Club Spidey (Spider-Man) - Members and guests welcome

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Club Spidey (Spider-Man) - Members and guests welcome

By TimeBandit

5 years ago

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#138 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Has anyone installed a color DMD in SM yet? Even tho the rom is not available the lcd screen in red should look pretty good. If I sell my JD I will have the color DMD and will most likely put it in SM.

I have a Dr Pinball LCD in my SM (not ColorDMD - but similar).

It's set to white and looks great. Doesn't have a Hi-Res mode though. Also got ColorDMD's in ST and Tron, also set to white until a colour ROM potentially arrives, and they all look really good together. I think red would be hard to see.

Don't forget you need a Stern harness to connect it up to your SM, and check the ColorDMD bracket as there are at least 3 versions of it - all with increasing levels of bracket holes for cabinet connection types (i have B/W, Stern and the newer Stern to name but 3).




#149 3 years ago

The villain spots are lamps on the matrix (74-77), not GI. So they probably can be dimmed, but it's possibly too subtle for my Spider-senses.

I think the GI is simply on/off, controlled by that clicking relay in the backbox.

2 months later
#211 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

» YouTube video

Is it me, or is the red Doc Ock villain web insert just above bottom right flipper seem to be flickering in and out?

Noticeable around 12:45-13:30

1 week later
#253 2 years ago
Quoted from Wamprat:

Audio call outs kill it for me, they are really amateur imo and I don't like the art package at all.
In Australia it is nearly 11k for nib VE v 6-7k for a really sweet original red 2nd hand.
No brainer for me.

Same here, they may sound higher quality but i think the audio content is a definitely a backwards step.

#258 2 years ago

Has anyone tried backing up the SMVE code to a USB via the menus, then updating an older SM?

Perhaps there's a reason Stern haven't uploaded the VE's code on their site...

1 month later
#360 2 years ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Saw something about slight differences in brightness between villan modes that aparently happened in original soidey code? Any truth to that? Also the other thread mentioned that the white arrows flashed differnetly (different pattern, or brightness) in the original to indicate whether a lane is doubled tripled.
Im new to spidey, didnt play mich original spidey, but love my smve. So im curious.
How can you tell an lane is double/tripled like after completing a white arrow mode? Is it doubled or tripled? Can it be both?
Sorry if these are dumb questions.

The villain inserts had 3 levels of brightness, increasing for each of the 3 modes you'd completed. There's also varying levels of brightness on the white arrows which shows the doubled/tripled lanes.

You can do this with an LED OCD board (or possibly by putting oldskool bulbs into those specific inserts - not sure if the system can cope with that though, if it's SAM then it probably should be able to - at your own risk).

I played TWD Pro the other week and noticed the mode inserts appear to be dimming in software (fade in/out) but struggling and flickering a little as the game has LEDs (on/off) from the factory, so you're missing all that programmed effect.

#363 2 years ago
Quoted from Decimal:

I don't see why you would need three levels of brightness for the villain modes when each mode has it's own light or insert. I guess if your used to it, you might want it. But, it seems redundant.

Agree. It was a feature of the original game code and a useful at a glance summary of your progress to Battle Royal or SuperHero.

I wouldn't miss it if i'd never seen it. There was also some nice slower fade in and out effects which wouldn't be there either.

Still doesn't solve the mystery of if it's actually in the VE code or not. The LEDs could be masking those effects by only being able to show on or off. From what i saw of TWD Pro i think they were in there, but being badly displayed by the LEDs - i.e. Off Flickery ON, rather than smooth On and Off.

4 weeks later
#421 2 years ago

New SMVE Code on Sterns site.
Minor update.

Read me file finally publishes the 'you can't run this in the original SM, so don't try' blurb. 32MB vs 64MB files or something - ironically the opposite in basic terms to the ColorDMD requirements.

1 week later
#434 2 years ago

Anyone else got one of these?



1 month later
#456 2 years ago
Quoted from BioBa:

No but where did you get it from. Looks great!

From eBay UK for about £25! I quite like the nerdyness of it & just asked a friend to frame it properly for me, then hopefully I'll shove it up on the appropriate wall somewhere near Spiderman.

Also got this for Star Trek from a guy local to me:

And this (but in the foil version) for 'generic game':

4 months later
#493 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I think I just answered my own question. Just lit the modes and caught the dmd displaying 'mode start lit + 2x multipliers'. So must award 2x multipliers for starting a mode and lights 3x multipliers if you complete a mode?

I think it's a 2X for completing all the white inserts, or qualifying a mode but not necessarily starting it.

3x is offered if you complete a mode.

1 month later
#555 2 years ago
Quoted from herg:

The configuration software archive on my website has a settings file included. It is based on what I did for DCFAN and makes those lights more "blinky". You could try playing with the delay setting, which controls how long the board waits between each step in brightness, but what I did was a bit different. It changes the ramp shape to be more steep in the middle range. This means it will go through a bigger swing for quick brightness changes (blinking), but still take the same amount of time to go through the full range.

Is that the text on this page:

Or is there a downloadable file somewhere that I've missed?

#559 2 years ago
Quoted from herg:

There is a file inside the archive on the page DCFAN linked to.

Ah, yes - easy when you know where to look.

There's also an Iron Man 'more blinky' file in there, which i'll try out too. Presumably this is for the original and VE?

1 month later
#617 1 year ago

AFM is a brilliant balance of pinball feng shui, but SM is a better game overall from my experience of owning both - more to do, harder to beat but no impossible, better scoring strategies, and some good humour thrown in too. AFM looks better though

SM is AFM on steroids.

3 months later
#681 1 year ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

whats the latest spiderman code version? Mine has 2.4 on it.

2.61 - from Stern's site

8 months later
#812 11 months ago

From memory; the arrow flasher is under the middle of the 3 yellow arrows directly in front of the sandman. Not the 3 in front of the drop bank. It’s an #89 bulb.

4 months later
#934 6 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

Joined the club 6 months ago with a 2007 version. Put in LED OCD, led lights, new ramps, webbies protectors, red flippers with blue rubber, little figures, and more. What a great game.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Wow! You have more switch cliffy’s on that SM than I think i have on all my games put together!! Nearly every switch protected against impacts from above. Do you find the top right orbit cliffys affect the ball during a skill shot to the third (top right) flipper?

#936 6 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

Yeah, I kinda went overboard on those, but figured I wanted to keep the game protected as much as possible. I have had no problems with the orb shots at all.

i understand your intent & can only endorse the game preservation instinct

I tend to use those particular protectors on any ball-drops directly over switches. Like the left inlane on TZ and both inlanes on Tron, as examples.

Each to their own of course!

2 months later
#993 3 months ago

I'm obviously really bored at work, because i just noticed the official Stern Spider-Man promo video from their website shows a [badly] LED'd game... not the incandescent bulbs it was released with, at least for the inserts anyway.

Cool white/blue LEDs under the white inserts? Blinky strobing shitness? No Ta.

Thank [insert your deity's name here] for Comet & LED OCD! Or just regular bulbs - whatever floats your boat. THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND!

1 month later
#1015 75 days ago
Quoted from embryon:

hoping for some advise and/or confirmation. Have purchased a full set of cliffys for my spiderman 2007. The carbon fibre doc ock ring looks like its just sticks onto the playfield and therefore is a little proud on the surface. 1. do I need to raise the magnet level with the cliffy and 2. does the ring being higher than the playfield surface effect shots to the doc ock hole? Is there more lips outs or anything I need to be aware of or need to adjust for?
thank you

i cleaned the area around the magnet, then peeled off the paper and stuck down. Left my magnet as it was. No adverse effects so far.

Watch out as those CF rings can snap when you're peeling the paper off.

2 weeks later
#1049 59 days ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I recently bought a set of plastic protectors from Pinbits and it came with a black foam circle and two red spiders. What are these for, and where are you supposed to install them?
[quoted image]

Probably 2x speakers inserts, and the black foam is anti-bounceout for doc ock. Don’t ask me how to position it though, because i never got around to installing mine!

1 week later
#1061 45 days ago
Quoted from PeterG:

ahh, gun shops, we do not have these in europe....

We do, just not on every road.

#1064 40 days ago
Quoted from mmuglia:

I have about 5 inserts in my Spiderman that strobe really bad with LEDs. I'm using the Cointaker Premium non-ghosting LEDs, and don't have any problems with these LEDs in other games. Other than buying the LED OCD board, does anyone have any suggestions on a bulb that won't have the strobing affect?

Standard (NOT non-ghosting) LED bulbs + LED OCD, or leave them all incandescent. Otherwise it's a compromise.

#1065 40 days ago

16th place for Spidey - 11yrs on and still a really great game.

2 weeks later
#1087 25 days ago

Did anyone else catch this message from SR on Facebook?

#1088 25 days ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

I didn't know ledocd worked in SMVE. Did you remove the little adapters on the board when adding that in?
More importantly does it allow the SMVE code to do the inserts woth different brightness like I hear the orig spidey did?

Those little boards do need removing for LED OCD installs on SAM hardware.

1 week later
#1093 18 days ago
Quoted from Joniano:

Anyone have settings/LED setups for their spidey (2007) with LED OCD? I just got an LED OCD and honestly, I'm not a huge fan thus far. I've heard great things about LED OCD, so I'm guessing it's just user error. I know it depends on the LEDs you get, and I was planning on re-LEDing the whole thing, so I was wondering what set ups work for everyone else. The issues I'm having:
1) Lag on changing WEB/HERO around with flipper buttons, even with latency of zero.
2) "Shoot again" light doesn't seem as helpful as it did prior to the LED OCD, even with latency of zero. The increasing rate of flashing isn't as obvious and eventually it just looks solid. This is especially difficult with extra ball completed.
I do like the Green Goblin and Doc Ock lights better with LED OCD however. Again, this is probably all user error as everyone seems to love their LED OCD on spidey.

Spider-Man is one of those games that needs a little fettling to make it work better with LED OCD - specifially the 4x coloured Web/Villain inserts & the white arrows (there could be more), but it should still work well out of the box.

You may get more support for the LED OCD on this thread:

And there's a section specifically about Spidey on the LED OCD support pages (scroll down):

The type of bulbs you're using also has an impact - are they non-ghosting? If so, replace them with standard NOT-non-ghosting. I used Comet 2SMD.

By 'latency' do you mean the 'delay' setting to the right of the 8 profiles? I use delay = 1 for SpiderMan, on profile 7 for all bulbs EXCEPT those with dimming. Those bulbs have there own profile - to avoid flicker and keep the 3 brightness levels as distinct as possible - built using the guidance on the LED OCD site.

Don't forget to send your settings over to the Board and then save them!

FYI - i had an LED OCD in Metallica Pro for a while, looked really good - then when i upgraded to Met Premium i felt the flicker/bright lighting was a real backwards step. Huge shame it's not compatible with Premiums!

Screen shot from LED OCD site for reference (not my game):
pasted_image (resized).png

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