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4 years ago

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#769 4 years ago

I called about the orbitor, but its gone already

I just posted a BSD and Baywatch if anyone is interested in those titles


others avail
disco 79 cocktail pin
big guns
nib hulk le
nib metle

2 weeks later
#850 4 years ago
Quoted from Pugsley:

Anybody know where to find a 13' Skeeball machine that is not too expensive? If the electronics are shot all the better.

what do you consider not to expensive. The 13 footers, exspecially if they have the 100 point pockets are actually desired alot. I have access to one from a customer that wants to trade it in for a custom skeeball that i built, but he wants mre out of it than i am willing to give him in trade.


1 month later
3 weeks later
4 months later
#1513 3 years ago

Ive got a few pins still available, and a couple that im thinking of moving out

Terminator 3
Star wars Episode 1
Starship Troopers
Street Fighter II
Big Guns
Dale Jr

Also have a Congo that just isnt getting the attention that it should

Im In Decatur, IL


#1516 3 years ago

Congo pics (Congo is sold pending payment)


3 months later
#1743 3 years ago

I have these machines available, all but addams family is shopped out

Addams Family
Terminator 3
Big Guns
Star Wars ep 1
PlayBoy, bally
SOLD...Tales from the Crypt
Gottlie Incredible Hulk
Pinbot (a players game for sure, not collector quality at all)
Starship Troopers

Will sell or trade, trades id be interested in are CSI, Rbion, NGG, Flintstones, and maybe a few others that im not thinking of

1 week later
#1770 3 years ago
Quoted from tomaszb1:

Hey mike I saw one for sale on the expo classifieds....not sure of the condition though.

Im the one with the expo ad, the game is on ebay right now and can be brought to expo

ebay.com link

3 weeks later
1 month later
#1906 3 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Not pinball:
Need for speed sit down,
Assumed not working,

we dont want your stupid ass vids on this site, lol

if you want, give me a call, maybe we can work something out if you want to drop it off at my warrenville warehouse


#1907 3 years ago

Im wanting to mix up a couple things, things that ill put up for trade

Orbitor 1
High Speed (rough)
Starship Troopers
Terminator 3
Big Guns
Gottlieb Hulk
Bally Playboy

INterested in RBION, CSI, POTO, NGG, and many mor than i cant think of.

Located in Decatur, IL and only interested in trades where one of us do the driving


2 months later
1 month later
#2482 3 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

Not sure why anyone cares if someone is a flipper. If you want to do the work, but games, clean them and sell them for profit who is stopping you?

Because profit is a bad word on here, unless you make mods, then the sky is the limit

1 month later
#2813 2 years ago

Well, I sold a SF2 for 2250 last year, Ill gladly take any 600 and under working SF2

Now i know that 2250 is extreme for one, and I was lucky to get that, but you can easily get 1000-1400 for one, SF2 fans will buy them up all the time. Its not the one that most get for a pin collection though

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

it's true I own orbitor 1. I own a lot of games that are unique. Oribitor 1 is definitely not the most fun game out there. but it offers something unique to pinball. If I had a small collection, I wouldn't own it, but i keep it around because it's the most unique and inventive pinball ever made. I like to play it from time to time, but mostly keep it around so other people can experience it. New people that have never seen or played one, love it. It's the perfect example of thinking outside the box. SF2 doesn't offer anything to the table. Everyone has bottom of the barrel DMD games.
SF2 and xfiles are mine. What are yours?
Whether or not you like SF2, doesn't stop the fact that they are dirt cheap. I've turned down 4 of them over the years for $600 or under fully working. I've seen at least 20 for under $900, and i've seen about 5 that people tried to sell for $1000 or over and they never sold. I"m not saying they can't sell. You can always find someone that doesn't know better and buying based on theme, but it's extremely rare.

#2816 2 years ago

Joe is just whining, he has driven father just to scout games before

3 months later
#3345 2 years ago

Anyone have a dmd pin to trade for a no fear, I picked this one up but already have a restored one. This is actually a somewhat hard to find one as it is a original screened cabinet with no fade. It has not been shopped, yet

#3382 2 years ago

NO Fear in central illinois

Archived after 70 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Routed - fresh off route “This no fear is unshopped, but in nice shape. There is no fade on the original silk screened cabinet. I left the legs off for the pictures to show that there is no fade. The gam...”
Mt Zion, IL

#3413 2 years ago

Any interest in a stern playboy? Unshopped currently but all toys work. Located in Decatur Illinois

Will sell out right or trade

2 months later
#3744 2 years ago

Wanting to mix up a few, interested in trading a few out.

Roller coaster tycoon
Demolition man
Revenge from Mars
Silver slugger

Might even consider letting go of road show and Shrek

Located in Decatur Illinois


2 weeks later
#3780 2 years ago

any interest in a project striker extreme? maybe someone is interested in doing a retheme on a stern


1 month later
#3917 2 years ago
Quoted from ssbodyman:

I'll know more tomorrow but if I remember correctly it's all early solid state machines.

If you want, you can pm me and ill give you my number, I can help you out some


2 weeks later
#3949 2 years ago
Quoted from BBC:

Looking for a 4 player e.m.. Project ok, but good condition would be nice.

Spirit of 76 work for you? Just got a working one in

2 months later
#4314 1 year ago

Just picked up a Black Spiderman and a Party zone, Neither are keepers for me. Located in Decatur Illinois

2 months later
#4618 1 year ago

Ive got a couple available in Central Illinois (Decatur) Interested in trading for something different, There are many that I wouldn't mind having, but on my mind is Ripleys, Class of 1812, Flintstones, WhiteWater, MMR

Games I have, they are not shopped, basically, fresh off route and dirty, bulbs out etc, but I have made sure that main mechanics and such work

Silver slugger
Special Forces
Mata hari
Cueball Wizard
Striker Extreme
Gold Wings
Data East Simpsons
NBA Fastbreak
Viper Night Drivin

Maybe bone busters, haven't decided if its a keeper yet

1 month later
#4914 1 year ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

So you all know Gavin was road tripping for about 3 weeks, he just got back.

exactly, he has been gone, out to burning man, and if I'm thinking right, there is no electronics out there

1 week later
#4974 1 year ago

Picked up a south park and a monopoly that are shopped and ready for new homes

1 month later
#5226 1 year ago

I posted pictures tonight on my facebook page of about 20 or so pins that i now have available, and possibly will be delivering some to the Chicago area for a reasonable fee

*link removed by moderator*

if this post isn't allowed, my apologies, but I'm just not making 20 different ads on here currently

#5238 1 year ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

vidgameseller thanks for thinking of the Chicago for sale thread on your recent Facebook post.
Not trying to start a debate on pinside for sale posting rules, just encouraging all locally to put a reminder in here first. Makes the thread fun.

badbilly27 Thanks for the kind words. As i said in my original post, I wasn't sure if it was allowed, so i even apologized in advance. So that the link was removed is no big deal. Not sure if there is another way to put the list on here since several are over the 3k mark that requires separate ads, if there is, someone tell me without spending hours making 30 or so different ads

3 weeks later
#5316 1 year ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Are you assuming this or have you seen the machines he sells personally? Not pictures, have seen the games in person?

I bought a game from him that i had to take a hit on. It was described to be in excellent condition, that needed nothing. When i got there, it had big tears in the artwork that were not repairable, although he did suggest that i just take colored tape and place it over the area that was missing artwork. It was a game that i dont stock, so i was picking it up for a client. Because of the condition, i had to discount the game more and took a loss on it, just to keep my client happy as he needed the game for an event and was time sensitive so we couldn't try to find a different one

3 months later
#5753 1 year ago
Quoted from Lame33:

I'm going to have a free spot in my game room again soon and so the hunt for Medusa, Swords of Fury, or Diner has begun. Player's condition or better. I'm not looking for projects this time.
If you have one that you are looking to part with or know where I can find one, please let me know.

lame33 Ive got a Medusa available in Decatur Illinois

3 weeks later
#5813 1 year ago

I'm wanting to buy stuff, Just not much selling apparently

4 months later
#6241 8 months ago

ive got yo deliver a trailer load of games tommorow and will be empty around lunch, if someone has any last minute games to sell that can meet during the day tommorow (8-12-18, let me know, I wouldn't mind finding something to bring home

gvac got any pics of the mousin?

#6243 8 months ago

Just posted a NIB Rob Zombie in market place for trade.

#6266 8 months ago

I was asked for a bally kiss the other day, ill tell them to contact you

2 weeks later
#6325 7 months ago

Making another trip up to Chicago next Thursday. If you have something I might like, or want something that I have. Im up for buying, selling or trading any of the following

Bally eight ball
Rocky Bullwinkle
Time warp (project)
Mars God of war (Project)
South Park
Medival madness nib
Rob zombie nib
Pirates of Caribbean (Stern)
Tales from the Crypt(NOW SOLD)

#6330 7 months ago
Quoted from vidgameseller:

Making another trip up to Chicago next Thursday. If you have something I might like, or want something that I have. Im up for buying, selling or trading any of the following

These are what I have available:
Bally eight ball
Rocky Bullwinkle
Time warp (project)
Mars God of war (Project)
South Park
Medival madness nib
Rob zombie nib
Pirates of Caribbean (Stern)
Tales from the Crypt(NOW SOLD)

#6354 7 months ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

jealousy will get ya nowhere, get off the couch and go get em!

Its not Jealousy when someone has a deal with a person, and this guy comes and offers more to get people to back out of their original deal, or tell them he will come instantly when the other person set up an appointment for later in the day. Its ethics, not jealousy

I actually do not mess with craigslist, just not worth it to me

#6370 7 months ago

looking for last minute deals, Ill be in Chicago tommorow (9-6-18) with space and money, whatcha got?

1 month later
#6467 6 months ago

I'm at Expo and have one piece of nos pin 2k glass. This is ready to use, not like the ones in a booth that have the coating that has to be removed


1 week later
#6478 5 months ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Yeah. For some reason the WPC era was kind of under represented at the show given its popularity. There were some really nice ones there, though. That Corvette that Troy brought was a stunning example!

thanks for the compliment, I had two wpc era, corvette and Totan

1 month later
#6695 4 months ago

Ill be up in Chicago next week picking up and delivering a few, always looking for something different and have a few that are available for sale/trade

strange science
rocky and Bullwinkle
rescue 911

#6723 4 months ago

in Chicago tommorow , looking for a few new toys, if you got something, message me. Can also do trades, I have a NIB AFMr, NIB MMr, NIB Met pro LED

1 week later
#6754 3 months ago

ive got a few machines fresh off of route if anyone has interesting trades: 2 for 1, 1 for 2, even up, or +/- cash, doesn't matter.

iron maiden pro
ghostbusters pro
stern playboy

Delivery can maybe be made into a deal as well if the deal is right

1 week later
#6782 3 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Hey question, any one have any leads on 100+ CD juke boxes? Looking for a couple.

any model that you have in mind? I have a few rowe cd 10's

#6818 3 months ago
Quoted from sugarhillabe:

Wife finally broke down and said I could get game #2. Looking for one of the following:
Metallica Pro
Metallica Premium (Monster)
Medieval Madness Remake
The Shadow
If you have one of these and are looking to sell, let me know.

I've got a used Houdini, and new in box Metallica pro, nib medival madness. I'm in Decatur

1 month later
#6968 71 days ago

Im going to be at the Galloping Ghost tommorow, If anyone has something for sale or interested in a NIB AFMce, or NIB Metallica Pro LED version, message me. love to trade to

1 week later
#7043 60 days ago

Ill be up in Chicago next week making some deliveries. I have a few machines available if someone has some neat trades

Stern POTC
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Strange Science
NIB Metallica Pro

Also have all current CGC games in box. AFM (classic and Special) MB (classic and Special)

If you have a trade, let me know

#7050 57 days ago
Quoted from jorant:

I'm reducing my metallica pro to 4750. This is with the color dmd and total light show mod. Will remove the color dmd, and take off another 100.

jorant Great deal, Ive got a NIB metallica that ive been wanting to open up as I want one back in the line up. but this is so tempting that im really considering it for myself


#7075 52 days ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

this is like the 3rd I've seen for sale today. Is it a bad game, or are people selling the pro to get the prem/LE?

I know several that are like me. Bought the Pro, until the premium or LE arrive. I have one on location myself simply to hold the spot till the premium gets there, which will be anytime, then the pro is for sale

1 week later
#7106 43 days ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Any one have a Black Beast coil #090-5034-00? I have one on order, but I really wanted to get my game fixed by this weekend. Let me know if any one has one I might be able to snag. My coil doesnt arrive until Monday it looks like.

try Andrew at apbenterprises.com in Huntley. he makes them and might have one you can pick up

3 weeks later
#7201 17 days ago
Quoted from gweempose:

brad76 is looking for just such a game ...

Machine - Wanted

Wanted: Demolition Man

Wanted! “Looking for a very nice version of this game. Prefer to have LEDs already installed. Willing to travel for the right game.”

23 days ago

Plainfield, IL



I think the moderator needs moderated, he is smoking something, lol

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