Circus Queen problems

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Circus Queen problems

By Bingo-poor

10 months ago

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#1 10 months ago

Trying to get a really nice Circus Queen up and running and not having much luck.Multiple problems including:
Tilt at initial power up. The game will start without a problem. Red scores do not appear at first but sometimes at random
after several plays cycled, sometimes not at all. Yellow and Green do not appear until second coin played. Able to move screen and collect replays at first, then 6 volt 10 amp fuse lets go and out go the lights (all feature lights).
I’m pretty new at this, trying like crazy to learn. I know there’s some pro’s out there, please help

#2 10 months ago

Welcome to the club!

You're going to want to read most of Phil's definitive Bally Bingo site, probably starting from here:

As for your specific questions:
"Tilt at initial power up." -- As designed.
"Red scores do not appear at first but sometimes at random after several plays cycled, sometimes not at all." -- Clean the red scores unit.
"Yellow and Green do not appear until second coin played." -- Check the bulbs themselves; clean both yellow and green scores units.
"Able to move screen and collect replays at first, then 6 volt 10 amp fuse lets go and out go the lights (all feature lights)." -- That will take some troubleshooting from someone more experienced than me.

I expect you'll get some additional help from this group.

#3 10 months ago

All right man thanks for your input. I’m going to clean them up and see how it goes from there. I went over all the steppers before I started but maybe I missed something. I have been using the bingo cdyn website for my go to, I guess I’m just a slow learner, I’m pretty old...

#4 10 months ago

I thoroughly cleaned the red,yellow and green score unit discs to no avail. The bulbs are not the problem. The yellow and green score lamps do not come on until the second cycle and the red at random (sometimes not at all) but always lags behind.Also note that the 6 volt, 10 amp fuse only blows when I move the screen right to reveal the OK section.
Hopefully someone out there can point me in the right please

#5 10 months ago

the score lights are all supposed to come on to the 4 level when the game is reset. Reset the machine and check that the play scores relay and mixer #2 relay are powered when the reset cycle is over.

the red scores have one more unique switch in the circuit - a red stop relay switch. Check that and the open-at-top switch on the side of the red score unit.

there's two 10A 6V fuses. If it's the one with a blue wire on it (the ABCD... lights also go out), and it still happens if you change/remove the lamps under the OK that light the screen position arrow), you've ether got an issue with the lamp socket or a problem with the magic screen unit disc/wipers - the big thing under the screen.

#6 10 months ago

I can’t thank you enough Baldtwit....I removed the 2 lamps above the OK and that straightened out the tilt problem. Checked mixer 2 relay, play scores relay, the red stop switch and nearly all is working as it should. The scores lights do not come on at level 4 but they all come on at level 6 and act as normal throughout the game.The scores/feature light comes on only when you are pressing the red button rather than remaining lit ....but overall everything is much better,thanks again.

#7 10 months ago

two lights above the OK? Got a picture with the backglass out?

for the score lights, easiest thing is to manually reset each score unit and step it up. Check light after each step. If lamp doesn't light, wiggle the bulb and swap it with a known good one. If still no good, the usual problem is the wiper finger/rivet connection on the score unit.

all the score units should reset then step up once during the game reset cycle, so check that they do.

the game also has guaranteed score advance. On the reset cycle, all three score units step up once to the 4 level. On the next cycle, all three go to 6, third cycle they go to 8. After that, only zero or one color will move on a cycle. It's possible for the scores to jump more than one level if nobody has messed with the score extra step stuff or in blue button mode.

the red button relay is supposed to keep itself powered until the yellow button is pushed. Take a look and see if it's powered after you reset the machine. If not, check the switches behind the yellow button, the plug connections between head/cabinet and cabinet/coin door, and switch C on the red button relay (manual pages 140/141).

the red button relay should also power when your first turn on the game or when the tilt trip relay is tripped. If it doesn't, you may have an issue with the 60 ohm resistor at schem H12

#8 10 months ago

It is the 2 below the OK , I was wrong. I did attach a picture though.I have a little time to work on it tonight. I’m gonna try all the things you suggested. I will send another post and let you know.

CDB49481-A3A2-45B8-B721-1599BDCA5A88 (resized).jpeg

#9 10 months ago

I checked the yellow and red switches and cleaned up the Johnson plugs a little more at the head/cabinet as well as the cabinet/coin door. The red button relay is staying powered and working correctly now. All of the score units reset and step up correctly (guaranteed steps) The only thing it doesn’t do is light the red,yellow or green score lights when it is at the 4 level. From 6 on up every light works.There is one more issue: The 2 in the blue never lights. I noticed some lugs in the blue score booster that looked like the wires had never been soldered, I think it was L2. Thanks again, I really do appreciate it, I had been struggling with this thing up until I talked with you.

#10 10 months ago
Quoted from Bingo-poor:

There is one more issue: The 2 in the blue never lights. I noticed some lugs in the blue score booster that looked like the wires had never been soldered, I think it was L2.

Do you know the history of the machine? Was it ever on location? I suspect that it was, since it was not uncommon for some operators to disable the highest-paying features on their machines, such as 2 in the blue on Circus Queen.

In any event, it sounds like you're on the right track. Go ahead and attach the wires on the 2 in the blue per the schematic and then retest.


#11 10 months ago

Thank you much, I will try hooking it up. I’m sure the machine was on location as we have several that came from the same operator. You can tell,he had all the adjustment plugs at there lowest settings (least amount of wires able to connect) We also found several empty liquor bottles hidden inside a couple of them.......but I suspect that may have been his mechanic unless he was mechanic and operator ......

image (resized).jpg

#12 10 months ago

While you're at it, check that the reflex units were not altered. See my complete write up, with photos, here:

#13 10 months ago

for the score lights, they are independent of each other. Referring to the manual, the red score unit is wiper J, the other two are wiper B. Manually reset a score unit and step it up once, then use your finger to push down on the wiper/contact and wiggle it on the rivet.

if the light doesn't come on, twist/wiggle the lamp.

the score lamps should flash when the game is cycling. If they don't, most likely something is wrong with the lamp/socket if only the 4's aren't flashing.

the blue score booster trip relay flips 3-in-blue from 300 (untripped) to 600 when tripped. For 2-in-blue, you need both the blue score booster trip relay to trip and the super blue relay to power. Super blue relay is to the right of the sequence unit ... no more room in the bank for it to be a trip relay.

enabling 2-in-blue is rare. If you want a confusing description on how to prove it works, yell. The basic idea is to manually spin the spotting wipers backwards to put the contacts on the right rivets, the make sure other stuff in the circuit is doing what's needed.

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