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Club Spidey (Spider-Man) - Members and guests welcome

By TimeBandit

5 years ago

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#98 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Totally agree. Was just saying could start experimenting with the LEDs before getting OCD. I personally would not do spidey again without OCD.

What about using premium non-ghosting LEDs instead of the ocd board?

#102 3 years ago

How will they do the fading light effects with the new VE? Stern uses all LEDs now so they must have to address this feature right. Maybe the new Spike system does this or do you think the VE will still be SAM? So many questions, can't wait for the reveal!

#106 3 years ago

So one can still install the led ocd into IMVE to get the effect right? If SM is ever re-released this seems like it has to be a must do item.

1 month later
#120 3 years ago

Just picked up a beautiful SM and I have several questions. Anyone have issues with the ball lock? The diverter post works fine but a fast left orbit shot deflects off the diverter and bounces back out of the saucer entrance and goes back down the right orbit. The game still locks the ball but it does not go into the saucer all the time. Second is LEDing this game. From my understanding the 4 villain inserts in the middle of the playfield dim or get brighter as you defeat multiple levels of each villain and each spot for each villain also dims? I put a premium non ghosting warm white LED in the Sandman insert (yellow) and it strobes/flickers badly. Besides the LED OCD board, is there a better LED I can use to lower the strobing? Comet sells the ultimate optix lamp and they claim it reduces strobing and flickering. What else dims in this game? The mode inserts in the middle to do not dim correct? Thanks for the advice.

#122 3 years ago

Pinbits sells these spider foam circles and they describe it as 1" foam circles that are used as the fix on SM. What is it fixing?

#124 3 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Use them to prevent bounce-outs from the Doc Ock hole.

Where do you put them, inside the blue pads? That's 2 of them, where's the third one go? Anyone have pictures please. Still looking for an explanation on the ball lock not going into the saucer from a hard left orbit shot. Thanks.

#128 3 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

There is a picture in this link:
Also, make sure the magnet core is flush with the playfield so the ball will not jump up and hit the blue pad when Doc Ock is up.

Sorry, I don't see how these foam circles,
would attach to that chute. Seems like they want you to install it in the saucer? The above link shows the ball dead drop foam put into the chute?

1 week later
#134 3 years ago

Has anyone installed a color DMD in SM yet? Even tho the rom is not available the lcd screen in red should look pretty good. If I sell my JD I will have the color DMD and will most likely put it in SM.

#136 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Anyone having issues with bounce outs from Doc Oc, the foam circles are great but you can also bend that bracket at the back of that area down a little, I rarely had any bounce outs after that.

Can you explain a little better or perhaps any pictures please? Thanks.

#141 3 years ago
Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

I have a ColorDMD in mine. It is linked to my Speaker Light Kit ( ) so it does whatever the light kits do, and I can change the settings with the remote that comes with the speaker lights. I switch it up, but have had it cycling between RBG and like that as it ties in with the villains in the game. I have had it in there for 2 or 3 years. ColorDMD is when it gets colorized I'm set!

Is there a color that makes the images look any better than a different color?

#148 3 years ago

Wanting to put some warm white LED's in the GI. Does anybody know if any of the GI uses dimming? I thought somebody said the spotlights for each villain dim so is that true and is there any other area that you know of that dims in the GI?

#150 3 years ago

Thanks for clarifying that, makes "sense" now.

#154 3 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I just got done putting Comet's sunlight (not too cool, not too warm) frosted 2 smds in my SM. They may be the most beautiful LEDs I've ever seen and fit the game perfectly.

Can you post a few pics please?

1 week later
#157 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

I have sunlights in almost everything. Beautiful GI bulb. First thing that will be going in my VE.

I put those sunlights everywhere in the GI and wow, it looks great.

1 week later
#160 3 years ago
Quoted from BangBackula:

I took Spidey to the woodshed last night. I successfully completed every mode, beat superhero, and had x6 for every shot for the rest of the game, all on the first ball. I was well on my way to a second superhero, but once I got close to 4 billion, I drained on purpose so the score wouldn't roll. I drained ball two and three intentionally. (this picture is before I launched and drained ball 2)
This was set to tournament mode with no extra balls. I've scored higher, but I've never played a perfect game before. I never thought I would, especially on only one ball.
Best game of my entire life. I feel like I pitched a no hitter or something.


Why would it roll over at 4 billion? I can see 9,999,999,999...

#164 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

that's such an astonishingly high score to me that I really can't even fathom it. that's just a ridiculous ton of successful shots and lack of bad bounces. stunning. I'm blown away by that score and it helps me realize how bad I am to be happy when I get 200m on the game.

I agree, my highest score so far is somewhere around 243 million. Have yet to even come close to super hero.

#166 3 years ago

I asked this in another thread but I was wanting to know how Bang was able to get 6X super jackpots to reach this score? There are only 5 modes and as far as I know when you finish all the white spiders to start a mode is when you shoot a certain shot for X2 scoring on that shot. Therefore you have to do all 5 modes and hit the same shot so that certain shot is 6X super jackpot when in black suit multiball? Someone please clarify. Thanks.

1 week later
#178 3 years ago

Just wondering if anybody has installed those blue web plastic protectors from Pinbits and if you could post a picture? I like the fluorescent look of these protectors in the lower part of the playfield. I've installed the green ones for MET and got some yellow orange ones for GOT. Want to see how it would look on SM. Thanks.

#180 3 years ago

Would have been nice to see with the GI on. Anybody else?

#183 3 years ago

Thanks KG! they look great. I was hoping they would have a little more blue fluorescent throw off to enhance the lower part by the flippers.

#185 3 years ago

I understand that but not the same look as the neon looking plastic protectors IMO. Plus I really don't like color in the GI.

#186 3 years ago

Sweet! Just got to Super Hero today and failed miserably but still fun. I asked Tim over at Mezel Mods to make some neon red and blue sling and lane protectors. Hope he comes through, I think it would make that lower part of the playfield look awesome. Now we just need some redone plastics for the slings, lanes, and spider sense area. This game is awesome!

2 weeks later
#191 2 years ago

My Sandman VUK switch is not registering all the time when a ball is in there. Has to do a ball search before kicking out the ball. Go into test mode and switch activates when pushed all the way down. Ball is not pressing switch down far enough. Is there a way to adjust it without removing the switch? Not very much room back there.

#193 2 years ago

Can someone explain the shot multipliers and how it stacks? You complete all the white spider targets to light a mode and the next you make I believe it makes that shot X 2. So, you have to keep going on the same ball, complete the mode, shoot all the white spider targets again and hit the same shot that is already multiplied to stack it to X 4? Kinda confused on that part. Also is there a way to increase the jackpots on BS and Battle Royal multiballs? Thanks!

#200 2 years ago
Quoted from BangBackula:

Start by shooting all shots with lit white spider inserts. Once every shot is hit, the inserts will flash. Your next shot will x2 that shot for the duration of your current ball. Once you hit your shot, that insert will stay lit to indicate the multiplier. You can also combine a mode start with that shot if you want, so shooting the left or right orbit will double that shot and start your next mode.
Successfully completing a mode will cause the inserts to flash again. Your next shot will be x3 for the duration of your current ball. Once you hit your shot, that insert will stay lit to indicate the multiplier.
You can triple an already doubled shot, meaning you can overwrite a x2 and make it a x3. Though it's really best to spread the multipliers around.
The lit insert indicating a multiplier will differ depending on whether you are using LEDs or incandescents, but once you know what you are looking for, you won't miss it.
I put the multipliers importance in this order:
1. Left Orbit/Spinner (This is a shot I will be hitting often, plus it starts a mode)
2. Doc Ock (Arguably the most important multiplier, but comes 2nd due to not starting a mode. Multiplies Doc Ock super jps)
3. Right Ramp (Won't be utilized too often, but will multiply Battle Royal jps)
4,5. Both Venom ramps (I don't find one more important than the other, and both multiply Black Suit super jps, but those can be rare)
6. Right Orbit (doesn't get hit as often, and there just isn't much to multiply there)
Oh, and beat Super Hero to get everything you've already done to be x2 for the remainder of your current ball.
Hope that helps.

Nice explanation! Thanks!

3 weeks later
#271 2 years ago

My original Spidey seems really "bouncy" around the flippers and just wondering if some new sling rubbers might help this issue. Compared to my other Sterns, GOT and MET, the ball is still controllable but SM seems to have more bounces and a lot of ball back spin.

1 week later
#300 2 years ago

Got my wiring harness for my colorDMD since I had a spare. Really hope they color SM someday. Was thinking about getting a RGB speaker light kit and adaptor to also change colors on the DMD. Do you think this would be a good addition till it gets the color treatment? Also when and if it does get colored, does the RGB need to be removed from the DMD?

1 week later
#345 2 years ago

Does anybody know where I can get the Spider-man fold down topper that replaces the Tournament fold down. Not looking for the lighted topper from Laserific, but just a replacement for that fold down Tounament? Thanks.

3 weeks later
#381 2 years ago
Quoted from zene10:

Me three! Sandman VUK is brutal. About 2 months old 400-500 plays. Ordering some additional mylar.

That is not good to have that king of dimpling in such a new game. The older one does not make that damage from the Sandman VUK. In fact I think mine actually deflects the ball somewhat towards the lanes where it kinda hits the rubber post in the center lane instead of directly on the playfield. I would see if you can re-direct the ball before that gets worse.

#395 2 years ago

That is pretty cool. You should see if you can change images to include all the villains too.

6 months later
#503 2 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy the folding SM topper to replace the "TOURNAMENT" one that came stock? Don't want the lit up topper just a replacement for the folding sign. Thanks.

#513 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

What does the folding SM topper look like? I don't think I have ever seen something like that. Are you referring to the McKee topper?

It's not the McKee topper, its just something that replaces the tournament fold down sign but looks much better. I'll see if I can get a pic.

2 weeks later
#527 2 years ago

So who's going to make the exit to shooter lane for original SM and make an extra for me to buy?

#535 2 years ago

It's a safe way for the ball to go back to the shooter lane for hitting a good shot at the spider sense shot. Without the lane exit and hitting that shot, the ball goes to the right outlane area and may go down the outlane instead of the inlane. Plus if it goes to the shooter lane you plunge to be pops and get a good shot at Venom as well.

#537 2 years ago

I think it was originally designed this way but don't know why it didn't go into production like that?

6 months later
#705 1 year ago

I bought everything to do the spider sense exit to shooter lane mod but just haven't had the time this summer. I still think this is one of Sterns best. I can make it to Super Hero but have not beat it yet. One of these days!

5 months later
#746 1 year ago

The spotlight lamp for the green goblin spotlight has fallen out several times now and want to know a better way for the lamp to stay in place. This last time, I wasn’t there and ended up finding the lamp jammed in my ball trough because the game couldn’t locate the balls. Some have used hot glue but really don’t want to go there, other options?

1 week later
#754 1 year ago

Finally did the spider sense exit to shooter mod. Awesome change. It should have been in production this way. No more cheap outlane drains for hitting a great shot for me.

5 months later
#895 8 months ago

I like em, nice job! Can you post a printable version on here. Thanks.

4 months later
#1007 4 months ago

I must be missing something cause anytime I raise/lower my play field nothing touches the sides. It goes up and rests on the head then right back down, not a scratch??

2 months later
#1070 74 days ago

This is the reason the spider sense exit to shooter mod is awesome. You collect a spider sense award and have a safe return to either the pops or your upper right flippper.

2 weeks later
#1086 60 days ago

Me personally, I like just the regular non-ghosting LED’s without OCD because if the shot is lit for a multiplier the insert looks different, tweaked if you will because of the dimming effect, and I can tell which shot is multiplied instead of the dimming which is hard to tell on the fly when your playing. Same thing for the villain inserts, if you have not completed all 3 modes for each villain the insert lighting is again tweaked so I know right a way that that villain has not yet been fully beat. Either way this game still kicks ass!

1 month later
#1135 22 days ago

Unless you like the art of the VE, which I personally do not, the original is better.

1 week later
#1197 13 days ago

Color DMD is the best mod you can do for any game. The videos look better in dots then in hi res but a must buy for sure. I also really like the spider sense to shooter lane mod as it takes away the cheap drains when you hit that shot. This game is the whole package IMO. Great rules, great call outs, and great wizard modes.

#1205 8 days ago

You have to fab it yourself with some additional parts. Pretty easy and worth it. You have to read this whole post and you will find the parts needed or do a forum search. Sorry I do not know off hand but I just followed the info here on Pinside.

#1222 4 days ago

Wondering how these holes on SM are suppose to help you align the flippers? My other Sterns have the toothpick holes at the tip of the flippers and these ones make no sense.

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