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Colorado what's fs/ft

By Sijcolo

5 years ago

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#233 4 years ago

Hello, new to the forum. Located in southern colorado and looking to purchase another machine. Ideally looking for a IJ, pinbot, black knight or any 80s williams game.

1 month later
#299 4 years ago

Anyone want to trade something for some em games?

#308 4 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I might be interested. What EMs do you have? Is your Pinside "collection" up to date?
I'm looking for some of the more iconic EMs. Still looking for a nice Fireball, or perhaps a C37, ElDorado, Atlantis, Surf Champ...so many others.

Yes it's up to date. Let me know if you are interested in anything

4 weeks later
#366 4 years ago

I tried to go look at it today too. I said i had cash in hand and he pretty much blew me off

#381 4 years ago

Wtb hook. Anyone? Anyone?

#383 4 years ago

Yeah the guy was firm on $2k.

#386 4 years ago

Has anyone ever bought from mirage?

#389 4 years ago

Do they negotiate? I might have to take a trip up there

1 week later
#431 4 years ago

I think I'm going to unload all my EM games to focus on what I really want. They were a good deal offered to me but my heart just isn't in them. I found a couple hooks I need to go up north to check out when the weather clears. Also looking for another firepower. If there is any interest in the EM please let me know

#435 4 years ago

Gottlieb king pin
Gottlieb pro football
Gottlieb roller coaster
Gottlieb big shot
Chicago coin jukebox

Also have a project williams expo. I haven't messed with it but it looks to be missing a few things and has no backglass. I can get further into it (more than open the coin door) if anyone is interested.

There is also a gottlieb spin out and a straight shooter but my dad has pretty much laid claims to them unless someone really wants them

#445 4 years ago

Went and looked at the firepower and hook at mirage today. He is asking 995 for the firepower. It works and looks great but has some minor issues that could be easily fixed. Thoughts?

The hook he is at 1995 and it's really clean. Just feel he is too high.

1 week later
#506 4 years ago

Still trying to find a firepower

#514 4 years ago

I emailed yesturday morning with no response

3 weeks later
#608 4 years ago

Anyone have any williams system 6 boards for sale?

#619 4 years ago

I was thinking about offering all my EM games + cash towards an Indiana jones, or trading a few for a black knight.

#625 4 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Is anyone interested in vids? Would love to get an EM or early solid state pin.

I'd be interested in a contra or tekken

3 weeks later
#686 4 years ago

Gottlieb big shot, needs work $250?
Gottlieb roller coaster, plays great! $500?
Gottlieb king pin, great original condition, plays great $700?
Chicago coin juke box, plays great, needs back glass, there is one there but it's cracked. $400?

I'm not sure if my prices are too high or will work fine. I just want to move these games to make room for something new. Ideally trades would work

1 week later
#716 4 years ago

Wtb: junk play fields. The more damaged the better. Or basically any completely junk pins. I thought I had more stuff laying around but I am almost completely out.

3 weeks later
#753 4 years ago

I would love the have that IJ! That's the #1 on my list for most wanted for my collection

1 week later
#766 4 years ago

pueblo.craigslist.org link

I have these listed and would really like to move them to make room for something else.

1 week later
#774 4 years ago

Looking for a roller games, black knight, or swords of fury

#776 4 years ago

No one with a rollergames or black knight?!

2 weeks later
#805 4 years ago

Has anyone ever done business with game room treasures out of Colorado Springs?

#807 4 years ago

From talking on the phone with him today he sounded like a nice guy. Hopefully I can work a deal out with him on the rollergames and black knight I've been looking for and can't find!

#831 4 years ago

Was the totan a fake ad? That seemed too cheap to be true

#832 4 years ago

Gottlieb king pin. Clean original shape. Have the original owners packet with all new score cards. Need to make room. Can possibly deliver. $600




#844 4 years ago

Still looking for roller games, black knight, swords of fury or possibly open to any Williams system 6-11.

Still have the Chicago coin jukebox and gottlieb kingpin for trades or sale. Might have a gottlieb pro football coming up soon

1 month later
#917 4 years ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

Anyone check out that HS in Pueblo? I want one.

I can go check it out for you if you want?

#925 4 years ago

Still looking for a black knight or swords of fury

2 weeks later
#945 4 years ago

You must be talking about the one in Brighton. The one in Idaho springs sounds ok

#974 4 years ago

Might be a long shot but does anyone here have a defender?

3 weeks later
#1016 4 years ago

Might have to stop by this weekend!

Any wms sys 3-11s around?

#1018 4 years ago

Pretty open. Not trying to break the bank though.

1 month later
#1072 3 years ago

Any wants trade something for a black rose? Ideally looking for a BSD.

#1074 3 years ago

Yes! It's a really fun game. I need to do a little work to it but it's all good. Just would rather have a bsd or other Williams 7-11 games.

#1077 3 years ago

Don't want cash. Just trades. I also have no problem holding it if I can't get what I'm ideally looking for

1 week later
#1082 3 years ago

Anyone interested in a gottlieb spin out and pro football. Would like to trade them for something early solid state. Would sell outright also if any interest

2 weeks later
#1106 3 years ago

I really want a bsd if anyone has one or knows anyone looking to part ways with one

2 weeks later
#1125 3 years ago

Anyone get the wcs94 for $1000?

2 weeks later
#1150 3 years ago

Looking for a bsd, bop, or jm. Possibly all 3 at once.

1 week later
#1180 3 years ago

I'm just trying to buy a BSD!! And it seems others are too and every time I come across one, it just sold. Might go for a CFTBL instead

1 week later
#1225 3 years ago

Looking for Swords of fury or mousin around

2 weeks later
#1285 3 years ago

Tried buying 2 pins from wolfman. He basically wasn't interested in selling.

#1288 3 years ago

Bride and party monsters. Wouldn't really give me any information on the games at all. Offered a deposit on them for when he gets back to town and he just said he might have to sell to make room for others if he finds them. I did ask if he would make a package deal and that I would more than likely take either one either way but would prefer both.

#1298 3 years ago

I want that swords of fury so bad

2 weeks later
#1363 3 years ago

Edit: Nevermind

3 weeks later
#1450 3 years ago

Is there a colorado Facebook group?

4 weeks later
#1543 3 years ago

Any want to trade something comparable for a black rose? Full comet led, Titan rubbers, and new canon assembly and motor.


#1556 3 years ago

I'm interested

1 week later
#1600 3 years ago

I kinda want a big guns if anyone has one they can't fit due to low ceilings

4 weeks later
#1686 3 years ago

Is that wolfman again?

1 week later
#1704 3 years ago

So who got the $300 f14 that needed removed ASAP?

#1710 3 years ago

Yeah I don't get scam ads either. I saw it and just laughed.

#1720 3 years ago

Looks like that could be Mike from mirage games

#1728 3 years ago

Any system 11s for sale?

2 weeks later
#1743 3 years ago

I finally made a purchase from him and they let me plug in the game I purchased as well as play that creature they had.

1 week later
#1759 3 years ago

Let me know when you come through, maybe we can meet up for lunch or something

4 weeks later
#1854 3 years ago

Looking for a bally vector. Anyone? Anyone?

4 weeks later
#1893 3 years ago

I'm looking for an Taito ice cold beer. Thanks!!

1 month later
#1941 2 years ago

Going to put my flash and gorgar up for trade, and possibly paragon.

1 week later
#1967 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Does anyone know of anyone that might be interested in transporting games up and down the Front Range for $$? I don't mean a shipping company. Could it be an interesting little side business for someone in the community? That would sure make it easier to trade games between us. Especially speaking from someone in Colorado Springs. The part of making a deal is the pain of traveling, packing and transporting.

I'm always willing to pick up games for people if they need it down south. I actually just did that tonight!

2 weeks later
#2001 2 years ago

Looking for a party zone!!!

1 month later
#2023 2 years ago
Quoted from Pindiddy:

And now a Swords of Fury for $850... lasted about an hour on Craigslist. Good deals seem to be coming up every day.

What?!? Really?!?

I've actually been considering letting go of some games for trade. Not really interested on selling outright but would like to apply trades for a good A list game. The games I am thinking are:

Johnny mnemonic

And possibly paragon.

All games are clean and play

1 month later
#2089 2 years ago

Different Ryan. The Ryan with mutanity is ryan from bloodshed deathbath.

1 month later
#2136 2 years ago

I really want a Genesis. Looking for any info on finding one.

2 weeks later
#2153 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I'm coming in for Pinball Showdown and I'm looking for a good candidate for a re-theme. Does anybody have any games (prefer it to be classic SS or newer) that are fit for a re-theme? Obviously condition isn't much of a factor. I can pick up during the weekend of the show. Now is the time to get rid of that blown out game you know you're never going to actually restore...

I have a Mata Hari and a night rider I'm gonna be selling soon. Both are decently clean though

#2164 2 years ago
Quoted from VacFink:

I have a Jokerz in Pueblo that needs some board/wiring work. I can only find Strauss Amusements. Any other recommendations or experience with their support.
I have the awful hum, the adjust error that is common and that a new battery holder and batteries didn't fix, a couple wacky wiring 'solutions' that a previous owner must have tried, and one GI plug that needs replaced (cut, but not burnt)
Any recommendations or suggestions is appreciated. I had hoped to fix myself, but its been sitting around for years, and I'd rather try my hand at fixing a single problem from a working machine. I'm over my head as a noob to tackle all that's wrong here on my first try out.

I can come by and look at it. Let me know when works best for you

#2167 2 years ago

Looking for a paragon backglass

1 month later
#2245 2 years ago

Looking for an Elvira and the party monsters

#2251 2 years ago
Quoted from DNO:

Also thinking about trading/selling my Banzai Run, pretty rough PF, so value it around 2500-3k

I have cash right now.

I'm also looking for a Congo

1 month later
#2362 2 years ago

I think those 4 games are the ones that were just for sale in WY for next to nothing. Looks to be the same guy that buys games and realists them right away for 3x what he paid for them

4 weeks later
#2399 2 years ago

I sent out an email also on it. I wouldn't mind having a second pinbot to put out on location.

I would like to buy something this weekend. What's for sale out there!?

1 week later
#2413 2 years ago

Does anyone have experience with working on an Ice Cold Beer? This things about to become flaming hot firewood

#2415 2 years ago
Quoted from 1iblind:

Taito or ICE version?

taito. put in a new power supply. the only thing the game will do is the motors spin. no attract, no lights, no displays

#2422 2 years ago

That's the guy that doubles the prices of his games the day after he buys them.

3 weeks later
#2467 2 years ago

I’m thinking about putting my banzai run up for trade. I would really like to trade it and some cash if needed for a good DMD title or a WOZ.

1 week later
#2508 2 years ago

Banzai Run still up for trade. Last chance before I tear it down and clear coat the play field

Edit: actually might throw magic castle, project jungle lord, project ice cold beer, and possible bobby Orr power play into the mix to get what I really want.

3 weeks later
#2548 1 year ago

Still got banzai run up for trade.

Can add jungle lord, Bobby Orr, or magic castle to get a TZ or IJ.

1 week later
#2583 1 year ago

looking for a Williams Indiana Jones or a Twilight Zone

#2605 1 year ago

TNA is amazing. nightmutilator has one in the Denver area!

#2609 1 year ago

Archived after 42 days
Not sold
Machine - For Trade
FS/FT Banzai Run Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Players condition. Leds in everything but the back pf inserts. Plays great. Ideally looking to trade for: WMS IJ TZ TOM TAF GOT Will add cash if needed. Can deliver in Colorado.”
Pueblo, CO
Let’s make a deal!

#2636 1 year ago

Looking for a game of thrones pro

1 month later
#2802 1 year ago

I still have my banzai run that I’d like to trade or sell. I recently clear coated the upper play field with PPG DC2000 clear to fix a bad Mylar issue it had.

1 week later
#2840 1 year ago

Back on the hunt for a Game of Thrones pro and possibly and Congo

#2844 1 year ago

Dude I’m still kicking myself over that!! You driving?

#2847 1 year ago

Also interested in a whodunnit

1 week later
#2865 1 year ago

Game exchange had a viper out on the floor

4 weeks later
#2900 1 year ago

any spare working WPC CPUs laying around?

1 month later
#2991 1 year ago

Looking to trade my well modded Ghostbusters pro for a game of thrones pro.

#2993 1 year ago

Or trade me something else for well modded gb pro. Will also sell outright

#3005 1 year ago

I agree that the current incentives aren’t worth it. If you are trying to have the show grow you have to have games there to do it. Give people a reason to want to bring games. It really bums me out that if I bring 2 games, my dad or myself still have to pay for a weekend pass for the event. Where is the incentive in that? I think we can all agree that it’s no easy job moving games around. Breaking down, moving, hauling, and driving 2 hours with 4 games isn’t exactly easy work for 2 passes. We had more incentives driving 12 hours with 2 games going to TPF like mentioned above. You can’t have an event unless people bring games. I’ve almost contemplated skipping the showdown and just fly out to the Tacoma show or something instead if I’m going to spend the same amount of money.

You want to have a big show, give people a reason to help you IMHO.

#3013 1 year ago

These shows don’t exist without people bringing games. It all goes hand in hand

#3016 1 year ago

A pinball show is no where near the same as a car show. Plus most car show registrations are not more than $20 and usually you get a decent goodie bag.

#3043 1 year ago

Yeah I’d have no problems bringing 20 games but it’s just not worth it and too much work.

3 weeks later
#3105 1 year ago

Still tying to trade a modded GB pro for a GOT or SW pro. Can bring this weekend

3 weeks later
#3124 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Anyone interested in a nice Skateball?
I am currently looking for a HUO BDK and a HUO NBA- any leads appreciated

I’d love to have a nice skateball but I need to sell this Ghostbusters first

1 week later
#3143 1 year ago

I’ve got $600 and Ghostbusters Pro this weekend. Someone trade me something comparable

2 months later
#3239 1 year ago

Putting my Kiss pro up for sale or trade if any interest

2 weeks later
#3281 1 year ago

Looking for a beat Mata Hari.

1 week later
#3312 1 year ago

Looking for a Williams system 7 head or complete cab that isn’t beat. Also an early Bally ss Head as well

2 weeks later
#3357 1 year ago

Thinking about putting taxi and alien poker up for trade

3 weeks later
#3404 11 months ago

Going to put walking dead pro up for trade soon. Looking for GOT pro, GOTG pro, possibly SW pro, and may be open to other same range games

#3442 11 months ago

So with all that being said, who has project games for sale?

3 weeks later
#3465 10 months ago

Same. Tried to get ahold of the guy with no response just minutes after it was posted.

Looking for a twilight zone, World Cup soccer, baywatch, Congo, white water and open to other Williams/balky dmd games

2 weeks later
#3503 10 months ago

coming through FT. Collins today. Any projects for sale?

1 month later
#3619 8 months ago

I have a a time warp, f14, and some cash I wanna trade for a dmd game.

#3621 8 months ago

Ok maybe two. I mean who really wants/needs two time warps??

1 week later
#3653 8 months ago

Have a getaway, time warp, and f14 I would like to trade off or sell.

2 weeks later
#3673 7 months ago

Looking for a skateball. Thanks!!

1 week later
#3709 7 months ago

Might bring a stern Dracula to sell at the showdown

#3711 7 months ago

No, that’s not mine. I haven’t listed it, just a thought of listing it

#3718 7 months ago

Anyone interested in a slight Bally Time Zone project? Plays but with some issues, cabinet was repainted, back glass is extremely nice, and pf is good. Can send pictures. I just want it gone. make me an offer

1 week later
#3734 6 months ago

Putting up stern Dracula and DE time machine up for trade. I really want a swords of fury.

#3737 6 months ago

STERN Drac. Hahha

2 weeks later
#3776 6 months ago

Looking for a system 3-7 Williams coindoor. No major dents. Preferably plug and play if possible.

#3781 6 months ago
Quoted from Captainhook:

I'm looking for a nice pinbot! Anybody got one they're willing to let go of p.m. me

I have a pinbot project

2 weeks later
#3825 5 months ago

Anyone have a wpc mpu? Have a crashed Game at the showdown.

1 month later
#3903 4 months ago

Putting up hook and time warp for sale

3 weeks later
#3960 3 months ago

Baywatch and time warp up for sale

3 weeks later
#3998 82 days ago

Might be a long shot but does anyone have any classic stern cabinets laying around?

#4008 78 days ago

Package deal for both?

1 week later
#4024 67 days ago

Putting my genesis up for sale or trade

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