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Classic Stern Cheetah Club -- Its Fast!

By TractorDoc

3 months ago

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#5 80 days ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

Nice, never seen one IRL. Looks like a fun game, that left upper flipper is placement is pretty unique.

The best of the classics hands down. A pure shooters pinball that is finally getting the credit it deserves.

2 weeks later
#11 63 days ago
Quoted from schudel5:

The Cheetah I got years ago had a rough playfield. Found a much better one on Ebay and touched it up and cleared it. It has the prototype blue cabinet and sound ROMs. Underrated Classic Stern for sure.
If you zoom in on my last picture, you can see what I did with the return plastics. I made clear ones with the correct tip. Put the bell spacers underneath where the green plastic ones went. Then spacers above the clear piece and the broken green above. Have to use longer screws but not too long. I did the same to my Galaxy that has that same design.

Beautiful work. I think I am fortunate enough to have a playfield which needs a bit more work than yours, but should be restorable. Getting it cleared is my dream, but seems so far away with all the work to do.

Really clean underside, but somebody replaced the original flipper mechs with Sys80 which are apparently very good, but I am concerned will ruin game play due to clightly different functionality. ATM, waiting to replace these with weaker coils to test this, as I had the original before and just love the gameplay with original.

I always thought the black was the prototype cabinet? I was wondering if there are any black prototype roms (with the great bass sound), with the bonus update that someone released a couple of years ago?


#15 63 days ago
Quoted from TractorDoc:

I'd be curious to know which is which. . . black vs. blue. . . more from a historical standpoint as I think both look great.
I've only played my game so I have nothing to compare to, but it has an acoustically appealing base tone to the spinner above the left upper flipper and the furthest right spinner (spinner in the horseshoe has a higher tone). Those spinners lose the base tone when the bonus lamp beneath them is lit (as a reward from scoring three stars of the same color on the drops I think).
I will have to get some gameplay video and dust off the you-tube account unless Pinside adds a way to load sound files. If mine does not have the "bass package" I'd really like to add the updated ROMs plus a modern speaker. . .

Interesting. Yeah, from other comments you are probably right then. I am on my second Cheetah now. Both were black cabs, one had a prototype ROM, the other has the higher pitched production ROM.

You can hear the difference here:



There is a really great ROM tweak that he speaks about in the second video, but it is only available with the Production ROM. Would love to combine the two.. maybe there is a patch to do this.

#24 60 days ago
Quoted from TractorDoc:

I sent pictures of the plastics/playfield that I have to CPR and I'm waiting to hear back if they have any interest. . . fingers crossed!

Pretty sure EVERY cheetah owner would order at least 1 set. Question is, how many are still around :/

#27 59 days ago
Quoted from TractorDoc:

I had a quick conversation with Stu from CPR today.
More or less he said that the plastics were not something he would take up but said that Kevincpr might be willing on his own time BUT he would need to have a complete set.

Very cool, thank you. If I had them I would. At one point, someone shared some scans of them in one of the Cheetah forums. If that is helpful, I could try to dig that up.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Wow. Just dreaming about playing this on a new PF.. would be amazing!

1 week later
#29 50 days ago
Quoted from TractorDoc:

While I was out of town last week Stu at CPR messaged me back to say the artwork on the populated playfield looks complete enough to move forward. The next steps are for me to strip the playfield of everything except the inserts and ship to him for scanning. He will then ship it to Mike to create a CAD file. At that point Mike can sand the original playfield, correct inserts, print the new artwork/clearcoat. I imagine there would be some time to source/cut new playfields before a new supply would be available, but at least the artwork would be ready.
I have no problem sending what I have to Stu/Mike. . . I am just wondering if I should have the playfield sanded down to be reprinted. While my original has wood planking, ground in dirt, and several small defects it is still, well, original. I do not know if I have the talent to refurbish my original to a high level, but I do like the fact that it has survived all this time.
One idea is to send the loose playfield to Stu/Mike for the artwork process then perhaps pull the playfield with more wear from my game and send them that for printing. . . I suppose I will have some decisions to make.
In the meantime I will work on depopulating and post some pictures of the loose playfield along the way. Still needing a set of good lane guide plastics if anyone has any to spare for scanning. . . it would really be great if we could make that happen!

Looking forward to seeing the pics. If anyone is starting a CPR list, I'd def be in for a PF and Plastics if available.

#30 50 days ago
Quoted from TractorDoc:

Thanks for linking those videos koji
After watching I can tell that I have the standard production sound package. I have not advanced in my pinball knowledge enough to know much about programming or how to burn new roms, I was able to find an older Pinside Thread that covers some of the topic though:
It looks the like blue cabinet rom files can be downloaded from the Pin-Mame website but I do not have an account to do so. . . even then I'd still have to hire someone to burn them for me.
Another thought I have is/are these the game roms on the MPU or are there separate roms on the sound card that get swapped out? I have an extra sound card that could be a donor if it was that easy.

I think it is just the one rom? I could be mistaken tho. My goal is to try to patch the prototype rom with the bonus modification (or try to find someone else who has done this). After coming from the prototype, I have to say, the production rom just sounds_ wrong .

1 week later
#33 37 days ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Even though I've never even seen a Cheetah in person, I've really fallen in love with this game from watching several videos. What great looking game & a great shooter all around. Seems like it would be pretty difficult to find one, perhaps even more difficult than finding a Quicksilver. I'll be keeping an eye out from now on though.
Keep up your efforts with CPR

I suspect there will be a Cheetah for sale soon at John's Jukes (flippers.com), near Vancouver, BC. He has been working on one for a long time. I'm curious to see what he prices his at. Maybe send him a message if you want it and are willing to pay store $ + shipping.

I traded my original Cheetah to Alex at Ice Box arcade in Seattle (Really didn't want to sell it, but he wanted it, and made me an offer I could not refuse), and as some kind of stroke of good fortune, a friend found me another Cheetah locally (I was telling everyone how sad I was), so here I am.. back in the game

I know of one other in BC at another collectors place.

Pretty odd how so many ended up in BC. I think for a while it was undervalued because of the left lane bonus exploit. Honestly, I think this has a lot to do with setup tho, as if you have snappy flippers and a good angle, you can make the shot very difficult to achieve. Still, the tournament rom 'fixes' this, and thus the game seems to be in crazy demand.

3 weeks later
#43 13 days ago
Quoted from TractorDoc:

Some tuff news on the Cheetah playfield reproduction.
Just finished a phone conversation with Stuart and at this time he is a bit reluctant to take on the project. As it turns out he has just completed plastic sets for Dragonfist and Lectronamo and has sold just a few sets. At this time he has a Classic Stern phobia and does not want to start something new in the traditional way CPR does things.
He says there are ways to proceed, but that involves me committing to the production of 30 playfields -- a bit more than I am comfortable with (or more than I need!) He said something about collecting pre-orders, but with the reputation that has in the pinball world I'm nut sure it is such a good idea either.
Prior to our talk I had finished stripping down the good playfield. Several pics mid harness removal and with everything clear.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Perhaps I can find someone willing to take on a playfield restoration or I can give it a go myself.
Another fun addition from the Cleveland Show -- a backup glass in case I do something dumb to the nice one. It is less than perfect/has some touched up areas. . . but I don't know when I'd see another one.[quoted image]

Repro glass tends to be pretty do-able with a few vendors.. just a long lead time, and various methods and price ranges.

Hard to say if we can drum up 30 Playfields.. I'd be in for 1.

I am positive there would be a lot of interest in the plastics were this a possibility. Almost every Cheetah I have seen or heard about has plastic issues,

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