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Colorado what's fs/ft

By Sijcolo

5 years ago

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#178 5 years ago

Hello gang - I'm looking to buy a WH20 in or near Colorado. I'm willing to make more than fair offer for the right one.

3 weeks later
#235 5 years ago

Hey gang -
I'm relatively new to these forums, but I have been keeping my eye on FS/FT in Colorado. And I can't believe how little inventory there is here in our state vs mid Atlantic/ New England. Especially around christmas season. Is this normal for our region? Do most of you end up buying games without playing them and shipping from other parts of the country?

1 month later
#315 5 years ago

Might be interested in that IMVE. You can still buy NIB here in Denver. But a gently used may suit me very well.

4 weeks later
#400 4 years ago
Quoted from Boondocker:

condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Stern
model name / number: Ac/Dc
more ads by this user
Sterns AC/DC pinball machine. Price lowered. More fun than you deserve to have! I spoiled myself with it and you should too! Approximately 300 games played no damage or malfunctions.
Braved my way through the snow for this today after he acepted my email offer of $3850, heck ony 300 plays I figured it was good deal.
Imagine the look on his face when i fipped through the audits and it was actually 1,800 plays and had two tech alerts. Almost went home, but checked it out good, offered a little less and brought home. He was an AC/DC fan, had no clue about pins. Wanted a premium, but this was more in my $$ range.

Wow, congrats on the new pin. Was he lying about the number of plays? Or did he just not even know how to check the audits? If the condition was good, sounds like you got a nice deal. AC/DC is up near the top of my list for next pin!

2 weeks later
#474 4 years ago

I called and spoke to him. 24 is $4000 and he is in fact saying must buy site unseen. Sounded pretty insane to me.

#476 4 years ago

yeah no sh!t. He told me he has been doing this for decades. I can't begin to fathom who would buy a pin this way. The AF is $5500 and the Creature is $4000.

#483 4 years ago

Especially around these parts. I get the feeling there are a lot of hungry potential buyers that will pounce if a decent pin with a fair price pops up. I said it a few months back, but really feels like a selling drought for the size of this market. I sometimes look at the F/S thread in Nebraska and it seems to have more for sale than Colorado!

1 week later
#554 4 years ago

I think it's worth it (barring anything not mentioned in the ad). Another important thing to consider is ramps condition as they are almost always cracked and beat up. Replacing can run you around 500 for all of them. This game doesn't seem to come up for sale much in our parts. I bought one recently from a guy in PA because I got sick of waiting / looking in our area. I'm very happy with mine, but I had to pay shipping.

2 weeks later
#616 4 years ago

Hey gang, looking for a nice condition Taxi. Willing to drive if needed to neighboring states. Thanks for any leads.

1 week later
#633 4 years ago

I went and looked at that Diner at Mirage in Littleton. Cabinet is in good shape. Playfield was ok, but raised inserts and really bubbly mylar. it was bad enough to affect the ball play. I have heard removing mylar from system 11 games can have catastrophic consequences due to weak clearcoat in that era. Anyone have experience with this?

Also, game had really weak flippers and wasn't cleaned. I find it strange that a retailer (who is trying to make a living) wouldn't rebuild flippers for 15 bucks before trying to command retail (higher) prices. Mike was a nice guy, but games did seem a bit over priced.

#646 4 years ago

I emailed on this one. It is Gilbert. Game boots up but is not working. Rudy doesn't work. Looks like it needs a pf swap.

Anyone on here get that FH down in woodland park? It was on CL last week for 3300. Must have gone pretty fast.

#653 4 years ago

Anyone go look at that JM in Greeley on Craigslist? Sounds way over priced and sounds like he has a GI issue on the driver board. I emailed and asked for more pics of the pf and he never sent them to me. Asked if he was flexible on price and he did the classic "these are going for $3500 on Ebay" line. cab looks good though. Curious if any of you went up for a looksy.

#655 4 years ago
Quoted from Chemixtry:

If you are willing to drive a bit I've got a JM I'd part with.

PM sent! Would be interested fo'sho'

1 week later
#674 4 years ago

I've wondered about that Flinstones too. That and the Champion Pub are always in CL.

I took a flyer on that JM in Greeley. The owner hadn't opened the backbox in 8 years of owning it. No key to it either, but we were able to hand loosen the lock. Miraculously, no battery damage. I talked him down considerably with the bad DMD and no GI. So I get it home and get ready to troubleshoot the GI being out. Can you imagine my surprise that every bulb was just burnt out? Wasn't a total steal though as it needed new DMD and DMD board repair. But pf and cabinet were in great shape. Been shopping it all week. Overall very happy with it!

#680 4 years ago

I put a lot of quarters into that IM. Sorry to hear she's gone. But sounds like she went to a good home if you sold!

A WH20 on location is very rare. Pretty exciting news for 1Up fans.

1 month later
#778 4 years ago

Who scored that sweet looking Taxi in North Denver?

2 weeks later
#837 4 years ago

Guys- looking for a Black Rose if anyone has one they would part with. Thanks

3 weeks later
#866 4 years ago

Anyone know what the story is with that craigslist Flinstones for sale in "Parler"? Assume it is Parker, but lister never bothered to correct typo. It's been listed (with same typo) for at least 9 months.

I'm not interested in that title, but seems priced right (if description is accurate). Funny how long it's been up there. Just curious.

2 weeks later
#888 4 years ago

Guys, do you know of anyone in Colorado who does good cabinet restoration / decals? i am considering doing a full restoration but thinking I may outsource the cabinet as I hear it is a huge PITA (especially for noob).


2 months later
#1050 4 years ago

Any Pinsiders pick up that BSD that was on Craiglist? Anyone look at it? It was posted for a while and I kept meaning to go up and take a look but it sold before I could get my act together.

I would be interested in trading for a BSD or FT. I have a very nice JM with no cabinet fade and a near perfect playfield if anyone is interested.

#1053 4 years ago

I'll throw out 2500. But would prefer trade. Not listed in for sale thread yet. But pm me if anyone wants pics and details.

3 months later
#1247 3 years ago

Anyone grab that Fish Tales on CL up in Ft Collins? I was interested but sounds like it is gone.

I'd pay fair price if anyone wants to sell.

1 week later
#1263 3 years ago

Looking for a TWD Pro in or near Colorado.

#1277 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

denver.craigslist.org link
This guy had some model of TWD listed a while back.

Thanks, looks like he is Mirage and he has one listed for 5k. No pics, but in the text description. Seems absurd, can't you get a new one for very close to that, if not a little less? I cant believe he stays in business. But I guess suckers are out there.

1 month later
#1387 3 years ago

Guys - anywhere to play in Durango?

#1396 3 years ago

Anyone pull the trigger on the EATPM that was on CL last week? I think it was that Wolfman character. $2500 for a non-booting game seemed absurd but it was gone fast. Assuming someone talked him down.

#1421 3 years ago
Quoted from jcpinny:

Sadly there is nowhere to play pinball in Durango. PM me if you want to play some private pins if you are visiting.

Damn, sorry I missed you. Looks like you have a fun lineup too. Thanks for the offer.

Back in Denver. Was down there with my wife for a quick vacation. Such a beautiful town. Someone more entrepreneurial than me needs to open a barcade down there. Seems with the train, the tourists, and the college it would be a no brainer!

2 weeks later
#1472 3 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Ghostbusters is at Press Play in Boulder and it is awesome. Played about 20 games last night.

Not sure which one you were or if i was there when you were, but I should have said hi. I came in before dinner with my wife and played (literally) 2 games. It was awesome but also pure torture because i wanted to spend some more time on it.

#1480 3 years ago
Quoted from leothelowe:

Sorry but as far as I'm concerned it's a FREE FOR ALL on Dr. Who. May the best man win.


Interesting - finally a game I am not on the hunt for but apparently a ton of others are. I never really "got" dr who. Not a fan of the show though.

There is one on location at Pie Hole near 1st and Broadway. Not sure who operator is, but bet you could make an offer. I think I read somewhere it was never a good earner, but became popular with collectors. Who knows, maybe they would sell.

2 weeks later
#1511 3 years ago
Quoted from resipsa:

Well that's depressing....although may help me justify hanging on to WCS and HS2. I was kind of hoping that with a major show every June, there would be ample opportunity to pick up new pins. Is there not usually much for sale at the Pinball Showdown? I know when I walk around the MGC in Milwaukee every year I always have a bunch of pins I'd like to bring home with me if I had the space.
Anyway appreciate the help.

Prices are very high here. If a game appears on CL that is priced (even remotely) fair, it is usually gone in hours, if not minutes. Colorado CL should be the poster child for the "Craigslist Laughs" thread, because the majority of whats available here is priced laughably high. Of my 4 pins, i bought two out of state and paid $400 NAVL, and even with the shipping i paid, I still think I got a better deal than what i see for sale here locally.

The other side of the coin - since pinball is so popular here, there are a ton of phenomenal barcades, pinball joints, etc. You can find some top tier games on location in great shape. So that part is great!

1 week later
#1534 3 years ago

Hi guys - I am looking to buy a nice playfield rotisserie. Shoot me a PM if you have something. I have looked through Vid's guide and SkyPilot's rotisserie threads, and sounds like i would be in for about $100 in parts. I dont have much in the way of power tools, drill press, etc, so if someone can produce something nice and charge me for parts and labor, i would go that route.

I live in central Denver, would drive about 45 minutes to pick up (one way).

Lemme know!

1 month later
#1709 3 years ago
Quoted from Its_me_aj:

So who got the $300 f14 that needed removed ASAP?

For the life of me I cannot understand the motives of these idiots -

Are they playing a practical joke on a friend? Is there some other element to the scam? Or are there that many bored people in the world? I seriously just don't get it. Why on earth do people create these fake ads? I have to imagine it is someone on pinside - because in many cases you can tell they know enough about the hobby to create an almost-real ad.

3 months later
#1919 3 years ago

Guys - Would anyone consider selling me their Fish Tales?

Been on the lookout for a while. Let me know. Looking for any condition. Would consider trading my excellent condition JM. Thanks,

#1927 3 years ago
Quoted from Sijcolo:

I would prefer to sell my games to a pinsider but it's not worth the added cost. Most games I've posted here haven't sold here but through craigslist. Turns out most my Craigslist adds were pinsiders.

Sell me your Fish Tales here and I will cover the cost of the ad to Pinside.

It is a shame though, how this thread has gone quiet.

3 weeks later
#1945 3 years ago

Alright, who's the jerk off with the fake Taxi ad on Craigslist? It's clearly someone who knows pinball. The description and price almost makes it seem real. Why do people do this? It must be some kind of email collection scam.

#1948 3 years ago

1. they don't reply to emails

2. A Marilyn taxi with a nice play field wouldn't last 2 weeks in Denver at that price. I think it's been up longer than that.

**Edit** I checked, I emailed them on the 12th, no reply. Took it down then reposted it again. I can only guess it is some kind of an email collection scam. Or maybe someone is about to buy a Taxi and they are using their own ad to leverage a better price, maybe? Who knows.

1 week later
#1975 3 years ago

Anyone grab that Congo up in Frisco? I was out of town, so couldn't get up to look. Looked decent and fair price. But they way things are in CL, could be a fake.

1 week later
#1989 3 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Mystery of the CL Taxi revealed...

Yeah, the seller emailed me finally a couple of days ago and said all of his responses to his Craigslist ads were going to his junk folder. Still pretty odd, but i guess that stuff happens. Clearly, the seller is not a Pinsider or you would have assumed he would have seen everyone trashing his fake ad in this thread. Kinda funny actually.

Looks like someone is going to get a nice looking Marilyn Taxi for around $1600. Seems like a lot of people have been looking for one. Hope whoever grabs it comes on here and shares details. Really looked like a nice score.

3 weeks later
#2009 3 years ago

You got me curious - what are her 2 favorites?

Must keep the wife happy. My wife hates pinball.

1 month later
#2078 2 years ago

Anyone know where I can play a Ghostbusters Premium on location? Seems there are tons of the Pros. But I haven't run across a premium yet. I wanna put a little time on one to see if I may want to buy. Thanks

1 week later
#2093 2 years ago

So ironic that Mutiny had a Ghostbusters LE - I was on the hunt for one and didnt think to check there - I live about an 8 minute walk from the Mutiny. Hadnt been in a while, they used to just have one pin (think it was POTC).

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Mutiny is cool. But I would say the only drawback is the games all have the volume very low. This is probably due to the fact that it is a bookstore / coffee shop as well, so probably no way around this.

Kudos to the Night Mutilator. Cool lineup.

Someone tell him the Swords of Fury has a weak left flipper.

3 months later
#2242 2 years ago

It is one of the simplest repairs technically but also one of the easiest to 'f' up. you may want to practice on an old junked ramp. If you allow for too much heat from the flame it will warp and put tiny airbubbles into the plastic. So if you do it, you will want to take long breaks between 'passes' with the torch so the plastic will cool.

I bought a new Taxi ramp so i used the old one as practice. I thought I was being very conservative, but didn't allow enough time between passes to cool and a couple areas got too hot.

You can buy a benzomatic torch that has an on/off trigger. These work well because they are easy to control. Also recommended is a small kitchen-style torch that is used for dishes like creme brulee. The smaller size allows for more focus of the flame.

#2264 2 years ago

I got her.

#2266 2 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Congrats on being the highest "bidder"

I got it for list price. Plus threw in a bottle of wine. Not sure who was behind me. But it sounded like several people irked the seller by being super aggressive. I was the first to respond to his ad.

#2268 2 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

They just sold one at GEX for $3200 one of the nicest originals I have seen. All original cabinet no fade couple small scratches no fish wear heck even the boat plastic was good.

Sounds like a ton of us were on the hunt for FT. Seems price is going up on this. I promised the seller not to try to haggle once he knew a ton of people were interested. So I knew it was full price or i was going to walk and leave him the wine for holding it for me.

But I am very happy with condition vs asking price now that I have it.

1 month later
#2328 2 years ago

I'm shocked that FT is still up there on Craigslist. What's the story? Total beater? Price seems fair.

4 weeks later
#2376 2 years ago
Quoted from mrbillishere:

I just listed my HUO LOTR for sale in the marketplace. I'm asking $6200 for locals:

Machine - For Sale
Clean, HUO Lord of the RingsHome Used Only (HUO) “Selling my documented HUO LOTR built in 2006. I'm the second owner, and it's been in my collection since 2011. It's in overall excellent condition. I've put under 200 plays on it s...”
3 days ago Arvada, CO 6,300 (OBO)

There are more pics available here: https://goo.gl/photos/oJMT7cvHXAwHCNjK6
I won't be home this weekend but other than that I encourage folks that are close by to come over and see it in person. You're also welcome to have a beer and play some pinball while you're here.
For anyone that's wondering I won't be listing my blue R&B until I take care of the WABAC ramp and DMD. It needs the WABAC to be replaced; it was mint, I should have installed Cliffys but didn't. The good news is that I do have a new unpopulated ramp and NOS decal for it, just need time to get out the rivet press, figure out where I stored the rivets, etc.

Damn, you've got a nice collection Mr Bill. Tempting to pretend I can afford that LOTR just to come have a beer with you and play a couple of those pins

2 weeks later
#2412 2 years ago

Anyone have a nice T2 they would trade for a very nice JM with no cabinet fade?

1 month later
#2471 2 years ago

It fits in nicely with all the rest of the absurdly priced pinballs on Denver Craigslist.

Edit: did some readin' up on BBB. Apparently this is the going rate now. I was out of line.

#2482 2 years ago

I wonder if 1Up or Lyons would buy...

Please try to sell it to one of them!

3 weeks later
#2538 2 years ago

guys, anyone know any locations to play in Durango? I am going to be down there the last week of this month. Hoping to drink some of the fine local beer there and play pinball.

2 months later
#2735 1 year ago

Champion Pub is a turd. There is a reason you can always find one for sale.

1 week later
#2799 1 year ago

I am more annoyed by the craigslist ads that appear under Pinball searches but having nothing to do with Pinball. What’s with the f-ing outdoor research beanies that have been on there for 6 months?

RobNapp, congrats on overcoming a negative addiction in your life and looking as good as you do. You be you, man!

4 weeks later
#2871 1 year ago

Anyone here grab Gilbert's AFM that was on CL? I was interested, but price was too steep for my weak knees.

1 month later
#2974 1 year ago

Hello Colorado pinsiders. Do any local restorers have the WPC back box warning screen? Could you share it with a fellow pinsider (me)? I would throw in a case of beer or favorite beverage?

I would even pay you. Finishing up a funhouse cabinet restoration. I want to do this step right but buying the silkscreen would be over $300.


1 month later
#3110 1 year ago

Hi guys, looking to buy a used Williams transformer. System 11 or WPC (I believe they are the same). I could pick up at the show this weekend. Thanks,

7 months later
#3565 11 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

In general it does, but that's not the case here. Denver has one of the hottest pinball markets in the country, if your game isn't selling, you are asking more than it's worth. If it was worth it, or a good value, it would cell. Of course, there could be other factors, but fringe cases aside, games priced right should sell in days, not months.

It is not. That is your opinion. Your opinion doesn't matter, you aren't the market. You can think it's a great value, but until someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is, it's not worth it. Once someone does pony up, you have a much better understanding of how much that games is worth, based on how long it took to sell, if they sold it local or on Pinside or Ebay etc. Sales set prices, not comparisons.

Every single pinball machine on Denver CL right now is over priced. And 90% of the listings are from pinsiders. I don't think the price on this Luci is that bad.

4 weeks later
#3617 10 months ago

Whitewater was my first purchase. I thought it would be my only game. I paid $3700 and it damn near gave me a heart attack to spend that kind of money on such a frivolous thing. Meanwhile, 6 games later...

2 months later
#3775 8 months ago


Looking to buy a used cabinet.

Late System 11
Early WPC

Interested in any condition. Let me know if anyone has and price you're looking for

#3780 8 months ago
Quoted from Mathazar:

Looking to trade my entire DVD collection (700+ discs) for a solid state pinball. I've got the DVD collection posted for sale at $500, will trade + or - cash depending on pin title/condition. Pinball can be a project and does not need to be working but should be all or mostly all there. Some titles I'm interested in include F2K, Meteor, Firepower, Joker Poker, and the like.
Details and pictures of the DVD collection can be seen on my CL ad: denver.craigslist.org link

I will trade you my typewriter collection for your EBD

Just kidding.

Good luck

1 week later
#3815 8 months ago

Guys, I am looking for a used but fully working Williams DMD.
Hoping someone out there has a decent price on one after putting in a color DMD. I just can't bring myself to pay for a new one from one of the parts suppliers. Prices seem absurd.

6 months later
#4161 62 days ago


I am on the hunt for a Shadow. Let me know if anyone local is selling. Thanks!

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