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Chuckwurt Streaming with SDTM Pinball!!

By chuckwurt

2 years ago

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    #1 2 years ago

    Hey everyone!

    As a few of you have seen, I've started streaming for SDTM pinball on Wednesday nights at 8 pm. Just wanted to start my own dedicated thread about this stream so I can send out info and get feedback from everyone.

    For those of you that haven't tuned in, each week I play a game and set a few challenging goals for myself and try to knock them out.

    I also do informal tutorials of the games I am playing, meaning I just kind of talk through the game while playing and explain why I'm doing the things in doing and also clarify anything from questions in the chat.

    Twitch.tv/sdtmpinball for the Wednesday streams.

    Twitch.tv/chuckwurt for my streams I do on my own other days of the week from time to time.

    Come hang out!!

    #2 2 years ago

    So first request of everyone:

    What game to stream this week 9/20 at 8 pm?

    Big Game

    #9 2 years ago
    Quoted from starfighter:

    If it ends up being Big Game, I'll make a Pinside donation in your name.
    ( I really can't watch another Firepower video)

    Bribery will absolutely be something that swings this election.

    #15 2 years ago

    Right on all accounts except for what lights the spinners

    Spell BIG in the top lanes to get the right spinner lit for rest of game.

    If the X card is lit, left spinner is lit.

    Big game looks like the winner as we're getting some good hype going here.

    Thanks for all the thoughts from everyone. Can't wait!

    #17 2 years ago

    https://www.twitch.tv/sdtmpinball For the Wednesday night streams. just tune in around 8.

    https://www.twitch.tv/chuckwurt For my personal stream. For this I suggest following it and set up notifications as there is no set schedule for when I go live from here.


    #19 2 years ago

    Sorry. I only stream games that are actually good. Heyo!!!

    #24 2 years ago
    Quoted from starfighter:

    yea but... I'll be giving up the AGT Finals so....

    If only my wife and step daughter would do the same.

    #27 2 years ago
    Quoted from Hollywoodbone:

    Ha ha I love all of this!!!!!!

    It's looking like Big Game is gonna win. No creepy clowns or flux fumes to deal with on this one. Should be Greg safe. Haha

    #30 2 years ago

    Votes graph looks like a middle finger bump.

    #31 2 years ago

    Won't you be pissed if Fire! Pushes past Big Game last minute?

    #34 2 years ago

    Thanks to everyone that tuned in!! Only got one of my challenges completed but we will get after Big Game again in the future.

    Next week has already been decide as it's leaving soon. I'll give a hint each day leading up to it.

    First hint:

    Boondock Saints

    #37 2 years ago

    More hints for Wednesday:

    Lance Armstrong

    Coral Reef

    Kill Bill

    #38 2 years ago

    Stream tomorrow night! Last hint:


    #41 2 years ago

    Okay so in case others haven't guessed, tonight's game is The Walking Dead Premium!!

    I have had this on loan from my friend brazy and it will be leaving soon. So Brady is coming over tonight (hopefully) to play with me and we are going to get to Last Man Standing. This is the final wizard mode that requires 115 walker kills to start.

    We have never even sniffed this mode so we thought it would be fun to set the game to 10 ball and see if we can do it. haha.

    Anyway, should be fun.

    Come hang out at 8 pm eastern tonight on STDMpinball on twitch!!

    #44 2 years ago

    Thanks for watching last night! Man that TWD sesh was rough. Game set to 10 ball, and we didn't even get to Horde! Haha. Most kills we could muster was 55. Haha.

    Oh well. See everyone next week!

    #47 2 years ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    We wanna see LMS! Repeat this week?

    That might work. Maybe playing solo might help. Brady's flowing locks are mesmerizing.

    #48 2 years ago

    Streaming tonight instead of tomorrow night people!! 8 pm eastern.

    Gonna give LMS another run for the money. 10 ball here we come!

    I am also going to test a theory that I think this TWD's flippers get sluggish after you have been playing the game on 10 ball for a while.

    #52 2 years ago
    Quoted from Brazy:

    Ah hell! Lol
    I'm out of town... did you make it or were the meer thoughts of my locks throwing you off.... I'm guessing no excuses this time

    That and that damn tired right flipper. Haha

    #53 2 years ago

    Streaming new SW code tomorrow at 3 pm eastern.


    #55 2 years ago

    Stream in about 30 mins!!

    IMG_6697 (resized).JPG

    #56 2 years ago

    Sorry for the sound being so shitty. The bar was insanely loud and I wasn't sure how to deal with it.

    Anyway I made a few highlights from today's stream that shows a lot of awesome stuff the game can do so please check them out.


    #58 2 years ago
    Quoted from Rob_G:

    You look nothing like your avatar....

    Haha. I wonder how many people assume I look something like it even though that makes absolutely no sense. Haha

    #60 2 years ago

    Links to YouTube for those that prefer to watch there.

    #64 2 years ago

    In honor or the CDMD just being announced for World Cup Soccer, I'm gonna stream that tonight.

    Tune in at 8 pm eastern as I try to dismantle the Krauts of Germany!

    #66 2 years ago

    Had something come up everyone. No stream tonight. Sorry.

    #67 2 years ago

    Streaming and taking Expo! Come hang out!


    #68 1 year ago

    Streaming WCS tonight for STDM pinball. Gonna try and get through all the usual stuff, but also see what all the striker awards are and what all the TV awards are. Come hang out!


    8 pm eastern.

    #70 1 year ago

    Don't forget. 8 pm eastern ya hillbillies!!


    #71 1 year ago

    Alright party people. Tomorrow night I’m thinking Funhouse.

    This Funhouse is going to be going on location to the brand new Arcade Legacy Newport, KY location this week and the location will be opening in November.

    Let’s give this classic a good send off!

    My firepower will be joining this guy at the location as well. If you’re in the area, stop by and play some!

    #73 1 year ago
    Quoted from beelzeboob:

    Am I allowed to break your balls again?

    Sure. Always room for a horse’s ass in my streams. Haha

    #74 1 year ago

    Tune in at 8 pm eastern!!


    84C6B9D7-5DDB-4090-A0D8-B3177B904F6E (resized).jpeg

    1 week later
    #75 1 year ago

    No stream tonight sorry. Gonna try a mid day stream this weekend.

    Stay tuned!!

    #76 1 year ago

    Streaming in 5 mins on LW3!!


    #77 1 year ago

    SDTMpinball stream tonight at 8pm eastern!!

    Tonight we are going on the road to bobukcat 's house to put some training wheels on his WOZ and see if we can't get some of the harder tasks on the game:

    SJP in Rescue MB
    Melt the Witch
    Somewhere over the Rainbow (yeah right haha but were sure as hell going to try!!)


    Come hang out with us!

    #78 1 year ago

    Streaming in 10 mins!!


    1 week later
    #81 1 year ago

    Can’t stream tonight everyone. Sorry! I’ll be streaming with a buddy tomorrow night. We are testing a stream rig I’ve been working on for 6-8 months. Hopefully a way to stream lots of games for a tournament efficiently and effectively.

    Come hang out and let us know how it looks!!

    Tomorrow night 8 pm eastern.


    #83 1 year ago

    Tune into the sdtmpinball stream tonight at 8 pm eastern to talk more, but I wanted to give you folks links of all the stuff I used to build my rig. See below:

    First you need some Rubbermaid Fasttrack hanging tracks. They are for garage walls to hang bikes and tools on. I put these across the studs in my ceiling. the tracks come in 7' and 4' lengths. if 7' is too short, get two and line them up.:

    amazon.com link »

    Then you will need this attachment for the fasttrack system. This is the part that will have all your gear attached to it:

    amazon.com link »

    Then you will need a ton of strong zip ties. I say go to home depot and get a big back of long fairly thick zip ties.

    Then you will need one of these:

    amazon.com link »

    Two of these, one for the player cam and one for the DMD cam:

    amazon.com link »

    I also bought one of these to attach to the monopod for the playfield cam as it gives you easier adjustments for the camera than the one mounted on the monopod just attach it to the end of the monopod:

    amazon.com link »

    Last piece and most important is this. it is a part from a lighting stand. go to the link and order part #94352 complete side arm assembly from the order form at the bottom ($20):


    So the theory behind this is you put the track across your ceiling above the part of the play field you want the PF cam to sit above. the PF cam will sit back off the track about 3", and will be pointed straight down via the monopod.

    the attachment you put on the track has a clip on it that makes it easy to dettach and reattach, but it can also be slid up and down the track. it has two prongs on it. the monopod will be attached with zip ties on the inside of one of the prongs and point straight down to the playfield. that is your playfield cam mount.

    Next is mounting the lighting stand part you ordered to the fast track bracket. this piece goes between the monopod and the other prong of the fast track attachment. this takes some fine tuning with the zip ties you have, but what you want is this pole to be pointed at a 45 degree angle towards the DMD. secure the pole to the fast track attachment via xip ties and the holes that are in the pole.

    Next use the goose neck clamps and put one on the very end of the pole (closest to the backglass) and position it so that the camera on that will shoot the player.

    Next use the other goose neck clamp just above the other one on the light stand pole. this is your DMD cam. you should be able to position it so that you get a perfect straight on view to the DMD. beauty of this is that even if you move to a EM or SS game, you can take that goose neck clamp, move it all the way up the pole as far as it will go (right next to the track system), then you can adjust the camera to get it back far enough to see all four score displays of the backglass. When you do this it will be very close to the playfield cam, but shouldn't affect anything.

    #85 1 year ago

    That was so much fun everyone!! For those of you that couldn’t tune in, please check out sdtmpinball’s Archive and soon their highlights. I’m gonna save this one for good.

    My rig for tournaments seems like it will work out great. Here are some pictures I took of the rig itself. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works great.

    D6C6B4B6-89F4-4220-87D5-11119A49BF65 (resized).jpeg481C7288-CFEF-49BE-B77E-F1D927A9A7A2 (resized).jpeg7154CE4C-6E65-4701-9F61-3669D974D116 (resized).jpeg294CD7F9-D8D7-42A4-9588-9E252C50704D (resized).jpeg250694B0-7442-454D-9F18-F2DC06350FFC (resized).jpeg0D8EF84E-30B7-42E3-A4B8-9154D203E7AB (resized).jpeg

    #87 1 year ago

    Streaming Starship Troopers tonight at 8 pm eastern ya turkey gobblin’ hillbillies. Come hang out!


    #90 1 year ago

    Running a tad late. I’ll have the stream up ASAP as soon as i get home!

    1 week later
    #91 1 year ago

    Hey everyone!

    I will be switching up my stream this week. Tune into my personal stream as we stream a full tournament at my house this Saturday!!


    Qualifying starts at noon, but I should have the stream up a tad before that.

    Come hang out with us!

    #92 1 year ago

    Setting up an impromptu stream for new TWD prem code. Come hang out! Should be going live on www.twitch.tv/sdtmpinball in like 30 mins!!

    #93 1 year ago

    Just read the readme. Yeah you’re gonna want to tune in. I’m setting this to 10 ball. Haha

    #96 1 year ago

    Here’s the tournament recording for those that missed it. Thanks to all that watched!!

    #99 1 year ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    Yeah man unbelievable tournament stream with commentary. Very impressive! Now the world is waiting for the SDTM stream breakdown of Game of Thrones!

    That’s next. Gonna try and do part one starting next week.

    #101 1 year ago
    Quoted from Hollywoodbone:

    Let us know so we can hype it up a bit!!!!

    Okay. I’ll know for sure tomorrow night.

    #102 1 year ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Okay. I’ll know for sure tomorrow night.

    I’ll be in Vegas for work this week. Completely forgot.

    So definitely going to have part 1 of the walkthrough next Wednesday.

    I say this will take at least 4 streams, possibly 5.

    I will save them all to YT. I will preview each part a day or two before to detail what will be covered in that particular part.

    1 week later
    #105 1 year ago

    Okay Everyone. First installment of my GOT Pro walkthrough for SDTM starts tomorrow night at 8pm eastern. www.twitch.tv/sdtmpinball During the this installment I will be covering:

    1. Playfield validation
    2. Combo Multipliers and Playfield multipliers
    3. Battering ram rules
    4. Spinner Rules
    5. General Mode Rules

    Come hang out! I would really love people to fill the chat with questions that I can hash out on stream so that this walkthrough is as complete as possible.

    Over the next few weeks I will be creating at least 3 more installments that will cover every inch of the game.



    #109 1 year ago

    Tuning in tonight might be the best decision you’ve ever made. Do it! Do it.

    AA99AB2B-A80F-4975-B4E3-AF50B2B98B19 (resized).png

    #112 1 year ago

    Thanks to everyone that watched. Next week 12/20 at 8 pm eastern for GOT walkthrough part 2:

    1. We take a deep dive into each house’s mode/battle
    2. We talk about the rules of each mode
    3. We talk about the scoring of each mode
    4. Strategies for completing the modes quickly or for big points.
    5. How the modes differ when choosing Greyjoy as your house.

    #116 1 year ago

    YouTube link for Part I. Sdtmpinball has it on their channel too.

    #117 1 year ago

    Reminder!! Part II of the GOT Pro Walkthrough is tomorrow night at 8pm eastern!

    #120 1 year ago

    Thanks to everyone that tuned in!!! Video being uploaded to my channel on YouTube and sdtmpinball’s youtube shortly.

    Tune in next week 12/27 at 8 pm eastern as we cover multiballs!!:

    1. Winter is Coming Hurry Ups
    2. Winter Has Come Multiball
    3. Blackwater Multiball
    4. Wall Multiball

    Thanks again!

    #125 1 year ago
    Quoted from WarLokBlackOut:

    Hi Chuck. Great tutorial so far. I won't watch you live as 8 pm eastern is 2 am central europe .
    You were questioning if the timer would reset in Greyjoy. Well, when you started the house the display actually displays: Each shot resets timer. It doesn't say for how long but - if you don't already know - just wanted to mention it.

    Thanks! In all my research and testing I probably should’ve read the damn dmd! Haha. Still though for whatever reason, it seems like such a fast 12 seconds.

    #127 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ben1981:

    i‘m seriously considering a GOT Pro

    If I can get one person to buy this game that before wouldn’t have, I will consider this a success. Thanks for watching and the kind words!

    #129 1 year ago
    Quoted from ronaldvg:

    Hi Chuck, could you please stop making these great videos ?? I am enjoying them way too much and will probably cost me a lot of money
    Seriously, I think it is great what you are doing, must cost a lot of time digging so deep into a machine. It is very much appreciated and every second is being watched. Thank you!

    So glad you’re liking it! But sorry I like doing this too much to stop. Haha

    I’ve put an absurd amount of time on this game and as you can see from some posts here I still don’t know it all!

    But thanks so much for the kind words and I can’t wait to get back at it. Already thinking of what I will do next. I think this type of tutorial could work for any game really. Just might not take 5 streams to cover it. Haha

    #130 1 year ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Thanks to everyone that tuned in!!! Video being uploaded to my channel on YouTube and sdtmpinball’s youtube shortly.

    Tune in next week 12/27 at 8 pm eastern as we cover multiballs!!:

    1. Winter is Coming Hurry Ups
    2. Winter Has Come Multiball
    3. Blackwater Multiball
    4. Wall Multiball

    Thanks again!

    Reminder tonight at 8 pm eastern we talk Multiballs!

    #134 1 year ago

    Thanks again to everyone that has been watching. Next week is basically our last one, so tune in at 8 pm eastern on 1/3 to learn some more GOT!

    In Part IV we cover picking houses!

    1. House choices
    2. Advantages of each house
    3. House strategies
    4. Which house is best for you?

    Then on January 10th I will got over Hand of the King Wizard mode for a little bit, then I will just play the game for the rest of the stream using all the knowledge we have gained over the walkthrough and discuss difference strategies and why I am doing the things I am doing.

    Thanks again!

    #139 1 year ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Thanks again to everyone that has been watching. Next week is basically our last one, so tune in at 8 pm eastern on 1/3 to learn some more GOT!
    In Part IV we cover picking houses!
    1. House choices
    2. Advantages of each house
    3. House strategies
    4. Which house is best for you?
    Then on January 10th I will got over Hand of the King Wizard mode for a little bit, then I will just play the game for the rest of the stream using all the knowledge we have gained over the walkthrough and discuss difference strategies and why I am doing the things I am doing.
    Thanks again!

    Remember GOT part IV tonight at 8 eastern!


    #144 1 year ago
    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    I do have to say that after watching the Pro rules for qualifying and starting the battle for the wall multiball, that I prefer the Pre/LE for implementation. On the Pre/LE you count down to the start by hitting the dragon kickback, so after you’ve completed it once it’s easy to build it a second time. Just have to hit it 10 more times, then shoot up the right orbit to the throne to start it. I’m pretty sure that I’ve got it twice in one game, although im not 100% sure if I have.

    I did find out in part 4 that you can go right orbit the second go around and it will feed the pops if not lit for a combo.

    The rules on the premium are definitely interesting and would love to swap mine out for one at some point.

    #145 1 year ago

    Alright everyone! Final Part this week at 8 pm eastern. Wednesday on sdtmpinball’s channel.

    We will talk HOTK rules first, then just go at the game full force and see how high we can score. I will make sure and talk through hand of the king too when I reach it so we can all understand how that works.

    Thanks again to everyone for the support!

    #148 1 year ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    3 hour finale? Sweet!

    I’ll definitely make this one longer. I’ll just keep streaming as long as there are people that want to watch.

    #150 1 year ago
    Quoted from ViolinSteve:

    I'm coming to take it away, ha ha, ho ho, hee hee.... Cheers, brother. See you Saturday!

    You bastard! Yeah man, I gotta get all the time in I can before you steal it. Don’t worry I’ll take it easy on your MET high scores.

    #153 1 year ago

    Sure we can do that:

    1. HOTK rules
    2. Game bugs and code wishlist
    3. Lets blow this game up!

    #154 1 year ago

    Thanks so much to everyone that watched the series on GOT! If you jump over to my channel on YouTube (chuckwurt), they are all lined up together so you can easily watch all five parts.

    I will probably do more games with in-depth walkthroughs like this, just not sure on the timing. I’ll keep everyone posted.

    #155 1 year ago

    Okay gang. Getting back to my regular weekly stream of different games. Here’s the list I have available at the moment. Taking requests for:

    Big Game
    Harlem Globetrotters
    Vector (sound doesn’t work yet)
    Jungle queen
    Odds and evens.

    I will be streaming tomorrow night as I have a tournament I need to run Wednesday night. Starting next week I’ll be back to Wednesday nights.

    #159 1 year ago

    Fire! It is. Come hang out tonight to take a deep dive into the depths of the fire code. Haha.


    8 pm eastern!

    #161 1 year ago

    I don’t have my tournament stream setup running as i want to maximize resolution and frame rate. I have to keep it on one game unfortunately.

    #164 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gunnut40:

    Great stream! Keep um rolling.

    What happened to our Cats last night dude? So frustrating. Let 14-16 pt lead vanish.

    #166 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gunnut40:

    Hell idk...I fell asleep during halftime. I can only assume they will drop to rank 25?

    If that man. I bet they are unranked come the weekend.

    #167 1 year ago

    Alright hillbillies. Stream tomorrow night will be Hurricane!

    Tune in to www.twitch.tv/sdtmpinball at 8 pm eastern!!

    25F0F718-AF9A-4633-8C7C-7575168DEDF2 (resized).jpeg

    #169 1 year ago

    Nice! Enjoy it! Bring it to the Louisville show so I can play it! Haha

    #173 1 year ago

    Hey everyone!

    This week we are gonna tackle the 1979 super widebody from Gottlieb Genie!

    I know some of the rules, but not all of them. Let’s figure it out together.

    Also, starting next week, I’m gonna have to switch my stream day to Sunday’s as my work gets nuts for the next couple months. I’m gonna shoot for Sunday afternoons. Not sure on time yet. Stay tuned!

    2B62F94B-3514-47D8-8A5D-FDBD4CE829E9 (resized).jpeg

    #182 1 year ago
    Quoted from jfre81:

    Several times Chuck had the bonus saucer lit and maxed out. One of the longest key shots on any pinball table.

    I know!! Man that I such a tough shot. Even tougher to get the ball in a position to even attempt it.

    Thanks everyone for watching!

    Next stream will be feb 11th Sunday! 3pm eastern and we’re gonna do the first official stream of Baby Pacman!! You’re not gonna want to miss this.

    1 week later
    #187 1 year ago

    Yes sir!! Baby Pacman it set for 3 pm eastern! I’ll keep everyone posted. I have to have a unique setup with my cameras so I’m hoping they don’t give me any trouble.

    Sorry for the confusion on the dates. My work is making me switch days for now. Once April hits, I’ll be back to weekdays. Probably going to be Tuesdays as I run tournaments some Wednesday’s now.

    #190 1 year ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    Oh I’m sure people won’t mind streaming tournaments too on SDTM channel

    I’ll try. Not sure how good the quality will be. We will see. If I can make it work I will.

    The Baby Pacman hype is real!!

    #191 1 year ago

    For those who missed the stream. Here ya go!

    1 week later
    #194 1 year ago

    Sorry everyone. No stream today. Got too much going on with my only free day of the week. Hoping to get a stream up next Sunday though. Crazy time of year for me with work.

    Stay tuned!

    1 week later
    #201 1 year ago

    Definitely streaming today. Silverball mania will be the game. Not sure what time though. Probably tonight.

    Stay tuned!

    #203 1 year ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    Haven’t seen that Pin being stream interested thanks Chuck Wurt

    Yes sir. Haven’t had it long, but luckily the game had like 2 rules so the tutorial will be in full force!

    #207 1 year ago

    Come on over Brady.

    Starting in 15 mins!

    #210 1 year ago

    Check that. Streaming at 8! Haha. Gonna eat some wings.

    #212 1 year ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    Dont! You will get your flipper buttons all sticky!

    They are brazy ‘s flipper buttons and I owe him one for breaking my GOT’s button. Haha

    #215 1 year ago
    Quoted from mrossman5:

    Great stream. It just seems like Silverball Mania is to easy with the center save and stuff.

    Totally agree. But wouldn’t mind it in a larger collection like I said.

    #217 1 year ago
    Quoted from mrossman5:

    Is it an option to disable the center save?

    I don’t think so outside of just disconnecting it.

    1 week later
    #220 1 year ago

    Sorry everyone, no stream today. Crazy busy ova here. Make sure and check out the new SDTM pinball review on reviews that was just posted!

    #221 1 year ago

    Streaming this Sunday night. Going to do a proper Hurricane tutorial.

    Come hang out!!

    #222 1 year ago

    Tune in tonight at 8pm eastern to get some hurricane knowledge y’all!

    #225 1 year ago
    Quoted from Gunnut40:

    Great stream! I was wondering during muti ball were you draining the third ball on purpose for better control?

    Not on purpose per se, but I wasn’t trying to save it either. Haha. But yeah the theory is, I only need two balls out there to take advantage of the multiball scoring so if you lose the third one, no worries.

    Plus it’s easier to get one ball trapped on each flipper or pass one of them from one side to the other (cradle separation) with only two balls in play.

    #226 1 year ago

    I know everyone is sick of GOT, but we are going back to it this Sunday. Our very own eskaybee detailed a massive bug over on tilt forums and I am going to try and demonstrate it on stream.

    8 pm eastern this Sunday hillbillies! Be there!

    #229 1 year ago
    Quoted from bgwilly31:

    When we going to schedule a stream up at my house. GOTG new code is dropping soon.
    Im watching twd stream now. See if i can learn anything my new premium has been brutal to me. Much harder than my pro.

    As soon as I’m not working 70 plus hours a week. April would be awesome for me.

    When you getting Alice Cooper?!?

    #231 1 year ago

    Don’t forget. We’re gonna try and produce a monster bug on GOT tonight!

    #235 1 year ago

    Here’s eskaybee showing off the bug way better than me. Ball saver freezing and also the pops seem to award way too many wall jackpot increases.

    #237 1 year ago
    Quoted from Monk:

    I don't know if it was mentioned in the video as I watched it without sound, but why did the ball save keep going?

    We’re not totally sure. Has something with keeping the balls in the trough and pops at the same time. Pops freeze the timers and if a ball is in the trough as ball come out of the pops, the game keeps feeding the pops to freeze the timers longer.

    #240 1 year ago
    Quoted from Monk:

    Interesting. Kind like the game doesn't think the playfield is validated for one of the balls? It would be interesting to see if you could soft plunge a multiball then drop it in the trough and see if it comes back.

    Yeah not sure. Dwight has been made aware so interested to hear his thoughts.

    #241 1 year ago

    Happy Easter tomorrow everyone!! No stream, but next Sunday for sure!

    #243 1 year ago
    Quoted from mrossman5:

    Any sneak peek of the game? Happy Easter to you too!

    I would if I knew what it was. Haha. Actually I think I remember what it was gonna be. Gunnut requested it last stream.

    2 weeks later
    #247 1 year ago

    Streaming Flight 2000 tonight!

    Going to do it early as me and the girls are going out to eat to celebrate the end of tax season.

    Tune in at 5:30! I will stream until 7pm. Hopefully see some of you there!

    #248 1 year ago

    Sloppy stream tonight. Sorry! Gonna do some testing. Seems I may be taking the Xsplit plunge soon.

    #250 1 year ago

    Didn’t miss much. I think I’m switching to Xsplit. Seems to like my equipment better.

    #251 1 year ago

    No stream this week party people. I am out of town for work until Thursday, then going to Disney with the fam until Monday. Can't wait to see the new Avatar Pandora!

    1 week later
    #252 1 year ago

    This week we’re streaming Dipsy Doodle!!

    Tuesday night at 8 pm eastern.

    This was the first game I ever owned. I sold it to a friend, he restored it, and I just bought it back.

    This game’s older brother doodle bug (1 player pink version) was featured in pinburgh 2016, and dipsy doodle was featured in PPO in the same year. See below for footage.


    PPO semifinals

    PPO finals

    See everyone tomorrow night!

    #253 1 year ago

    Tune in at 8 to play dipsy doodle and talk Iron Maiden!

    #254 1 year ago

    Let the Houdini Hype Train begin! I will be heading to my good buddy bobukcat 's house next week (Tuesday at 8 pm eastern) to stream the new Houdini code that just came out. We will try and get to the near impossible wizard modes in the game. Come hang out!

    If you cannot wait that long, kevinbuffalo and Co will be streaming this Saturday. Buffalo Pinball on twitch. That show is at 6pm eastern.

    #255 1 year ago

    Houdini Stream tonight! 8 pm eastern.

    We will be trying to hit up some mini wizard modes:

    Movie Binge
    Great Jail Escape

    Come hang out and learn this awesome game with us!

    #256 1 year ago

    Decided I couldn’t wait to stream!

    Tune in now for Sopranos!

    I’ll stream tomorrow night at 8 pm as well.

    Come hang out!

    #258 1 year ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    Definitely going to be tuning in tonight. Tune in and watch and support Chuckwurt people, he has a good entertaining show!!

    Don’t do it for me, do it for these poor dancing ladies. They are just trying to work their way through college and get out from under the thumb of Tony Soprano.

    #259 1 year ago

    Streams up!

    CB9BC5A8-5F37-4B60-A11B-8CB762FC0E87 (resized).jpeg

    #260 1 year ago

    Fun stuff tonight. Thanks for watching!

    Next week is going to be amazing, so don’t miss out!

    #261 1 year ago

    In case you haven’t heard, next Tuesday at 8 pm we will be at Pinstadium headquarters showing off Scott’s new Iron Maiden LE! Make sire and tune in as I will have extra cameras set up to show off the cool added features that the LE has and we can also take a tour of the game to see all the awesome artwork.

    Can’t wait!!

    #262 1 year ago

    Don't forget tomorrow night at 8pm eastern we dive into Maiden LE!

    Also, make sure and tune in live as we will be giving away one full featured Pinstadium set to a random viewer.

    See everyone there!

    #264 1 year ago

    Thanks so much for everyone that tuned in!! That was tons of fun! Sorry the stream crapped out at the end.

    Big thanks to pinstadium for the very generous raffle of TWO full featured kits to two lucky viewers tonight.

    See everyone next week!

    #266 1 year ago

    Alright everyone! I will be doing things a little differently for the next few streams. I have a tournament at my house June 30th and I will be using my tournament stream rig each week and doing matches against some local players to test the setup and make sure everything runs smoothly.

    Tune in to get a preview!

    Tomorrow night at 8 pm eastern we will get going. Come on down!

    1 week later
    #267 1 year ago

    Thanks for tuning in this week! I think we got the tournament rig dialed in.

    No stream next week as I’ll be on vacation.

    Week after we will test the stream one more time, then make sure you tune in Saturday 6/30 for the 2nd annual NKY Pinball Open!

    #268 1 year ago

    No stream tonight, but I be repping the sdtm crew and NKY pinball hillbillies while I vacation in HHI!

    29384D93-974C-4C20-835D-DC5C30DD36D1 (resized).jpeg

    1 week later
    #270 1 year ago

    Stream tonight at 8 pm! More challengers think they can take me down on my own games. Pfft!

    #272 1 year ago
    Quoted from Spiderpin:

    I watched until I lost signal for the third time. I'm in a bunker with 2 feet thick wall and below sea level. I try again this weekend. You will play better then, don't see how you can be worse. And from your lines (haha)

    Hey now!! Haha. Thanks for watching. We lost signal a couple times too. Haha. I got beat, but that was a fun match. Had we played one more game, it would have been the most possible in that format.

    Good times! Thanks again for everyone that watched and that stuck with it even though we went down a couple times. This is why we have dry runs.

    1 week later
    #275 1 year ago

    Come hangout with us all day today!

    NKY Pinball Open stream starts at 11 am eastern!!

    #276 1 year ago

    590921FD-CCB4-4D78-9CFC-D3FCBBC8790C (resized).jpeg8B92FE00-A9F1-427E-B860-99E6D7835CFB (resized).jpeg80CB6FB3-9D5B-4FF1-8E70-4C4DC698D7E5 (resized).jpeg[att=4472292,16DD6AE8F-049B-4672-925F-3C53532D61BF (resized).jpeg311828 caption=""]

    A9D232E5-C4AC-4946-8C9F-438E76AC8BB9 (resized).jpeg
    #279 1 year ago

    That was awesome!! Thanks so much to everyone that hung out all day. I think we had a decent steady viewer count all day and that was great to see!

    I’m already working to get this improved for next year!

    See everyone Tomorrow (Monday) for my regular stream. I have a tournament I’m running Tuesday. I think I’m gonna stream MET.

    Thanks again for all the support!

    1 week later
    #280 1 year ago

    Sopranos tonight party people!

    Gonna start at 8:30 eastern. Come hang out!

    #282 1 year ago

    That was fun tonight! Thanks for watching. Archived for anyone that missed.

    Remember to come watch Thursday night and new code on Hobbit! Go over to www.twitch.tv/willys_pinballpub

    8 pm eastern!

    #284 1 year ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    I think twotch.tv may take you somewhere totally different, but may still have live streaming hahaha

    Haha. Fixed!! Sorry if anyone now has viruses now from following that link. Haha

    #285 1 year ago

    Still streaming tonight at 8pm but we will just stream at sdtmpinball so that people not following this thread or Jeff will get the notification.


    #286 1 year ago

    Cool Highlight from last night. I got to Into the Fire and completed it I believe.


    #288 1 year ago
    Quoted from Spiderpin:

    Thanks for posting this, I was unable to watch live last night. Work got in the way, apparently showing up for work is not enough. Now they want you to do something too. Lol

    How dare they!! Haha. Thanks for watching man. It was fun. Got a new appreciation for Hobbit.

    #290 1 year ago
    Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

    Not to be ungrateful, but any chance of doing a Hobbit stream soon without the background music? Glad to see your latest one is still on Twitch - thanks for posting!

    Yep. The music was unintentional. We didn’t realize it was a direct feed from his computer. Wish someon in chat would’ve said something. Could’ve fixed it in two clicks.

    Expect more streams from Jeff’s awesome games!

    #292 1 year ago

    Yeah next time no background music and we will make sure to have the game and players audio better.

    Future reference please let us know in chat if audio is not pleasant. We can’t hear what viewers hear so it’s very helpful when we get that feedback live.

    Lots of setup is needed to stream so its easy to forget settings from time to time. If something seems off, it is. Thanks again for all the feedback. I take it very seriously and try to make the best streams and recordings possible.

    #293 1 year ago

    Good news! My Tuesday stream will be more hobbit. I’ve had viewers reach out to clear up some of the code nuances so that we have a better understanding when trying to go for there and back again and Five Armies.

    Tune in at 8 pm eastern this Tuesday night!

    #296 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    Not sure if it's possible but if you're doing hobbit can you stream the mini LCD so we can see the rules for each mode? Also 3.0 is coming into the next week or two fixing a lot of stuff...

    I tried to do this last time but ran out of camera mounts. I am bringing more and will see if I can make it work. I only have one camera that can zoom in and I use that for the playfield, but I may be able to still make it work with a regular webcam.

    #298 1 year ago

    Well that was awesome. Check out sdtmpinball YouTube tomorrow.

    #301 1 year ago

    I hope people keep hating on hobbit. Might need to pick one up later. Haha

    #304 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    I turned it off right as he hit the shot for There and Back Again. I don't want to see it until I do it! It was awesome to see you get through 30 modes on ball one!

    It was 30?!? Wow. I knew I got through a bunch, but didn’t realize it was that many. Haha

    #305 1 year ago

    World Cup soccer stream at 8 pm eastern!!

    #308 1 year ago
    Quoted from Spiderpin:

    Got there late, will watch the video when released. Game lighting looked great.

    This probably won’t make it to YouTube but we alway archive the streams on twitch. Should be available for at least a couple weeks.


    #309 1 year ago

    No stream tonight ladies and germs.

    Have to help get games ready for a tournament tomorrow.

    I’ll try and stream Thursday night.


    #311 1 year ago

    Streaming is back tomorrow night!

    8 pm eastern. We’re gonna play Metallica cause I need to get better at it. I suck. Haha. Come hang out!

    #313 1 year ago

    highlights posted on twitch from last week!

    here is the complete For Whom the Bells Toll mode I played:


    Here is a good Fade to Black mode I had:


    Going to stream more Metallica this week to see if we cannot get any closer to End of the Line.

    #314 1 year ago

    Metallica at 8 pm eastern, ya hillbillies! Don’t miss it!

    #316 1 year ago
    Quoted from Yelobird:

    Must say you sir have some mad skills playing. Seem like no matter how many games I put it I am unable to maintain control like you. Odd question but always wondered.... With the ball handling, passing, drop catches, etc when it comes to multiball is it basically free bedlam until back to one ball or is there a strategy you follow? Love seeing how these games are suppose to be played. Thanks for sharing!

    First tip. Don’t try to replicate my play from tonight. Haha. Wow I had a bad night. Sorry about that everyone. Oh well.

    Multiball for me is still one of my lesser skills, but I’m getting better.

    Honestly just try to keep your eyes around the top of the slings and keep everything in play. It helps to know what’s going on around you, but it helps more to keep the balls in play.

    Use your flipper skills to keep the balls alive. Then once you feel confident you can get two balls stopped, do it.

    Then take time to reset and figure out what you have going on and what you want to do next. Then go from there.

    This approach can change game to game, but for the most part on games where lots of shots are good during MB, just concentrate on keeping everything alive.

    #317 1 year ago

    It’s good to have situational awareness too (knowing that certain flashers or callouts indicate something good is ready) and to memorize where every shot is located on each flipper. That way you don’t need to look up to make a shot. Just need to see it rolling down the flipper and flip.

    #320 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

    Are your streams archived anywhere? On YouTube, perhaps?

    If it’s a special one I’ll throw it to my channel or sdtm. But they are all archived on twitch.


    #321 1 year ago

    Special guest tonight for the stream! My buddy Sean is coming up from Louisville KY to play some pinball! We are going to start with Big Game, then switch over to Harlem Globetrotters most likely.

    Come hangout with us! We will talk about all kinds of stuff including the recent explosion of location, competitive pinball in KY.

    See everyone at 8 pm eastern tonight!

    #323 1 year ago

    Round 3 for End of the Line tomorrow night! Let’s see if we cannot conquer on of the most elusive wizard modes out there!

    8 pm eastern tomorrow night!

    See everyone there!

    #326 1 year ago

    Thanks everyone for watching this week! I loved how someone is calling the show Tuesdays with Metallica. Haha.

    See everyone next week! I bet we get to end of the line soon!

    #327 1 year ago

    Tuesdays with Metallica cancelled this week everyone. Sorry!! I have too much going on to get ready for the Cleveland show and around the house.

    If you are going to the Cleveland show, please come find me and say hey!

    See everyone next week!

    1 week later
    #330 1 year ago

    Tuesday with Metallica is back!! Let’s play and talk about this awesome Cleveland Show that just happened.

    8 pm eastern!!

    #335 1 year ago

    Sorry peeps! No stream tomorrow night. Going to spend my bday with the family.

    Be on the lookout for some awesome streams from Greg coming up soon! Hopefully we can start getting you all a couple streams a week.

    Stay tuned!

    #338 1 year ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    Happy Birthday Chuck. You're 29 right?

    Haha. I wish. Big 34 tomorrow.

    #341 1 year ago

    Listen up hillbillies! Greg is streaming Houdini tonight at 5:30 pm eastern. Go hang out!

    Blow it up Greg!!

    #343 1 year ago
    Quoted from Yelobird:

    That should be interesting Link or is it at your regular stream place.

    www.twitch.tv/sdtmpinball just like always. We all share it.

    #344 1 year ago

    EDIT: I’m an idiot. Please see UPDATED date below.

    Hey everyone! Special stream NEXT week! Tune in TUESDAY 10/2 at 8 pm eastern as I visit Scott at Pinstadium to see his new Deadpool LE and his new Orion’s Belt product!!

    We will look over the LE and also explain in detail how Orion’s Belt works and show it off.

    If you have any specific questions about Deapoool LE or the Orion’s Belt product, let me know here and I will make sure and address it on stream.

    Oh and Scott has graciously offered up a set of Orion’s Belt as a raffle prize!

    Make sure you’re in chat when we do the drawing! It will happen at some point during the stream. We will stream until 10:30-11:00.

    #346 1 year ago

    I screwed up and need to push the stream back to next Tuesday 10/2. So sorry and see above.

    Still no stream tonight as I’m already packed up. My bad.