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Cleaning and Waxing Pinball Machines - Vid's Guide

By vid1900

4 years ago

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    #1654 6 months ago

    How often is it recommended to clean and wax? I'm speaking more to modern games 2000+.

    #1656 6 months ago
    Quoted from pinballinreno:

    To keep it well protected, every 350 to 500 games.
    Change balls at 500 games or less.

    And at that mark, are you going over it with Novus 1/2 and then waxing?

    #1659 6 months ago

    Would this work?


    #1662 6 months ago
    Quoted from Wmsfan:

    Just make sure you are using adequate ventilation with these products! Highly flammable!

    How should they be stored.

    Also, just a dab on a microfiber, and then wipe down pf like you would with Novus 1?

    #1664 6 months ago
    Quoted from pinballinreno:

    I just out it on a paper towel.
    Throw it away when girt or done.

    Not sure I understood anybody that, but assuming you meant that you put it on a paper towel, wipe down your pf, and then throw it away when dirty?

    Never knew paper towels were good to use on a pf.

    #1667 6 months ago
    Quoted from pinballinreno:

    I use dollar store q-tips dipped in naptha to clean black lines off standup targets, finish with a paper towel moistened with naptha.
    Kirkland paper towels from Costco. They dont leave much lint at all.
    The playfield is clearcoated with automotive clear. It's not that fragile.
    Try to get real here.
    No one wipes the whole playfield with naptha. Only ball track areas if you see black tracking.

    So naptha for noticably dirty area (like ball trails).

    Then clean everything off with Mist N Shine and then apply wax?

    How's that for a plan?

    #1689 6 months ago

    After putting naptha on paper towels is it safe to just throw in the garbage bin?

    And where do you store you naptha container?

    #1703 6 months ago
    Quoted from pinballinreno:

    Yep, keep it simple

    All this naphtha talk is getting me hot!

    Is this the right stuff?

    IMG_20190509_193108 (resized).jpg
    #1705 6 months ago

    The label on the store shelf said "naphtha".

    Here are a couple of photos of the container:

    IMG_20190509_202119 (resized).jpgIMG_20190509_202136 (resized).jpg
    #1707 6 months ago
    Quoted from Nokoro:

    I wouldn’t get that. Try to just find a can that says simply VP&M Naptha. That way you can be sure what you are getting.

    Can't get that in Canada as far as I can tell.

    And the label above says naphtha. Anyone else know if this might be good to use?

    #1708 6 months ago

    Found these on Amazon. The VM&P seems expensive. Would the Zippo fuel work?
    Screenshot_20190509-205649 (resized).png

    Screenshot_20190509-205529~2 (resized).png
    #1712 6 months ago
    Quoted from pinballinreno:

    yes, and walmart carries it. Also the Ronson brand too.
    I like the small bottles. I carry one in my tool bag.

    So that Zippo ones is good?

    Quoted from BJM-Maxx:

    I get it at Sherwin-Williams.

    VM&P naphtha?

    #1716 6 months ago
    Quoted from mbaumle:

    For the record, you can always check the MSDS of each particular product to see exactly what is in it. "Ingredient Names" on the MSDS are ambiguous at best, so it's best to look up the "CAS Number" instead. Each chemical component is given a unique identifying number that can be used to cross reference other MSDS sheets, or to look up what exactly what the number corresponds to in a database.
    I did some digging. Generally "VM&P" Naphtha from a hardware store or painting store is the "gold standard." It's what you'd want to use on your playfields. Looking up the MSDS for this particular product from Klean Strip shows the ingredient "Hydrotreated light naphtha" at a concentration of 95.0% to 100.0% (CAS Number: 64742-49-0).
    Looking at Coleman Camp Fuel (White Gas), the MSDS states the ingredient as "Light Hydrotreated Distillate" at a concentration of 100%. This is technically naphtha, but not the same kind, as it has the CAS Number: 68410-97-9
    Looking at Ronsonol Lighter Fluid, the MSDS States the main ingredient as "Aliphatic hydrocarbon,Hydrocarbons, C7-C9, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics" at a concentration of 100%, which is cryptic at best, HOWEVER, the CAS Number is 64742-49-0, which means that the product is chemically identical to Klean Strip's VM&P Naphtha.
    Interestingly, Zippo's lighter fluid is actually a mixture of 70% "Light Hydrotreated Distillate" (CAS Number: 68410-97-9) AND 30% "Hydrotreated Light Naphtha" (CAS Number is 64742-49-0), which means it's a 70/30 mix of Coleman Camp Fuel and VM&P Naphtha.
    Too lazy and didn't read all the nonsense above? In short, not all Naphthas are not created equal. Kleen Strip VM&P Naphtha and Ronsonol Lighter Fluid are functionally and chemically identical in every way. So get whichever is available in your respective country/state. Coleman camp fuel, while technically naphtha, is not the same as the aforementioned products. It might be close enough to work, but it's chemically different. And Zippo lighter fluid is a mix of both coleman fuel and ronsonol fuel. Use at your own risk.
    Links for further reading:

    Awesome research, man!

    I tested the Coleman stuff on glass, and it evaporated completely leaving no residue that I could feel.

    I decided to give it a try on some ball trails, and it really cleaned up nicely!

    I'm going to check a paint shop tomorrow to see if I can find the VM&P stuff.

    Excited to now have a new cleaning regiment for my games!

    After the naphtha, I wiped the pf down with some Mist N Shine, and I'll finish off with some wax once I get some dinner in me

    Thank you a again for all the info and help. Great hobby and some great people!

    #1735 6 months ago

    After a bunch of paint store visits, I found this...

    Is this the good stuff?

    IMG_20190514_173541 (resized).jpg
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