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Coin Op Warehouse, Hagerstown, MD

By Pinball_Nate

7 years ago

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    #1 7 years ago

    Anybody been here? They advertised in Craigs List and also mention that they are on Facebook - was wondering what their prices/conditions were like?


    #2 7 years ago

    Their prices are fair, the condition of the games varies. Most of the time the games they sell have been routed and need shopped and repaired. It is definitely worth checking out.

    #3 7 years ago

    I follow them on FB, but never been to their physical location. Rmarket hit the nail on the head -- fair prices, but usually needs a good shopping/repair. I contacted the owner once as few pins hit the FB site to inquire about them. He said the pins go so fast he rarely has time to post them, so most pins likely hit the local market before they even get out to the public abroad unfortunately.

    #4 7 years ago

    I drove down there from Connecticut only to find junk and a very poor attitude from the seller. Total waste of time. I wouldn't go there unless you live very close and can check out the games in person.

    #5 7 years ago

    I agree with PinWizard in regards to poor attitude from the seller. Don't ask any questions, ask for any pictures, etc. Even after learning those lessons, I've never had any luck buying pins from Lloyd. The last straw for me was when Lloyd posted a FH for sale and I saw the ad first and immediately replied "I'll take it, no questions asked and that I would PayPal him the funds (plus fees) immediately". I could not pickup the pin for a few days and he wouldn't hold it even though I would pay him in full sight unseen. I realize it is his perogative, but I guess my money wasn't good enough for him.

    #6 7 years ago

    My neighbor bought a Tz from them, stated that it was in great condition. When he asked for pictures it took him couple days to get them to him. He also said that he would deliver to him in a few weeks. I want to say it took about 2 months to get it to him and on top of it they forgot the legs lol. The condition was ok, a few broken plastics and cracked ramps. But I think he got it for around 4500 delivered to his door.

    #7 7 years ago

    Thanks for the input, doesn't sound like a "must visit" place, but it's not far from me so someday I might just pop in.

    #8 7 years ago

    If you're close, I'd definately go. I would love to get there some day. Lloyd is exceedingly busy, and honestly does not have time for taking pics. Yes, he is THAT busy there. His inventory changes HOURLY, not weekly.

    Best to go if you can, and if you see something you like, grab it if the price is right. I have heard people get some great deals from him. Some OK deals as well. Be prepared to do some repairs and shop out though.


    #9 7 years ago

    Hey, can you blame them?
    If most of the pins they got go out the door quickly, why spend the time to shop them out.

    #10 7 years ago

    Lloyd at Coin Op Warehouse has been in business for years and is legendary. He deals in "as-is" type of machines and volume. These are unrestored and unshopped pins/vids/jukes/slots machines. Sometimes he buys back a restored machine from customers though. Usually, its from a former operators hands to you at a slight markup fair market value and priced to sell. He doesn’t spend a lot of time talking up a machine and basically states general condition with "it turns on/off." Some items he won’t turn something on to keep from frying something like vector games.

    I've dealt with him on a few items - parts a few times and a Berzerk cocktail. I didn’t bother to ask him specifics about condition of boards or power supply. I just packed up and drove to his place to inspect for myself.

    On a side note most if not all the games at Peter Hirschbergs (former collection) Luna City http://lunacityarcade.com/ came from Lloyd.

    A lot of parts get bought and sold from Lloyd like Quarter Arcade.

    If you’re in the area and can see the item for yourself then he's awesome. His customer service might not be on par with what your expecting "but" he will deal with you to a point.


    #11 7 years ago

    Ok, I'll make the trip - gettin' the itch to do something during these grey winter weekends.

    I don't mind a "fixer upper" - that is if I know exactly what to look for! Definitely a place to "cash and carry" it sounds like - thanks for all the response!!

    #12 7 years ago

    I was too late on a JP and I told Lloyd to keep me in mind if he gets another in. Lloyd contacted me as soon as they got another in; I asked for pictures and they were sent the same day. The DMD on it was broken and they swapped it out for a new one for free. The pin was unshopped and dirty but cleaned up quite well. I would definitely buy from Lloyd again.

    #13 7 years ago

    No problemo Nate. If you are into the hobby then it's worth it to look around. If you know what the expectations are ahead of time it helps. He has tons of vintage advertising stuff also.

    The shop I used to work at part time would buy from Lloyd pretty regularly. A hard luck case of a High Speed 2 came through and we bought it. Here are a few photos


    Not everything we picked up was in this bad of shape.


    #14 7 years ago
    Quoted from hAbO:

    He has tons of vintage advertising stuff also.

    Speaking of, just last week he was advertising on FB a load of pinball flyers he got in. Apparently, thousands from Gottlieb, B/W, Sega, DE, etc. The pricing wasn't bad (25 for $50 or 50 for $100 I believe), but it wasn't pick and choose. They'd just pick out 25 or 50 different ones and send off.

    #15 7 years ago

    Lloyd buys in massive quantities and is in every sense of the word a wholesaler. When he says he doesn't know the condition or that it turns on he's not lying. I've bought a bunch of stuff from him in the past but in the past pins were in better shape than they are now. I would recommend you drop by the warehouse on a Saturday and browse. You'll probably be amazed with what you find and probably astonished at just how much "stuff" is there.

    He's been in business for a long, long time and knows the value of *everything* so you will not find a $2000 AFM in his stacks. He loves bulk purchases though so take a buddy and a trailer.

    #16 7 years ago

    Wow! HS2 cleaned-up nicely!! I'd maybe be a little put off having to do a total playfield strip - but I'm pretty smart! Dunno....hmmm..........

    If/when I go I'll post pics, impressions....

    #17 7 years ago

    I bought a working sorcerer from Lloyd a few years back. Great deal, but you just have accept it as is no real haggling. But for $325 for a working sorcerer with minimal PF wear, who cares about the details. I'll take it.

    #18 7 years ago
    Quoted from Pinball_Nate:

    Wow! HS2 cleaned-up nicely!! I'd maybe be a little put off having to do a total playfield strip - but I'm pretty smart! Dunno....hmmm..........
    If/when I go I'll post pics, impressions....

    Thanks! It just depends on the type of shop job you want to do on a game. Unfortunately, it's the only way to get all the dirt and grime off of the playfield. Just take a bunch of photos along the way and have a lot of patience. I worked on the game at night and another guy during the day. It took about 2 weeks or so to clean everything up.

    1 week later
    #19 7 years ago


    Great site (HabosArcade.com), I just ran over your instructions for pinball restoration - great job!

    #20 7 years ago

    That Getaway on Habos site was actually really nice, just dirty. Sometimes the dirt protects the artwork underneath all that grime!

    #21 7 years ago

    Thanks Nate! It's a general shop out guide meant to be a Pin 101 level. It's nothing even closely resembling Vids guides. It's still a work in progress.


    #22 7 years ago

    Lloyd's a good guy and definitely a wholesaler, not a retailer. That means you need to deal quickly and concisely with him, and don't expect or demand much if any hand-holding.

    Once you understand his POV, he's very easy to deal with, and if he has the time to spare I found him a very interesting person to talk to when I visited his shop while picking up a game.

    This was the first opportunity I had to do business with Lloyd:

    Yes, an AFM in the spring of 2010 for $3450, as-is. And let me tell ya, his assessment was spot-on. It was dirty as hell, but this pin cleaned up beautifully.

    #23 7 years ago
    Quoted from bjsilverballs:

    He's been in business for a long, long time and knows the value of *everything* so you will not find a $2000 AFM in his stacks. He loves bulk purchases though so take a buddy and a trailer.

    I wouldn't say that, he had an $1800 RFM a couple of weeks ago. He mainly gets vids, the pins sell out in minutes. That RFM was gone less than 5 minutes after he posted it on Facebook.

    The guy deals in volume and there are literally thousands of folks around the world that don't care about photos, etc and will take it no questions asked. It really isn't worth his time to go through document and photograph anything because most stuff sells within the hour.

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