one of those up someday.

The Waterfall Camp Scene is my favorite- I need one to hang on the wall above Wh20.

1 month later
#1961 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Sometimes, we may not be super serious about selling a game, just putting out feelers. So, we don't put an ad up.

Amen Russell

I am always on the fence when it comes to getting rid of a game, and not super serious. One week I am willing to let it go and the next week I may not be. Sometimes it is easier to put out some feelers and see if there are any possible local trades or deals that can be made. Often times when I am able to make a trade it tends to lessen the blow of letting go of a game.

-Still looking for a HUO GOT PRO before I have to purchase NIB. Anyone?

-Still considering letting go of NGG and Elvis

#1973 3 years ago

NGG has sold and a donation has been sent to Pinside. I have decided to pull the trigger on a NIB MMR.

Elvis is still looking to leave the building-valued around $3800 and comes with a cool alternate translight. Trades welcome up or down.
Still looking for a couple of arcades as well-Paperboy, Marble Madness, and a Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

1 week later
#1992 3 years ago
Quoted from Bwheels:

Anyone look at the Spider man on Craigslist? I'm looking for one

It looks like a beat routed machine. For the money it is not worth it and you can find a nice HUO for practically the same price. There is currently one listed on Market for $5000 OBO in Texas with the limited Steve Ritchie web rails version. If the seller can work with you on shipping it may be worth looking into shipping one in using NAVL. I would definitely hold out for a HUO at that price. Spiderman is one of my favorite games-good luck!

#1998 3 years ago

Anyone need a free sheet of glass for a Bally/Williams. It does have some scratches but I hate to throw it out.

I also have a Midway Bartop Multicade with 12 games in mint condition that I am not using. It would be a good Christmas present for someone. I am asking $175 and it comes with a stand I made to bring it up to full size level without having to put it on a tabletop.

1 month later
#2031 2 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

$35 may seem like a small percentage of the game itself, but it's still a lot of money to me.

I think it is ok in these local for sale threads to put out feelers. I am thinking about trading or selling _____.... if anyone is interested. I have sold/traded a few games and then made a small donation by just putting it out there. You can also just list on CL and provide the link here. Other suggestion is KLOV forum.

Is everyone in Colorado becoming a hoarder or is it just a slow time?

Still looking to sell/trade my Elvis and still looking for a HUO CSI, HUO GOT Pro, BTTF, others? Anyone?

4 months later
#2215 2 years ago

Nice-The Hobbit is in the near future, kids will be pumped

Also heading to Showdown Friday afternoon and still have an Elvis for trade or sale if anyone is interested.

1 month later
#2339 2 years ago

I have an extra STTNG with full Cointaker LED's I am looking to trade, nice example.

2 months later
#2513 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I got $20,000.00

Quoted from Mr68:

offering me more money

Quoted from Mr68:

Food for thought.

So I guess the price police were wrong all along....Congrats Kim

Looking for a BDK low plays/HUO, HUO/Collector Quality Funhouse for a decent price, HUO/Collector Quality Fishtales, and I may consider selling/trading my mint AC/DC Luci.

1 month later
#2624 2 years ago

I am looking for a small claw machine if anyone has any leads?

#2631 2 years ago
Quoted from mcbPalisade:

Something like the Chicago Crane Steam Shovel?

No I just want a small size plush toy claw machine for my kids. I have a Lucky Eggs and they love it! It is a big hit when we have the kids friends over, especially for their birthday parties. I want to place a claw machine next to Lucky Eggs. I also would not mind a nice Outrun Mini Turbo arcade to go with kids lineup of games as well, if anyone has any leads? Much appreciated.

4 weeks later
#2690 2 years ago

I purchased four NIB Stern machines recently and I opened two of them, Star Wars LE and GOTG. I have been busy lately, and am trying to find the time to enjoy the one's I have but I still am on the fence if I am going to open/keep the other two machines. I have a NIB AC/DC Pro vault and a NIB GOT Pro, both from Stern's last production runs for those titles. I figured I would put out some feelers on potential trades before I make a final decision. I am mainly interested in HUO, or collector quality machines from 1990-Present. I can also trade up with cash for a nice TZ, Adams, etc. Let me know if you are interested, Thanks

#2701 2 years ago
Quoted from GamesGuy5280:

Did anyone from this group snag that CL Spectrum that popped up yesterday?

Not sure it sold, he has been posting it on CL on and off for months now. It is also listed on Pinside.


#2719 2 years ago

Put up an ad on CL to trade my NIB AC/DC Pro Vault and my NIB Game Of Thrones Pro and I got bombarded with trade offers, I had to clarify the ad to indicate HUO Sterns or great condition Bally/Williams only. Really looking for a nice TZ or Adams-I can add cash. Anyone looking to switch up their lineup with a fresh minty new game? I also really miss my BDK, and want to find a nice HUO. If anyone is interested please let me know before I change my mind and keep them. Thanks

3 months later
#2973 1 year ago

Looking for a HUO BDK, and a nice Earthshaker or Radical.

If anyone has any leads-much appreciated

I also have games I could offer as trade bait.

1 week later
#2990 1 year ago

I thought about buying this machine when it first appeared on Craigslist from original home owner. Then I watched it change pinside owners-what three times now in last six months. Man Pam gets around she reminds me of a girl I knew in high school. Hopefully she stays in Colorado and I have a chance to ride her(I mean play her). We could start a club-how many people have had a taste of BW....mmmmmm

#3028 1 year ago
Quoted from jalpert:

in my collection for 2 years, where would you even come up with something like this?

Dude relax, I was just making a joke, don't get your panties in a bunch. I thought it was the same game that has been cycling through other pinsiders collections recently. How many HUO Bay Watch's do you come across in Denver? Anyway good luck with your sale, it is a great deal for someone.

I do agree with others that Dan should change the requirements for bringing a game. One game gets one day pass-period. I personally do not care about after hour parties, etc. I usually go Friday afternoon for couple hours or maybe a couple hours on Sunday morning. I have completely given up on attending on Saturday because I do not like waiting to play pinball and some of the lines are ridiculous and take 20 minutes or longer just to get to play a game like TNA. I think there are enough non-pinheads to make a profit off of, and people who bring a game should get in free. To me it is not about the money-but about the principle.

1 month later
#3121 1 year ago

Anyone interested in a nice Skateball?

I am currently looking for a HUO BDK and a HUO NBA- any leads appreciated

2 weeks later
#3146 1 year ago

Price reduced on Skateball now asking $2100 OBO

Honestly this game is in great shape and is a really fun game. I would prefer it stay in state and sell to a fellow pinsider.

Archived after 32 days
Sold for $ 1,900
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Skateball Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Nice Skateball in good shape Shopped and plays great 7/10 Condition $1900 Will assist with shipping using NAVL/STI and provide excellent packing as well Trades Welcome”
Littleton, CO
1,900 (OBO)

Trades welcome

2 weeks later
#3167 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

idk why I kicked it up so high

I don't know why I jacked it up?

Seems like spam to me, why clog up craigslist with spam? If you are not serious about selling, may take a break for a couple of months and wait for the market to adjust. Bumping an overpriced ad every other day does nothing.

1 month later
#3223 1 year ago

Not sure if I am going to keep Dirty Harry or not, very nice example if anyone is interested or has anything to trade?

Also still looking for low play HUO Batman Dark Knight, a Turbo Outrun cabaret, Paperboy, and a cheap claw machine for my kids.

Any leads appreciated

#3225 1 year ago
Quoted from tx9cuda:

I have a clean working Paperboy. Would trade for other games or sell.

I have an extra mint Ultimate Arcade from Chicago Gaming I could offer up as trade bait + cash on my end?

1 month later
#3279 1 year ago

Finally found my Batman, still looking for HUO NBA, Turbo Outrun Cabaret, Paperboy, Toy claw machine, and maybe a Ice Cold Beer arcade. I am still on the fence with my Dirty Harry(nice example)- not really looking to sell but may consider trades? -Maybe trade for a Tommy, Aerosmith Pro+cash on my end, Mustang Pro+cash on my end, or a nice Earthshaker.

#3301 1 year ago
Quoted from manadams:

I have a Fire Escape game made by Mech-Tronic

Such a cool game-I want one but pretty pricey for a novelty game, I might have to stick with my $20 Frenzy for the moment. Is that the same one Tony was selling? How much for your ICB sitting next to it? Cool video-I enjoyed it!

3 weeks later
#3353 1 year ago

I have a really nice condition Dirty Harry I may consider trading. Would consider any HUO Sterns-I could add cash or a trade for a nice Shadow or Fishtales. May consider a temporary swap? I know a good place for some hotdogs

1 week later
#3365 1 year ago

Anyone have an Ice Cold Beer they want to sell? I missed out on the one on CL last week. I am also considering adding a newer Golden Tee or Big Buck Hunter? Also-still looking for a Paperboy and Turbo Outrun Cabaret.

Bueller, Bueller, Anyone? Anyone?

2 weeks later
#3402 1 year ago

I finally found my Paperboy! I am now in the process of doing a complete restore, and I am looking to find someone that has experience with applying new decals and overlay. I would like to pay someone to help me with restore process before I attempt everything on my own. If you have done decals before and have experience and want to earn some extra cash-please pm me. Thanks

-Still have a great condition Dirty Harry for possible trade/sale as well

#3406 1 year ago
Quoted from jake35:

how much for Dirty Harry? I have a few machines I"d trade or would be interested in paying cash.

It is near collector quality with a few minor cabinet blemishes that have been touched up. I was thinking $3200 OBO and honestly I am still really enjoying it and would prefer a trade but would sell outright. PM me if interested-I see some machines on your collection list I may be interested in.

1 month later
#3475 1 year ago

Happy New Year to everyone!

I still have a nice Dirty Harry for sale or trade

Currently interested in finding a Shadow, Fishtales, HUO Pro Kiss, HUO Pro TWD, HUO BBH, HUO NBA, HUO Pro Mustang, HUO RCT, HUO Nascar(looking to do a retheme), HUO/CQ Tommy, CQ Twister, CQ Godzilla. Please pm me if you have anything on my list you are interested in trading or selling. Thanks

1 week later
#3494 1 year ago

If anyone in Colorado has any pinball or arcade machines they want to sell but do not want to deal with Craigslist or Pinside please let me know. I have a laundry list of games that myself and friends are looking for. I have cash burning a hole in my pocket and can pick up at your location or home. Just thought I would mention it, because I have friends who want to sell/buy machines but do not want to deal with Craigslist and they are not on Pinside or Facebook. Not looking to pay full retail value but will pay fair market value. Let me know if you have anything-thanks.

#3497 1 year ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I have a ACDC Premium Vault up for sale, it’s listed here and craigslist

You may have to lower pricing, AC/DC is selling way below average right now. My old LUCI is currently posted on CL for $6000 and has been sitting for months. Really a good deal for someone looking for an AC/DC, surprised it hasn't sold yet honestly.

#3500 1 year ago
Quoted from ovfdfireman:

Kind of surprising as “HOT” as this game was before the vault.

Yes the game was sought after before the vault and now that there is more supply-it has drastically affected the pricing(supply and demand). Lots of used games that have been sitting on Denver CL for months now. Newer titles are giving people more choices and certain older titles are taking a hit. If they want them to move they will need to lower pricing to reflect today's current market. Lots of choices

#3502 1 year ago
Quoted from jalpert:

If it's been sitting for months, it's not a good deal.

I disagree- I think $6000 for an HUO AC/DC Premium Luci is a smoking deal. I think if he posted on Pinside it would have been gone by now. Also the majority of pinheads with money in Colorado already own the game or have been there done that. I assume he may take offers less than $6000 because it has been sitting? Again-a good deal for someone looking for a Premium-imo.

#3505 1 year ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Want to buy a super nice virtual pinball?

For some reason virtual pinball does nothing for me, I do like playing pinball arcade when I am on vacation.

I am still kicking myself for not buying your Big Labowski

May be interested in your POTO if you are done with it yet?

#3542 12 months ago

Does anyone have a nice Shadow I can pry away from your collection? C'mon you have had your time with it-time to find it a good home-mine. I have trades

Bueller, Bueller, Anyone, Anyone?

Any leads appreciated

#3551 11 months ago
Quoted from dung:

I talked to him a lot this week, he is stuck at 6000. I'd have bough it at 5500, but bone stock for the original run 6k seems high. If it at least had a few mods it would have been a different story.

I think it is a good value and it is in mint condition. I did add the TNT mod & custom cards, but other than that the game is so packed it really does not need very many mods. I was impressed with the sub that came stock from factory, and was surprised on the build quality-only other game that impressed me more opening was Star Trek LE. Definitely check it out and let us know how it pans out.

On another note I am about to pull the trigger on a TNA. I really want some diversification to my collection and some of the newer titles are not doing it for me. I am debating on buying used vs NIB? I will probably pull the trigger in the next day or so. If anyone local has a low play HUO TNA they want to sell or trade please let me know before my itchy trigger finger pulls that trigger.

#3555 11 months ago
Quoted from dung:

Disagree, if it was a good value it would have sold quickly, not continued to sit.

Again I disagree-yes the market is soft with all the new titles saturating the market and the fear of the economic slowdown. It is all about timing in this hobby. Does this mean AC/DC LUCI for $6K is not a good 'value'-well when I compare how loaded that game is being a Premium and what you get in today's NIB market-yes it is a good 'value' imo compared to other available titles. Just because the second hand market has slowed down does not justify a game not having a certain value. Take advantage of these low's that the market is seeing right now-because I do believe the market will correct itself as demand becomes higher than supply again. Right now there are simply too many AC/DC Premium's available compared to demand. Wait a year from now-after all the supply has been sucked up again. I see this happening right now with Iron Man Vault. The demand is starting to exceed the supply again and prices have started to stabilize again.
-Lots of deals or 'values' on secondary market right now- if you are looking to build your collection it is a good time to do it-unless you want an Adam's Family or Twilight Zone-those have gotten to be over-valued. PPS really needs to do a vault on those titles to bring those prices down to a realistic number.

#3557 11 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I think the problem with Luci is most people don’t wants that ugly pink chick fugling up their homes.

Very subjective-I personally would rather stare at a 'Hot Chick' than 'Sweaty Dudes'

I also consider 'Luci' to be art and unique compared to other runs

-You are correct that 'Luci' does not fit in many people's homes-either the wife says no way-or they do not want to expose the children. I did not even have the thought of offending my wife or kids when I bought it-I bought it because I loved the art package the best.

#3559 11 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

True, the dudes back glass isn’t good either.

Yes-I am attracted to women-not men.

1 month later
#3672 9 months ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

okay, who is selling some stuff to fund a black knight

It is on my radar-but I still need to play it first

-Still have a near CQ Dirty Harry for sale/trade-great game with an awesome layout. I also have a like new dual sport motorcycle that has really low miles(I simply do not drive it much) I may consider selling/trading if anyone is interested?

#3675 9 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I also have a like new dual sport motorcycle

-Sold the motorcycle

Looking for a nice Tommy, Shadow, and a HUO Stern NBA

Also looking for a Spyhunter, Super Sprint, and Zeke's Peak

Any leads appreciated

1 week later
#3689 9 months ago
Quoted from orangegsx:

A little far I guess.

Looking for a nice Spyhunter arcade, not the pinball. I really do appreciate the lead and thank you for responding.

Did anyone go to that estate sale at Church on Saturday and pick up any arcades? -Curious

#3712 9 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

-Still have a near CQ Dirty Harry for sale/trade

Sale Pending

Does anyone in Colorado have a nice Tommy they would consider selling me? Would like to find one local if possible before I consider shipping.

1 month later
#3814 8 months ago

Hey all I thought I would put out some feelers for anyone coming in for the pinball show this next weekend. I am looking to purchase/trade for some games. I would like to find a nice Tommy, HUO BBH, HUO Elvis, HUO DP, HUO NBA, HUO Oktoberfest, nice NGG, and some arcades. Looking for a Spyhunter, Super Sprint, Zeke's Peak, newer used Golden Tee, and newer used BBH arcade. -Thanks

2 months later
#3976 5 months ago

Looking for a Spyhunter arcade-any leads are appreciated. Thanks

1 month later
#4035 3 months ago

I am interested in finding and playing a Truck Stop. Anyone know where I can check one out? I think the layout looks really interesting and I am curious if I would dig it or not?

-Still looking for a Spyhunter arcade if anyone has one for sale?

1 week later
#4060 3 months ago

Hey all I wanted to see if anyone is driving to Expo in Chicago and if they have room to bring a game back?

Thanks in advance

1 month later
#4164 58 days ago

I got some time on the Jurassic Park Premium at Game Exchange and decided the Premium/LE is the way to go. I really like the raptor cage on Premium/LE-a lot more than the Pro. I now have a JP LE on my radar. If you have a HUO JP LE for a decent price-hit me up. I also am looking for a nice Truck Stop, Spyhunter arcade, Zeke's Peak, and a Championship Sprint arcade. -Any leads appreciated

-I am starting to run out of room and will need to thin the herd for any new machines coming in. I might be willing to sell/trade a NIB AC/DC Pro LED vault, and a nice High Roller Casino. I also have some extra new playfields and trans lights taking up closet space for those who collect them.

1 month later
#4247 8 days ago
Quoted from V8haha:

Anyone have a good contact for arcade games?

Join KLOV and watch the daily for sale ads. KLOV is to arcade games like Pinside is to pinball.


#4254 4 days ago
Quoted from The_1up:

I just received a brand new build The Big Lebowski

I would love to see that game put in one of your locations. 1up Greenwood Village? I know it is probably not feasible but I do believe it would attract a lot of patrons. I would put at least $50 into it at $1 a play, and I am sure many others would as well. GLWS-but I have a sliver of hope it could possibly be put out on location?

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