10% CoinTaker LED Discount for Pinsiders


6 years ago


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#101 6 years ago

Got my led kits for TOTAN and TZ. Thanks for the discount BR!

#102 6 years ago

just ordered some that Santa will bring on christmas day Saved 25.10 thank BR! Got them for Tatman and I High Speed restore

#103 6 years ago

CT are great peeps to do business with, this is a nice little bonus. Thx!!

2 weeks later
#104 6 years ago

Anyone done a Getaway?

Probably start with a set of supers, but I'd like to do some color tweaking to add some extra color to the playfield. What looks good?

#105 6 years ago

Hey Twitch,

Why don't you start a new thread with your question. You will probably get quicker responses.


#106 6 years ago

Just used the discount last week for full kit on CFTBL. Wish I had it when I did my HS2 but CT is great to deal with!

#107 6 years ago

WOOOT Thanks to BR and also Chris and Mellissa!

Ordered my TOTAN kit and also 40 others cw 555/47's

#108 6 years ago

Do you guys think you save money by getting the kits or is it cheaper to buy the lights you need individually?

#109 6 years ago

Just ordered some LED's for my TZ. I think I forgot to hit apply for the coupon code... it didn't take anything off of my order. Oops, Make sure you hit apply!

#110 6 years ago

Give him a call. I bet he will give you a refund.

#111 6 years ago

I sent an e-mail, they said there was nothing they could do. It was my mistake... no big deal, just trying to prevent others from making the same mistake

#112 6 years ago

I just ordered a set myself. Thanks cointaker for the discount!

#113 6 years ago

What great customer service, I forgot to hit apply on the promo code... totally my mistake and missed out on the discount. Just got an e-mail from Chris that I would be refunded. There aren't many companies left that would do that. Cointaker Rules!

I am going to donate the refund directly to the Pin For Robin fund, I wouldn't have gotten the discount without this forum.

#114 6 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

Do you guys think you save money by getting the kits or is it cheaper to buy the lights you need individually?

i buy the kit sometimes depends how quick i want the led's usually i buy some extra of the cool white frosted in each bulb type though inscase i dont like their selection on certain placement of colors

1 week later
#115 6 years ago

What a Moron !!!!! 1 Flasher Wrong , and he has to do a Video.. Leave a Comment on his Video.

» YouTube video

1 week later
#116 6 years ago

oh, I thought this was 100% discount. But 10% is ok.

#117 6 years ago

Thanks BR just saved 17 bucks.

#118 6 years ago

I hope this discount never goes away. I use it all the time... over the last several months its saved me about $100.00

#119 6 years ago

saved another $25 THANK YOU!!

#120 6 years ago

Thank you BR and Cointaker, just placed an order for a kit. Much appreciated!!! Will definitely bring business back to them again in the future, just need to find some more pins/funds

1 week later
#121 6 years ago

I Love Pinball ,, I Try to Help Everyone with their need's when I can and Anyway I can . Ask-n CoinTaker for a Discount for this Forum is Just 1 Example.. I had a Long talk w/ Chris the other nite.
The 10% Discount is Just 1 way for CoinTaker to Help also..

I Personally want to Thank Chris & Melissa @ CoinTaker for what They do for Our Pinball Addiction. I haven't meet them Yet , but I tried to get to the Expo in Chicago to do so , but i got Trapped in Detroit. But I will have my chance in Texas ... CoinTaker Rule's !! Kudos my Friend's . B_R


#122 6 years ago

just ordered the new PREMIUM- NON-GHOSTING leds from cointakers 44 & 555, gonna try those out and a few other leds, flashers.
saved a few bucks, thanks to BLACK_ROSE and cointakers for that.

#123 6 years ago

I'm All Stocked up for now,, http://shop.cointaker.com/

3 weeks later
#124 6 years ago

hey BR... can you see if they would put together the non-ghosting led's in sets
say for star trek 25th?

#125 6 years ago

Thx BR saved 31$

#126 6 years ago

cointaker's in the a13

100_4963.jpg 100_4964.jpg

#127 6 years ago

Saved me $70 today....its bad if you start saving that much :-))

#128 6 years ago

Saved $16 on recent order. Thank you Cointaker and B_R for the Pinside discount!!

#129 6 years ago

Just bought a kit for my newly aquired RFM...thanks so much Cointaker and B_R!!!!

Saved me $16.40...

I love this forum - finally back in the hobby again after a 5 year leave of absence.

#130 6 years ago

thanks again just ordered kit for my vette

2 weeks later
#131 6 years ago

I just called cointaker after realizing post-confirmation of my order that I forgot about the pinside discount code. Chris was great - since he couldn't go back and apply the discount, he totally added some color-changing bulbs for me! Man, that is AWESOME! I can't wait to experiment with those in JM!

Well done, cointaker, you just snagged me as a customer for a L-O-N-G time.

#132 6 years ago

So im gonna go the LED route on all my back boxes...what do you recommend,dont want fancy colors as such just looking to keep original appearance but have the LED low heat benefits. Sounds like frosted warm and cool whites from what ive read here but i see there are a super brights range of these as well as just a standard range?many thanks

#133 6 years ago

I am considering the retro LEDs for my 1977 Eight Ball. Those look like a great solution for the old look that I want to maintain on that machine. Are those really new or did I just find out about them? Anyone try them yet?

#134 6 years ago

Here's CoinTaker's Solution for Yr Eight ball .....

I just got off the phone w/ Chris, For GI's he suggests The Warm Or Cool white Retro..

» YouTube video

#135 6 years ago

Thanks, BLACK_ROSE. The Retro LEDs are very tempting. I do love the look of the old-school 47 lamps in my Eight Ball (but I could not go without LEDs in my Johnny Mnemonic).

#136 6 years ago

Another $11-$12 saved (: ... gotta LED up TFTC ... 36 44/47's in the backbox alone >_<

#137 6 years ago

I saved $25 bucks on a kit and some color changing flipper buttons......all hail CT's!!!!

#138 6 years ago

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give Cointakers some more praise. They are out of the cool white frosted LEDs for my TFTC, so I went ahead and got the warm white frosted LEDs instead. On the side, I wanted to order 5 to 6 44/47 green 170s and 5 to 6 44/47 blue 170s. Melissa threw those 11-12 bulbs in for free - no charge whatsoever. That is fricking awesome. Talk about taking care of your customers. I won't even blink another vendor's direction at this rate.

Stay classy, Chris and Melissa. You got me for life at this rate!

#139 5 years ago

I just started installing some of my first order.
Many ULTRA brights and a few UV was my order.
Added Ultra bright flashers to fish tales.
Added ULTRA & Ultra bright 44s to Judge dredd (soo goood looking in clear white color).

#140 5 years ago

HP ,, Up-Load a Video of JD when yr done . I wanna see it... I missed yr call also.. Try again

#141 5 years ago

Just saved $ 27.00 on my shaker and some led's. Thanks pinside.

#142 5 years ago

Just Gotta say , If you haven't Tried any of CoinTakers Premium Led's Yet , You need too. The Sopranos Ghosted with the Frosted & Super's , but these New Prem's- Are Just what the Pin Dr Ordered ... Well Worth the Extra .30 cent's.......

Sopranos_in_Leds_001.JPG Sopranos_in_Leds_008.JPG Sopranos_in_Leds_005.JPG Sopranos_in_Leds_009.JPG

1 week later
#143 5 years ago

I received my Twilight Zone LED kit yesterday and stayed up until 4am dropping them in place.
The machine looks awesome, much brighter and the flex LED's used for directed illumination on those dark area's really added life.... what a great product.

#144 5 years ago

I have only used the Premium superbrights and they work as described.
Which are brighter, the SBs or two led?

#145 5 years ago

Is the PINSIDE code still active? I just tried it and when I clicked APPLY the amount stayed the same.

#146 5 years ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Is the PINSIDE code still active? I just tried it and when I clicked APPLY the amount stayed the same.

Make sure you type PINSIDE in caps.

#147 5 years ago

I'm thinking that the amount of the charge doesn't show any change until after you get to the final checkout page if I remember correctly.

#148 5 years ago

I'll be going with cointaker for my shaker and some warm whites after my AC/DC premium gets here. Can't beat 20 bux off that shaker just for posting at this awesome site.

#149 5 years ago

I'll be going with cointaker for my shaker and some warm whites after my AC/DC premium gets here. Can't beat 20 bux off that shaker just for posting at this awesome site.

10-4 on that !!!!!!! While yr at it , Get a Stern Led Flipper Button Kit.. My Huge Order should be in the mail for HS2 Friday afternoon ...

PINSIDE in Cap's .. Life Tyme Discount !!!! ALL_Right.gif

#150 5 years ago

I've been Cointakering regularly for a month or so now because I'm not smart enough to count properly nor sober enough to get the base type right... but that only builds the experimental surplus I've talked about, so all is well!

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