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Clay's Guides - are they ever coming back?

By Atomicboy

5 years ago

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    #7 5 years ago

    Real issue was that Clay wanted to sell copies of the guide (for charity) and pulled them off the public website. But many people contributed over the years and wanted the info freely available, not sold. Many hissy fits ensued. Guides are offline now.

    #257 5 years ago
    Quoted from Blackbeard:

    Pretty sure The writer needs to register his material to claim copyright rights
    He owns the rights to copyright it.

    My god, man! You admit you're not an intellectual property lawyer, so STOP SPEWING FALSE STATEMENTS ABOUT THINGS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! I happen to be an IP attorney, and pretty much everything you posted about copyrights here has been WRONG. Instead of posting so many factually incorrect "I think" statements here, your time would be better spent taking a few minutes and actually looking up and learning the basics of copyright law. It's not that complicated and won't take you long. *sheesh*

    Quoted from Magic_Mike:

    This is false. Before it goes into public domain, you have to register it's copyright. You just can't slap a © on whatever.
    If someone steals it, you will have to provide proof that it was yours.
    I had to hire a copyright lawyer several years ago. I speak from experience.

    Wrong. See my comments above. But if you persist in believing you're correct, I advise you to ask whatever law school you attended for a refund of tuition. What? You're not a lawyer? I'm not surprised.

    #259 5 years ago
    Quoted from Eddie:

    I guess its just me but I don't understand any of this.
    If I post something on the internet for educational or entertainment purposes I do it to share info not for money or any other gains ( well maybe the feeling that I may have helped or made someone smile)
    Now if someone decides to take the content of what I posted and makes money with it so what?
    I never posted to make profit or gain if someone else makes profit from it big deal I would never have seen that gain in the first place as it was never my intention for posting.
    Also if that person makes profit by sharing the info then good the info is still getting out there as was my intention.
    Would it suck that someone would make a profit on my work yeah but thats how things go, again the work I shared was to be given away anyway for free no strings attached unless otherwise stated. So it wouldn't bother me. I wouldn't cry.
    I post something on the net its done gone out of my hands. its out there to be shared and hopefully not used to hurt anyone.
    Seems to me that once someone makes a profit or may make a profit on something someone else does then they think damn .Thats my Money or could be. OR I never intended it to be used that way etc.
    If its posted by someone with no strings, ties disclaimers thats it done its out of your hands.
    I say stop and think before posting as to why you are posting and what may happen with your post.
    If your post may be used in ways you may not like or not with the reason you are really posting then don't post.
    Call it a posting risk and remember no one is putting a gun to your head to post on the internet.
    Again thats just me Im strange that way.
    Clay Rules! Clay thanks so much for all you have done and still do for the hobby! Repost the Guides or not your still the man.

    Eddie, you make sense and I generally agree with your sentiments and attitude. But what happened here, as I recall, was that many people contributed to the guides with the understanding that they would be available online for all to see and use freely. The problem was that Clay decided to TAKE THEM AWAY from everybody and start charging for them, contrary to the understanding/wishes of the other contributors. Contributions to the original guides were not a "gift" to Clay, but to the entire pinball community. So people were upset when the one guy tending the resource took it away the free access from the entire community.

    If you put a pin in a local bar on free play, with the owner's cooperation, to share pinball with the neighborhood, and then the bar owner suddenly changed it to coin drop against your wishes (with far fewer people playing it then), would you be happy about that?

    #260 5 years ago
    Quoted from Atomicboy:

    Pretty sure he admitted he was wrong like 4 pages ago, and this point is long over...

    Not really. Blackbeard actually said "I give up. You guys win." After many people tried to correct his false statements. That isn't an admission, but a concession. And sorry, but it really pisses me off when people spout false legal information online out of ignorance, and refuse to simply listen to or look up the actual legal principles. And when it comes to legal stuff, a 3rd party reading and relying on such false info could lead to real-world trouble.

    #274 5 years ago
    Quoted from Magic_Mike:

    Reading comprehension. What? You don't know how to do that? I'm not surprised.

    Apparently you don't have any, or else you'd understand some copyright fundamentals by now. (BTW, 'reading comprehension' is something you have or don't have, not something you do. Nice fail of a comeback on your part. LOL)

    #275 5 years ago
    Quoted from Tallon:

    Ok "Copyright Lawyers", since all of you know the law so well, and its all "black and white", then explain the whole process so the rest of us so we understand. Tell us about how you have to file lawsuit against someone to start with and we are not going to court tomorrow. Tell us about the counter lawsuit for discrepencies in the copyright law. Tell us about the legal battle for claims on intellectual property that was not filed for copyright and original owner is screwed out of rights because of the "once its created argument". Tell us about the lawsuits that are dropped immediately after countersuit is filed since it was frivolous anyway. And...................... And.......................
    The point being is you can quite the law all you want but until you in front of a judge making an argument over a legal proceeding, your blowing smoke up everyones ass. You can quote the law all you want but I live in america and I'm pretty sure you can't guarantee the outcome of a trial. You can make your argument and have the law on your side and still loose.
    All the arguments for or against Copyright law are INTERPRITATION! its the equivalent of telling me a cloud I think looks like a dog is a rainbow unicorn and I have to agree with you. NO!

    1) Want to learn about copyright law? Google the topic and read about it. DOn't need a lawyer for that.

    2) No sane lawyer is going to dispense legal advice online.

    3) Despite the existence of many grey areas in law (and many fact-specific issues), there ARE factually correct and incorrect statements about the law and legal rights. Correcting factually incorrect things that people post here is a good thing, overall.

    4) Might want to edit your post, starting with 'discrepencies,' 'interpritation,' 'your,' 'loose,' etc. *sigh*

    5) See 3) above, in case you didn't get it the first time.

    6) So, how badly did that lawyer screw you over anyway?

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