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Chill Music

By labnip

5 years ago

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#51 4 years ago

In for the chillness

#52 4 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Herbie Hancock is a big fan of Flying Lotus, on his Sirius XM jazz interview.

2 weeks later
#53 4 years ago

Does anybody know when this album is coming out? Getting impatient!

Beautiful voice...

#54 4 years ago

dang that's smoooooooth

would be cool to hear live

#55 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

dang that's smoooooooth
would be cool to hear live

Smoooooooth is right!

Their album was supposed to come out this month.

Their debut single, released in September, has got me hooked!

Can't wait to hear more!

#56 4 years ago

if you like moody chill with a touch of goth and siouxsie sound, Alan Wilder (depeche mode) recommended this...


#57 4 years ago

Some chill hip hop from Outkast Elevator(Me & You)

#58 4 years ago

Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon...

#59 4 years ago

groovy chill international

band: nitin sawhney
song: homelands

video makes it even groovier man...
chill zone sounds for designing tron prequel pin

1 week later
#60 4 years ago

a lot of these are chill.

oldie but goodie

#61 4 years ago

Another fav of mine is Madlib / Yesterday's New Quintet


#62 4 years ago

a giant fav.
amps up in middle with some amazing tribal rhythm. feel the hunt...

1 month later
#63 4 years ago

many songs in 1 long audio file...
pretty funny chill/lounge jazz style.

00:00 "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Division
03:18 "Just Can't Get Enough" Depeche Mode
06:26 "In a Manner of Speaking" Tuxedomoon
10:23 "Guns of Brixton" The Clash
14:29 "This Is Not a Love Song" Public Image Ltd.
20:18 "Too Drunk to Fuck" Dead Kennedys
22:30 "Marian" The Sisters of Mercy
26:24 "Making Plans for Nigel" XTC
29:56 "A Forest" The Cure
33:36 "I Melt with You" Modern English
37:37 "Teenage Kicks" The Undertones
39:52 "Psyche" Killing Joke
44:05 "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" The Specials
48:28 "Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)" A Flock of Seagulls

#64 4 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Of course you all know that KLF's "Chill Out" album is considered a master piece in the genre...right?
» YouTube video

51MVZA6C3FL.jpg 16 KB

kvan get's it. Not saying there is other good stuff in this thread but most of these acts don't even know what an ambient room is.

#65 4 years ago

I’ve been into this stuff since, well always really.

I remember discovering Massive Attack in the early 90’s, and tuned into more of the UK sounds with Faithless, Lamb and Portishead. A number of ‘bands’ and ‘collectives’ all happening out of Bristol, England, with a sound that got dubbed as ‘Trip Hop’ .

These were more collectives of individual than bands, with both Massive Attack and Faithless having 3 key members, and others drifting in and out, or invited to join in, over the course of several albums.
Nobody has mentioned Faithless as yet. Faithless was a defining musical moment for me. The 3 main members being Maxi Jazz, - a UK MC / rapper, Sister Bliss - a UK based DJ, and Rollo, a DJ / Producer.

Their first 2 albums of Saturday 8pm, and Reverence, still get regular play on both the Ipod and the car CD stacker. Each of these albums also came out with remix albums, being Sunday 3am and Irreverence respectively. The later albums are also good, with some epic moments, but the first two just have that special spark. Maxi, being a Buddhist (hence Faithless) always had some interesting things to say.....

The music is a mix of styles, and includes some massive dance hits – although the band would never agree to being cast as a ‘dance act’. Some of the chill tracks are beautiful, but if you’re not into the higher tempo stuff you may not get into it. Although, it is this journey from chill to noise to chill again that makes these albums. To me they’re not so much individual tracks as a ‘trip’...


Crazy English Summer:

I won’t go an about the others tonight as someone else here probably will (I’d crap on all night about Massive Attack and Lamb if you let me......) Maybe later if there’s any interest?

Another duo not mentioned surprisingly is closer to you than me over here in Oz,
From Nettwerk records in Canada, Delerium are 2 producers / DJ’s (Rys Fulber & Bill Leeb) that come together every so often and create some masterpieces. Both have very different styles in their own music (one is industrial electronic, other more experimental).

Best albums to check out – Semantic Spaces from 1994, Karma from 1997, Poem from 2000.

Terra Firma from Poem:

Enchanted from Karma:

Silence – has been remixed by just about every DJ out there, so you’ve probably heard one version somewhere. In fact I couldn’t find the original version on Youtube....

Finally for tonight, another band not mentioned here from our Kiwi neighbours – Strawpeople.

Once again, not really a band, but one guy who co-opts other musicians and vocalists in to work with. The version of taller than god is different to the album version which IMO is better. This version has been ‘commercialised’ for public release..... Not sure if you can access from outside Oz / NZ?

Trick with a knife:

Taller than God:

Scared of flying:

Let me know if any of you like what you hear. If people are interested, I can relate some other possibly obscure musical gems that you may just fall in love with as I have.

#66 4 years ago

If you're not familiar with the 'Back to Mine' series, check out Everything But the Girl's compilation.

#67 4 years ago

July Skies' album Dreaming of Spires is probably the most mellow thing I've heard in my life.... good album

#68 4 years ago

The Preatures

I love Aussie music!
Happy Australia day weekend!!!

#69 4 years ago

Just chillin with some Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous.

1 week later
#70 4 years ago

Kaskade album free on Google Play:


"I remember" is a pretty chill song at least. Haven't listened to the others yet.

1 week later
#71 4 years ago

Not sure if this has been posted, but it's pretty good:

Sea Change by the Beekeepers

#72 4 years ago

Sea Change by Beck too

Grizzly Bear is always good to chill out too as well.

#73 4 years ago
Quoted from Jam_Burglar:

Some stuff you might not have heard of
First is "Alernate Thursday" from the Sound in Color "Mu.SIC." compilation
Next two are Ricci Rucker and Mike Boo off the album Sketchbook which was created 100% from turntable manipulation (i.e. "scratch music")
Fourth one is Mike Boo "Cantrec" (more scratch music).
Last one is DJ Excess "Lally" (more scratch music)
» YouTube video
» YouTube video
» YouTube video
» YouTube video
» YouTube video

Its good to see some love for us Turntablist and Scratchers

5 months later
#74 4 years ago

Volume 3 was just released last month. Smooth as always!

Check it out....

#75 4 years ago

Try Tycho or Aphex Twin. Zilla is good too. Quantic's early stuff, and a lot of Orbital's stuff is great too.

1 week later
#76 4 years ago

"See" just popped up on my Pandora Chill station. Good stuff.

9 months later
#77 3 years ago


#78 3 years ago

Chillin in the basemento bumpo internatioñal

1 week later
#79 3 years ago

Glad i stopped into the basement and found this thread! I never come down here, but thought what the hell... And found this awesome thread!

I am a big fan of chill/ambient music and was very happy to see Boards of Canada get their proper respect here. I still have to go back and check out all the suggestions everyone's posted, but I'd also like to make one recommendation of my own: Tortoise. They're an instrumental band, and are easily one of my favorites ever. I'd recommend starting with either TNT or Millions Now Living Will Never Die. "Millions" was my first album of theirs and it changed my life. I never knew music could be like *that*! TNT is such a great album too, it's hard to recommend one and not the other. I look forward to checking out everyone's suggestions here, and hopefully some of you will enjoy Tortoise! I'm sure i could recommend quite a few more artists, but I'll hold off until in familiar with what else has already been shared. A tip of the hat to labnip for starting this thread!

Links for above Tortoise albums:

Millions Now Living Will Never Die:


#80 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:


Tengri with EP/Album Shipibo
a track:

Germany (?)
Herz und Kerbe
Klang gedanke :

Waterjuice - Liquid Journeys

Koan - multiple albums
a track (mix)

#81 3 years ago

Bookmarked. I gotta check some of these out, thanks all!

4 months later
#82 3 years ago

Airbag - Disconnected LP (turn on autoplay)

#83 3 years ago

run baby run... and don't look back....
♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

1 month later
#84 2 years ago

synth wave .... (ala tron influence)

#85 2 years ago

This just came out on LP

#86 2 years ago

Just some chill music by Buckethead, he can be very chill..

#87 2 years ago

Best chili music..

#88 2 years ago

Depends how old you are.

The Cuervo Gold....

1 month later
#89 2 years ago

Anyone into Muslim Gauze? I have a limited 9 disc set that I would like to sell to someone. Pics are below - pm me if interested. $40 plus postage, I believe this set goes for a lot more...............

MG1 (resized).jpg

MG2 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#90 2 years ago

Muslim Gauze bump.............

#91 2 years ago

I like my music to chill/rock/chill.

Porcupine Tree- "Dark Matter"

#93 2 years ago

Not sure if jazz is allowed... but


...not jazz, but coool....

Eh... go ahead and pull my man card over this one

#94 2 years ago

80's ga roo vinn...

#95 2 years ago

chill with energy boost topper, for your health

#96 2 years ago

Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene

Ry Cooder - Southern Comfort.

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

#97 2 years ago

none more chill

#98 2 years ago


#99 2 years ago

Check out an album by Mono called "Formica Blues" - I think it's the only album (um, CD) they made..............I stumbled onto it by accident at a used music store - good stuff!!

Vid, I love a good female vocalist!

#100 2 years ago

I once knew an albanian chick named Formica with mono in college, does that count?

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