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Colorado what's fs/ft

By Sijcolo

5 years ago

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#450 4 years ago
Quoted from Notbychance:

I'm looking to buy a like new met pro/premium in colorado or surrounding areas. May also be interested in Star Trek, TAF. Let me know if you are thinking about selling one. Not sure if I can wait till the next run of MET. Thanks.

Are all the distributors out of MET?

#477 4 years ago

Right, who is his target audience? Those prices imply the game to be 100% working and in very nice cosmetic condition. You can't sell a game heavily routed condition to the retail buyer, can you?

1 week later
#559 4 years ago

They're not easy to find in excellent condition. I was thinking an unshopped WH20 w/playfield wear seems high to me at $4k as well, but it does have the topper, and can't see many issues from the low-res pics, so it would need to be judged in person. I'm actually surprised to hear of a diamond plate playfield with "too much wear".

#570 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Heading to lyons today if anyone wants to hang and play pinball. Ill be there around 3

Hope you're enjoying the weather... a little nicer than WI.

#590 4 years ago

I've observed CL flagging as about 1/3 legitimate (misrepresentation/overposting), 1/3 shady buyers trying to eliminate competition by taking an ad down, and 1/3 unknown/personal. I thought the shady buyer thing was done once prices stopped skyrocketing, but the competitive nature of the hobby is alive and kicking.

4 weeks later
#662 4 years ago

I like this CL ad for a Rack-A-Ball. "fully restored to its 1962' glory!"

denver.craigslist.org link

rab1.jpg rab2.jpg rab3.jpg
2 weeks later
#706 4 years ago
Quoted from HFK:

I need to get back out to Colorado. So many fun things to do. If it wasn't for the winters I would already live there.

I've spent substantial time in both CO and FL, and the general impression is this:

Both have 300 days of sunshine
Both have 7 months of amazing weather and 5 months of weather that requires some toughing out.

It's true in FL you can wear shorts and t-shirts year round, but in the summer (May-Sep) you will tend to spend your time indoors in air conditioning, windows shut 24x7. You can go to the beach, but 88 degree water doesn't actually cool you down, neither does shade, so everyone has swimming pools in their back yard. If you do any outdoors activities in those 5 months you are going to need a shower afterwards, anything as simple as yard work, or a walk, in which case you risk a torrential downpour, so cars are used for all transportation. In those 5 months there isn't a single day's break from 90 degrees w/90% humidity. I personally didn't have a problem with it, easy enough to adapt.

In CO the cold is intermittent in the 5 month period of Nov-March, and there will be inevitably a week where the temperature is below freezing for a week, but it's just as likely see a week in January with temps 50-70 degrees. Year-round in CO plenty of people play golf, wear shorts, and ride their bikes to work. The reason is the lack of humidity and weather... any time the temp is above 32 degrees it's very tolerable and even 100 degree weather is fine as shade actually cools you down. You will feel very comfortable wearing shorts in 50 degree weather in CO, where that is not the case in FL. You have to keep a light jacket handy as the weather changes constantly.

After having gone through my first winter in many years, I now think that CO has more good weather days than FL, as defined by the number of days per year where it's possible to take a comfortable walk outside. For me, the mountains have far more interesting things to do than the beach, and ultimately both remain my top 2 states to live in.

#708 4 years ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Plus, no offense, but the nuts seem to drain down to FL and end up there for some reason. Seems like you hear more crazy stories coming out of that state than anywhere.

Now let's not get crazy here... you're comparing it to the state famous for Jonbenet Ramsey, Columbine shooting, the Batman theater shooting, or just in the past year the Arapaho High shooting, Stanley Lake lunch room suicide, and possibly the most disturbing of all, the craigslist fetus kidnapping.

1 week later
#737 4 years ago
Quoted from Aladdin:

Looks like a Comet is for sale in good condition and only "lower" pf wear.

That game as seen lots of love!

3 months later
#902 4 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

The SMVE rumors are so strong right now. Not willing to wait a little to see if it happens?

There is some gambling involved with waiting. Original SMs may become more plentiful on the market when SMVE is released, but they are already priced slightly below a NIB Stern Pro. Then the rumors of it being premium priced may make people consider whether a $2k upgrade is worth it, and the originals may look like a deal and get a slight bump in price... especially considering this:

I don't see a ton of artwork on SM from the original movie anyhow, a little on the translite and a handful of plastics. Using new translite and plastics used on SMVE would make an original look like a generic SM pin too.

#910 4 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

so who is selling some games to buy a GoT?
let me have your system 11s

Let me make it easy for everyone:

4 sys 11's = 1 GOT pro
6 sys 11's = 1 GOT Premium
7 sys 11's = 1 GOT LE

1 month later
#1025 4 years ago
Quoted from eXidy:

I have a real nice Stunt Pilot for sale from Midway 1971

Very cool, someday I may get an EM like that, I don't remember the gameplay on Stunt Pilot but I love the rifle and submarine games.

1 week later
#1051 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Oops, sounds like I had the wrong idea about what powder coating should cost. I thought I read somewhere that markmon gets his done for ~ $150 per game so I was expecting something more in that range!

It is possible to get the job done cheaper, but you're looking at the difference between Stern's nearly painted armor as opposed JJP's multi-stage powder coating application that gives depth, texture, and gloss. It's the difference between getting your car painted at Maaco or a custom hot rod shop, and $100 on a $4k+ game is typically less than the cost of LEDs, toppers and mods... with a bigger impact.

Here are some examples of the multi-stage applications:

I've got a game I'd like to get done as well, but ideally want a shop that knows how to do pinball parts properly.

1 month later
#1105 4 years ago
Quoted from outcida:

Anyone else in CO in on the Rob Zombie pin by Spooky or considering it?

Nice to see 2 LEs coming to CO. I'm still on the fence on the game...

3 weeks later
#1129 4 years ago

You'll likely miss this on the Pinside front page... take a look if you have any interest in a multi-location team league.


#1143 4 years ago
Quoted from ghostbc:

Just got my GOTLE installed at Lyons Classic Pinball . It will be available for play when we open on Thursday at 5pm. Just played a few games on it and I like it so far.

Finally! Looking forward to it.

1 month later
#1322 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

That's where I was when I started pinball. Pinball machines have way more problems than vids, but they're easier to learn to fix (and most of the problems are smaller than what is required of recapping monitors or board repair).

Exactly... pinball issues tend to impact a small section of the game and repair takes 2 minutes with a screwdriver. When a video game has an issue it tends to be 100% unplayable and requires 30 minutes of electronics troubleshooting and repair. The fear of buying a used pinball machine is largely unfounded... everyone has to learn how to repair them at some point!

#1324 3 years ago
Quoted from reynolds531:

The difficulties arise with electrical problems especially with circuit boards. It takes more than a screw driver.

Yes, there are as many electronics involved in a pinball machine as a video game, but my experience is this: I've owned 18 pins and 18 video games. I've had issues with 16 of the 18 video games, usually multiple times, and that usually involves a repair tech, but only 6 of the 18 pins. While it may have something to do with the age of the games, my older pins have been fairly solid performers. I understand there is a lot better chance of bulletproofing vids than pins, but that is contrary to my personal experience in a home use environment.

3 weeks later
#1391 3 years ago
Quoted from mesmashu:

Can anyone confirm if The Hobbit is on location and ready to take my hard earned $?

I'm sure we'll get an update when it is confirmed at Lyons... estimate was tomorrow!

2 weeks later
#1454 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Also, Baiter mentioned this to me today...should we have a dedicated thread for Colorado events? Or maybe something outside of Pinside? A weekly email might be pretty awesome - so as to include those not on Facebook or Pinside.

My issue since I moved to CO is lack of centralized location for events. I see info spread around on web sites (poorly maintained), multiple Facebook groups (found a third today), Pinside forums (like looking for a needle in a haystack), group text messages, emails, flyers you can only find if you visit X or Y location just prior to the event.

If I want to know is monthly tournament X still REALLY going this month it's hit and miss. Once I was ready to attend a tournament but couldn't for the life of me figure out if it was really on to risk the drive, even using their own web site. Another time I went to an event only to find the venue empty. I was told in passing a different monthly tournament went defunct, yet still posted as active on one of the web sites, so I crossed it off of my own calendar of events. It just feels like a lot of effort for what boils down to a simple shared calendar that can answer "what is going on this week".

Facebook has an event calendar but I'm not seeing anyone use it. Overall I think Facebook is too generic, forces sorting and sifting to find posts about events, commonly only if you know what event you are looking for. Similarly, a single Pinside thread might be too unorganized requiring searches rather than looking at a single page listing "what's going on this week", but I would opt for it over Facebook because it's focused on pinball. Meetup.com is specifically designed for recurring events allowing organizers to set and confirm schedules with message forums/date/time/location/calendar/alarms to give you exactly "what is going on this week", works fantastic for other recurring events I attend, so I can't think of anything better at this point.

#1458 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Baiter, do you watch the IFPA calendar? I find that it is a well-maintained site for sanctioned events.

I'll add it to the list of the other sources I check, but I can already tell it suffers from the same issues I listed earlier. Next 1-up monthly tournament is listed 8 months away (I know it is next week), and the next Metroboom monthly is 7 months away (no info about it on the website as linked from IFPA to verify)... and I'm fairly certain most league info will not appear in the IFPA calendar either, so the overall value is debatable.

Quoted from HFK:

You need to set up the Colorado edition of The Village.

I know.

#1464 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

That's great, thanks Dan. The more resources we can bring to CO pinball, the better.
Not sure if you're looking at the right IFPA calendar, Baiter. I see 1up on 4/17, Metroboom on 4/20.
Is this where you're looking?

If you click on 1up and Metroboom on the map it shows different dates months into the future... likely an issue with the IFPA software.

4 weeks later
#1527 3 years ago
Quoted from VacFink:

Thanks, messaged too, no difference. Probably bombarded.

The ad basically reads like this: "I have stuff to sell, contact me for more info about my stuff!"

And in the fine print: "* disclaimer: Requests for location, listings, pricing, or any further details about said stuff will be ignored. Watch for another ad in 1 week."

#1530 3 years ago
Quoted from outcida:

All prices will be whatever is listed in 2016 Mr. Pinball Price guide +$200 for handling. You have to buy more than one for free shipping.

One would hope prices reflect condition rather than a price guide... and I've never heard of a handling fee. Sounds sketchy.

#1551 3 years ago

90's B/W pricing on CL lately has been stunning... I realize some of these are advertised as CC, but asking prices seem to have have jumped up a bit for this group

White Water: $6000
Twilight Zone: $6900
Scared Stiff: $7000 and $7600
CFTBL: $5500 and $4495
Monster Bash: $9500

1 week later
#1599 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I'm going to bring a game out to RMPS, most likely. I'm not planning on selling, but with a good enough of an arm twist, I might let something go. It'll be one of the following:
- Elvira and the Party Monsters
- Bride of Pinbot
- Spider-Man
- Ghostbusters LE (this one would be 100% not for sale)
Any preferences for what I should bring out? All machines are in great shape.

Bring what you want to show off instead of what you want to sell. It's a show not a swap meet.

#1607 3 years ago
Quoted from WesleyCowan:

Wish there was an official swap meet with pins, parts etc for sale in the parking lot or somewhere at the show.

It's easier if everyone posts what they can bring for sale to this thread, and parking lot arrangements can be made for pickup. It'll be more efficient than spending a few hours standing around outside.

#1611 3 years ago

I have a 1947 United "Mexico" Flipperless woodrail (w/wood legs) available, I can bring it to the show. It is mostly complete, missing a few odds and ends such as plastic inserts, saucer kicker arm, playfield glass, and backbox back. I have more pics available for anyone interested. IMO the cabinet and playfield art held up better than EMs made 30 years later... Neat looking game. Looking for $250 and all proceeds go to Project Pinball.



5 months later
#1928 3 years ago
Quoted from Sijcolo:

I would prefer to sell my games to a pinsider but it's not worth the added cost. Most games I've posted here haven't sold here but through craigslist. Turns out most my Craigslist adds were pinsiders.

My personal preference is to buy and sell in person, which gives Craigslist an edge due to its broader local audience than Pinside. If you are looking for top $ for a particularly rare/high end game, then shipping to/from Pinsiders is the way to go. The middle ground is more grey... Pinside's value over Craigslist is buyer/seller ratings, but it lacks distance radius integration particularly with Wishlist notifications. Ultimately a $5-10 listing on Pinside for sellers is a more than reasonable way to help filter out the cruft you get from Craigslist.

However, I have a really interesting flipperless game I've been trying to sell for charity but have had an amazingly difficult time finding a local buyer on Pinside or Craigslist at any price, so paying for an ad on Pinside as a significant portion of the sales price doesn't sound all that attractive either.

#1930 3 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Sometimes, it's quicker, easier, and almost as good to just donate it and take the write-off.

Yes... except as I said the bike was a charity donation, and I'm trying to turn it into some paltry amount of money for the charity, which is ultimately not much more than a pinball raffle ticket costs, except in this case you are guaranteed to win a game.

1 month later
#1994 3 years ago
Quoted from Elicash:

Yeah, the seller emailed me finally a couple of days ago and said all of his responses to his Craigslist ads were going to his junk folder. Still pretty odd, but i guess that stuff happens.

That's actually not odd at all... I cannot for the life of me keep craigslist replies out of my Yahoo Mail spam folder.

#1999 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

well... there is your problem
get rid of yahoo old man

And communicate with strangers in my real email accounts? I don't think so.

#2003 3 years ago

gmail is the only real email.

#2006 3 years ago
Quoted from jalpert:

Does it seem like pins aren't selling as well this year as they have in years past? Looking at Craigslist, usually some of the overpriced stuff sells this time of year. It looks like it's the same games just sitting.

It does appear like used game pricing is dropping while NIB prices are rising. That obviously can't continue for too long.

1 month later
#2041 2 years ago

Everything about Facebook is terrible... but it does appear to be the lowest common denominator for pinball communication outside of Pinside. Emphasis on "lowest".

1 month later
1 month later
#2122 2 years ago

I'm selling my SM that I've had for years. I've put a lot of time and money into it, and I actually like this particular sample better than any other I've had my hands on.... but it's the first of a handful of games I will be selling in the near future.


#2126 2 years ago
Quoted from mountaingamer:

I'm wondering about how many plays would a game like Dialed In get over a 3 day show? I'm sure there will be a line to play the entire show & thinking maybe 1200 - 1500 games? I'm interested!

I've seen audit counts for a game played constantly in 3 day show in the 550 range. At the end of that 3 days all one has to do is wipe down the dirt and it's as good as new.

#2133 2 years ago

I've seen quite a few really nice Congos over the years. Their popularity seems to go up and down, as I've seen them sit on the trading block for a while at very fair prices. That was also several years ago... now games tend to sit in collections a lot more than they used to.

2 months later
#2284 2 years ago
Quoted from mesmashu:

Colorado market has been rather stale lately... what's going on?

Yea, I get the impression the mostly tepid buying interest is focused on NIB games, few of which excite me personally. It would be a lot more fun to have more games moving around the market. It may be one drawback to having so many locations to play.

2 months later
#2385 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Will they note which games are used for league in advance (so we can play those prior to league)?

Yes. Also, there is a new Dialed In to play!

1 month later
#2454 2 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

Is Denver Craigslist usually this dry for 90’s DMD? I’ve been checking daily for the past couple weeks, and there’s hardly anything available.
Maybe a few more titles will pop up after expo?

I'll be putting up a BF for sale some day...

2 months later
#2589 2 years ago
Quoted from KeeperUSA:

Anyone have a World Cup Soccer they would like to sell?

Maybe... I'll PM you.

1 month later
#2670 2 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Boo gunbarrel has ended.

Gunbarrel league starts again this Monday Jan 8th.

9 months later
#3347 1 year ago
Quoted from GamesGuy5280:

Did anyone end up with the CL, flipped Ripley's BION?
I was interested in the lighted flippers mod.
I haven't seen one of those in person.
It seems like it would have a cool look.

It's a fun game... one of those that's fairly uncommon but well regarded.

1 month later
#3452 1 year ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

I think it would involve figuring out a machine or range of machines they are interested in, finding the machine, and doing delivery/setup. Maybe in some ways, it would be like being a realtor for people buying pinball machines. Is there anyone out there who would want to provide this as a service? I think you could make a little bit of money on the side doing this for newbies and charging by the hour.

There is definitely a broker market out there, for new and for seasoned collectors.

A retailer is likely the best best option for newbies who aren't sure what's out there, how to tell if a deal is worth while and how to understand the basics of maintaining a game, so it's worth ponying up some extra money for the help, advice, possible transport, on top of finding their ideal game, and perhaps service later on. An individual could certainly do all that as well, but tend to be less reliable.

I had a neighbor willing to buy a Kings & Queens if I ever ran across one (still haven't to this day). It would have been worth it to both of us if I happened to find one, transport it, fix it up a bit, helped him install it, and tacked on $200 for the time, gas, and parts (we can argue separately if that even covers it). Broker is a better description for this than the term we are more familiar with (Flipper).

I have also talked to plenty of seasoned collectors that would gladly offer a finder's fee (aka broker fee) if someone could locate and secure a tough to find game for them in X condition, at Y cost, etc.

In other words, knowledge and connections can definitely bring value if someone wanted to do this... and let's face it, there are more people already doing that than we all realize, but outside of retailers, most do it in a more hidden way. New owners are a benefit to everyone in the hobby.

4 months later
#3764 8 months ago

Hotdoggin' is a fun game!

8 months later
#4259 7 days ago
Quoted from The_1up:

Maybe in the future if TBL's continue to be made in large numbers and are reliable, my opinion will change.

I hope they do. I really enjoy playing it.

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