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Colorado what's fs/ft

By Sijcolo

5 years ago

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#76 5 years ago

Anyone interested in a Panthera either pre or post shopped? I fixed all the technical issues already...

#79 5 years ago

Is $350 a good price for a Panthera? I'd do $300 for a Pinsider. I need the space! Otherwise, make me an offer.

#82 5 years ago

Panthera sold. Thanks

#83 5 years ago

Anyone Interested in a Simpsons Pinball Party? I shopped it, pulled the mini, cleaned waxed, new rubber. 5 flipper rebuilds, bushings and all. This game has been played, and it has the flipper button wear to prove it, but I bought the Stern button guard rails and installed them. PM me if interested, I can take pics tonight.

Otherwise, super nice playfield with a little wear in the shooter lane but not much anywhere else, maybe a little at I&S.

Will consider partial trade for DM, TFTC, or Bad Casts.

#84 5 years ago

$3,750 on the TSPP a fair price?

I shopped the game, most of what I did:

-Rebuilt all 5 flippers
-Removed the mini play field
-Did everything that needed to be done with the mini off, cleaned/waxed, changed bulbs etc.
-Installed the couch weld fix for the couch bracket
-I used the treasure cove kit to polish the play field. I was very conservative, it didn't need much to get it shiny so I did just enough
-Removed and cleaned the ramps and cleaned/waxed everything underneath
-All new rubber, every piece
-All burnt out bulbs replaced
-Adjusted various things likes mechs and switches
-Replaced any worn parts like the Homer head
-Installed the Cliffy protector at the Itchy and Scratchy hole
-Various other tasks like changing the batteries etc...

#92 5 years ago

Simpsons is sold. Thanks!

#99 5 years ago

I'd consider selling a STTNG. I'm just now getting it into shape, but it's very very nice with tons of mods. LDEs, shaker motor, mirror blades, cannon lasers, led flipper buttons...

Quoted from WesleyCowan:

Anyone selling a pin they haven't yet listed here?

#104 5 years ago

I'll get some pictures tonight or tomorrow, but if anyone is interested in an above average STTNG with about $500 in mods let me know. Very nice art, very nice play field, neither are prefect but very nice. The game is fully working.

Mods include:

Light up LED flipper buttons
Cannon lasers
Pinbits shaker motor
Cointaker LEDs in inserts and backbox
Mirror blades

I'd like to get $4,000 for it.

I've got a move coming so I'm looking to thin the heard a bit.

#107 5 years ago

I was gunna say, I don't sell THAT many games Just recently because I'm moving.

Quoted from ryanwanger:

Edit: I meant this to be a response to jfh

#110 5 years ago

STTNG is sold. Thanks.

1 week later
#128 5 years ago

Same one that someone bought and listed for $400 or the same one that got relisted by the original seller for $400 when they got 100 calls on it?

Quoted from rad:

Yup. Same one.

3 weeks later
#175 5 years ago

Anyone want to sell a Demo Man?

#177 5 years ago

Thanks for the heads up, I found him and I'm following up.

Quoted from Allibaster:

Ballsofsteel up in Laramie has a real nice one he'd probably sell.

#179 5 years ago

Thanks for the lead, but his DM is not for sale.

Quoted from Allibaster:

Ballsofsteel up in Laramie has a real nice one he'd probably sell.

#183 5 years ago

Kansas is a little far for me to drive. With such a low dollar game, I'm not really looking to ship either. I've been looking for about 3 years, sick of waiting.

Quoted from bemmett:

Actually it was Kansas not NE

#186 5 years ago

If you find it let me know. Thanks for the effort.

Quoted from bemmett:

I think he was willing to drive is why I mentioned it, I for some reason can't find his name, maybe we e-mailed and I deleted it

Quoted from Jgaltr56:

I saw a DM on Universal Pinball's website

Thanks. I'm pretty sure their website is out of date, and their games are 40% higher than they should be but I'll give them a call.

Quoted from Jgaltr56:

I saw a DM on Universal Pinball's website

#188 5 years ago

If someone wants you to call them because they won't list a price, It's not usually because it's too cheap

Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Ok, good to know

#195 5 years ago

Is your pin list out of date or do you really own a WOZ LE... again?

Quoted from bemmett:

Would you be able to transport and help set that up to a house in Littleton(kind of by Southwest Plaza). My Dad has interest in the hobby and likes the older games, just got his first one a few months back, maybe I can talk him into another. I think this is one he might like, no promises but I can ask.

#199 5 years ago

Ha! I was gunna say. I might have "borrowed" it from you the original, rightful, current and forever "owner" of the game.

Quoted from bemmett:

I do for my friends warranty purposes.

1 week later
#206 5 years ago

This is the worst time to sell, people are busy with holidays, family, end of year stuff at work etc.

Unless you are one of those d-bags who throws stuff up +40% hoping to snag a sucker newb housewife trying to be nice to her husband.

Quoted from WesleyCowan:

Kind of surprised this link how no activity during Thanksgiving or this weekend.

#210 5 years ago

How much was it? I didn't even see it.

Quoted from bemmett:

Mother f-er who go the Dirty Harry for sale in Windsor. I couldn't respond to the guy until a few hours after and it was gone.

2 weeks later
#252 4 years ago

Anyone interested in a Lectro Truck? The model is LTA6512E. I bought it thinking it would work better than my Escalera for my situation, but it doesn't. Located near DTC. Works well, newer battery, comes with charger, $1,100.

PM me if you're interested.


#253 4 years ago

Anyone want to make an offer? I'm not one of those guys who get offended if I think it's too low...

Quoted from jalpert:

Anyone interested in a Lectro Truck?

4 months later
#651 4 years ago

Selling some. Do NOT PM me, call/text 720-386-1606:

-Data East Playboy. Fully working, needs a shop, great condition for it's age. $1,000

-Stern High Roller Casino. Excellent condition, shopped, lots of new parts. $2,000

2 weeks later
#705 4 years ago

I've still got the High Roller Casino and DE Playboy. I'd like $1800 for the High Roller Casino and $900 for the Playboy.

The High Roller Casino is very nice, shopped, ready to go.

The DE Playboy is overall nice, but it's older. If I don't get any takers I'm going to shop it etc, but it will still be $900.

1 month later
#767 4 years ago

All sold.

New prices on the games:


High Roller Casino:

Also, I have a nice unshopped NBA Fastbreak: $

1 week later
#783 4 years ago

How much are you looking to get for it?

Quoted from eXidy:

There is a MMr LE at the 1up on Colfax

2 weeks later
#817 4 years ago

Congrats. I wouldn't have the balls to do it. I've read too many horror stories about the game being sold while people were in transit, or the seller just not answering the door.

3 weeks later
#861 4 years ago

Anyone local selling a Big Buck Hunter?

1 month later
#944 4 years ago

Because that price is insane?

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

why do you think its fake?

#951 4 years ago

I bought that robocop. It looked really nice. I'll get it next week. If I'm not happy with it he said he'd refund me so no risk.

I'm in the mood to shop a game, not sure I'm gunna play it much, I feel like working on
Pins more then playing recently.

#952 4 years ago

double post

#961 4 years ago

I didn't negotiate anything. He doesn't have the game yet, I paid in full but it was more of a deposit. His terms, not mine.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

wow, doesnt seem like wolfman, i tried to negotiate a price with him once and he hung up on me lol.

If that's really the case, this is probably the next game to get remade.

Quoted from mesmashu:

seemed like a nice guy. he was asking 6. pretty sure he got 6,200-6,300.

#965 4 years ago

There was a guy on Pinside asking $3,800 and then $4,500 for a nice LOTR. And that's Pinside prices. LOTR is fun and all, but even on this crazy site it's not even $5K. How could there be people beating down his door to pay him $6k? Even if it is $400 for shipping.

Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Yep, that's why I'd rather deal with someone here. With that being said, anyone have LOTR for sale or trade?

#983 4 years ago

Nope. It was due on in Tuesday. NAVL lost it... and whenever they find it you're set back about a week. Exactly a week in this case.

I plan on picking it up on Wednesday.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

I see the robocop still posted, did you end up passing on it?

#987 4 years ago

And I did pass on it. Honestly, it was pretty nice, nothing terrible. Except there was a LOT of planking on the lower part of the play field, and a decent sized mark in another spot.

$1,500 was my very top end for a Robocop, it didn't have to be perfect and I was willing to eat the shop job, but the planking bothered me.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

I see the robocop still posted, did you end up passing on it?

#999 4 years ago

I'm much more in the mood to work on a game then play one right now. If you have a project, or something unshopped, or broken, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

2 weeks later
#1021 4 years ago

Anyone interested in trading for a really nice (but not perfect) Radical! Or above average Roadshow?

Let me know what you got, trades only, +/- cash okay too.

#1030 4 years ago

Only a bummer if you don't mind over paying about 30% for a package deal.

Quoted from reynolds531:

Has anyone checked out the clist ad for a Funhouse, Taxi and Flash? I sent an e-mail yesterday and have not heard anything in response.

#1038 4 years ago

That's a very fair price for the DM.

Quoted from Sijcolo:

I have a demo man for sale $2200

#1040 4 years ago

Value wise, I doubt there are many better games out there. If the sides are nice and blue, and the inserts are nice and level, this is an extremely good price.

Plus, you can burn a new game ROM and completely change all the rules etc.

Quoted from Sijcolo:

Completely shopped with new opto claw board and motor for the elevator.

#1047 4 years ago

I actually thought it was a good price too. I wouldn't waste my time doing it, but I thought the price was good if the shop is good.

Quoted from Coyote:

That's actually a good price for all of that. 4 legs, full siderails and the lockdown bar..!

#1055 4 years ago

I just listed my Roadshow.

denver.craigslist.org link

#1057 4 years ago

it's the best of the $1,800 - $2,200 price range, it has the most bang for your buck. Of course, I could be biased because I'm the seller

Quoted from tslayer71:

Good deal - fun game!

#1058 4 years ago

Roadshow sold.

#1060 4 years ago

James. Most people around here at least know who he is.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

Who is selling their entire collection on CL?

1 week later
3 weeks later
#1101 4 years ago

LE here.

Quoted from outcida:

Anyone else in CO in on the Rob Zombie pin by Spooky or considering it?

3 weeks later
#1132 3 years ago

Unless something has changed, Game Exchange almost always has the newest Stern on the floor set to freeplay.

Quoted from pinmister:

Does anyone have a LE or Premium (not sure if they are shipping yet) that I can possibly play?

#1140 3 years ago

I have my GNR on craigslist. $3,700 really nice game. Trough is bit flaky, sometimes when a ball hits the trough, you have to shake the game for it to register and end the ball. Likewise, occasionally two balls will pop out. I know how to fix it, but I don't feel like dealing with it so I just dropped the price.

Probably best to call/text if interested: 720-307-7473

denver.craigslist.org link

#1141 3 years ago

This is going back up to $4,000. I'm sure it's just a switch in the ball trough. Since it's not flying at $3,700 which I thought was a pretty damn good price for a nice GNR, I ordered the switches and I'll just replace them all so that this isn't an issue in the future.

Quoted from jalpert:

I have my GNR on craigslist. $3,700 really nice game. Trough is bit flaky, sometimes when a ball hits the trough, you have to shake the game for it to register and end the ball. Likewise, occasionally two balls will pop out. I know how to fix it, but I don't feel like dealing with it so I just dropped the price.

1 month later
#1266 3 years ago

You think correct.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

i think thats mirage games listings

#1276 3 years ago

Mirage Games = $x,x95 & Littleton.

1 week later
#1312 3 years ago

The DM would be a much better buy for a beginner. Much more longgevity.

#1315 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

DM should be twice the game since it's twice the price

It is at least twice the game. Especially with the ROM upgrade for new rules etc. Also, I think he can get th demo man for $2,200, maybe $2,300.

It's a lot easier to resell when he is done with it as well.

#1320 3 years ago

Used game, new game, just moving the game means it can need some work.

Your budget is $2k, don't buy a new game.

Buy a WPC DMD game. If for no other reason, it will be easier to sell.

2 weeks later
#1368 3 years ago

If anyone is looking to change things up a bit, I've got a couple pins and an Escalera I'd trade. Feel free to let me know what you have.

#1370 3 years ago

Ha. That was a bit vague, wasn't it? Instead of just listing what I'd be willing to trade for what game etc I figured if anyone was interested in shaking their lineup up, maybe we can work something out.

PM me if interested.

Quoted from bemmett:

And what pins exactly might that be?

1 week later
#1414 3 years ago

Buy from Game Exchange, and not because they're local. They have a relationship with Stern that is very strong, possibly the strongest of all the dealers. It doesn't mean other guys can't get things done, but when I had a problem, Game Exchange took care of it. I believe 90% of the dealers out there wouldn't have been able to get done what they did for me.

We all know that things can go wrong with NIB games, buy them from Game Exchange, it's a cheap insurance policy as far as I'm concerned.

1 month later
#1516 3 years ago

Anyone want an America's Most Haunted? HUO, great condition, lots of upgrades like the scoop and the link inside the aprin. Mirror blads, extra LEDs in the back, topper etc.
$6,600 a fair price?

Added over 4 years ago: Topper no longer included

#1517 3 years ago

$6,400 maybe? Feel free to make an offer.

1 week later
#1553 3 years ago

That's a whole bunch of asking, and not a lot of selling.

Quoted from Baiter:

but asking prices

#1561 3 years ago

They are in Montana actually....

Quoted from Coyote:

Holy shit.. If that's what you guys have out there, I'd drive to Chicago to get games..

#1572 3 years ago

I doubt it.

Quoted from Aladdin:

Am I seeing this right, Roller Auction just sold an EM for $2,000?!?

#1576 3 years ago

Just because it closed for $1,950 doesn't mean it sold.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

1976 Williams 'SPACE MISSION' Arcade Pinball Machine, Electro-Mechanical 4 Player with Coin Door and Back Box Keys
Notes: Due to the age of the game, some adjustments may be required after the units have been moved. Units differ in size and working condition, please inspect thoroughly and plan accordingly for removal of Items.
45 Bids $1,950.00

#1578 3 years ago

That's a strong possability.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

What exactly would it mean? You talking shill bids?

#1581 3 years ago

It also doesn't make sens that the EM and Pacman went for those prices either. Don't forget, those prices are before their buyers premium, 10% on top of the winning bids. That would make the Pacman $1,650 and that EM $2,145.

Quoted from Wickerman2:

I fail to see any logic to them elevating 1 random old EM

1 week later
#1608 3 years ago

I have an Escalera to sell, new battery, charger, good shape, it's the 66" model (the one in the middle, the three sizes are 60", 66" and 72")

Looking for $1,100 if anyone is interested let me know. I can bring it and meet you at the show.

1 week later
#1629 3 years ago

Is it in a socket? If it is you can do it.

Quoted from yuriijos:

Anyone local here have the tools and skills to change this IC chip for me? I could try it but I really don't want to destroy my colorDMD display. Thanks

1 week later
#1643 3 years ago

The problem is, for $2,700 you could get a much better game. Even in this crazy market $2,700 buys a solid DMD title in good shape.

#1648 3 years ago

Anyone interested in a Pinsound board?

No USB drive, those are less than $10 these days. The one that came with it never worked.

I used it in a GNR, so it's configured for data east. If using in another game, the adapter bracket could be some money.

$150, the pickup only price. What you see is what you get.

PM or call/text (720) 893-2031 if you're interested. Thanks.


#1650 3 years ago

Sale pending with 2 backups, this appears to be sold. Thanks.

Quoted from jalpert:

Anyone interested in a Pinsound board?
No USB drive, those are less than $10 these days. The one that came with it never worked.
I used it in a GNR, so it's configured for data east. If using in another game, the adapter bracket could be some money.
$150, the pickup only price. What you see is what you get.
PM or call/text (720) 893-2031 if you're interested. Thanks.

1 week later
#1692 3 years ago

$4k for a trashed MB is a decent deal but it's not a steal. Sounds like it needed a new play field and decals, add a couple hundred to the shop job and your into it for about $6k with a lot of labor.

Though with a new play field and decals it might be worth $9k, decent deal but not a steal.

1 week later
#1715 3 years ago

I don't know anything about the game, but the time stamp on those pictures is from 2010. Sometimes people just don't set the date of the camera, something to double check if you do come into contact.

Quoted from Wyopinball:

Does anyone have any info on the Fishtales on the Denver Craigslist, I replied to the add and have cash in hand but never got a response. Does anyone know who is running that add or if it's gone?

3 weeks later
#1752 3 years ago

Why would it? Anyone selling something local can just list it in the marketplace, choose not to create a forum topic, then post all the details here...

It's an extra step, but if I were selling something locally I'd still do it.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Hope it doesn't kill these kind of threads,

1 week later
#1779 3 years ago

Anyone interested in trading for a Terminator 3 or a Harley Davidson 2nd edition? The Terminator 3 was shopped right before I took it to the pinball show, fully working. The Harley works great, can use a light shop but it's got to be the easiest game to shop ever.

I am eventually going to sell them, but I'm in the mood for something new. 2 for 1 is okay as well, I am completely out of space.

#1784 3 years ago

So, how many people in Denver are building multicades? Because I have a feeling it's one guy spamming Craigslist with multiple ads at least once a day.

#1793 3 years ago

Currently they have 13 craigslist adds all advertising the same service. Also, everything is $1,500+ unless you want a cocktail.

#1798 3 years ago

There's a GB pro for $4,500 on Craigslist right now.

#1804 3 years ago

I'm not selling my Radical, but maybe you have something interesting enough for me to trade it?

Quoted from Whysnow:

Anyone thinking of selling anything? Radical

#1806 3 years ago

I don't really have one, just seeing if you have something that might interest me. I'm not looking for anything in particular right now.

Quoted from Whysnow:

send me your wishlist and we can discuss.

#1838 3 years ago

A 12 hour drive isn't exactly local...

Quoted from lordloss:

If you don't mind the drive I have a HUO one I might need to unload. $4300, I'm in NW iowa.

1 month later
#1891 3 years ago

Putting the Rob Zombie LE up for sale.


Hit me up if anyone is interested. I'd consider a trade, but i'm not looking for much right now.

1 month later
#1929 3 years ago

Sometimes, it's quicker, easier, and almost as good to just donate it and take the write-off.

Quoted from Baiter:

I have a really interesting flipperless game I've been trying to sell for charity

3 weeks later
#1949 3 years ago

The people trying to sell the same overpriced game for 6+ months are just as bad. If you aren't interested in realistically selling your stuff, why bother posting it for sale to begin with?

Quoted from Elicash:

1. they don't reply to emails
2. A Marilyn taxi with a nice play field wouldn't last 2 weeks in Denver at that price. I think it's been up longer than that.

1 week later
#1976 3 years ago

It wasn't decent and the price wasn't fair. The ad IIRC talked about how nice it was, but it was so fadded on all sides it was blue. Almost no green left. He said the same about the play field, but even if that was perfect, no way it's worth $4K. Odds are the play field was about as "perfect" as the sides.

Quoted from Elicash:

Anyone grab that Congo up in Frisco? I was out of town, so couldn't get up to look. Looked decent and fair price. But they way things are in CL, could be a fake.

#1980 3 years ago


Quoted from Wickerman2:

It was dropped to $3500 which seems to be going rate, fade and all unless the play field was completely blown. Nobody sticks their head between the machines to see the sides anyway...

2 weeks later
#2004 2 years ago

Does it seem like pins aren't selling as well this year as they have in years past? Looking at Craigslist, usually some of the overpriced stuff sells this time of year. It looks like it's the same games just sitting.

1 month later
#2039 2 years ago

I'm not saying the fee is good or bad, but maybe you're thinking about it wrong.

Can you sell your game for at least $35 more if you list it on pinside?

Throw it on pinside, ask for $50 more on pinside, you might make $15 extra bucks.

Quoted from Allibaster:

There's six tiers. Mine just happened to fall into the highest. $35 may seem like a small percentage of the game itself, but it's still a lot of money to me. It's like a tank of gas in the truck, a dinner with the wife, or a nice bottle of whiskey!

2 weeks later
#2058 2 years ago

I think he was joking, certainly a real offer like that wouldn't be broadcast to the thread.

Not sure what a cockie cutter is either, the guy can like what he likes.

Quoted from Whysnow:

being GENEROUS in pricing I can find less than 80k.
I suppose if someone is looking to buy a cockie cutter lineup quickly then they would be expected to pay a premium, but 2x?

1 week later
#2063 2 years ago

I'm looking for a couple things... A Gottlieb Snow Derby / Queen or a Williams Mardi Gras.

I've got a bunch of stuff to trade, cash works as well.

1 week later
#2076 2 years ago

Just posted my HUO Police Force on Craigslist.

denver.craigslist.org link

1 week later
#2086 2 years ago

Anyone looking for a nice EATPM and have something fun to trade?

#2096 2 years ago

I've got the Elvira up on Craigslist for sale now, trading has never really panned out.

denver.craigslist.org link

1 week later
#2100 2 years ago

Anyone looking to part with a Twilight Zone that might be interested in a Star Trek The Next Generation?

#2108 2 years ago

I don't think so. If the battery blew up I believe those replacement boards are $350. Plus, repining all the acid connectors isn't fun. I should know, I had to do that to the one I picked up. IF the game needs a new board, and parts you could be in this thing for over $900. I think a pristine fully working game like the one I have is worth about $600.

Just my 2 cents.

Quoted from Mr68:

Is $500 a fair price? That's up to you to determine.

#2110 2 years ago

If it plays, even if there is acid it's most likely salvigable.

I'd still bring a drill. I always bring a drill just in case anyway

Quoted from Mr68:

No argument. As I said the game powers up and I played a game so I am assuming the boards are all OK.

1 week later
#2120 2 years ago

Wrong thread, this is the Colorado FS/FT thread...

Quoted from MnHotRod:

Looking for Swords of Fury...

4 weeks later
#2149 2 years ago

I assume this is the Mars Trek being flipped on craigslist?

denver.craigslist.org link

Quoted from Wickerman2:

Anybody here grab the estate sale Stars and non-working/no keys Mars Trek? I was interested in the Mars Trek. If you want to unload the Mars for a fair price I'll meet you back there when you go to pick them up and help load etc. Thanks!

Quoted from whthrs166:

Wont let me attach pics for some reason ?? Yes i picked them up.

2 weeks later
#2176 2 years ago

I posted some games on Craigslist. PM me or my number is in the ad if you have any questions or want to take a look.

Radical! is in nice overall shape. The game has LED score displays so they are nice and bright. The flippers are strong and the game plays really well. $2,800

Twister plays really well with strong flippers and a recent rubber change. Both magnets work, the score display is bright and the game plays very well. $2,600

Star Trek The Next Generation has LEDs throughout and some other minor mods like light up speakers. Both the flippers were redone, and both cannons got brand new upgraded wiring kits so they should be good for a very long time. Overall this game is in very nice shape. $4,500

#2177 2 years ago

Radical! sold. Twister and STTNG left. I can't edit my previous post for some reason.

1 month later
#2302 2 years ago

$1,750 was the last I heard.

Honestly, with the shop and parts to make this a decent playing game, I think $1,750 is more than it's worth. It's an awful game.

Quoted from Duvall:

The RCT sold. What did he "up" the price to?

3 weeks later
#2354 2 years ago

Nah. He's local. Up north... Loveland / Erie-ish area.

Quoted from Whysnow:

Very confused as that says the poster is in AL and not CO even through the ad lists as in Denver??? Scammer?

#2355 2 years ago

Anyone interested in a HUO Sopranos? Condition is exactly how you would expect a HUO to be, I have the receipt too if you're into that.

#2357 2 years ago

Cool. Thanks.

Quoted from Gexchange:

I have a customer Looking for one.
I will pm you his info

4 weeks later
#2402 2 years ago

Offering someone more than asking is never the way to go. Not only does it drive the price up for everyone, but any seller who has an ounce of common sense will take one look at that offer and it will either turn into an auction or the price will triple.

#2405 2 years ago

You weren't even close to first if you didn't see it for 20 minutes. There were probably at least 10 people ahead of you. When I get deals like this I usually ask the seller (after the game is in the car) about demand, and they usually say that 10-15 minutes in they are ringing off the hook.

Quoted from VacFink:

I can't be certain I was first in this case, but had to be close, in responding 20 or so minutes of posting late on a weeknight, and I didn't even get a call, just an email noting late afternoon the next day that it was sold.

1 month later
#2510 2 years ago

Sorry in advance for the abuse of the CO for sale thread. But does anyone in south Denver have a couple TIP42’s they could spot me so I can keep my project going?

Happy to drop ship replacements Monday.


#2515 2 years ago

That’s not George. Two different guys, close proximity, similar pinside names.

Quoted from Mr68:

Shit, George, I just sold mine a few days ago. It would have been nice getting caught up with you.
(It's unlikely I'll be leaving this addictive hobby anytime soon as I have a TNA ordered. ...But I'm still flip flopping...

1 week later
#2534 2 years ago

I think the sweet spot for new members is working unshopped. You get to have fun right away while also learning basics like replacing bulbs, switches, maybe even a flipper rebuild.

I’ve bought 3 NIB games, 1 took me 4 months to fix, one ended up with a brand new populated play field swap, and the third was okay. Also, $5k+ is out of the question for most people. If
You have it, then yah, but assuming you don’t, I would not recommend New in box.

Also, I don’t recommend a beat game. Being new to the pinball hobby, it’s not fun if you can’t play pinball.

Quoted from TVP:

I'd either buy new or buy some older solid state beaters to learn about the machines and cleaning them up.

3 weeks later
#2598 2 years ago

I'm going to sell some games. Some shopped, some not. All games are functional. All at least decently nice, some above average. PM for details. Gottlieb Fast Draw (very nice) - $1200 / Baywatch (HUO with a couple cab dings) - Pending / Back To The Future - Pending / Addams Family (above average, nice mansion, nice scoops) - Pending / Dr Dude - $2,200

Every unshopped game comes with at least some parts, like Cointaker LEDs for inserts (BTTF, AF, Dr Due) and other stuff like the Mantis re-enforced swamp accelerator for Addam's.

PM if interested.

Edit: BTTF, Baywatch and AF are pending pickup

#2612 2 years ago

Please tell me you didn't pay $67 for a piece of playfield glass.

Quoted from Aladdin:

I just ordered a Tempered Glass (no stamp) from Highlands Ranch Glass

#2616 2 years ago

Or any other glass shop apparently $20-$25 is about right for a piece of glass.

Quoted from fosaisu:

PM DNO next time, he'll hook you up at a much better price than that on the playfield glass (backglass price sounds more reasonable to me).

#2623 2 years ago

Anyone want to come by and take this Back To The Future off my hands soon? I need the room. $1,600? Offer?

Added over 2 years ago: SOLD. Thanks.

2 weeks later
#2650 1 year ago

I'm going to be listing a working, above average Gottlieb Fast Draw for $1,300 pretty soon on craigslist if anyone is interested on here before I do.

1 week later
#2682 1 year ago

I know that it's overpriced because it's been on Craigslist for literally months. Also, you need to make sure the lower playfield plexi is clear. Playfields with foggy windows are worth a few bucks less IMO.

Quoted from Dano:

Have any of you guys looked at this machine or know any details on it?

#2688 1 year ago

Or just go buy a new one with a full warranty without all that crap on it. Call JJ at Game Exchange.

Quoted from Dano:

Thanks, I just sent them an email and I'll see if I can get some pics.

3 weeks later
#2755 1 year ago

Anyone looking to part with an MM or MMR?

#2758 1 year ago

At $7,500 it's too close to a new one.

Quoted from whthrs166:

Wesly Cowan had his on DCL Not sure if he sold it yet. (MM)

#2803 1 year ago

In the spirit of getting this thread back on track....

I've got a nice Dr Due, nice cab nice play filed. Needs a shop. I did the crispy pins and headers of the GI already, which is the most annoying part I think with all those looping wires. I fixed a bunch of issues, plays decent. Needs cleaning and rubber. Skill shot target doesn't work, seems wired okay, new one included. Cointaker superbright insert kit included. Rubber included. Probably some other stuff included.

This thing is literally sitting in my isle, I have no place to put it.


#2821 1 year ago


Quoted from jalpert:

In the spirit of getting this thread back on track....

I've got a nice Dr Due, nice cab nice play filed. Needs a shop. I did the crispy pins and headers of the GI already, which is the most annoying part I think with all those looping wires. I fixed a bunch of issues, plays decent. Needs cleaning and rubber. Skill shot target doesn't work, seems wired okay, new one included. Cointaker superbright insert kit included. Rubber included. Probably some other stuff included.

This thing is literally sitting in my isle, I have no place to put it.


#2829 1 year ago

Something has to go, I am beyond out of space, slow selling right now. Or maybe I'm asking too much. I don't want to sell my Dr Dude for $1,200...

Super Chexx / Fast draw listed:

denver.craigslist.org link

Super Chexx sold.

1 month later
#2889 1 year ago

Does anybody here just want this?

denver.craigslist.org link

It's most of the parts from a High Speed playfield.

Free, or $20 if you take my bin.

EDIT: These have been claimed. Thanks.

1 month later
#2982 1 year ago

I'm selling a few things:
HUO Baywatch - $2,400
Dr Dude - $1,500 (+$100 with new plastic set)
Guns N Roses complete plastic set - $175
Fast Draw pinball - $900
Dr Dude plastic set - $100
System 11 power board refurbed by John Wart - $75
Diner cup - $50
I'm going to go through my stacks and see what else I have.

Added 19 months ago: Baywatch sold.

#2988 1 year ago

Just a system 11c that needs repair.

Quoted from woodmedic:

I'm looking for a System 11a or b mpu if you happen to have one.

#3007 1 year ago

WTF? I bought it from a homeowner, it's been in my collection for 2 years, where would you even come up with something like this?

Quoted from pinmister:

I thought about buying this machine when it first appeared on Craigslist from original home owner. Then I watched it change pinside owners-what three times now in last six months. Man Pam gets around she reminds me of a girl I knew in high school. Hopefully she stays in Colorado and I have a chance to ride her(I mean play her). We could start a club-how many people have had a taste of BW....mmmmmm

#3008 1 year ago

I've been saying this for years. I'm local, and I want to bring a game, but the logistics for me hurt. I have to take a day off work, break down and load a game from my basement, people are usually around to help setup. It's a lot of effort, then on top of that, I have to pay 1/2 price to get into the show because you don't get a pass unless you bring two. Way too much effort for a $35 discount.

Quoted from Bendit:

Perhaps you need to have better incentives for people who bring games?

#3024 1 year ago

It is though. If you bring a game, you have to pay $42.50 just to have access to it for tuning and fixing for all three days.

Quoted from 5280wzrd:

Hey look at it this way. Pinball shows could be ran like car shows where you have to pay to bring your cars....

#3037 1 year ago

It's not about $42.50. It is my opinion that we shouldn't have to pay anything to bring a game to the show.

Quoted from ebrenner87:

What is the last thing you spent $42.50 on?

#3039 1 year ago

Not exactly. When I bring a game I go all three days, if for no other reason than to just check on the game. Last year I didn't bring a game and just went on Saturday. Your logic doesn't hold up.

Quoted from ebrenner87:

Its still cheaper to bring a game than to not, so you are not really paying money to bring the game, assuming you would have gone anyways. And if you were not planning on going otherwise, then im not sure why you care enough to even post about it.

2 months later
#3170 1 year ago

Strange way to sell a game, but your not even on the radar of craigslist assholes...

Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I know :-/ I suck

1 month later
#3227 1 year ago

Anyone with an Iron Maiden want to trade for a Dialed In? +/- Cash okay.

4 weeks later
#3277 1 year ago

Anyone interested in a Dialed In LE? It's in the exact condition you'd expect for a HUO game with probably not more than a few hundred plays. $7,500.

#3291 1 year ago

Game Exchange is particularly friendly to us people who don't buy much and are constantly a pain in the ass

Quoted from tslayer71:

You should hit up hyperspace arcade, gex,

#3299 1 year ago

Anyone here have an Iron Maiden they would part with?

2 weeks later
#3344 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Nice condition Back Hoe


1 month later
#3390 1 year ago

Longshot, buy anyone willing to trade me a pinball for my gaming laptop? Alienware, i9, 1080 8GB video, 512ssd/1TB platter, G-Sync screen, 2.5 years accedental warranty left, let me know.

#3403 1 year ago

I just listed a Big Hurt on Craigslist, not a very common game....

#3409 1 year ago

Everything looks to be about 20% overpriced to me...

Quoted from jerryl:

Thanks, does anyone know who this is selling the games?
This 'might' be able to work. I have a players TAF I've been wanting to upgrade, could do the shuffle. I was hoping to get through my backlog of games before I got a another one, but I've never been very good at holding off picking up another...

#3443 1 year ago

Finding project games is easy, finding them for less than retail prices though, not so much.

Quoted from Its_me_aj:

So with all that being said, who has project games for sale?

3 weeks later
#3470 11 months ago

Has anyone noticed the new retro arcade section at Microcenter? They are carrying Suzo Happ buttons, some other brand of joysticks, t-molding, micro switches...

Not exactly game exchange, but mildly interesting.

1 week later
#3501 11 months ago

If it's been sitting for months, it's not a good deal.

Quoted from pinmister:

My old LUCI is currently posted on CL for $6000 and has been sitting for months. Really a good deal for someone looking for an AC/DC, surprised it hasn't sold yet honestly.

1 week later
#3553 10 months ago

100% this. It finally happened, the used pinball market has gotten soft. These things aren't worth what they were even just a year ago. With that being said, good deals still get snatched up quick. Overpriced games have been sitting for weeks and sometimes months. If you don't really want to sell your game, and your willing to price it so it sits for months, that's cool. But in no way is it a good deal.

Quoted from dung:

Disagree, if it was a good value it would have sold quickly, not continued to sit.

#3562 10 months ago

In general it does, but that's not the case here. Denver has one of the hottest pinball markets in the country, if your game isn't selling, you are asking more than it's worth. If it was worth it, or a good value, it would cell. Of course, there could be other factors, but fringe cases aside, games priced right should sell in days, not months.

Quoted from pinmister:

Just because the second hand market has slowed down does not justify a game not having a certain value.

It is not. That is your opinion. Your opinion doesn't matter, you aren't the market. You can think it's a great value, but until someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is, it's not worth it. Once someone does pony up, you have a much better understanding of how much that games is worth, based on how long it took to sell, if they sold it local or on Pinside or Ebay etc. Sales set prices, not comparisons.

Quoted from pinmister:

Does this mean AC/DC LUCI for $6K is not a good 'value'-well when I compare how loaded that game is being a Premium and what you get in today's NIB market-yes it is a good 'value' imo compared to other available titles

2 months later
#3706 8 months ago

At the show, I'd say no. However, more pins usually pop up for sale on craigslist around showtime. I'd keep an eye on that.

Quoted from Lamilvelo:

So at the Showdown are there usually some decent deals on pins for sale? Looking to pick up a couple older pins if possible but haven't been to the Showdown before so wasn't sure what is usually available.

#3713 8 months ago

Anyone interested in a full CPR repo Guns N Roses plastic set? Still sealed in the box I got it shipped to me in, $150. Or a brand new repo diner cup with decals, $100.

3 weeks later
#3755 7 months ago

Anyone selling a Deadpool pro?

#3765 7 months ago

I think I'd rather play a game where the theme is actually hotdogs.

Quoted from Baiter:

Hotdoggin' is a fun game!

2 weeks later
#3811 7 months ago

Buy from JJ at Game Exchange. Not only are his prices and service excellent but you have a good relationship with him. If there is an issue, JJ has great relationships with the manufacturers, there have been times I've been VERY grateful of JJ and his ability to get shit done.

Quoted from sethi_i:

I'm considering picking up a NIB from Greg with PinballPro at the RMPS. If I get it, it will be my first purchase from him. Just wanted to check and see if anyone has bought from him and how it went...at purchase time and afterward. Deal sounds good, just putting in a little due diligence. I've only purchased NIB from JJ at Gex, and those experiences have always been awesome. I'm still considering going in that direction to support locals, but the additional taxes are significant.

3 weeks later
#3863 6 months ago

Is there a general rule on how often people can post the same game for sale?

1 week later
#3880 5 months ago

I've been doing pinball for a while, this guy is one of if not the best person I've ever known in pinball and done business with. If you're looking for this title, sellers don't get any better.

Quoted from Unclejam89:

Just posted my Black Rose. Trying to move that and my 74 Ghia to get my wife ATM Remake or LE Ghostbusters.

2 months later
#4025 3 months ago

If anyone is selling an AFM or MM, remake or original, let me know.


2 weeks later
#4041 78 days ago

I recently got a walking dead pro, love it so much I want to trade for a premium.

Let me know if anyone is interested in a trade or has a premium (or maybe LE) for sale.

#4058 73 days ago

Excellent choice.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

thanks, went in a different direction for a game this time

1 week later
#4080 63 days ago

Anyone want to trade my AFMrSE + Cash for your MMr?

#4091 59 days ago

AFMr - $6,300 for a Pinsider:

denver.craigslist.org link

1 week later
#4113 47 days ago

I bought a Walking Dead a couple months ago, never played it, sight unseen. This game is the reason I do that sort of thing. This game is amazing, it is fast and brutal and it has great rules. Also, by far, the best ColorDMD game out there. Someone should give this thing a shot.

Quoted from Sijcolo:

Waking dead price drop 4200.

#4115 46 days ago


#4116 46 days ago

I’ve got a HUO low play TSPP looking to trade for a Deadpool, possibly something else fun.

#4117 46 days ago


#4126 40 days ago

HEP MM: denver.craigslist.org link

I don’t get offended by lowballs .

#4129 38 days ago

New link to MM, new much lower price:

denver.craigslist.org link

#4130 38 days ago

Anyone looking for a winter time project? I have a Gilligan's Island for $750 OBO. Rough on the outside, better on the inside. Complete. CPU board has battery damage, 50/50 on it being savable. Power driver board had a hack installed instead of transistor, about a quarter size burn mark there. Otherwise, all parts are present.

#4132 38 days ago

One last spam I have a nice Whitewater I would like to sell. I'm keeping the information vague because I don't recall the rules about selling without an ad and what details you are allowed to include. I think it's a really nice unrestored game, original topper, very little or possibly no fade on the side, no insert chipping or anything like that on the play field.


Quoted from fosaisu:

$9k seems extremely reasonable for a HEP-restored original MM. I'd be surprised if this lasts long.

1 week later
#4144 32 days ago

I believe in second chances, but should an alcoholic open a bar?

Quoted from V8haha:

Everyone gets a second chance!
However how the hell are they going to not let sex offenders in... and that being said how is the owner not going to be allowed into his own place of business.
That article raises so many questions.

#4153 28 days ago

Very fair deal.

Quoted from Leeb18509:

y buddy has one for sale here in Utah. I can deliver it over Thanksgiving for $100.

#4156 28 days ago

Anyone selling a Stern Jurassic Park?

#4160 25 days ago

Great seller!

Quoted from yuriijos:

Avatar pro, excellent condition, for sale on CL or PM me here for more info.

#4165 22 days ago

I’m thinking about upgrading my Deadpool pro. Only thing added is a shaker. Particularly nice playfield in my opinion. No pictures as it’s exactly what you’d expect a brand new Deadpool pro to look like.

PM if interested. Thanks.

2 weeks later
#4186 5 days ago

Good deal IMO.

Quoted from dontpanicflip:

ally beat Deadpool Sunday night and I'm good to move on!
DM me if you're interested in DP (cash only). Will post on Pinside tomorrow. I bought NIB, Custom plunger, Laseriffic colored topper, non-spinning disco ball mod, mirrored blades, and pin stadiums. Pinstadiums currently not installed (they were messing with the camera on stream) willing to sell with or without ($5,400 with, $5,200 without).
Available anytime this week if you want to stop by and play. Here's a link to a stream if you want to check out the game: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/519127582

#4189 4 days ago

It’s like Christmas with deals here, LEs are not easy to find and this one contains a powerball!

Quoted from Kevkat:

Please take a look and let me know if you're interested!

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 200.00
Lighting - Interactive
Professor Pinball
$ 625.00
Flipper Parts
$ 28.99
Lighting - Interactive
Lee's Parts
$ 84.95
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
Super Skill Shot Shop
$ 149.99
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
Lighted Pinball Mods
$ 12.50
Playfield - Decals
Pinball Haus
$ 51.45
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 29.95
Gameroom - Decorations
Pinball Photos
$ 28.00
Playfield - Other
Pin Monk
$ 399.99
Cabinet - Toppers
Top-Notch Target Shields
$ 29.99
Cabinet - Sound/Speakers
Lighted Pinball Mods
From: $ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 4.49
Yorktown Parts and Equip
$ 160.00
Cabinet - (Alt) Translites
Lit Frames
From: $ 5,799.00
Pinball Machine
Great American Pinball
$ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 14.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 999.00
Pinball Machine
$ 4.49
Yorktown Parts and Equip
From: $ 99.99
Cabinet - Other
Lighted Pinball Mods
$ 45.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 229.99
$ 46.95
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
Super Skill Shot Shop
$ 5,799.00
Pinball Machine
Classic Game Rooms

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