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Colorado what's fs/ft

By Sijcolo

5 years ago

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#820 4 years ago

Thinking of trading my HUO Metallica Pro (Shaker motor, Cliffy's and Sparky mod to reduce air balls installed) +- for LOTR, ST Prem, ACDC Prem or Pro. Let me know if anyone is interested.

came to my senses. still really enjoy this game. going to figure out a way of getting these pins without trading/selling.

2 months later
#957 4 years ago

Who got the Lord of the Rings?

#960 4 years ago

seemed like a nice guy. he was asking 6. pretty sure he got 6,200-6,300.

#975 4 years ago

Anyone know the guy selling Judge Dredd, Maverick, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Robocop? Local flipper?

#977 4 years ago

I'm really looking for an old beat up/routed machine I can use for a custom PROC machine. A dead LOTR would be awesome.

Question, why does LOTR have longer ball times that other machines? Flippers closer? Outlanes smaller?

#978 4 years ago
Quoted from ramegoom:

Fellow pinsiders:
I am heading to the Chicago area with a 20ft. empty truck on Oct. 2. If anyone needs to have anything large transported there, let me know since the truck is empty. I will have it filled when I return, so no room for anything coming back to CO.
Just putting it out there.

What are you bringing back? Truck full of pins?

#981 4 years ago

thanks. might still give him a call since I'm really only looking for a donor machine for my crazy project.

#990 4 years ago
Quoted from theke:

Looking to buy a Medievel Madness. Anyone know of one available around these parts?

You could sell me your ACDC to help fund an MMR.

Yeah I know... dumb thought. I just really want an ACDC.

#1003 4 years ago


1 month later
#1089 3 years ago

Need to shake up my lineup. Everything is for trade. Will listen to all offers. Thanks.

1 week later
#1094 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Heck ya I got one of the LEs thankfully.

Even though you haven't received AMH yet?

I really think you should have a meet and greet at your house. Love your lineup!

#1097 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

I'm always open to hosting at my place, pinballs are meant to be shared!

Would love to hang out with actual pinball guys/gals. My friends will play them when I have them over for beers but they just don't get into it like I had hoped.

I think it would be cool if we could have monthly tournaments and rotate who hosts.

InfiniteLives... If I beat you in a tournament you have to sell me Super Off Road.

#1099 3 years ago

Previous trade discussion minus Super Off Road.

#1100 3 years ago

Although I told my wife I might be trading my games and she flipped out. Said her whole family is coming over Christmas break and Iron Man is my nephews favorite game and thats all he's been talking about for a month. And I guess Metallica is my wifes favorite... She told me to sell/trade the old ones and get POTC.

I was like... alright.

#1103 3 years ago
Quoted from Switch:

His super offroad is spoken for

Pretty sure he'd rather drive to Greeley than Casper to get an Off Road fix. Besides, this is a Colorado thread... you're not supposed to be here.

2 weeks later
#1126 3 years ago
Quoted from Wyopinball:

Us Wyoming guys have to prowl the Colorado for sale and trade thread because we only have eight machines in all of Wyoming.

I know, just had to give you guys shit. I used to go to every Pokes home game and some away games during the Joe Glenn era so I'm somewhat of a Wyoming Cowboy fan. You guys should have kept him and his staff. They got a raw deal considering they were going up against TCU, Utah and BYU. The Mountain West is so much easier now.

#1127 3 years ago

Anyone here want to buy a brand new never used PROC (pre-fliptronics) controller?

1 month later
#1316 3 years ago
Quoted from RabidBunny:

Starting my search for first pinball machine. Up in the Fort Collins area. Thinking about the DM machine on CL. Wondering if anyone has taken a look at it or if it belongs to someone on the board?
Can't post link since I am new or would link it to post.

Used games can be a bitch. My vote would be to save more... buy a NIB Stern. If you find pinball isn't your thing you can sell it pretty easy for most of your money back.

If you buy a used machine that has hidden problems it will be a pain in your ass to fix and resell and you will be out more money.

2 weeks later
#1355 3 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

I have decided to list my Star Trek Premium for sale $6900

Looks nice. You bringing it to Colorado?

#1356 3 years ago

Whats the word on the ACDC Pro thats been for sale for like a month now. Surprised it's lasted this long. Was it routed? I know it was listed for 4,000... is he being firm on 4,200 now?

Itching for a new pin. Plan on getting Ghostbusters, but may wait a year for the Luci edition. Anyone selling ACDC Premium to fund a Ghostbusters?

#1360 3 years ago

He emailed me back and said he no longer had one for sale. My acdc will just have to wait. Pinball Jones doesn't have acdc anymore do they?

#1365 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Seems like they don't have it anymore, but plenty of other places to play. Take a look: http://pinballmap.com/colorado
I'll have mine on location in Boulder eventually. Besides the ugly Angus face, I'm *really* enjoying the Pro. It's faster than the premium/LE, especially when you get balls rocketing off the standups.

Lots of places, but everything is an hour away from me.

My son has a lot of baseball games coming up and at least one in Longmont. Will have to check out Lyons Pinball Classic. If I ever get to Boulder I'll hit you up and buy you a beer or two or three.

#1366 3 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

I would love to take a road trip up to Colorado, love to !
Give me a good reason.

Let me do some thinking on this one.

1 week later
#1390 3 years ago
Quoted from ghostbc:

Just letting locals know Lyons Classic Pinball's Hobbit SE is leaving NJ today so hopefully playable next Thursday.

Thinking about heading down there this Friday after work. Wife has a girls night out... oldest daughter is watching the youngest...

Can anyone confirm if The Hobbit is on location and ready to take my hard earned $?

#1419 3 years ago

Shout out to Kevin at Lyons Classic Pinball. We had a blast on Friday. You have an awesome setup there with great pins that are all well maintained. Wish we could have stayed longer but my sons stomach was hurting a bit. It was great talking shop with you and I'll definitely be back soon.

Like I was telling you, the surprise of the night for me was how much I liked the feel and shots of the new Kiss LE. That wasn't on my radar at all until now. So if anyone out there is wanting to sell their Premium let me know. Can anyone pm me what JJ is selling those for? If not I'll just give him a call on Monday. Thanks.

#1427 3 years ago

There was a small bid war between two people on the LOTR LE. I believe it sold for close to 5,500 and probably well worth it. Looked nice. Congrats to whoever snagged it.

#1429 3 years ago

[Sold] Put my IMVE up for sale on craigslist. $4,800. Thoughts? (besides the low 130mil grand champion score)

Already had one person who is interested to buy it as a surprise for their father. They were generous enough to offer more money to secure the transaction but they would not be there to pickup because they are in a "temperate rainforest making wood and paper products."

#1439 3 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Just a heads up, Pinball Jones in Fort Collins will be holding a Ghostbusters Launch Party on Sunday, May 1st starting at 4pm.

Damn, I will be in Vegas that weekend for my 40th. So I get kicked in the nuts twice... once for being friggin 40 and another for missing this get together.

6 months later
#1911 2 years ago

Hey guys,

I'm going to be selling my Evel Knievel pinball machine. I must admit, I got a killer deal on the machine. Unfortunately I need fair market value for it because of my current situation. Earlier this year I sold my Iron Man thinking I was going to pick up KISS from a fellow pinsider. Then my taxes came in and I got hit pretty hard. There went my IM/pinball funds... So basically I'm desperate for some extra cash to get something new in my depleted collection.

It was pretty dirty when I got it. I basically took everything off and cleaned it, replaced all the rubbers. There's still a few bulbs I need to replace...(lazy). And one display (player4) is out. So what do you guys think "fair market value" is on this one? Check out my game room. Thanks.

#1913 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

need photos of BG and boards to properly assess.
decent pf but pretty bad ball swirls.

added some of the boards and underside of playfield.

2 weeks later
#1934 2 years ago

Hey Sijcolo,

Saw your TAF on craigslist. She sure is purdy. GLWS

#1937 2 years ago

Why do people post fake ads on Craigslist? Are they trying to set a price on a game they want? Annoying!

2 weeks later
#1950 2 years ago
Quoted from Elicash:

1. they don't reply to emails
2. A Marilyn taxi with a nice play field wouldn't last 2 weeks in Denver at that price. I think it's been up longer than that.
**Edit** I checked, I emailed them on the 12th, no reply. Took it down then reposted it again. I can only guess it is some kind of an email collection scam. Or maybe someone is about to buy a Taxi and they are using their own ad to leverage a better price, maybe? Who knows.

This is the one I complained about earlier.

Won't answer emails...

5 months later
#2174 2 years ago

Thinking of trading my HUO LOTR LE for a WOZ. Maybe a two fer like Congo and Taxi. Check my wishlist for possibilities.
(+- cash to make it fair for both parties)

1 month later
#2278 2 years ago

Colorado market has been rather stale lately... what's going on?

I'm thinking about trading/selling my Metallica Pro. I'm the original owner. It was purchased pre LED models but I've installed Comet LED's in it and it looks beautiful if I must say so myself.

Only titles I'd be interested in trading for +- cash:

WD Pro
GB Pro
maybe bemmett's WWE LE?
possibly Spiderman
AS Pro

#2293 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Anybody making a trip through South Dakota and have room to grab a game and get it to Colorado? Long shot but I'll pay a couple hundred cash for the effort

I'm near Sioux Falls this week... too bad I flew this time or else I'd help ya out.

1 week later
#2307 2 years ago

Does someone here own that TSPP? Any interest in a trade?

1 year later
#3507 9 months ago

Listed my LOTR LE on CL. $6,400.

InfiniteLives, you ready to trade your Off Road yet?

#3513 9 months ago

I added more pics if anyone is interested. Thanks.

1 month later
#3596 8 months ago

I have a Metallica Pro I'd like to trade. It has a shaker motor, pinnovators subwoofer kit, and Cliffy's from day one. I'm the original owner and it gets very low plays in my house since I'm the only one that really plays.

Games I'd like to trade for +- cash depending on title: TSPP, Congo, NBA Fastbreak, Aerosmith, WPT, GoT, SW, Big Hurt, IMLotB, WD, SM, GB, Kiss, GotG, DP


Added 8 months ago:

Thanks for the offers. Trade has been accepted.

3 months later
#3835 4 months ago

Hey guys, I'm looking to shakeup my small collection again. Looking for HUO trades for anything on my wishlist. My WOZ is a very nice ECLE with lots of mods and upgraded light boards. LE#666. Ghostbusters Permium is in excellent condition as well with a shaker motor, playfield protector and airball protectors installed.

Lets talk trades!


#3839 4 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

Respectfully, can someone help explain the value of trading? Why not just sell, then buy whatever you want?

I'm not opposed to selling, I've just had great luck with trades in the past. Not sure there is "value" except sometimes you can work out two for one type of deals and that makes it easier than selling one and tracking down two from different people and figuring out transportation.

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