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By badbilly27

6 years ago

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#40 6 years ago

I have Pinbot, Terminator 2 and Road Show. I have owned the Pinbot for at least 20 years. I plan to keep what I have but am thinking of adding another pin maybe Whirlwind. I was curious about Wizard of Oz, maybe Stern Star Trek.

i would love to find a place to play them around here. I tried Gameworks in Schaumburg and they didn't have them.

6 months later
#993 6 years ago

Pin has been sold.

I have a Roadshow that I have owned for close to 10 years. I would be selling due to room.

I thought I would post here because I prefer a local party. I think it's in very good shape. The only concern I have is Red's audio randomly rambles on. You can play multiple games and nothing happens, then it does.

I'm thinking $2,800 which I think reflects the flaw. If interested send me an email and I can send more details and pictures.

Thanks, Bruce

Post edited by indybru: sold

4 months later
#1392 5 years ago

I have a very nice (understatement) T2 that I plan to sell. I bought it at the Pinball Expo in Rosemont from dealer in Michigan. I think I have owned it 10-12 years. Looking at high $2,000.'s. If interested I can get more details.

The T2 is off the market, thanks for the inquiry's.

Also on the fence about keeping WOZ 75th long term. (keeping WOZ until further notice but wish I play it as much as Mustang )

3 weeks later
#1495 5 years ago

Terminator 2 on the market very good condition. Looking for local pickup, cash only.

I know I will regret this but need to subtract before I can add.

1 week later
#1508 5 years ago


1 month later
#1586 5 years ago

T2 still on the market, also might be selling WOZ it's the Ruby Red 75th model. If interested send me an email. Any trades would be remote since I must reduce by one pin.

Both would be local pickup and cash only.

***Update the T2 is sold. Also sale of WOZ is on hold. Thanks for the inquiry's.


2 months later
#1760 5 years ago

Whirlwind is listed for sale.

Update sold

6 months later
#2579 4 years ago


Victor came and played my WOZ, seemed to really like it and has been looking ever since.

I think he is aware of both the love and hate of the pin and wanted to come to his own conclusion. He knows he's welcome to come over play mine anytime I'm around. I wish him luck however it works out but mine is not for sale.

BTW, he played my Mustang and smoked it, had the high score grand champ, until code got changed and all scores erased.


#2610 4 years ago


Sorry, getting too old don't want to risk injury, my dad's back was so bad at the end he looked like the letter L. I have been paying to have pins delivered, going up & out my son in law and son still help, another reason I tend to keep what I have, moving pins upstairs.

However, if there is a local Chicago area group that wants to buy an Escalara, I would like to be a partner.


4 months later
#3225 4 years ago

If I sold a pin via pinside I would have no problem paying the fee whether its on the chicago thread or marketplace.

However I would rather try the Chicago thread first for the reasons listed in badbilly27 first thread on this subject. The marketplace would be 2nd choice.

In summary I don't like the new rules. Life goes on.

1 month later
#3428 4 years ago

That really stink's I liked the place, probably needed to go more often. I liked to cold ones on tap and the variety of pins.

1 month later
#3617 4 years ago

Thinking about selling my Pin Bot.
I have a rather high opinion on the shape I think I have owned since 1992. Would include CPR plastics minus the one replaced on pin. Selling price would be at least 2k.

2 months later
#3877 4 years ago

I have a Pinbot that I have owned for quite awhile, I think it's in good shape and am looking to sell.

I also have the full set of cpr plastics minus the one replaced on the pin.

Also might need an electrician I'm blowing circuits in the basement, too many pins. LOL

1 week later
#3886 4 years ago

Listed my Mustang Pro in ads. $3,700. If anyone is interested let me know.
Thanks, bruce

Added over 4 years ago: Mustang is sold moving to MO.

1 month later
#4091 3 years ago
Quoted from etnfrd67:

Has anybody tried to contact the guy on Craigslist with TAF in Volo with success? I have tried a dozen times with no luck. Has anyone looked at it? He's had it on for a week now but just won't answer me.

I have, at the time it was listed for $5,400. Honestly, for me if I wanted to add something I would try either get Tron pro unmodded or slightly modded to Xmen pro, Got pro . If I don't like probably easy to sell ( I have a room problem and too many keepers) . That's just where I'm at. However my wife always liked TAF, and my friend has b/w classics was interested in getting TAF down the road. My friend has just his job back after 15 months. He is beyond picky, but knows the game and I don't . My thought was I would look at it to buy it, play it with the thought that he would buy down the road from me. He said he wanted to keep looking so we passed. It seemed like a decent value, and if it was a pin I really had interest in I probably would have offered to buy it. If it worked out for us both it would have been a win-win.

#4096 3 years ago

Sorry guys, , if TAF was on my wishlist, given the price and condition I would have bought it. It had a few mechanical issues, nothing that couldn't be fixed. Given the age I thought the play field was acceptable as well as the cabinet. If someone sees it for 5k it should be gone.

The worst thing I saw on the play field is the tip of the lightning bolt by power was missing a piece of the red plastic. Maybe one quarter of an inch. A couple of target had different colors then they should but pretty minor.

1 week later
#4138 3 years ago

If we are moving the discussion to Motorcycles. Can I vent how lousy the snowmobile season was this year? 280 miles in two days. Awful.

Anyway getting back on track Pinbot is still for sale. Moved from basement to dining room for Thanksgiving.


#4143 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexF:

Yes, I sold my sled last year. I kind of felt like I made a mistake as Winter crept back in. The trail goes right past my house. I think it was open 3 days this season. 0 last year. Less than 5 the year before. Unless you trailer it up North it's almost hardly worth owning one anymore.

Thats' the sad part, I keep the sleds in a storage unit Wakefield Mi,(UP, Lake Superior snow belt) cross route 2 I'm on trail system, lost weekends due to temps in 40-60's, grandkids winter birthdays, one weekend about zero my wife wouldn't go. I sold the trailer, jeeps with hitches years ago . So much for early predictions that this was going to be a rough winter. Plenty of time to get up end of feb and all of march. No dice. Rain storm monday 3/6 put the nail in the coffin.

Motorcycle guys must have been happy as as well as golfers. Snowplow guys not so much.

Anyway my Pinbot is in very nice shape. Multiple offers for $1,500 sight unseen which I declined. Doesn't anyone look at a pin before offering to buy anymore? I bought in 1992 from Worldwide Distributors, Bob Danko. I have in pinside marketplace .

#4170 3 years ago

Deleted, not actively looking for additions at this time.

1 month later
#4303 3 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Just curious, anyone own a Dailed In

I dont think they are out yet.
I'm thinking about it, but add about a dozen other titles as well.

1 month later
#4444 3 years ago

I've had Gavin several times and don't remember charges but he can do high level work that others can't. Last time was almost 2 years ago.

That being said he is very busy and I had to go with other options because he is in such high demand.

2 weeks later
#4505 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

Price check on a Mustang Pro</blockquote

The Pinball Company bought mine $3,700 ad price, it had flipper fidelity speakers, hook, hurst and tach mod. It was gone within one week maybe sold last march/april.

I'm sure I could have sold for more but almost 2 years of ownership I had tons of enjoyment from this pin. I did tone down some lights they will fry your retina. Really enjoyed game but when you add unfortunately you have to subtract.

1 month later
#4686 3 years ago

My neighbor asked me to post he is looking for a decent Addams Family. If you have one available please let me know and I can forward info.
He's not on this site but has a TZ and an restored FH he is looking for the PL trifecta.


#4690 3 years ago


Actually my neighbor bought his TOM from Jesse @ Pincades. He has not played the DI, I keep trying to get him to Level 257.

1 month later
#5015 3 years ago

JJP games are a must have until you actually play one. Most of them suck ass.

Always with the negative waves, Moriarty. Call me a moron I own 2 and love them.

2 months later
#5382 3 years ago

I'm going to list my Aerosmith pro something has to go. Leaning towards adding SW.

Added over 3 years ago: Sellers remorse ad deleted.

3 weeks later
#5470 3 years ago

Back by popular demand I'm relisting my Aerosmith pro. I won't bore you with details it gets much more play than other pins I own.
Maybe I'm not thinking clearly just got back from snowmobiling by Lake Superior. Honestly, 10 degrees doesn't seem so cold.
Happy New Year this is one of my resolutions.

Added over 3 years ago: Game is sold, Thank you

1 week later
#5511 3 years ago

I'm listing my Star Trek pro in marketplace. I bought new and owned for over 3 years. If anyone is interested let me know and check it out.

Thanks, bruce

2 months later
#5818 2 years ago

Have a good trip I got my Indy 500 outside of Detroit.
It was worth it but in the summer didn't have to worry about lake effect snow.

#5860 2 years ago

I have used Ricksgame repair (Gilberts) and I think he's excellent and a great guy. I heard of him on this thread.

I believe he charges $150 the first hour that includes travel. He is very good and very responsive, he fixed things for me I didn't even think were broke to round out his time.

1 week later
#5908 2 years ago

Hi Bill

My Star Trek pro has a pending sale out of state.

Florida no less. I believe of all the inquirys none were from Illinois. This is a great thread though.

The buyer is going to pick up when he's sees his son from Detroit. Bruce

#5915 2 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Will Wheaton!! Some games come down from WI into IL, so I consider that friendly.

Agreed sold to a Badger and Hoosier pinsider they were awesome.The pinsider from Wisconsin picked up Pin Bot in a prius. It was hilarious about half the pin was hanging out the back with ropes, said he was taking back roads back.

1 month later
#6037 2 years ago

My brother said is going to list his TZ in marketplace soon. He will be flagged as caution new member, since this is his only pin and he doesn't want to own any more games.


6 months later
#6667 2 years ago

Decided to keep

2 months later
#6912 1 year ago

Great day to play pinball. I figured I would toss in a few transactions on games I bought and sold. I believe all games I listed for sale were posted in Bill's thread. Most games I buy are new, I have my reasons and they aren't important to elaborate.

Games I bought Lotr - purchased in Kansas, paid for personal delivery. Bought Indy 500 picked up in Detroit area.

Games I sold,, T2 -Indiana, Pinbot- Wis, Aerosmith -Illinois, Mustang - MO (price was so good bought by Pinball Company), ST pro- Florida, person lives in Fla, picked up from son's home in Mich. Whirlwind- Ohio (picked up going to expo).

The point being other than Aerosmith most of my transactions are out of state. Time to go play more pin. Cheers, bruce

2 weeks later
#7017 1 year ago

I think I'll be listing my Lord to the Rings in marketplace. 5/9/2006 build date.

Game is sold pending pickup and payment.

Thank you for everyone's responses.


#7021 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Congrats Bruce. I was thinking about sending you a message about that. I just sold that Road Show that you sold me 4 years ago this week.

Hey, it's been awhile, glad the Road Show worked out and congrats on the sale. I was wondering of that was you.

Quoted from badbilly27:

Nice! Less than 5 hours and sold. Congrats Bruce

Thanks Bill, I hope your daughter reached her goal.

2 months later
#7237 1 year ago

Personally I think the 7.5 boards are acceptable. I have them on my RR 75th with no problems either unless you count replacing throne light had the game over 3 years but no way I'm selling.

#7239 1 year ago

Agreed, played Wonka and BK . Really enjoyed them this place will be hopping most likely something's got to go to add these pins.

1 month later
#7395 1 year ago


Quoted from kklank:

Sale pending.

Congrats if I put my hat in the ring my wife would probably have me committed.

#7446 1 year ago
Quoted from vbittnv:

yup, it is. It sucks to have spots for only two games at my place. My walking dead premium is not going anywhere ever. I'm realizing I really gravitate and only play the brutal fast games, and Pirates is obviously a different type of game. This one is stunning which makes me think I should keep it, but I don't want it to just sit there. I'm not going to sell and have turned down offers more than I paid.. I just put it up for trade to potentially dig out some games from someones collection that might not be posted that better fit my likes. If not, it stays and my nephews play and sink the ship. I really need a bigger place honestly for games.

Good luck, I hope it works out on a trade.

9 months later
#8175 10 months ago
Quoted from MiamiRedSkin:

Much like the inflatable clown guy on Craigslist, I'm looking for a unique trade. Wife is stir-crazy with work from home and always wanted a Peloton. Would be interested in trading one of my machine of fair value for one if there's interest. Slim chance, but hey, worth a shot.

The best I can do is a 20 year old Nordic Track. I brought it out from the depths of the basement and am using it since my health club closed due to the virus.

Good luck.

#8190 10 months ago

I have a bunch of flipper rubbers.
Send me a pm we can meet half way on Rt 59 Saturday


2 months later
#8324 7 months ago

While were on the subject Wonka it is going to be my next addition. I'm going to get it from Chris at Kingpin. His past performance and help deserves no less. Fathers Day we are finally having all the kids and grandkids over, I'm going to see what I should sell for the room unless I get a stay of execution from my wife and can keep them all and add another.

She already said no to upstairs in our little used dining room.


1 week later
#8368 6 months ago

I'm going to be listing my Jurrasic Park Pro $5,150. It includes modfathers lighted helicopter, amber mosquito shooter, and silverjet pinballs. Also has JP pin cup.

Code is updated.


Added 7 months ago:

Game was sold to fellow Chicago seller and trader. Thank you.

1 week later
#8387 6 months ago

True story, not to long ago I sold a pin to someone that contributes to the Chicago sellers and buyers thread. I have never met this person who comes out well prepared with mask, tools and plastic to pick up game.

He played the pin and had time to stay and play a few other games that I have. All is all just a really nice person and a very good player. Blew up my Met. He knew I was selling to make room for Wonka. So today in the mail I get a Lermods Wonkavator as a gift from this person. I was absolutely floored by this act of kindness. I would mention the name but am prohibited without consent by HIPA.


1 month later
#8647 4 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I'll be holding on to the game for now. Thanks for the inquiries!

I don't blame you. It's such a great game and really fills a need in anyone's lineup. I couldn't sell mine.

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