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Club Spidey (Spider-Man) - Members and guests welcome

By TimeBandit

6 years ago

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#72 4 years ago

I changed the GI to LED. Very nice, I used most red Leds, green with the goblin and warm whites around the bumpers.
Next is to change the playfield.

#73 4 years ago

Who has upgraded the red or orange DMD with a Color led DMD? And is at the investment worth? Can anybody upload some video of a color DMD on Spidy, especially the movie scenes, will they improve?

#77 4 years ago
Quoted from Invader:

Yeah, I'm thinking of getting a LED OCD board too
Here's a short clip with my ColorDMD, color set on white and contrast to 1, hires mode:
» YouTube video

The video looks good. Maybe I should start saving. That OCD board looks interesting, I haven't updated the playfield with leds yet, what do you all think? Can you start with leds and later add the OCD board? Or will that not work with the dimming issues on the field?

#79 4 years ago
Quoted from Invader:

Yeah, I'm thinking of getting a LED OCD board too
Here's a short clip with my ColorDMD, color set on white and contrast to 1, hires mode:
» YouTube video

Looking at the video again, you have the display set to black and white, certainly a nice look, especially with the blacksuit multiball. Just wonder if you checked with other modes? Is there a all color mode, or a red mode?

#83 4 years ago
Quoted from WesleyCowan:

Any one occasionally get ball hang ups in the lower pop bumper area? I've looked to see if missing any rubber rings or anything else and game is clean and kept well waxed. Pitch is 6.5 degrees.

Happens to me also, just a little bump to get things going. Sometimes the ball hangs on the lane diverter or when you shoot Venom. I just think that the speed of the ball is sometimes to slow.

1 week later
#96 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Anyone own SM and ST? How do they compare and which do you prefer?

That is a tough one to compare. Owning a SM and not the Star Trek I would say Spidey. But I played ST a lot and liked it too. The themes are of course different, both movies but different. The shots seems similar but there are differences. Doc Ock shot is very nice with the interactive figure and the magnet. The Sandman shot is also different with the target bank before it. The call outs in Spidey are great (if a deranged scientist asks you to come to a product demonstration....don't go!). I played a ST LE and the machine is awesome, the leds and laser are great, the backboard of the playfield is also nice with the nebula. The toys are good. A true LE. The Spider-man I have is a red one, as I like Spidey to be red and not black. As stated the Black was one of the first LE's from Stern and really not much different. So If you like Star trek I would say pick up an ST LE, if you like Spider-man, pick up a Spidey, that will be cheaper too I think. Both games will not disappoint you.

4 weeks later
#101 4 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

You will still lose the fading/brightness effect telling you what villain levels you are on. And the cool pulsing effect from the villain spotlights.

I added Led to all insert except the villain modes. Those are just colored incandescant lights.
It looks great. The pulsing effect from the villian spotlights is something I have never noticed?
Are these the only lights in the game that work with fading?

3 weeks later
#109 4 years ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

I am in the middle of ledding my SM with pinballbulbs ultimate kit. So, is it so that the only thing
that one should not led are the 4 villain modes in the middle? Or should one not led the whole round
middle section? I haven't noticed the pulsing effect from spotlights, so I think I will led them in any case.
Thanks for any help!

Well I also looked at a standard stock SM. I did also not see any fading effect with the spotlight on the villains, only the four arrows in the ring. The rest of the ring is just on or off. Use good led's because some I tried kept flickering and glowing. Now mine is almost finished, as I noticed one flasher I forgot way back left under Venom. The machine really brightens up with led.

#111 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Didn't even realize there was a club...and still not sure if should be sharing this here or another thread?
some love for a grand slam pin.
for anyone asking, my opinion- LED everything.

That is one hell of a machine, I think this contains all mods out there.

#118 4 years ago
Quoted from Teo76:


That is one beautiful solution! I like the idea...

3 months later
#218 4 years ago

I like the speaker decals of the VE version, hope they will sell these. For the rest, I like my old spidey, it's huo, it's fast and I love the call outs and movie parts. I am more a movie fan than a comic fan. Replaced the slingshots put led in it, just an awesome machine. No need for a VE here. But if you do not have a spidey but do have some spare change, I would certainly suggest you to pick up a VE, you won't regret it.

#230 4 years ago

I have on old Spidey and just installed the metal protector - on wood off course. For the rest I did not do any protection. In a HUO environment wear is minimal if you keep the playfield clean and fast. Only thing I have in all those years is a small bit of plastic chipped of in the pop bumper area, things often go wild around there. For the rest it is still in pristine condition. With the new Doc Ock protection on the VE I think you should not worry at all.

1 week later
#250 4 years ago

I think the only negative feedback was the straneg anorexic Spidey, you will get used to that, and the amount of money, once you spend that you will get used to that. Agree on the color and finish of the playfield, looks awesome. Stern has really made some progress there. For me, owning a near perfect Spidey from 2010, which is fast as hell, I do not see the benefits. Just happy to see all is good.....

2 weeks later
#291 4 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

I wonder if the outside ball guide is mis-shapen. Not sure if I'm at the same angle as you in this pic, but your guide seems to maybe just be out over the black line. Could just be the angle though. I have about 1mm clearance when the ball goes through there.

Are those dimpels on the magnet?? The clearcoat on the machine looks very nice.

1 week later
#337 4 years ago

Spiderman and Star Trek - that are most the same shots there...I would not mind to take the STLE off your hands

1 month later
#398 4 years ago

I like the idea, could you create the projection image yourself? Is that easy to print?

#401 4 years ago

I bought those cheap ones, see if i can open them up another picture in there. Then i think i Will do it with all my pins. Like cftbl should be great.

#403 4 years ago

That is really cool, I am not a topper person, tried it, but not my thing. So this is great! Clean but still very attractive.

#412 4 years ago

That looks great, I tried to find the speaker panel online but could not find it. Were did you get that? And what are the costs? I have a red edition so no problem with black or red spiders

#415 4 years ago
Quoted from Optimus68:

l purchased the "Spiderman Vault Edition" speaker decal from Stern. Not that expensive l paid $33 AU shipped to Australia.
Keep in mind this comes with the round speaker cutout and you will need to cut it for your square speakers.


Did you just send an email to stern, I do not see anything in their store?

#418 4 years ago
Quoted from Optimus68:

l ordered the part from my local Stern reseller.
In case you need the details part number is 820-8369-A0 Spiderman Vault speaker panel decal.

Great! Thanks.

1 week later
#432 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Yep, it's the clip where GG gasses SM and says sleep, sleeeep.

I never new that was it, I thought it was some guy with a chainsaw? I need to get that colorDMD.

#433 4 years ago
Quoted from fathom:

Also, not sure I want to do a color DMD in this but wanted to know where you could get a red filter for the regular display?

I bought a red filter at Pinball Life.

4 months later
#479 3 years ago
Quoted from BioBa:

I never quite understood why Stern left the speaker panel boring black. I decided to make my own for Batman and Spiderman. I'm installing tomorrow. Very excited!

Like that Spiddy version? I was planning to buy the VE decal but that was difficult to get. Otherwise I was planning to make something myself. Tron and POTC is also on that list, although Tron is already nicely doen by Pingraffix.

Maybe you can share the file and I can print it myself on a nice decal?

#483 3 years ago
Quoted from BioBa:

I did buy the VE decal and it does not fit at all (speakers and dmd ). That's the main reason I did my own. I also did a Batman.
I do have some spare ones $35.

I like one, can you send that in a secure way to me, I will PM you.

1 month later
#515 3 years ago
Quoted from SpidermanDan:

Hey guys
Brand new to the website and to owning my first machine. Brand new Spider-Man VE. I read the forum and got a lot of great tips but I had some questions I hoped the group could answer.
1. With a machine made just a few weeks ago do I need to update the code or does it have it loaded already?
2. Do I need to worry about ghosting in the VE or should I not since it has all LEDs?
3. Any mods or additions that are a must? Noticing a hole in the board already where the sandman shot spits out and read this is an issue so covering up with more Mylan.
4. Final question and most important one : does anyone else's machine have a really hard time making the left ramp? The flipper seems weak and the metal ramp plating is starting to curve up.
Thanks guys and glad to be a part of this group!!

1- you can check the code on the service screen. I do not the no it need updating since SMVE Has no recent release.
2- led or not, ghosting can happen. It depends on the quality of the playfield. Just cross your fingers. Recent Sterns seems to not have the issue anymore....
3- the sandman return on SMVE is a known area for wear. Adding Mylar there is a good idea. I personally am not a fan of cliffy protectors all over the field. Wax and new pinballs each year and you are ok. Other mods? I like mirror blades, a colored led screen is super for SMVE. Cabinet under lighting, lighted flipperbuttons, etc.....you can go all the way.

On the ramp. I do not have that issue. The left ramp is ok to hit with the upperflipper. Metal ramp curving up sound not ok.

#520 3 years ago
Quoted from wxforecaster:

Huh??? I think the OP was referring to LED ghosting (lamps weakly or solidly illuminated when they should not be), not the improper more recent use of the same term to describe clearcoat lifting issues observed on Stern playfield.

OK on that, no worries there, modern leds are not ghosting in any way. At least not on my machines (Tron LE, GB LE). Even after market leds are ok now. If you have any problem put a OCD board in there. Seems to work great.

2 months later
#607 3 years ago

Well you can touch up that part with some orange paint and put some clear on that, or precut mylar. I think most will not even see that.

#623 3 years ago

You must start the mode and sit it out. You do not have to play the made and reach it like in GB. Just wait and start the next mode.

1 year later
#928 2 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Found a pic of my old machine with the Sunlight 2smbs. Pretty much the perfect light in my opinion...

Where do those web plastics under the slingshots come from? I like the clear ones instead of the colored in most games.

2 weeks later
#946 2 years ago

I think almost all agree that there is little to tweak on the original sounds and call outs. It is my only pin with standard sound.

4 months later
#1030 1 year ago

One Google and you will find an excellent write up by Pinball News.


3 weeks later
#1056 1 year ago

Reblued the ramp flaps? How? mine have rust on them;-(

#1058 1 year ago

ahh, gun shops, we do not have these in europe....

1 month later
#1117 1 year ago
Quoted from PinRob:

Does anyone else think the back alley train car mod is way too big?

yes, I do. TRhe buidlings are ok, but the train is way to big, i.m.h.o.

2 weeks later
#1186 1 year ago

On a regular SM the blue looks better. Chrome looks better for the black edition.

1 month later
#1253 1 year ago
Quoted from ozdave:

Ok have demagnetised my balls and giving it another shot. Thanks for the tips guys, will let you know how it goes

And how did that feel

#1263 1 year ago
Quoted from mof:

I'll just mic drop this here for all you spidey fans:

Thinking about taking that song for the end. Although I love the original end theme with the flashers etc. Nice to have something new.

3 weeks later
#1282 1 year ago

I also have a last run, indeed webbed armour, no coloroured web pastics on mine all are clear. I have the pegs instead of the service rails, and plastic apron instead of metal. There was a shaker standard. Think that was all.

1 month later
#1303 1 year ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

Hello friends, I joined the club with a nice red spiderman. I think my machine has the code version 1.94, is there any more advanced? is there a lot of difference? regards[quoted image]

Get some clear washers for those slings!

1 month later
#1383 11 months ago

well they say worldwide shipping ontheir site?

#1387 11 months ago

Hmmm.... I live in Europe.....

#1396 11 months ago

I am curious to see te modifications.....please share pictures

#1398 11 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Interested here as well!
I've posted this under the Pinball Browser thread:
Has anyone had success in reworking Spider-Man, and be willing to share their file?
I have a friend's SM here, until he completes his house build. He's only played maybe one game. It would be cool to update it for him.

I do not know many alternative versions. I know one person did the end song different. But for the rest, the original soundtrack of this machine has been considered to be pretty good.

#1400 11 months ago

This was posted before - https://vimeo.com/165963527

1 week later
#1430 11 months ago

I see also some irregularities in my playfield. Seems to be in the print. Playfield is not damaged

20190911_215555 (resized).jpg20190911_215607 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#1463 10 months ago
Quoted from jorge5240:

What is the best side art/blades for original Spider-Man?

mirror blades

1 month later
#1511 8 months ago

Spiderman with alternative ending

#1516 8 months ago

Only changed the end tune. The rest is pretty good as is. I will share it for private use.

#1518 8 months ago

Links below.

65 - ending with spiderman 60's tv show
66 - ending with the Ramones version

#1520 8 months ago

this is the one with the ramones end. I had to speed it up a bit to make it fit. I did not install it so do not know about the volume level.



#1522 8 months ago
Quoted from PeterG:

this is the one with the ramones end. I had to speed it up a bit to make it fit. I did not install it so do not know about the volume level.

If anyone upload this version, please share a video, I woul dlike to see that one. I can upload it myself but was a bit tired of each time goign through the menu all setting and reset of scores.

#1524 8 months ago

Pinball browser was used. Needed to donate $20 because the song was too long for the free version. You can open gamecode and alter all kinds of things. You search the music you want to change. After that you search music you want to use (mp3). The alter it ro the exact lenght. I use audicity for that. Cod eof the end tune is #57 and it is 27.765 long. Cut and paste the song you want. Import. Then save the code. Just update via usb on the board and set dip switch 8 on. Rest just follow the instructions.

1 month later
#1561 7 months ago

I have non ghosting leds but still some ghosting, barely noticable. I did not change the villains inserts as they have the fading effect. The rest I do not know about fading? The vault edition did not have that fading. anyway, the fading of the villains can also be left out since you can also see the progress with each villain, but normaly the brighter the light burns the more you progressed on tat specific villain.

2 weeks later
#1579 6 months ago

Is there a movie theme soundpackage available?

2 weeks later
#1608 6 months ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Spiderman with alternative ending

I did an alternative ending

2 months later
#1692 3 months ago

I like the popping colors of the LED. For all my machines LED all the way. I like the dots.

#1695 3 months ago

not to forget the form factor. LED is one on one, the LCD is way to big and will cast a shadow on the lower part of the translite.

#1698 3 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

That's a good point but I never noticed a shadow from the LCD panel until I installed an LED backboard kit, the fluorescent tube is high enough that it isn't nearly as bad.

I am just ocd. There is always the dark box in the lower part. Also with The standard tube. Putting a LED next to a LCD makes the black on the LCD look grey. The lcd is real black. IMHO.

#1702 3 months ago
Quoted from dimthedaylights:

So pulled the trigger went led. But quick question am I supposed to have a visible gap between the display? Should I just reverse the mounting bolts?
[quoted image]

I do not have a gap. But I do put some tape at the top to ensure no light gets in from the backbox. Now they are perfect black!

3 weeks later
#1719 73 days ago

Left the club today. I never thought it would come to this but my beautiful Spidey red and I parted today. He has a good new home. We will see how I will go on. Thanks all in this tolic for the support, ideas and discussions. Have fun and if you are fishing for a compliment...try the next pond!.....mic drop.

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