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#107 6 years ago

Gweem whats your asking price on Farfalla. Time to rebuild the collection I once had.

#128 6 years ago

I bought a game from MrBillishere today. It will get the GAP treatment. John Pop and Eric stopped by the shop today as well as Tim Fish. Had a lot of fun talking pinball today

#167 6 years ago

Ive got a Star Wars Episode one, 1400 plays , lightly routed for under a year and sold to a family in 99. Earned a total of $3,300. Cabinet and playfield in exceptional condition, no errors, $2500. monitor crisp and bright. sold as is

#176 6 years ago

Here is the SWE1 shopped out. Price is $2800.

addams 029.JPG addams 030.JPG addams 031.JPG addams 032.JPG addams 033.JPG addams 034.JPG addams 035.JPG addams 036.JPG
#191 6 years ago

selling as is working, unshopped.

Judge dredd $1700-sold
Dr Who $2300
Surf n Safari $1500

1 week later
#238 6 years ago

i know The guy that bought the Met Premium paid $5k and no taxes. cash out the door. He got a great deal. From the Estate sale description it looked liked it was going to be a auction type bid for the game. Miscommunication, long story short he got a Met Premium under 200 plays for $5K.

1 week later
1 month later
#473 6 years ago

Custom Metallic Blue Tron with mods $7800 shipped

Metallic blue powder coating by Back Alley Creations
Back box led kit
LED in controlled inserts and General ilumination
Tron inside blades
Speaker led kit with disc acrylic
Upgraded subwoofer
cliffy protector
Clu and hot chick tranlites
Flipper button LED kit
Hallmark light cycle mod.
Tron Arcade game mod
Flynn arcade sign
Pinbits pop bumper translucent tops
Metallic blue Flipper bats
Rectifier mod
Shaker motor
Pig 12v connector
Rectifer drop bank decal,
Metalilc blue apron
Custom cards
Eli Ramp Rope light mod

Tron2 005.JPG
Tron2 010.JPG
Tron2 011.JPG

Tron2 011.JPG
Tron2 012.JPG
Tron2 013.JPG
Tron2 014.JPG
Tron2 015.JPG
Tron2 016.JPG
Tron2 017.JPG
Tron2 018.JPG
Tron2 019.JPG
Tron2 021.JPG
Tron2 022.JPG

1 month later
#591 6 years ago

Anyone looking for a fire, $1800, shopped out with LED's.

PF 001.JPG PF 002.JPG PF 003.JPG PF 004.JPG PF 005.JPG PF 006.JPG PF 007.JPG PF 008.JPG PF 009.JPG
#593 6 years ago

Yes they made the fire game right here in Chicago. I think the production run was larger than 2. Mine has LEDs, not sure if it came that way from the factory. could be a prototype. Mine also has broken plastic like it was in a damaged building fire. got give you some shit Neo .

#597 6 years ago

Dewey i'll change them to yellow or orange or warm.

3 weeks later
#767 6 years ago

Just in Airborne Avengers. powers , only issue is trough coil will not serve up the ball. only 350 made. widebody pin $800 obo

Pic is taken from ipdb.

#770 6 years ago

I also have a Pirate of the Caribbean great condition for $3200 cash unshopped as is.

#798 6 years ago

I know some people wanted pics of the potc, here they are. Price $3200 I have a slightly nicer one at $3500.

20141013_204628.jpg 20141013_204621.jpg 20141013_204616.jpg 20141013_204613.jpg 20141013_204607.jpg 20141013_204549.jpg 20141013_204544.jpg 20141013_204536.jpg 20141013_204531.jpg 20141013_204524.jpg
1 week later
1 month later
#962 6 years ago

Also have a caddy shack


3 weeks later
1 week later
#1048 6 years ago

Jeff's 24 is awesome. Nicest around, Great game and fun to blad! very underated

1 month later
#1142 5 years ago

Just in Unshopped Roller coaster tycoon Good -Great condition, Sold as is $2250.00 . Bought from a home owner.

#1160 5 years ago

Just in Gottlieb Stargate, good condition, needs to be shopped, $2200

1 month later
#1438 5 years ago

Just in high roller casino 1800 sold as is.

1 week later
#1489 5 years ago

Just picked up a Last Action Hero . clean Unshopped , sold as is. Haven't gone through it. I have it at $1800 on market Selling as is for $1600.

1 month later
#1532 5 years ago

Just in, super nice AFM. Some LED, cliffy, clean game beautiful cabinet, 7500 as is, working 100% or $8000 shopped with leds. Can ship for 250.00 anywhe re in US.

20150615_162024.jpg 20150615_162035.jpg 20150615_162042.jpg 20150615_162156.jpg 20150615_162008.jpg 20150615_161615.jpg 20150615_161628.jpg 20150615_161632.jpg 20150615_161641.jpg 20150615_161653.jpg
#1534 5 years ago

Just in all games complete , may have very minor issues if any. I wont' have pics for a while(Probably next week), but you can come look at them over the weekend or week nights next week. All games being sold as is, clean, well maintained. Games are unshopped but clean and came from a home collection. Just bought out a guys collection. Will consider trades. or best offers

Jackbot $2500
Pinbot $1800
Bride of Pinbot $2900
Revenge $2800
Road Show $2800

#1553 5 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

Just in all games complete , may have very minor issues if any. I wont' have pics for a while(Probably next week), but you can come look at them over the weekend or week nights next week. All games being sold as is, clean, well maintained. Games are unshopped but clean and came from a home collection. Just bought out a guys collection. Will consider trades. or best offers
Jackbot $2500
Pinbot $1800
Bride of Pinbot $2900
Revenge $2800
Road Show $2800

Bride of pinbot spoken for.

also have

Getaway $2400

2 months later
#1738 5 years ago

Just in Comet(Shopped out), Getaway(Not Shopped ). Also have a Farfalla, needs work.

#1739 5 years ago

I also have a cyclone and jackbot, road show, Who dunnit, high roller casino, Last action hero all clean games, working

1 week later
#1762 5 years ago

Posting pics of a Sweet JM.









#1774 5 years ago

Just in from operator unshopped all have some issues, some minor some not so minor.

Super mario Bros Mushroom world. Small pinball machine. rare nice condition $2200
Getaway, missing DMD, needs some work, connectors fried. $1800
Family guy, nice, dirty, wear at N in Pinball by kick out. Awesome cabinet $3500
Who dunnit $2500
Road show $2800
Jackbot $2200
South park, game freezes up. logic problem, ok cabinet $1800
Last Action Hero, magnet board needs work $1700
High Roller good condition $1800
Top dawg puck Bowler $1500

1 month later
1 month later
#1918 5 years ago

Last action hero, new targets, Rebuilt magnet board, money decal for playfield. Plays great. Clean, as is 2k

1 month later
#2186 4 years ago

Just got in a prototype Judge Dredd.


#2188 4 years ago

Head decals, sniper plastic, i think apron.

#2190 4 years ago

I'm, going to shop it out first, Put Led's in it and put on new right side head decal on the game. Upper right flipper is not working and lower left is very weak, so it needs work before I sell it. Going to put new brass legs on it. Don't have a price in mind yet. but when I do I will post it here and in the for sale area. I'll keep you posted Dung

#2193 4 years ago

A few more differences on Proto
1. Decal above judge targets say Pick a prize instead of Subway on production
2. Drains shield insert on Production playfield is call Extra Ball Promotion
3. Metal outside lane guides on Proto to the right of right flipper bat and to the left of Left flipper bat
4. Start and extra ball buy in right next to each other on Proto where they are vertical in production

2 weeks later
2 months later
#2804 4 years ago


1 month later
1 month later
#3173 4 years ago









3 weeks later
#3354 4 years ago

I have a Mata Hari and s phoenix. Need work, pulled from a home. 750 each

#3394 4 years ago

I'll be putting a Woz LE up layer today. HUO. About 50 plays on it. 1 location.
PM me if interested.

#3423 4 years ago

OT: Anyone have interest in a Police trainer, 2 seater final lap or a Vrtua cop. Lady would take a $100.00 each if you wanted them. all are good working condition. she wants them out. I have no interest

#3445 4 years ago

I have really nice Data East Time machine. works fine, does have a slight sound issue on the first game ball only once in a while. second ball sound is fine and all other games sound is fine. $1500 cash

#3490 4 years ago

condition. she wants them out. I have no interest

Quoted from GAP:

OT: Anyone have interest in a Police trainer, 2 seater final lap or a Vrtua cop. Lady would take a $100.00 each if you wanted them. all are good working condition. she wants them out. I have no interest

Final laps are sold, virtual cop and police trainer still available

1 week later
2 weeks later
#3644 4 years ago

I will reduce The Woz by $500 for anyone interested. Less than 100 plays, never moved.


1 week later
#3678 4 years ago

just took in a Eight ball deluxe Le. First $1k takes it.

2 months later
#3924 3 years ago

Just in

picked up a diner, really nice cabinet, playfield has mylar, inserts need to be reset. blowing main fuse. good candidate for a clear coat and restore $1800.

2 weeks later
#3960 3 years ago

Wow that is a really nice Tommy!!!! Don't seem them like that. GLWTS

3 weeks later
#4122 3 years ago

Bally Kiss, has smoke damage, from a fire. Not sure it works, game is over fused. Needs a complete tear down. Needs new Backglass. Project and a half.$1200

#4124 3 years ago

I have a diner, unshopped, raised inserts, they need to be reset, works, Beautiful cabinet . $1950 firm.

#4125 3 years ago

Just got in Addams Family. Cabinet needs to be redone, but playfield is shopped out with Leds and a few mids. Took this in on trade. 6000 obo. ad is in marketplace.

2 weeks later
#4232 3 years ago

Just in on trade. Hobbit LE #24 and rob zombie #21. All extra mods. Lmk if interested. I'll pm price and pics. Both mint condition, with very low plays.

1 month later
#4388 3 years ago

Yes we are retail and yes we have retail pricing. We have never tried to disguise it or hide it and pretty much everyone here knows it. We have 40 machines on the floor and another 30 in the back warehouse. A lot of my clients are family's that want a machine, delivered with white glove service and want the warranty with it. The best part is that we are putting pinball machines in new homes with younger kids, hopefully they buy a pinball machine when they are old enough and keep pinball alive for decades to come.

We also ship all over the US and when we have a damaged machine we file the claim for the customer, which starts at taking pictures of the game as we pack it, box it and as it goes on the truck. This documentation process saves a lot of headache and is time consuming but pays out in the claim.

A lot of Chicago, Wisc, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan Pinsider friends have gotten a lot of good deals, rare games and super clean games from us and not at the retail prices. If they held onto it, they can now sell it for a nice profit too. We spend well over $40,000 on rent, equipment, website, maintenance, Etc, just to keep the business running. And lets not talk about Taxes. Well over the $20,000 mark.

As a distributor we pre book machine 25 LE's , and those that we don't sell we have to come up with the cash to buy the remaining allotment. Now multiply that by 2 pinball manufactures, 3 times a year. We deal with deposits, refunds and a lot of people backing out of deals. It's all part of the business.

I'll list a project here on this thread once in a while to pass along a good deal, that I'll may not get too. Which is why I listed the Flash Gordon. I try not to list the expensive stuff here on Chicago Trader/Seller. Not that many of you can't afford it. Some of you probably already have it at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to those that support us, you know who you are! I'm not asking for sympathy, just wanted to give the Chicago/Sellers traders a peek under the tent on some of the things it takes to run a business and why some of my games might be higher than other games listed on pinside. Condition is also KEY factor. If we can do a deal that would be great, but if not I'll be open and honest and tell you I can't do it and will try to help you source it.



#4410 3 years ago

Free Stern side rails this Saturday.
I have a pile of new Stern straight side rails(not botton guards) that are sitting in the shop. You can use them on Data East or replace your damaged Stern side rails. These were taken of new stern games. probably 25 sets.
I also have used glass if you need a sheet or 2. Some have light scratches some very heavy and not worth taking.
Stop by between noon and 3pm this Sat.
850 Meadowview crossing unit 10, West Chicago, IL 60185

Added over 4 years ago: Gotta move the window from 11a.m. to 1:30p.m.today Got ago to a graduation party. I can meet people at the shop tomorrow, just text me a time. 630-440-5190

1 week later
1 week later
#4461 3 years ago

Just passing along info. There is a guy selling a few pins in North suburbs of Chicago. He owns a kiddie arcade.

Black Knight 2000 $2800
Diner $2800
Elvis $2900

He may have some arcade games he wants to sell also.

Call or text Michael 847 489 1870

2 weeks later
#4515 3 years ago

Flintstones, just took out of a home. , needs to be shopped, I did not go through it, broken plastics and ramps., sold as is. $2600

#4517 3 years ago

Baywatch unshopped $2400
The Simpson by Data East unshopped $1700
Party zone unshopped $1800

#4523 3 years ago

Just trying to pass on some good deals to pinside.

1 month later
1 month later
#5057 3 years ago

I have a wood rail Gottlieb Gypsy Queen. Needs work. All there except playfield glass. $750.

1 week later
#5073 3 years ago

I have a very nice Data EastTime Machine, playfield is exceptionally nice , shopped out, beautiful cabinet, Leds installed. $2200.

1 week later
#5114 3 years ago

Just in Gottlieb big hurt, unshopped Nice condition , Has a switch issue in matrix, won't allow coin up or start game, $1600 as is

3 weeks later
#5241 3 years ago

I have about 30 sets of new stern pro side rails, not lollipop rails. Free for the taking. I think they fit some Data East games also I have been slowly giving them out. Anyone needs them let me know, stop by the shop and pick them up. Would really like to get rid of all of them.

2 months later
#5535 2 years ago

Funhouse project

Needs flipper mech, needs a cpu and new playfield. Needs translite, Games is rough and going to need a lot of hard work. Can be brought back to life. $2500 obo

#5565 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

You already know the game is not working. So put your parts list together:
3 flippers kits
3 pop bumpers
7 standup targets
Ramp diverter
hard to find talking head parts (Rudy)
2 displays
Electronic Boards
New Play Field
New plastic set
cabinet decals
rubber set
multiple switches
Lamp sockets
plastic posts
and what ever is missing.
Add it up plus tax and shipping.
Depending on your experience, any where from 45 hours to 160 hours of labor.
Better off IMO to seek out a good used game for $4500 to $5000. If you want to learn how to build a pinball machine this is for you.
Flame suit on.
I have no ill will against Mike. I just think his starting point is joke.

First we said its a project. second, we priced it as 2500 obo. Adding up the parts your talking $1750 in new parts maybe a little more maybe a little less. If you refurbished some parts your talking less. CPU, glass, legs, playfield , side rails, translite, switches, targets, plastics DMD, decals, pop bumpers. All said and done you have a refurbished game with a lot of new parts at $4250 to $5000 with your labor. If you offer me $2100 you would be in it for less. I would think you could get $5500 + down the road. If you don't want to do the work then this is not the machine for you and you can buy a used game not refurbished, or buy shopped out for $4500 to $5000 like the guy said.

Some people like to redo games and that's what this is.

2 months later
#5879 2 years ago

Got a Freddy in. Unshopped project. Game is dead on arrival. Glove is all there. Great project to restore. Has playfield wear. $1200 obo.

#5882 2 years ago

Got a baby pacman video pinball machine. Not working Turns on. $600

#5883 2 years ago

Bally Key Lite wood rail. Sold as is beautiful playfield. Got in a lot of games. $400 obo.

1 week later
#5925 2 years ago

I have some spare plastics. But I'm retail, not allowed in here. Lol. Let me know what your looking for.

2 weeks later
#5961 2 years ago

Throwing these out there, as is. Need work. Games are not working or tested but complete and in good shape. Games will need to be shopped out.

High speed $1500
High speed engineers game $1600
Secret Service $1600

#5967 2 years ago

Highspeed engineers game boots up.and plays

1 week later
#5996 2 years ago

Just took in on trade Bally Vector. Boots up. All displays work. Has locked on pop bumper coil and light socket melted. Needs very little work. Players condition. 900.00. Firm

1 month later
#6144 2 years ago

just in Black Pyramid. Works fine. sold as is. Missing paint in the middle of playfield. $700.00

1 week later
#6165 2 years ago

Just in Huo Nascar. Clean . One switch issue $3000 SOLD AS IS. Could use a shop job. Have not gone through game
1400 plays

SWE1 clean nice cabinet could use a shop job $2800 sold as is. Have bot gone through games.

4 weeks later
#6211 2 years ago

*Top dawg shuffle arcade game . Not working. Complete $700
*Mini cabaret pacman. Plays. Right side monitor Sagging $600
*Global VR Nascar sitdown arcade game . Complete. Plays . Loses setting do to battery memory issue. Needs to be reprogrammed. Lcd monitor. $1500.
*Super Chexx. Huo. Like new condition. $1900
*Black Pyramid pinball machine, working when taken out of basement. Some playfield wear. $800 sold as is
*Vector pinball machine. fair condition, has locked on pop bumper coil, blown transistor. playfield ok not great. great players game $800 sold as is
*Midway haunted house rifle game. cabinet sanded down to wood, was going to restore. all parts there, last time we had it on it turned on and played. 8track is there an plays. getting harder to find $1200 sold as is.
*Data East Time machine, Beautiful condition, shopped out. packed away in warehouse but would open up to view. cabinet is a 9, playfield is a 9, glass is a 9 $2200 obo. nicest time machine I have seen.
*Space invader cocktail table, turns on screen is scrambled, needs a new chip programmed. sold as is $700
*Pacman cocktail table, turns on screen is scrambled, needs a new chip programmed, sold as is $700
*Big Hurt pinball machine. works except for one coil (ramp) does not fire do to needing a new ribbion cable. $1800

Everything can be viewed at my shop.
I'll be around on Sat and Sundays

1 week later
#6282 2 years ago

Selling my ACDC premium early run, wood speaker panel. From my collection. Clear window. Low plays.mint condition. I will put in market place today and put link to ad.


Following mods
Train topper
Speaker leds
Train tracks
RxR sign
Drum kit
Canon mod
Angus shooter rod
Flipper button leds
Custom Black apron with ACDC metal canon logo
Clear rubbers
Highway 666 sign
Intetactive ACDC video screen by Mike D
Lightning bolt led mod
Wood bell mod
Angus guitar
Color DMD
Hell's Bells metal pop bumper caps
Under cab leds

#6290 2 years ago

Bram Stoker's Dracula, just took in on trade, is clean & works, needs to be shopped. $2800 firm . Has some planking on playfield. Has cabinet fade and head nicked up a little. $2800 firm

Added over 2 years ago:

machine sold on facebook

#6298 2 years ago

Free chimichanga dinner with purchase of a NIB Deadpool Pro pinball machine. Limited to (1) free chimichanga dinner per customer.

#6300 2 years ago

We can dress up their hotdog to look like a Chimichanga! Call it the Chimichanga dog!

1 month later
#6438 2 years ago

I have the following as is machines, all will need to be shopped. I have not had the chance to dig into issues with all machines.
I will list more shortly.
Big hurt, boots up plays, has a transistor issue for ramp, I think. missing speaker plastic panel $1600
Flash, nice condition, needs to be shopped, has a tilt issue when switch is hit, plasy fine except tilt error $1200
Sega Jurrasic park. Unshopped clean. From home owner. $2900
Jungle lord, nice condition, needs to be shopped, works, plays fine $1300
Black Pyramid, nice cabinet, has playfield wear, worked when taken from home. $700 - Sold
Volcano, x2, both cosmetically in great shape. one has a coil issue, games boot up, $1200, $1100.
NBA fast break. Clean. Not really dirty took in as trade. $2995
Nascar, HUO. One switch not working. Clean. From millionaires home in Barrington. One location.
Roller coaster tycoon shopped. Needs batter holder replaced.
Mars god of War, game boots up , may need tweaking, needs to be shopped out $1000
High speed, game has cpu issue, good cosmetics, need to be shopped and board work fixed. $1100
Golden tee 2003 , HUO near mint condition. $900
Ms Pacman, boots up and plays, has sagging of screen in right corner. $700.
EA sports Sit down Nascar, with flat screen tv, has battery issue , resetting . great condition $1200
Space invaders cocktail table, screen is scrambled. $600
Top dawg shuffle game by Williams, $600.00
Pacman cabaret. $600 works
Ms pacman cocktail. Scrambled screen. $700
Midway haunted House rifle game. Complete. Works but needs to be restored $1200
Who Dun it pinball machine. Clean, working. Complete. Needs to be shopped .
Game show, clean . Needs to be shopped. $1800
Dracula unshopped. Complete. Slight planking, ramp has nipple due to light locked on. May have errors.
Shopped out
Time machine, Excellent condition.Nicest I have come across $2300

Valley Dynamo All Star Baseball and Zombie League
Iron Maiden
Metallica monster
Attack from Mars SE

Simpsons x2
No Fear
Family guy
Star Wars premium

#6441 2 years ago
Quoted from tbaum:

Any chance of pictures of the #JP?

I'll try to get pics tomorrow night

2 weeks later
#6482 2 years ago

Just in sold as is untested. $2400 obo for all 4
Night Rider

Have pics

#6483 2 years ago

4 million BC pinball machine. Cabinet and plafiekd in great condition. Not sure if it works. German vrtsion.Back.glass cracked. $1200

2 weeks later
#6563 2 years ago
Quoted from tadowhere:

Anyone need a Data East PPB and PS, for repair? PS has evidence of a hack and PPB was working when pulled but shows a jumper w/ blacks spots. FREE for the taking or i'm throwing them out.

I'll take both

#6566 2 years ago

Just took in a HUO Stern Pirates. looking to move cash deal pm me.

5 months later
#7299 1 year ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

I've seen it all...
chicago.craigslist.org link

Some one let Jay know?

1 month later
#7539 1 year ago

Projects for sale, as is, come and check them out at my shop, no pics at this time. Some work to a degree some are dead. I dont have time to go through them at this point. Most prices are under pinside. Gottlieb's all came from a collection, those dont need much.

High speed $1100 does not work
Mars God of war, works to some degree $1000
Volcano $800 works to some degree
Lectranamo. Boots up. Does not coin up or star game.$900
Checkpoint boots, playfield wear. $1600
Secret service, did not turn on when picked up. $1200
Freddy Krueger. Not sure on boot up, think it did, has playfield wear down between flippers. $1700
Big hurt, boots and plays, missing speaker plastic, needs 1 tip replaced. Could use a new ribbon cable $1800
4 million BC , did not work, lady said it worked then died.$900


#7544 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Can you provide pics or more details for those that can't visit the shop or aren't as local?

I'll provide pics as soon as I can get them . I have pics of volcano, 4 million bc and Mars god of war.

1 month later
#7728 1 year ago
Quoted from turbo20lbs:

Anyone near me have Stern packing material? I have a Stern box and probably have a pallet, but would love all those foam pieces and leg boxes if you are willing to let them go.
Just looking to pack up a Stern pin for shipping.

How soon do you need it, I should have a set.



4 months later
#8053 1 year ago

Anyone looking for HUO Hyperball. Works great. 1200 obo

#8062 12 months ago
Quoted from jellikit:

Now there are two at your place, but one walks around and delivers machines.

What you talking about Willis?

3 weeks later
#8107 11 months ago

That's a prototype talking kiss pinball machine.. rare. I had one once

#8126 11 months ago

Google and facebook are your friend as it relates to information. Get as much information from the person and most of the time you can find out information on who you are dealing with and verify if a person is real or if it is a scam by searching the web. I do a lot of online business and I come across deals that seem shady, but check out ok. Sorry you got scammed!

2 months later
#8251 8 months ago

Looking for the following used stern


Machines are going in a rock n roll bar. Can buy outright or take n towards trade for nib Stern, CGC AP games.

#8258 8 months ago

Just set up gottlieb Volcano. Boots up and plays. Needs one target. Needs shopped out, one coli needs to be replaced. Backglass has some separation. 1200. Got pics for those interested.

#8261 8 months ago

Listing a Mars god of War. boots up Plays fine, one coil not working. replaced it and has to be a board issue. very unique game. Wont take much to get coil going. $1200

#8262 8 months ago

I also have a Secret Service, not working $1200 and a Comet, not working $1000. Both playfeild are really nice as well as cabinets and backglasses. These are projects. contact me if interested. I also have some EM's for sale

#8265 8 months ago

Someone pmd me on volcano and accidentally deleted the thread. Got more pics please pm me again. Sorry.

#8266 8 months ago

I have a huo hyperball, works great. Beautiful
cabinet. No issues 1k.

1 month later
#8403 6 months ago

I have about 30+ bar stools that JJP produced. I was selling these at the shows for $99.99. JJP is currently selling them for $99.00. Would like to move the remainder of them out. I need to free up some warehouse space. Offering up Black Knight, and Collage at $89.99 a piece and The Jersey Jack stool for $69.99. Pick up at my shop, no shipping at this time.

PM me for payment details.

I also have 1 of each of the following laseriffic toppers at a reduced price and Tilt Graphic Art Blades. I prefer Pick up only but will ship. Add $20.00 if you want topper shipped and $10 shipping for art blades, first come first served. You can find pictures on laseriffic's site and tilt graphics site of product below.

Flintstones $157
Ghostbusters $225
Johnny Mnuemonic $130
Houdini $179
Freddy $157
Who Dunnit $126
Simpsons $126
Tron $126
Sttng $126
Roadshow $157
Monsterbash $126
monopoly $144
Diner $135
Creature $126
Cactus $162

Tilt Graphics art blades $65.00 each
Rolling Stones
Who dunnit
spiderman vault
Walking Dead
Austin Powers
Batman 66
Batman Dark Knight
Attack from mars

Thanks for looking.


#8405 6 months ago

Brian, they are on my site. Search stool on my site


1 week later
#8441 5 months ago

I have a unshopped Freddy Kruger. Has playfield wear near flippers. not sure if it works or not. I'll try to plug it in this weekend to give a better discription. $2500 as is

#8485 5 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Cool, so I'll list my shadow at 5k, one pic of the game from far away, and say "plays great, no issues".
When I get flamed for it, I will cite "Running a family is hard work, that you dont understand". I mean, isnt that the same thing? We are all trying to save money.
Im sure you guys are sniping games from this thread that could go to otherwise regular pin collector dudes not looking to make a buck on a flip (or just a hold for a long ass time at a ridiculous price).
I offered him $650. Thats not a bad offer for a game that also, you know nothing about, because all its done is sit. No response.
Also, didnt want to bring this up, but I spoke to Mike about 5 years ago about restoring multiple games for my boss. We had money ready to roll and he decided it wouldnt make him enough money for the work. Thats when I knew I was done with retail. He still posts "restoration services" on his site. OK, what are we restoring? He recommended a crappy company that did shotty work for me on multiple games. I've discussed that here before.
I guess I need to know where the secret forum is that these guys dont know about. This used to be that place, and now its flooded with big business. Great. American. Pinball?
The BEST experiences in my pinball career have been only with non-retail outlets. I'll give a shout out to Hemisphere's because Kurt has always been very honest with me about everything. He sold us 3 NIB games and moved games for me multiple times. Great dude. Would I buy his used games? No. Too much usually. Sorry.
Is there any interest in a non-business thread for trading and selling? My vote is YES.


We are giving you permission to post the email thread where we recommend Kurt from Hemispheres to do the restorations for you at that time that we were too busy. We sent the entire email thread to you. We give you permission to post it! We were polite and nice and tried to help you out. Then when you said Kurt was backed up, you asked for another person in the area and we mentioned Rich Huff, a guy who does restorations in the area. I don't know Rich's work, but he was another guy in the area. As for the Volcano, you offered $650.00 and I probably declined the offer. We do appreciate offers, but we did not accept your offer, because of what we had into the game. Sometimes we can sometimes we can't.

At this time, We appreciate the Chicago pinball community, but will not be posting in the Chicago sellers forum anymore for unshopped games. Those that are looking for unshopped games send me a pm and I will put you on a list. We should be getting in 20 unshopped in the next month and I will not be able to get to all of them. There should be b and c titles in there that I do not want.

If anyone wants to check out our feedback rating and how we treat people it can be found here.


We wish the Chicago Pinball Community the best and see most of your around the shows, at the shop or at our parties.

Thanks and have fun playing pinball.


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