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Color DMD Hints

By TopMoose

5 years ago

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#2145 4 years ago

Well I certainly hope it's not last but with my luck Kiss will be last...it's been over a year since the last code update so consider code done on Kiss. So I guess I will have about a 3 year wait on color for Kiss LOL!

4 months later
#2787 3 years ago

Now I have no issue with Stern taking a little more time to polish the Kiss code and FIX THE ANIMATIONS.....just a matter of time and it will happen.

1 month later
#2890 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

I would think not, but at the very least any new animations would not be colorized.

But Color DMD has been great at updating if any code gets updated. But knowing another update could be coming for Kiss it makes sense to wait on that one for now.

Kiss will be awesome when it gets done though

2 months later
#3172 3 years ago

Need some quick help...bought a color DMD to put in original run Metallica....can someone please confirm I have the ribbon cable the correct way.....don’t want to screw this up.

0A696D60-6079-442E-8FAA-83571D9B1CC6 (resized).jpeg

#3175 3 years ago

Thanks for the help!!! Got it now and good to go....just gotta load the firmware.

#3177 3 years ago

Thanks for the help!!! Got it now and good to go....just gotta load the firmware. Great upgrade for any pin

1 week later
#3218 3 years ago

I like the way you are thinking...Kiss would be nice but would not expect it with talk of another update maybe this year.

#3229 3 years ago

Was expecting one...just in hopes it is Kiss...but MSF is probably the best guess.

4 months later
#3523 3 years ago

Face it....new code for Kiss is never coming so may as well move it to the head of the line

2 months later
#3733 3 years ago

Well the code is supposed to dropping in November so no excuses now...let’s hope they fix some of the horrible animations.

Color DMD has some good people helping colorize the games so I am confident they will find a way to get it done...would be awesome to have a nice Kissmas with new code and color DMD!!!

#3757 2 years ago

Well knowing that the Kiss code is “supposed” to be dropping in a couple weeks that would be too obvious.....unless Color DMD has some cooperation with Stern to get a preview of any updated animations which need some help for sure.

Now if I remember correctly an early appearance of Kiss on Midnight Special there is a rainbow in the background of the set....so there is your rainbow connection.

#3759 2 years ago

Kiss has a Cat man and the Pink Panther is a cat.....

4 weeks later
#3813 2 years ago

Bring on color DMD for Kiss please...that would make it a very merry Kissmas!!!

Lots of animations so I expect it will be a little farther down the road but confident it will get done eventually....hoping the wait won’t be as long as the wait for the last code update we just got.....this game really needs it!

#3816 2 years ago

Definitely an option...I know they are working on spike kits to make it easier to install...will pick one up and will be ready this time......had Metallica for 5 years and just put color DMD in this year LOL!

4 months later
#4053 2 years ago

Count me in as one kind request for Kiss...it will be bad ass!!! Hopeful one day soon it will finally happen.

#4062 2 years ago

I would imagine it will take a little longer as if the actual concert footage cannot be found then some playing with the colors could take a while to get them close to what it could be....also there are some animations that look like crap....hard to tell what they are....blood, curtains??? So yeah there are some challenges to overcome. Also there are probably some animations not used but could be if a small tweak/minor update comes out one day so lots to colorize. I am confident that it will get done as they would sell a fair amount of them.

#4087 2 years ago

I for one appreciate the the people and the work done for colorizing the games. They get done when they get done. Happy with each release. I will not complain. Keep em’ coming!

1 month later
#4166 2 years ago

There are lots of games left to get the color treatment....Kiss is only one of the last recent Stern’s left to be done. Doesn’t mean it is next.....but can’t wait to see it!!!

1 year later
#4526 1 year ago

100...well Kiss has a song called 100,000 years so it must be Kiss.
Yeah it’s a stretch but wishful thinking.

#4553 1 year ago

Figured we would have a new clue or announcement by now.

#4572 1 year ago

I think Kiss will get done but it’s a project. Lots of dots. Concert footage may not be readily available. But there are some good animators that can make educated guesses on the appropriate colors so I don’t think it’s a show stopper. I am sure all the old animations of the 90’s Bally/Williams games had little to no color to work from so animators played with colors and chose what looks best. But those by far are simple animations compared to Kiss. I am sure they have a plan to do it eventually but they would like to get it correct and not have to rework it. And much of of the coloring is done by people volunteer to do it and it is not their full time job. There have been some awesome people that have contributed. It’s a tedious process I am sure to color pixel by pixel and frame by frame.

But hands down color DMD is overall the best mod.

#4592 1 year ago

Glad to see more titles being released!

I see how all the people wanting Kiss seems like whining but it really shows there is a demand for this title and people ready to buy immediately when it’s done.

Patience is a tough thing for people in this hobby.

1 month later
#4676 1 year ago
Quoted from RobF:

Yay, my turn for a left-field KISS guess;
- Engima is a song by William *Kiss*
- The image is an atomic diagram of the 23rd element, Vanadium. Vanadium is described as a *soft metal*...

Had to google William Kiss. Could it really be? It would be the highlight of this dumpster fire year of 2020. It’s a legit guess for sure.


1 month later
#4729 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Because when it finally gets done, it's going to be awesome!
I hope/think it's taking a long time because it's a tricky, time consuming conversion.

I am sure it’s not an easy one to do. But I am sure they want to do it cause they will sell a bunch. I have faith it will get done eventually.

8 months later
#4866 4 months ago
6E458CAD-033B-42CB-BBE3-2DB6641BB514 (resized).jpeg
#4867 4 months ago

Was hoping for a new hint or reveal today. Inquiring minds want to know…….

#4869 4 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I had a motivational breakfast this morning and everything to help KISS be the one this time...[quoted image]

Damn…I forgot I had this…..gotta make some Demon waffles soon LOL!

E6672D00-F8E8-4F14-BF13-076DB25B7ACA (resized).jpeg
3 months later
#4906 14 days ago

I want Kiss to be done as do many others. They have teased us with plenty of clues to troll us it could be Kiss. I am confident it will happen one day when I least expect it.

There are lots of reasons this one has not been done. Complicated dots/animations to colorize. Lack of concert footage means LOTS of guess work on the colors. I am pretty sure most everyone would be happy if they get it close enough and it will be fine. Comments from others that have colorized other titles have said it’s doable but will be a challenge. It’s just a matter of someone willing to commit the time/effort. That’s a lot to ask for as it will be a ton of work but it will look so good…

#4909 14 days ago

Ha! It’s easy to take comments the wrong way/personal on a forum. I am sure IRL most of us would have good conversations and enjoy all the joking and busting each other’s balls.

PinballManiac40 is one of the nicest and helpful persons you will ever meet in the hobby. He can take a joke and dish it out too…..don’t let his mild manner fool ya!

Time for the next clue or reveal!

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