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(Topic ID: 174268)

Choice between 3 machines

By Willnox

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Hey folks, if you had to choose between 3 fully shopped machines which of the following would you choose and why? Game play, rules, replay ability etc


Thank you for your help!!! I can't decide.

#3 4 years ago

I'm partial to Taxi. Very fun. Very approachable. Great replay value. Repro spinout ramps are finally available.

#4 4 years ago

Preference in order: Taxi, F-14, Victory

Taxi is a very popular game, but I'm not as big on it as others on here, so I would say it's close between that and F-14. Taxi does have good audio, a fairly simplistic rule set and some fun shots. To me, the game is often too simple and the shots, especially Santa, get redundant. Overall it's an attractive game, especially if you grab the Marilyn version. F-14 is also a fun game, and if finely tuned, plays very well. Without the topper lights (or if not functioning), F14 is a little less fun visually. Victory is a decent title, but to me just so so.

#5 4 years ago

I don't believe many will stray from the above listed order of taxi, f 14, and then victory. Honestly in my option neither of the other two are in the same class as taxi though

#6 4 years ago

Taxi and F-14 are both awesome pins. F-14 has an awesome light show!

#7 4 years ago

It'd be between F-14 and Taxi for me. It depends on what you like in a game.

Taxi has something for everyone - a nice layout, drops, great ramps for the era, and a friendly theme. The skillshot is cool, but has to be well-tuned to not become the worst part of the game. The music and sounds are terrific and the art is classic. I love the backglass, yellow cabinet, topper and theme. For whatever reason, it's perfect for pinball. Guests will automatically understand how to play. Replay-wise it's okay, but the progressive jackpot and inconsistent skill shot can unbalance the otherwise solid "ramps and passengers" game.

If you like balls-to-the-wall action, F-14 can't be beat (unless you want to get crazy and go Iron Man). The layout looks simple, but it will be more than you can handle for a long time. The lights are incredible and the music and sound lock you in. It rules. The energy this game exudes is unreal. Crazy replay value ("Screw you, Yagov! I CAN win!") That said, it is NOT for everyone! Many of my friends won't play it, saying it's too fast or too hard. Neither one is true - you just have to play better. If you can't get behind that mentality, go with the Taxi.

#8 4 years ago

I would go with Taxi. F-14 didn't last that long with me.

#9 4 years ago

Taxi > F14 > Victory. Although, F14 looks great with LEDs, and Taxi has more of a classic incandescent look.

#10 4 years ago

Taxi. Without question. Victory would be the last pick out of most lineups.

#11 4 years ago

Taxi. Thread over.
Great theme fun game play. Great for beginners to more experienced players. Lots of shots. Love the bell ring.

#12 4 years ago

Taxi. I like F-14 as well but I think Taxi edges it out.

#13 4 years ago

Taxi, F-14, Victory.

#14 4 years ago
#15 4 years ago

Easy call on Taxi here.

#16 4 years ago

Taxi althought f-14 doesnt suck at all. Victory is not a good game

#17 4 years ago

Taxi 100%

#18 4 years ago

Taxi, all the way. I currently have 7 machines, including a couple holy grails. My Taxi is the most beat up of all, but still my go-to machine 90% of the time. It's just cool. Kind of groovy, relaxing, addictive music. Simple enough rules to pick them up quick. But complex and difficult enough to complete all the sequences to keep it interesting.

#19 4 years ago

i have taxi and f14 and it's taxi - my f14 is currently for sale on ri craiglist - i am selling taxi also - but taxi is better than f14 for fun - f14 is great for the way it hums the ball back at you - that is why i love f14 - also great light show - victory just doesn't even belong in the comparison with the other 2.

if you are getting it for a family then you would also want taxi - it's just a great pinball machine that is family friendly - not that f14 isn't - but taxi has family written all over it.

thanks ed

#20 4 years ago

I love Taxi and F-14 to death but Victory!! That is an extremely rare game, I have been playing pinball for almost 10 years and have never seen one! Those system 11's are legendary but you will see one again as they have had very high production runs. I'd get the Gottlieb, my friend.

#21 4 years ago

Get all 3! I love those system 11's! No love for Victory though?! That game RULES! I never see Gottlieb System 80b games anywhere :-/

#22 3 years ago

I say taxi 1st then a toss up for 2nd place. I like my Gottlieb but victory isn't a barn burner of a machine. I'm one of the odd guys that doesn't have love for F-14. I love the lights so i keep trying it hoping to have that a ah moment but haven't. If you go taxi and hate it should be fairly easy to get rid of same goes for F -14 tomcat.

1 week later
#23 3 years ago

Taxi, Victory, F-14

And only a close margin to Taxi. i am a big fan of Victory, it's crazy shots, multiple playfields and for the price, it is an excellent player! Originally it was supposed to be a 3 level design. Curse you B.o.M.!

#25 3 years ago

What everyone else said. Taxi all day. Cooler callouts, better artwork, greater general appeal to players, the bell, and the ruleset changes offered once you've collected all of the characters.

#26 3 years ago

TAXI, for all the reasons you suggested. Gameplay, rules etc. Just never gets old. Rules seem so easy, yet it's not. One of my favorite feats is pinball, is picking up all 5 passengers, then dropping them off on TAXI. No brainer IMO of the 3.

#27 3 years ago

Taxi, no interest in the other two.

#28 3 years ago

I like taxi and f-14 but I think I would pick f-14 because I like the theme more and it has jets.

#29 3 years ago

I say Taxi easily. The only problem I had with Taxi if that when friends and family came over they would tend to lean towards other pins because of ball time and Taxi would never get played. I don't know how much of a pinball player you are and I would put myself only as in the middle but playing taxi at times was exhilarating the blood starts pumping when you finally after many games get to shoot for the Jackpot and there is only so much time OMG I miss that pin. Good Luck on your search.

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