Clearly Insane Part II - Bingo!!!

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Clearly Insane Part II - Bingo!!!

By Mk1Mod0

2 years ago

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    #151 1 year ago

    Another good weekend of steady progress. I started by catching up the second side with the first that I worked on last weekend. I had to cut the glass channel along the top. Once that was done, I cut the excess off where indicated by the outer rails to make room for where the lock down bar will attach.
    IMG_9288 (resized).JPG
    IMG_9290 (resized).JPG
    IMG_9289 (resized).JPG

    So tell me, bingo gurus... does the play field glass just slide between the two channels of stainless steel?
    IMG_9294 (resized).JPG

    #152 1 year ago

    Yes. I normally run a qtip with wax on it through the channel to make life a little easier (then a dry one a little later).

    #153 1 year ago

    Though it is worth noting that it isn't a problem typically, unless the interior rail is really badly rusted. It is painted, and that also eases the installation of glass.

    #154 1 year ago

    I also had to extend the cut channel for the vertical step so it would end up flush with my newly trimmed back end.
    IMG_9295 (resized).JPG
    IMG_9296 (resized).JPG

    I also spent some quality time at the radial arm saw. Boring, but vital.
    IMG_9298 (resized).JPG
    IMG_9297 (resized).JPG

    #155 1 year ago
    Quoted from bingopodcast:

    It is painted, and that also eases the installation of glass.

    Mine will not be painted.

    #156 1 year ago

    I figured. Just giving you the low-down on why it isn't normally a problem. I don't think it'll be a problem regardless, especially with a little wax.

    #157 1 year ago

    Also, the sample cabinet I am using for a pattern has nails holding in the inner rail/glass guide and the new one I will be installing has no holes. Thoughts? (I have the tool and ability to punch my own holes.)

    #158 1 year ago

    The inner rails should be punched Shawn. Same twist nails as the outer rails. Let me know if you need more.

    #159 1 year ago

    Punched it is. Thanks, Dennis.

    The lower cabinet is basically done, for now. All that is left is to do the graphics and attach the inner support brackets and hardware. Now I'll move on to the head and get it ready for assembly. That way I am doing all the graphics at once. When I did the basic cutouts for the head I did the sides as squares, knowing I would eventually cut the corners to match the old cabinet I am using as a pattern.
    IMG_9310 (resized).JPG

    I also drilled out the lock holes on both sides.
    IMG_9312 (resized).JPG

    I cut the majority of the hole for the wire pass through with the sabre saw and then clamped it to the original and cut the remainder with the router and a pattern bit. Nice and smooth. (This is the "before" pic.)
    IMG_9309 (resized).JPG

    The next step is to cut a channel on the back end of three sides to allow the back door to close flush. (It's hinged on the fourth.)
    IMG_9313 (resized).JPG

    Once those channels are complete I'll use the rabbet bit set to create channels for the steps to be inserted. After that I have a few ventilation slots to cut and a couple other small jobs and the head will be ready for graphics and assembly. Moving along.


    #160 1 year ago

    Keep it up, Shawn! Love seeing your weekend progress!

    1 week later
    #162 1 year ago

    Moving along with the head - I completed the channels for the back panel to close into. I used a piece of scrap to check the fit. Nice and flush!
    IMG_9329 (resized).JPG

    Next was to rout out two channels for the locks on the rear door.
    IMG_9332 (resized).JPG

    Lastly I had to cut the two ventilation openings on the top to let all the heat out. I did this in four passes so as not to burn up the bit.
    IMG_9335 (resized).JPG

    Getting there...
    IMG_9327 (resized).JPG

    1 week later
    #163 1 year ago

    The short break was due to a trip to Pensacola for the day job. Looked like a great trip until we found it would coincide with tropical storm Cindy. Two full days of heavy downpour drove us into activities other than drinking at the beach. So we drank indoors instead. Oh, and I took the opportunity to peruse the Naval Aviation Museum there. World class and highly recommended. The point of this story? Inspiration comes in many forms. Yes, this is a scale model of an aircraft carrier in acrylic. Yowza.
    WP_20170621_15_58_21_Pro (resized).jpg
    WP_20170621_15_28_38_Pro (resized).jpg

    #164 1 year ago

    But I digress... The last structural cuts for the head are the slots for the two steps that finish off the area between the head and the lower cabinet. First I made the channel cuts in the step pieces.
    IMG_9388 (resized).JPG

    Now all I had to do was match the slots to the ends of the pieces to make a snug fit. Sorta like this.
    IMG_9389 (resized).JPG

    After a few minor adjustments and some trimming I got it right.
    IMG_9395 (resized).JPG
    IMG_9394 (resized).JPG
    IMG_9393 (resized).JPG

    One last thing - this was not a bad cut.
    IMG_9392 (resized).JPG

    The front of this step has a raised 1/4" by 1/4" ridge in the center that the bottom trim piece attaches to. First I'll do a practice run on a scrap piece to ensure I get it right.
    IMG_9398 (resized).JPG

    Then I'll trim out the real piece. Not perfect, but pretty damn close!
    IMG_9401 (resized).JPG

    IMG_9390 (resized).JPG

    IMG_9391 (resized).JPG

    #165 1 year ago

    Time to get on with the graphics. I spent a chunk of the afternoon getting rid of the jungle o' weeds that has cropped up around my sandblasting rig and checking the equipment. All looks good, so all that is left to do is to cut my stencils and get busy. Once the graphics are done I will be assembling all of the pieces and attaching the appropriate hardware, drilling leg holes, adding playfield supports... You get the idea. But I assure you, I am getting closer!

    4 weeks later
    #166 1 year ago

    Taking a bit of a summer break while we have the triple digit temps going on. With the high humidity, its just getting a little unbearable out there.


    #167 1 year ago

    Thanks for updating your readers here, Shawn. Best of luck getting back down to double-digit temps.

    #168 1 year ago

    I completely understand the heat thing. Here in UT there are entire weeks where the thought of working in the garage at night is defeating- its not even an outbuilding its under our home and our garage is cool compared to most- but 90 inside even with fans is not a great work environment and as soon as I open the garage to get some fresh 90 degree air these gigantic hummingbird like moths swarm me seeking the bright lights in my shop- HAHAHA. Sometimes its better to just do something else.

    Amazed at your attention to detail- your acrylic/plastic work has advanced well past the journeyman stage-

    3 weeks later
    #169 1 year ago

    Hoping you are going to have plenty of time to work on this machine this weekend during Harvey...
    but really; I hope you've evaced and headed north.

    Be safe; keep us posted.

    #170 1 year ago

    I have been in Norfolk, VA since last week on day job business and can't get home. The wife and her folks are heading out now. As my house is on N. Padre Island, I may have seen it for the last time. We're all safe and good but we just may lose it all. That is what insurance is for, I just wish I didnt need to find out how good or bad it is. We shall see!


    #171 1 year ago
    Quoted from Mk1Mod0:

    I have been in Norfolk, VA since last week on day job business and can't get home. The wife and her folks are heading out now. As my house is on N. Padre Island, I may have seen it for the last time. We're all safe and good but we just may lose it all. That is what insurance is for, I just wish I didnt need to find out how good or bad it is. We shall see!

    You and your family will be in my prayers tonight Shawn.

    #173 1 year ago

    Shawn, very sorry to hear this. Best wishes for the health and safety of you and your family.

    #174 1 year ago

    Thanks for the prayers and warm wishes, all. The wife chose to ride it out with her folks in their 6th floor apt. I will get to Dallas tomorrow and have a tentative flight home Sunday evening. The house is boarded up and fingers are crossed.


    #175 1 year ago

    Shawn... tell your wife; I question her sanity... but hope they remain safe.

    #176 1 year ago

    Best wishes- glad your safe!

    1 month later
    #177 1 year ago


    WP_20170928_09_46_43_Pro (resized).jpg

    WP_20170928_09_46_23_Pro (resized).jpg

    #178 1 year ago

    Yeah! He lives. How did your house survive Harvey?

    #179 1 year ago

    WooHoo - happy to see Shaun post in here!

    #180 1 year ago

    Glad to see you back Shawn. I hope everyone made it through the storm OK.

    Gettin' ready to do some etchin'?

    Looks like I need to get off my ass and back down to the basement! You're catching up with me!

    #181 1 year ago

    We're supposed to have a "cool" front coming through and I'm on a 5 day weekend so I am trying to get back on schedule. Harvey took out my esperanza trees which is only a bother to the hummingbirds and bees. The poor buggers are going to starve this year. Otherwise we are fine, dandy and damn lucky. My blast cabinet is ready to go so we'll see if we can't make some progress again.

    #182 1 year ago

    Very happy to hear that Shawn.
    Looking forward to hanging with you at HAAG.

    #183 1 year ago

    Excellent, glad to hear the news! That stencil is going to be very pretty!

    #184 1 year ago

    WP_20171001_10_19_01_Pro (resized).jpg

    WP_20171001_10_18_55_Pro (resized).jpg

    #185 1 year ago

    Someone etching some graphics?

    #186 1 year ago

    Yeah. Now comes the sucky part. Peeling all the vinyl.

    #187 1 year ago

    Needs some clean-up and buffing, but you get the idea.


    IMG_9717 (resized).JPG

    IMG_9716 (resized).JPG

    #188 1 year ago


    1 month later
    #191 10 months ago

    IMG_9947 (resized).JPG

    IMG_9948 (resized).JPG

    3 weeks later
    #192 9 months ago

    IMG_0018 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0033 (resized).JPG

    1 week later
    #193 9 months ago

    Well the long, hot summer finally ended. I think we had been waiting for the cool so bad that when it finally came it was a little overdone. We had snow for the second time in the 13 years I have lived here. May have to rethink my retirement plans. May have to move farther south.

    Got the blast cabinet dried up and back in action. The numbers on the play field were ready to go and actually got taken care of relatively quickly.
    IMG_0043 (resized).JPG

    After the blasting it gets a thorough rinse down and then the peeling begins.
    IMG_0046 (resized).JPG

    While that was drying I spent a little time sanding down the wood trim that will go back on the upper cabinet. After refinishing the trim it ought to look fantastic against the acrylic. 120 grit followed by a round of 280 and finished up with 400.
    IMG_0047 (resized).JPG

    The last step for the play field is to sand and polish the edges and shooter lane. I was much more careful this time to take care and not mess up the rest! It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.
    IMG_0050 (resized).JPG

    Now comes the major pain of peeling the mask. There will be some minor black paint trim here and there. So far so good!
    IMG_0053 (resized).JPG

    #194 9 months ago

    Incredibly beautiful Shawn. A true work of art.

    #195 9 months ago

    Fricking excellent

    #196 9 months ago

    That is sick man.
    Damn impressive.
    & here I think doing a half assed repair on a wedgehead is complicated & time consuming.........

    #198 9 months ago

    WP_20180112_15_27_18_Pro (resized).jpg

    WP_20180112_15_47_19_Pro (resized).jpg

    #199 9 months ago

    Nicely done! So happy to see this etched, it looks really good. What's next? A 20 ft bowler in Acrylic

    #200 9 months ago
    Quoted from rufessor:

    A 20 ft bowler in Acrylic

    Don't. Give. Me. Ideas. (That would be awesome, no?)

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