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#49 6 years ago

If there are local guys that haven't had a chance to play a particular game yet and would like to see how one plays I have some games that are constantly rotating in and out of the shop.

Games you can currently play:
Avengers LE

A few others, woz, cv, tron will be in shortly. I am happy to pull one of these down for local pinsiders that want to try games out before they go through the hassle of locating and purchasing a title.

I am currently looking for CC, BBB, SS, BTTF, SWEP1, Pinbot, WH20, IM.

#55 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

*Sketchy seller by the way......game you agreed to purchase may be sold out from under you.*

Okay flank,

I have and would never offer game for you to purchase. Secondly, I have offered to more than make your buddy whole because a gnr that I offered him was used in a another deal. A year later after I found out via some smart ass comments you made on here he finally came forward and said he was upset about the situation. Once I did know he was upset, I offered to buy the parts he purchased prematurely and I also offered him another gnr, but ofcourse no response from him.

I am offering a people an opportunity to come and play games they are interested in finding so they have an opportunity to play something that might not be available to them. Really you thumbs down that? I never said any of them were for sale as they are not at this point. I also noticed that your not from the Chicagoland area so the only reason you came to this thread that you are obsessed with trolling. You do it all day everyday on here. You never offer technical advice and provide nothing other than childish humor. I have sent you a few pms, asking you to leave me alone, apparently your so infatuated you can not. For the last time leave me alone. You know where my offices are, next time your in Chicago why don't you stop by to play a few games, I'd be happy to discuss this further with you. Until your willing to do that, I am requesting you leave me alone, as this is the third time I hope that you can either stop acting like this or just come visit my office.

#57 6 years ago
Quoted from mikehay1:

OK Neil,
Now you want to drag in the 'buddy' that of course never gives responses to you. Well the reason I did not give 'responses' most of the time is because I do not want to hear more reasons about how great and wonderful you were going to make things for me. After I bought your LOTR on the Ebay auction years ago (do you really want me to go into how you told Ebay I didn't buy the LOTR so you didn't have to pay seller fees?) and saw that project GNR in your storage building, we agreed upon the price and I spent weeks to trying to agree to a mutual time to pick it up. You sent me and email telling me you just had to give it to a friend when I was going to pick it up that night. Yeah my bad for placing an order with pinballife for parts before I actually had it loaded up and home. You told me not to worry you were going to hook me up soon with another GNR. I sent you a few emails asking on that and just gave up. I really do not want to post again the emails that went back and forth between us because I did not want to start a shitstorm all over.
Please do not say 'of course no response from him' anymore and make me sound like some sort of vindictive bitch. Here is my response: I don't trust you and you can not make things right by offering me some GNR project you have for 4k.
Pinball is just one of many hobbies for me and all those years I spent in the military and its adventures have taught me that there is a hell of a lot more things to get worked up about. This is not on my list of life changing moments.
Have a fine day,


I did not know you harbored hard feelings about the GNR until you had posted it here. I then offered you another shopped GNR, not a project or even to purchase those parts from you so you were not out the money. However, I completely understand why you were pissed and still to this day understand. I did back out of a deal as I had to take care of the people who take care of me. Not an excuse it was just business and being on your end of things I would have been upset as well. I don't blame you at all, it was 100% on me. I just didn't know you were that upset about it is all and was surprised to find out later on. I actually find you to be a very well spoken person with your responses as well as mature enough to not troll around pinside to follow me. I wish myself and flank could follow your lead, thus I will try to avoid any further communication with him. If there was anything I could ever do to make up for the GNR situation, I'd be happy to. Again my apologies.

Oh and ebay seller fees, yea its always nice to avoid those when possible, I don't think that is very uncommon.

#58 6 years ago

Given that I have helped this thread come off topic, I will part with a Avengers LE blue for 5k if your in the Chicago land area. I don't want to ship the game, I am only offering this game to people in the area to help promote the Chicago group of pin players. Game has been on location, still looks very nice however. One broken plastic I saw that goes behind hulk but it still serves it purpose. I have only pulled it off the shelf to have someone shop it out and make sure it all works. I can provide pictures later on, and a better description or better yet you can come play it in person. If someone here doesn't want the game I will either keep it as a rotation piece or post it on ebay in a few weeks.

Also I would be happy to use it as trade bait for something else here in Chicago.

1 week later
#163 6 years ago
Quoted from mrbillishere:

We're moving cross-country in about six weeks. Up for grabs are my XMen LE Wolvie, Sopranos, and my Avatar LE. All are HUO and in excellent condition. I am also considering letting my MB go.
Xmen is $5200 with the standard blue side armor OR $5700 if you want to keep the chrome I installed. I got the rails and lockdown from Rob at Z-Plating so you know it isn't junk. No mods, other than shaker motor and the aforementioned chrome side armor which is optional. I never had any problems with the (aux?) board as some did.
Avatar LE is $5200 as well, and it kills me to part with it but I figure I can purchase it again once I get to my new location. The Avatar LE has LED's, a shaker, white rubber, pinbits plastic protectors, the SDTM drain fix, and upgraded speakers. Other than that it's all original.
SOLD - Sopranos is near-perfect with just one noticeable ding in the paint on the left side of the cabinet. It came from a friend and I haven't shopped it yet nor does it have any LEDs or mods. The price is $3600 OBO.
The Monster Bash is clean and plays 100%. It has the typical wear at the scoop (cliffy installed) and decal-wrinkle at the legs which can be hidden with PinCab protectors. I did a total topside tear-down, rebuilt the pops and re-rubbered it in white. It is LED'd up. I had the wireforms replated by Rob at Z-Plating. Here's the catch - I also have a hand-picked IPB playfield, hand-picked Side Art, and full playfield plastics set for it. I am not interested in breaking it all up. I'm thinking $11K for the package. What do you guys think?
None of these games are set up right now because we're having work done in preparation for putting our house on the market, so I'll need fair warning if you want to come look at them.

Pm sending now

3 weeks later
#281 6 years ago

That STTNG is getting close to my price point.

4 weeks later
#420 6 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

A little off topic but I am looking for an arcade cocktail cabinet. I have seen the Craigslist ad from the guy in Crystal Lake that sells them for $1250. Although I like the design/look, I would rather install my own hardware. Anyway, I'm looking for a finished arcade cocktail cabinet (minus the hardware) or one with a little more flexibility past an 8 way joystick and two buttons. Thanks!

Contact wu up in round lake. He sells about 400 cocktails a year and will custom make them to your specs.

2 weeks later
#485 6 years ago

Anyone in the area have a pinbot or fishtales?

#492 6 years ago
Quoted from packie1:

I saw a FishTales for sale in Illinois City, small town on Illinois border near Muscatine IA. Here is the link.
If you decide to get it, let me know. I am not far away and can pick it up for you.

Ouch, 5k?

#500 6 years ago

I thought for sure someone in chicagoland had a pinbot taking up too much room in the house. Searches on the standard sites are producing nothing the last few days. I thought they would be plentiful.

1 month later
#654 6 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Looking for a BOP if anybody has one for sale.

If you come across any you pass on, I am also on the hunt.

2 weeks later
#765 6 years ago

RFM price? I have been looking for a decent one.

1 week later
#815 6 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Restored IJ for sale.
HSA Stage 3 Playfield.
Brass everywhere.
Cointaker LEDs.
Upgraded Speakers.
8500 or best offer.
Pin is spectacular.
Enjoy the photos!
PM me if interested. Thanks!

This is stunning.

1 month later
#978 6 years ago
Quoted from Timerider:

If I wasn't about to go spend unexpected money on a new pin-hauler tonight... I'd make you a package offer for both (that you'd probably refuse anyway... LOL). GLWS
(Monday before holidays... I tried & thankfully failed to jump the center divider on 294 by Great America) (1st time airbag virgin no-more)

truck1.jpg 33 KB

Its those WI drivers trying their luck on the worst kept roads in the country.

All joking aside, its good to hear your okay. Vehicles can always be replaced.

1 month later
#1062 6 years ago
Quoted from turbo20lbs:

Anyone interested in ACDC Premium? HUO and mint with some nice mods. Can subtract certain mods to adjust price if desired.

Further info, I could possibly use one.

1 month later
#1176 5 years ago
Quoted from MiamiRedSkin:

Hey All - I just picked up a STTNG and I would love to find someone local who could do a full top-side tear down/ shop job. I don't have the room in my 700 sq ft downtown apartment to do an adequate job! If anyone has someone reasonable who does a great job, please let me know! I can drop off the machine.

Contact mike at Midwest pinball. They do a good job and are pretty reasonable on price and turn around time. Let him know neil sent you.

#1181 5 years ago

I have a corvette available. Just went through it and need to order a replacement coil. The hold side of the ramp diverter is out. I'll let you know when it's ready.

1 week later
#1191 5 years ago

Looking for a FT, BOP, BTF, CC, SS. Let me know if anyone has something they are looking to potentially get rid of. Thanks

#1197 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

anyone have a Bally Skill Roll for sale? Looking for one.

skill roll.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

I know of the location of one. What are they generally worth? I could always make an offer on your behalf neo.

#1277 5 years ago

Went to school in mn. Every winter we would count all the cars in ditches. One snow storm back in 07-06 that hit il hard and brushed Wi and mm, we counted over 80 cars in the ditch. Not one of them had il plates, except we did see a bumper with il tags. We concluded that they had a brush with danger and were so embarrassed that they looked like one of those wi/mn drivers they got out of there so fast they left the bumper behind. I've lived in all three states, mn has horrible drivers and Wisconsin is not far behind. They are slow and yet some how still not able to control their vehicles. Il drivers are fast for the most part and just plain aholes usually. If I had to choose, I'd rather drive with the aholes.

#1291 5 years ago

Ouch, that's an expensive pcb, 350-400 these days.

3 weeks later
#1380 5 years ago

Looking for stng, bop, ss, cc and bbb. Long shot on a few I know. These will be for location play incase the owner that sells one ever wants to visit their game again.

3 weeks later
#1474 5 years ago

Bumping the need for a BOP, STTNG, CC, BBB and SS. I would prefer to purchase with cash but could offer up some trades to get some of these out of the hands of others.

7 months later
#2030 5 years ago

KISS LE NIB and KISS premium used for trade. I do also have a TWD LE and GOT LE available for the right deal.
Looking for restored/nice examples of:


Of course cash to be added on my end for certain games.

1 week later
#2043 5 years ago

Any locals with CC, MMR, MB, AFM, BOP? Looking for nicer examples.

#2045 5 years ago
Quoted from Jamaster10:

MMR? aren't you tight with duba and a dist. lol

Pm sent.

2 months later
#2481 4 years ago

Not sure why anyone cares if someone is a flipper. If you want to do the work, buy games, clean them and sell them for profit who is stopping you?

#2483 4 years ago
Quoted from vidgameseller:

Because profit is a bad word on here, unless you make mods, then the sky is the limit

Best thing I have read on pinside in a while. Mods are so stupidly expensive.

For the few hundred these flippers make, I'd rather just buy a game that is all shopped and I don't have to.

#2517 4 years ago

This is a for sale/trade thread. If you want to talk about mods then open a new thread.

#2518 4 years ago

My comment is for everyone btw, I'm not picking on any one person but all of them.

1 month later
#2812 4 years ago

My last two SF2 sold for 900 and 1050. There were not nice examples either. Pinball market is crazy. I heard that SF2 was a horrible game but once I had it in, I played it a little bit. To say its the worst DMD is not accurate. I actually disliked BR even more than SF2, but hey to each his own. As for XFiles, If I could find a mint HUO I would be willing to pay a pretty strong price for one. Anyone out there have one?

3 months later
#3439 4 years ago

T and T might just stay open, stay tuned for more details.

#3467 4 years ago

Lowered prices on the following pins today:
CV, POTC, IJ4, GNR, WH20, Kiss LE NIB, TOTAN. All my ads are in the market place, didn't post a price in this thread per the rules.

4 weeks later
#3618 4 years ago

Just listed CC and BSM in the market place, just a FYI to anyone local.

2 months later
#3835 4 years ago

Looking for a SS, WH20 or a EATPM route quality nothing thats collector quality.

1 week later
#3853 4 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Is this anyone here?
Anybody know anything about it?
chicago.craigslist.org link

Its hideous although the first time I have seen someone use the reflection of the pin 2000 in a game like this. I really thought that was a nice touch and likely not all that easy to achieve.

2 weeks later
#3895 3 years ago
Quoted from sturner:

Does anyone know why Headquarters in Lakeview changed to Replay? The place is 4 blocks from my house and still great. Just wondering if it's a new company and can expect changes or the same people.

I will attempt to shed as much light as I can given the nature of the situation and my relation to it. Headquarters was started in Lakeview with three original partners. Prior to this, two of those members owned other establishments at that location. Through out the years and prior to the start of HQ and during HQ at the Lakeview location, one member stole a large sum of money. Details are pretty nasty and likely able to be found in public record somewhere but I was advised to refrain from commenting. The person who now owns Replay at that location and the boy's town location, is the person who stole the money from the other two owners. The separation agreement provided us to keep the Headquarters brand and the person who owns replay wanted to keep the lease in place at that address. This worked to our advantage as we wanted to move to a location that provided us the ability to have a kitchen like our Rivernorth location. I was asked to continue providing the games at the new location, however I turned them down. The reason I turned them down is because the Replay owner who stole large sums of money from his partners also owes me a large sum of money for the service and game contract I provided them for years. In addition to him refusing to pay his outstanding bill as well as stealing money, I have become an owner of HQ and thus would not be interested in helping the very person who stole from me. I won't speak to the success of Replay, their operations or games, as I find that to be in bad taste, however I do not have a problem letting people know what the owner of Replay did who was previously involved with us. Thankfully this entire thing had a silver lining and allowed me to move from a supplier to ownership.

Quoted from toyotaboy:

website says closed, relocating:
This article says there's an ongoing lawsuit between partners

The good news is we are relocating. We have a few great locations to choose from and once we can nail one down we will share exactly where it will be.

Quoted from AndHart120:

I went to the Lakeview location on Saturday and never paid any attention to the name. All I know is they didn't have as many pins and a lot of them were dirty as hell or had problems.

Damn it. This is my largest fear about the location there. Some people know of my involvement with HQ and many do not, however those that do know I truly care about the games we provide. I don't claim to have the absolute best games, but I do try and provide a great line up and have techs work on them 7 days a week. The reality is that with free play and the number of customers we have per week, (about 3500-4500) our games get played a ton. Anyway, please let me know if you find any problems when you visit our Rivernorth location. Your more than welcome to PM me on this site.

I hope this sheds some light on the situation and if anyone has any questions, I'll answer what I can.

#3903 3 years ago
Quoted from AndHart120:

As cool as it is to play pins for free I also believe this is really going to cause them to break/get real dirty fast. I'd rather pay for games in good shape (like Logans) than play bad ones for free. I actually was just at Logan's an hour or so before stopping by Lakeview and the difference between the condition of the games was pretty big. Logans games were real popular when I was there so the free play bars might be losing out not charging anything.

If you ever make your way to River North and you find our games to be in bad shape then we have failed. Games can be free, working and clean it just takes a lot of work to make that happen.

Logan's does a great job and they have nice games in there as well. If I could follow the pay per play model I would but we have chosen a different route for a variety of reasons.

Quoted from Jamaster10:

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Western Automatic supplying them now? They called me within the last 4-6 months looking for a large amount of vids and pins for a Chicago location!!!!!! Just FYI. If true that will explain game conditions!!

That's correct. They wanted me to sell them some equipment or keep mine there but WAMI doesn't seem to have the infrastructure to properly maintain and supply games that get the number of plays at a location like that.

Quoted from uptownsinclair:

Having all those machines at HQ Lakeview on free play was a luxury and I was saddened to see the change. (Replay has a location in Andersonville and the machines seem more like decoration than machines meant to be played and enjoyed.) I was even more impressed by the quality of the machines when you take into account how many drunk college kids were packed in that place on Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks for helping create an awesome place to spend the occasional weekend afternoon.

Thanks for the compliment. I hope that Replay can adjust and provide games in better condition. Although I have my issues with ownership of Replay, I wish them well. I think all Barcades are a good thing, the more that people are exposed to games the better.

#3904 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

As soon as I heard the games weren't in as nice of condition as they were previously, I assumed you must not be servicing them any more. Thanks for the information on what went down, and good luck with the new endeavor!

Thanks buddy!

#3909 3 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

What he said...
chicago.craigslist.org link

Most people do not notice that the Ms. Pacman and other games made from one of those sellers listed only has a printed coin door on the front of the game but do not actually have a coin door.

#3911 3 years ago

I want to give you local guys a heads up. If anyone is working on a custom game and need a free cabinet I will be listing it tomorrow on my Facebook page. Its a cab that someone local attempted to replicate an Addams Family, they did a poor job. I would like to see it go to a good home of someone that may need it for a home brew game or proto cab for something else. Also if you don't mind sharing the page that would be great! Also I have a cheap project 007 listed already.


1 month later
#4008 3 years ago

Just want to let locals know I put a dialed in on free play at hq for the week.

#4065 3 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Other - For Trade
High End Game Room AdditionNew!
“I know this is not pinball, but I am thinking about shaking some things up in the limited game room space that I have. I am throwing this out there for a limited time to see if th...”
8 hours ago Chicago, IL

Not a pinball, but thought I would throw this out there in case anyone wanted a beautiful piece for their game room. If I sold it, I would use the money for pinball anyway.....so I thought I would see if there was any interest in a trade(s). It's one of my high-end digger (crane) restorations.

You did a great job on this. Do you fabricate any parts for these? I have one that is missing the original step plate for the depth. I rigged one up out of plexy but its not like the original. I have a template, just don't work with metal too often.

#4101 3 years ago

Just a heads up, I'll be posting some pins for sale this week. I have them scheduled on our Facebook page. If someone from Pinside purchases one, please indicate that you are from Pinside and I will make a donation. Some titles that will be for sale off the top of my head are:

Avengers Pro
BOP although I think its already spoken for
Hobbit SE used
Hobbit SE NIB
and a few more.

If this is a violation, please notify me and delete the post.


#4103 3 years ago
Quoted from sturner:

Does anyone know of someone who restores antique slot machines in the area? I've got an old Mills Castle slot machine from I'm guessing the 30's that I'd love to restore to it's former glory.

Send me a pm, I'll get you in contact with one of my guys. Does full restorations.

#4105 3 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

Did you sell the GTB Bond I saw on Facebook website?

No, planned on tossing it on eBay this week.

3 weeks later
#4217 3 years ago

I posted a bunch of NIB games in the market place yesterday. Just giving the local guys a heads up.

2 months later
#4445 3 years ago

Gavin is quite possibly the best tech I know of. Besides being a good guy, he is more knowledgeable that almost every tech I have met. Keep in mind that he works fast, so it may only take him 15 or 30 minutes to fix something a little difficult for most people to diagnose and fix. I'd take Gavin for 2hrs a day over a regular tech at 8hrs a day.

#4458 3 years ago
Quoted from 6point5degrees:

I'm the guy in need of help with my Metallica. I'm about one step up from "I need a guy to fix a burnt out bulb."
During play the game/ball abruptly ends. On the next ball, a second ball auto plunges. Toyotaboy and Gweempose, who are my pinball consiglieres, agree that it's a trough switch issue. I reseated the connectors to one of the trough opto boards and it's still behaving badly.

These are pretty cheap, If reseating them did not help, I'll grab you some new ones from Stern if you like. One suggestion is attempt to pull the pins of the connector apart a little bit. It will help the two pin connector hold tighter.

3 weeks later
#4516 3 years ago

In marketplace:

Black Spiderman LE HUO
Batman 66 LE HUO

Likely coming up for sale:
Hobbit LE smaug Used
Kiss Pro used
TF LE used
AV pro used
WWE pro used

2 weeks later
#4615 3 years ago

Just posted some stuff on FB page, a few of them are here in the market place a few are not. I'll get around to doing a market place add.


STLE, BM66LE, Aero LE, TFLE are all sold from previous post here.

1 month later
#4870 3 years ago

Going to be listing some pin projects from a recent warehouse purchase. I haven't decided if I will list them for sale here and on my FB page or just list them to Ebay. Problem is I have no idea where to price these at and am not necessarily comfortable putting a price on a game I have not gone through to ensure it works properly. Any advice on pricing would be great, in the mean time keep an eye out on the Facebook page if your interested.


Here are some of the first ones I have turned on and some notes, All games are dirty and need to be shopped. That being said they will all need new rubber, switches adjusted and deep cleaning. Additional things I noticed in a couple minute glance are noted below:

Sharpshooter: End of ball switch wasn't registering, kick out wasn't working

Road Kings: Missing a fuse for HV, popped a new one right away. Displays weren't working because of no HV

Baywatch: Complete except for the display but game does play blind

Mary Shelley Frankenstein: The game was in a bar fire. Doesn't smell horrible as I would expect. Missing display and backglass. I did not test anything further. PF looks good with no wear, needs a cleaning and new ramps as those melted.

Jokerz: Bottom display is out, blows F2 fuse, everything else seemed to work and play just fine.

Shaq: Top right flipper not working, score board on pf top left corner wasn't working

Monday Night Football: Missing power supply board and bottom display

Simpsons Data East: Power supply was not providing the displays with high voltage, some pf wear but everything else seems to work when played.

#4879 3 years ago

So the PMs have been plentiful and I will respond to all of them now. The current plan is to put these on ebay at low starting bids. Let the public decide what they are worth. I am not comfortable putting a price on these since they are mostly small projects that need to be shopped. I have no idea what value to place on these considering they all vary in condition and need.

The main problem is that I paid way too much for these. I have a lot of relationships with operators in many states and sometimes I get great deals on A list titles and other times like this one I have to buy C list titles from them in bulk. Its a give and take relationship and this is one group that I will likely lose on.

Sorry to disappoint here but I think Ebay will be the most fair way to determine a value on these and I'll be starting them pretty damn cheap. Once they are loaded on ebay, I'll place a link here.

#4897 3 years ago

Just wanted to give a heads up to the locals that the first group of project pins are being posted now. I created a forum post that has a few photos and the ebay link.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

1 month later
#5097 3 years ago

Tatman’s gnr is very nice and that’s a solid price for all three of those games.

3 months later
#5573 2 years ago

Looking to trade a few games:

NIB AC/DC premium vault

I am only looking for HUO or high end restored games.

Space Jam, Could use a route game as well.
CFTBL, could use a route game as well

2 months later
#5886 2 years ago

Thinking of trading off a few titles. If I am trading do I need to make a market post for these games or is this post okay? If not Mod please delete and let me know so I can place an ad for them individually.

*content deleted*

Willing to accept some trades of completely restored or HUO examples of the following:

*content deleted*

Looking for any condition

*content deleted*

#5888 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

You are required to create an ad for each game. Sorry.

No problem, sorry about that. I get lazy and always put off making ads even though they are easy to do.

3 weeks later
#5977 2 years ago

Chitown if you don’t want to publicly post the name please pm me the info. I may know the person or at the very least now know to stay away from them. Sorry this has happened to you, I know how it feels as it’s happened to me as well.

8 months later
#6832 2 years ago

Houdini, AC/DC Premium, Creature were just listed in the market place. I should have a few more coming up that I can update to the market once I get a chance to get photos of them as well. Woz, Hobbit Smaug, LOTR LE, GBLE, Tron LE.

Also available:
Pair of Super Bikes Fast and Furious arcade games $2500
Chicago Bulls NBA Hoops Basketball games $1000 each
ICE Ball skeeball machine $900

3 weeks later
#6942 1 year ago

What are GBLE's going for these days? Considering letting one go thats in the house to make room for MBRLE. My gb has like 30 plays on it.

Stuff currently for sale that I wouldn't mind pricing opinions on anything not HUO are nice and shopped:
Some mods on things like color dmd or whatever, so I can add or subtract for stuff but just wondering what locals think.

Hobbit LE

I have had CFTBL for sale a little while now, obviously people think the price is high. I might be out of touch with the current pricing, so I am curious to hear local thoughts on prices. I'll be creating marketplace ads for the ones that are already there yet.

1 month later
#7183 1 year ago

Woz 6500, TSPP 3800, CFTBL 7000, GBLE (not ghosting, perfect with topper) 7700

All 4 are listed in the market place.

#7189 1 year ago
Quoted from danczaz:

Anybody have a skeeball they are looking to sell?

Sure, It would be an ICE ball 10ft version though. $1k

5 months later
#7766 1 year ago

Road Show
Hobbit Smaug
Lord of the Rings

All posted in the marketplace.

I also have a few arcades if they are of interest to anyone locally
Golden Tee 2019 Live
Golden Tee 2010
Ice ball Skeeball lane
Time Crisis 3 dual player
Big Buck Hunter Pro
Ghost Squad Evolution

7 months later
#8218 9 months ago

I'll be posting a WOZ standard (6500) and Iron Man (4300) in the marketplace. Both routed, shopped and working.

I also had a spot for Rick and Morty. High 30's game that was destroyed in the hour transport to my warehouse. A new game is going to be built once Spooky opens back up. I'd be willing to let that spot go as well. This was going to go to my bar in Chicago but given the current circumstances with our locations due to Covid I should just let it go. (unsure of spot value.)

Looking for huo/mint examples of the following:
Austin Powers
Golden Eye
Demo Man
Power Play
Fish Tales
Safe Cracker
Bonzi Run

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Machine - For Sale
Wizard of Oz Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “This is off route. Not a ton of plays on the game. It was upgraded to the 7v board set and works great. The game was recently cleaned and inspected to make sure everything works. G...”
Wood Dale, IL

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Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Iron man is off route. Working, cleaned and ready to play. The only issue is a scratch on the right head and the light on Iron Monger's chest does not light up currently. I am incl...”
Wood Dale, IL

1 week later
#8232 8 months ago

I'll be posting a DE JP (needs to be Shopped), Stern Avengers pro (needs to be shopped, Plastics replaced) and TSPP (ready with Color DMD) today.

#8234 8 months ago

Ended up getting the postings up, Here they are:

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Machine - For Sale
Partially shopped/refurbished “Simpsons Pinball Party, shopped and ready to go. Has color dmd installed. New led, new rubbers, etc. Game plays with out error. Looking for huo/mint examples of the following: Aus...”
Wood Dale, IL

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Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear, needs some work “Jurassic Park. Game needs to be shopped out. The game works including the T-rex. That being said there are some switches that may be out, bulbs out, rubber needs to be replaced, th...”
Wood Dale, IL

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Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear, needs some work “Avengers Pro routed. I went through and tested all functionality and it appears everything works but there are broken plastics, bad bulbs and the rubber needs to be replaced. The g...”
Wood Dale, IL

2 weeks later
#8247 8 months ago

Tossing a Viper Night drivin and a Pinbot on ebay. Both work but need to be shopped. Viper needs more than pinbot but you'll see photos. Started them each at 1k. Figured I would let the local guys know in case they have interest.

Per request:

ebay.com link

ebay.com link

#8250 8 months ago

A few pinsiders have asked about some of the arcade games for sale. Here is a list of everything currently for auction. If this doesn't belong, please delete.

ebay.com link

As for the Viper and Pinbot, I do not have a price in mind on them. I put them up starting at 1k each and will let the market decide the price of them. I am not comfortable picking a price on games that are not ready to go and need to be shopped out.

1 week later
#8268 8 months ago
Quoted from MiamiRedSkin:

Anyone have a Super Chexx for trade?

I have a huo hawks vs Detroit is let go.

#8282 7 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Is this for sale

Sure, 3k. Looks like it came out of the box and has hardly any plays on it.

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 36.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
bB Customs
$ 20.00
Playfield - Decals
$ 229.99
Lighting - Other
Lighted Pinball Mods
$ 30.00
Playfield - Other
$ 4.49
Yorktown Arcade Supply
$ 20.00
Various Novelties
GC Pinball
$ 74.99
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 27.00
Yorktown Arcade Supply
From: $ 5.00
Cabinet - Other
UpKick Pinball
$ 69.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
$ 269.99
$ 69.99
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
Lighted Pinball Mods
From: $ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
From: $ 15.00
Apparel - Men
Pinside Shop
From: $ 65.00
Lighting - Other
Professor Pinball
$ 269.00
Cabinet - Other
PinGraffix Pinside Shop
$ 15.00
Playfield - Decals
$ 8.50
Playfield - Decals
Pinball Haus
$ 40.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
The MOD Couple
$ 17.00
Playfield - Decals
$ 90.00
Lighting - Under Cabinet
Rock Custom Pinball
From: $ 42.00
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
ModFather Pinball Mods
$ 7,299.00
Pinball Machine
Classic Game Rooms
$ 10.00
Granby Games
$ 48.00
Cabinet - Other
ModFather Pinball Mods
$ 9.99
Various Other Swag
Circus Maximus
From: $ 99.99
From: $ 7.99
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
Medisinyl Mods
$ 19.99
Playfield - Plastics
Docquest Pinball Mods
$ 1.95
Various Novelties
Pinball Wheezer

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