Club Spidey (Spider-Man) - Members and guests welcome

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Club Spidey (Spider-Man) - Members and guests welcome

By TimeBandit

5 years ago

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#974 6 months ago

Will be joining the club shortly with a last run spiderman red. Just out of curiosity, are any of the ve toys compatible with the movie game or are the fittings different?

2 weeks later
#981 5 months ago

installed a genuine stern rev A shaker on my spiderman 2009 build. only connected the shaker motor cable and the 7 pin connector from the cabinet loom and the shaker does not function. It is turned on in diags as moderate.

I then connected the J16 jumper cable that provides the J3 ground trap cabling and connected it to the shaker pcb as well as the filter pcg to the I/O pcb upper switch connector as this is where it connected to my metallica.

turned on and get searching 'pinball missing' error. Tested trough etc and all fine. Removed the J3 ground trap plug still the error, removed the filter pcb still the error. I then disconnected the J16 connector and put back the original one and the error is gone, plays fine but of course no shaker motor action.

any ideas please

#983 5 months ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

If I remember correctly, you need a Rev B shaker.

was told by stern supplier this shaker will work. By the way, does Stern make a Rev B shaker or is it only by aftermarket guys. My supplier has said Stern told him Rev A is their latest version for SAM. I'm so confused with this rev A and B stuff, just can't seem to get a straight answer. Thanks

#984 5 months ago

Could someone download a photo of a Stern Rev B pcb please. I can't seem to find one to compare with what I have

#988 5 months ago

Looks like I may be on trouble then if shaker rev a is not compatible. Wonder why stern then persist with it or list it as being compatible

1 week later
#989 5 months ago

Well did a little research online and found that the problem could be a grounding issue. So I made my own J3 Ground Tap cable and connected the lug end to a ground braid and the shaking began. All fixed See photos

IMG20181008163339 (resized).jpgIMG20181008170353 (resized).jpgIMG20181008170411 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#990 5 months ago

Just wondering, the speaker panel on spidey red is a boring black. Are there speaker decals for this game and if so which address the best quality, looks and easy to install

#992 5 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

You can either do the back alley creations speaker panels which are not decals but complete speaker panels, or you can do the decal from Pingraffix which is what I did. You can get it here:
[quoted image]

Thanks very much

#995 4 months ago

Thanks will do. As far as install goes, did you have to take the panel apart to do the job and did you install via the wet method

2 weeks later
#1003 4 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

Buy a set of game blade protectors from Pinball Life. I have a set and they work great. A little expensive for what they are, but worth it not to scratch the side cabinet when lifting play field.

So are these installed each time you want to raise the playfield and lower it. Then you remove the protectors

1 week later
#1013 4 months ago

Been playing with a newly purchased 3D printer and made this pumpkin bomb. Hand painted and think will put one on the other side of Mr goblin

IMG20181119173833 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1014 3 months ago

hoping for some advise and/or confirmation. Have purchased a full set of cliffys for my spiderman 2007. The carbon fibre doc ock ring looks like its just sticks onto the playfield and therefore is a little proud on the surface. 1. do I need to raise the magnet level with the cliffy and 2. does the ring being higher than the playfield surface effect shots to the doc ock hole? Is there more lips outs or anything I need to be aware of or need to adjust for?

thank you

#1017 3 months ago

Thank you very much guys really appreciate the advice

#1021 3 months ago

Yes got ball hop a lot and made it unplayable in my opinion. Put a piece of mylar in front and solved the issue 99% thanks to advice above

1 week later
#1033 3 months ago

Can anyone confirm if the main wood rail is glued to the playfield or something. I was trying to install a cliffy protector Rhs edge and cannot pry the timber rail away from the playfield. I even removed 4 of the screws holding the rail and the auto kicker mech to see if there were any hidden screws. Anyone else have problems or know of the solution?

#1035 3 months ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I've never seen one glued on a Stern before, but it could be stuck to the playfield. I'm about to install that same Cliffy on mine, so I'll let you know how it goes.

That would be great to hear how you go. Much appreciated

#1039 3 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

All the newer Sterns I have I did not have to, but Spider-Man I did. I remember loosening all the screws on the bottom and the rail would not lift. Looked online and found someone who posted about it before.

Excellent will try this. Considered the screws bit thought why would they be so long there's no need and left them. Should have looked regardless when everything was off. I hope you're correct as never had to do this on any other game

#1040 3 months ago

Thank you very much supersquid that did the trick. I should have thought about these but didn't do you saved my life on this one. Thanks again

#1050 3 months ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I recently bought a set of plastic protectors from Pinbits and it came with a black foam circle and two red spiders. What are these for, and where are you supposed to install them?
[quoted image]

Foam for anti bounce back on ock although I dont have an issue so do not have one installed. The spiders I have seen small ones stuck on the web slingers. I have different ones on my game attached there

#1051 3 months ago

Here's a photo of mine

IMG20181222182544 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1053 79 days ago
Quoted from ozdave:

Hi all, got my Stern Spiderman about a
Month ago, was a previous operator machine from Europe, now in a new home in Brisbane, Australia!
It’s a great game and plays well but has had some plays through it! A few things wear and tear that I’m slowly tidying up on it.
Have ordered a cliffy kit and some other bits.
Been a good way to learn a lot about pinball in a short time! Very happy and enjoying tinkering too

You'll learn lots putting on the protectors. So many parts to be removed. Plan on removing a little more stuff and do a thorough playfield clean. Sm is a bugger to clean and get to things so do as much ad you can at once ie rubbers etc

#1055 79 days ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I just did a full topside tear down. It actually wasn't that bad compared to some other games. The left side where the two ramps overlap is a bit more complicated than the right side. What's nice is that you can clean the entire playfield and replace all the rubbers without removing the Sandman or Doc Ock mechs.

I just found it terrible in that on first inspection you think itll be easy then you start removing ramps and mechs to do the job. Replacing the rubbers on the very left top lane is a nightmare time wise.
Spidey is a bad design because you basically have to do a full top teardown to get things done. That's why i suggested might as well keep going and shop the game when doing the cliffys. I did. I even reblued the ramp flaps as mine had rusted

#1057 78 days ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Reblued the ramp flaps? How? mine have rust on them;-(

Gun shops have kits.

#1059 78 days ago
Quoted from PeterG:

ahh, gun shops, we do not have these in europe....

Really, no firearms at all? Search on the internet for metal Blueing

1 month later
#1155 18 days ago
Quoted from zene10:

I hear this argument a lot (the VE doesn’t look like the classic SM comic book) in the threads. I own a SMVE (and regret not picking up a NIB SM when they came out).
Neither SM nor SMVE are the “spider-man I grew up with” past a certain period.
I actually prefer the art on The Amazing Spider-Man pin to either SM or SMVE.
So buy what you can afford/like/is available. The game play is the same. You’ll be happy with either.
Skip the rest of the rant below.
As far as the SMVE sucks vs SM ...
SM Doc Ock looks nothing like the classic character from the comics. The Matrix style duster jacket on a finger puppet? SMVE toy Is closer to the original character, except the addition of steroids.
SM Venom toy doesn’t look like Venom introduced in the comics. SMVE venom toy looks less like a finger puppet (SM) but seems to go to the same gym as Ock.
SMVE has a Sandman that at least keeps the striped shirt (again the toy plus steroids. Can you really juice sand?) of the original less the groot face of SM. Again, what’s with the finger puppets in SM?
Are the only characters in SM with legs spider-man and green goblin (on a hover board stolen from Marty McFly)? Is “power of the sun” just a stolen flux capacitor?
SM’s Green Goblin looks nothing like the pointy eared pumpkin throwing original character. SMVE’s super-roided GG is another character completely from a different series. Looks more like Hulk right down to the purple pants. In fact I grabbed the “Hulk Smash!” call out from the Avengers pin and stuck it in for a SMVE GG callout.
Back when I bought my SMVE the difference between a minty HOU and NIB VE was about $1000.
The added cost of the SMVE was worth it not to spend the time or $ to rebuild the flippers and pops of a 10 year old pin and put LEDs in.
Not to mention the pin was delivered to my door instead of spending the time and effort to drive, inspect and transport a used game (possibly repeating this when a ”perfect” game ends up being not as described). SMVE also has additional armor and better magnet protection at Ock.
So in conclusion, both art packages are horrendous. I hate your machine, you hate my machine. All the toys suck. I wish Stern offered a white wood version.
Sorry, you’ll never unsee the finger puppets of SM.

How's your playfield holding out? I've heard that people are getting wear from the Web slinger vuk but only Hearsay. My Sm had no dimples so maybe the extra ock protection was necessary for softer pf?? BTW I've never seen a smve in the flesh but nearly bought one but gble won out.

I wonder if you can interchange smve venom to Sm. And maybe doc ock to remove the finger puppets

#1158 17 days ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Ooooooof..... that SUX

Not if he's happy now with his 3rd playfield.

#1183 11 days ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Going to get regular SM's metal trim done!
Opinions: Spiderman-blue or chrome?
Currently leaning towards blue...

Blue for me

#1195 9 days ago

My only negative about this game is the info screen and the boring dmd extra ball screen. Videos are also bad in most parts and was going a colour display would help. I'm considering bung color dmd but need to hear from those that have it or have seen it on the flesh

#1214 3 days ago

Also there is a clear plastic that covers a lot of that area missing from your photo.

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