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#195 6 years ago

I have a Sample/proto Jokerz up for trade/sale if anyone is interested. Has proto roms and playfield is diamondplated. I don't think it's diamondplate tho, I think it's that GX5 or whatever it was, because it doesn't have that foggyness to it, that diamond plate does. Truthfully, it's the nicest jokerz playfield i've ever seen, and i've owned 3 jokerz in my time. Technically not in chicago but only 45min away. Cabinet is very good as well. Sides are nice, no wood graining. Been freshly shopped and looks fantastic.

#218 6 years ago

apparently they don't know you can buy it NIB for less than that.

#237 6 years ago

someone was misinformed since you can buy it NIB for less than that.

#245 6 years ago

that has to be shilled. There is no way that went for $1700. Even if it looked like it just came out of the box, you would be hard pressed to get $1700 for it. That's a $600 game at best.

#249 6 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

shilled how? ebay is a legal contract, not like the seller is going to be like "Oh sure, i'll just take $600..
Unless he had a friend up-bid it and was expecting others to continue bidding, or was he purposing making a high sale to inflate prices for upcoming auctions? Not sure that was worth the $42 ebay fee.

if you both agree to back out of the auction, nobody gets charged fees. That's why it happens so often.

#262 6 years ago

the problem with flash is, they made way to many of them. every warehouse on the planet (that was doing pinball back then) has 2 or 3 of them sitting around (unless they threw them in the trash). It's why it's value is practically nothing. You can get them a dime a dozen.

#280 6 years ago

that's a damn nice cabinet on the gameshow. If you trade that, your out of an avatar.

1 week later
#308 6 years ago

yellow door panels? or are those the LED's throwing off the camera colors?

#324 6 years ago

Damn that eightball is nice. $900 is a great deal. I'd buy the damn thing if I didn't already have to turn sideways to get at my washer and dryer.

#328 6 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

What are ya gonna do if they break down?

8 of them arn't even setup. That's with them on end.

#339 6 years ago

If you don't see my other thread about it. there is a springsteel peice that connects the drop ramp to the main ramp. Riveted on both sides. just a small piece, but can wear out and crack like RFM ramp flaps do. If you need the equipment to do it, your more than welcome to come up here and fabricate it. Just bring the ramp pieces, and we can drill out the old, cut out the springsteel piece, and rivet the new on in place. Would take maybe 30 min with about 4 hours of playing pins in between.

2 weeks later
#446 6 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

I need to downsize a little before the fall so I have listed the following in marketplace.. Figured I would note on here as well... Not gonna sell everything but need to sell two;
For sale:
Blackout $1,000
Police Force $1,250
Hurricane $1450
For Trade (maybe sell)
RBION $3000
WPT plus 1k cash
HS2 plus 1.3 k cash
SOF plus 1.8 k cash
BSD plus 1.2k cash
Feel free to PM if you got something I could like.

I see your still feeling the love on the SOF huh.

#448 6 years ago

I think it's the best system 11 out there. Love it. that's why I took the time to restore mine.

#451 6 years ago

work something out for this SOF. There was a really nice one at MGC 2 years ago. Don't know who had it tho.

1 week later
#476 6 years ago

if you didn't see my stellar wars thread. I got this nice project up for sale for $475. Boots (kind of). Displays come on, goes in audits, I think I got it to go into diagnostics once, but can't get it to start a game. cosmetically it's pretty nice overall. Backglass has some of the fine flaking going on in places. Playfield looks typical, cabinet is unfaded and solid. Clean all around. boards look nice. I installed an off board battery holder, and that's as far as I got into it. Just don't have the space or time to work on it, due to my locomotion restoration going on. Located in burlington, Wi. near the boarder of IL and WI.

stellar wars 006.jpg stellar wars 001.jpg stellar wars 002.jpg stellar wars 003.jpg stellar wars 004.jpg stellar wars 005.jpg
#488 6 years ago

Just what we need is 2 lionman threads. Would it then be Lionmen?

#502 6 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

You spelled "around" wrong.

But did he spell "reach" correctly?

#506 6 years ago

that must be a setup, because it's in front of a white garage door. Minty. Anyone unknowing would not go through the trouble. It's a bullshit ad. If it was legit, it would be in a dark corner with a pile of dirty laundry on top of it.

1 week later
#516 6 years ago

did you PM no trash cougar? he's looking for one and near you.

#528 6 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

SoF = pure awesomeness!
» YouTube video

Why are you letting it go then? You do have some kick ass games in your collection, but if it was me. Airborne avenger would be gone before SOF would even be close to the door.

#532 6 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I sold my SoF a couple years ago.

I thought I saw a recent post where you had one for sale. :/ Must have been an old post.

#537 6 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Anyone have a nice HUO Metallica they are willing to part with?

what are you getting rid of in it's place? you did you get to expand to the big room?

1 week later
#569 6 years ago

on JD, the only times you usually get wear, is for the Judge Hole and the sniper saucer. They hold up really well usually. Looks like a real bitch to shop out tho.

#572 6 years ago

orbitor 1 wasn't bad to shop out. I took mine apart so I could redo the mountain tips from spreading dander in the 3D terrain. Wasn't horrible. Was easier than just trying to get the ramp off of Pinball magic.

#582 6 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I was just at Golf Mill a couple of weeks ago. It's seriously the saddest, most pathetic arcade I've ever been in. I used to play Mortal Kombat there back in the day, but now it's literally not even worth stepping in to. And don't even bother calling about the pins. They are all beat to shit. I wouldn't even buy the T2 and No Fear as a package deal for $2,800.

If your buying a package deal of T2 and no fear, you shouldn't even be in the 2800 price range anyway. 2 faded heavily routed games like that. You should be offering $1700 for the pair or less. Going to take a ton of work, time and parts to get them to presentable condition. If the cabinets are beat to shit, they will take even more. 2800 would be to much for those games routed regardless.

#588 6 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

That was my point. He's asking more for one than the two are worth together. He's so far off the market it's ridiculous.

he wanted $2800 each? Someone is dipping into the crack pipe.

#589 6 years ago

Btw, Anyone have a cheap Mousin Around for sale? Need one for a birthday present for someone.

#592 6 years ago

looks like the one the other guy has for sale for $1500. 2 fires in the same location?

#607 6 years ago

both machines are in great shape. Thought it was the same machine. LED's really keep the fire fade effect in tact?

#608 6 years ago

I have a Wedgehead Royal Guard for sale. $550 OBO. Actually very fun game. If it was 4 player game, i'd keep it for myself. Has set of 4 standups that shift from side to side. When you hit the colors, depending on where they are, they light the pops and upper standups for more points. Top rows light the lower drain lanes. Very fun game. Plays great. New bulbs and rubber installed.

Custom cabinet paint job thrown in for free. Rumor has it, that Stevie Wonder himself, may have painted it.

royal guard 010.jpg royal guard 002.jpg royal guard 008.jpg royal guard 009.jpg
1 week later
#629 6 years ago
Quoted from danczaz:

Looking for a reasonably priced pin... 1000-2000 range depending on title .. Something to compliment my Atlantis and SOF... Maybe a Rollergames, Big Guns, etc... PM if you got something in that range

Your collection is starting to look like mine.

I'd stay away from Rollergames tho. Gets annoying quick.

1 week later
#651 6 years ago

still looking for a mousin around if anyone has one available.

#676 6 years ago

still looking for Mousin around. Will have a very nice Jungle queen for sale for $700 soon. Shopping it out tonight.

#695 6 years ago

gotcha. I always have credit dot for burnt out bulbs anyway, so i guess that wouldnt' make much difference.

#712 6 years ago

Jungle queen is shopped out fully working. Very nice condition all around. $750 obo and available for immediate pickup. everything is nice and shiny. Schematics included. Located 45-55 min north of chicago.

jungle queen 011.jpg jungle queen 001.jpg jungle queen 002.jpg jungle queen 004.jpg jungle queen 005.jpg jungle queen 006.jpg jungle queen 007.jpg jungle queen 008.jpg jungle queen 009.jpg jungle queen 010.jpg
#717 6 years ago

if it's mint. 2k isn't that bad. the playfield wears pretty bad on this game.

#718 6 years ago

anyone around here going to York show that can haul a game back?

#737 6 years ago

yup, anything less than 50 plays, the game isn't even broken in yet. Hell my LOTR was unplayable until after 100 games.

#740 6 years ago

wow, that FT looks good. Fish are in good shape and cabinet is not faded. Not even restored?

#741 6 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

I love the game. I have the good fortune of putting many plays over the years at fellow collectors homes. It's not a matter of liking the game or not - I like it. Check out my other post and it will provide more insights. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/nib-bbb-unboxed-tonight
I travel a lot for work so when home with 23+ pins and make up time with the family - you'd be surprised how little certain titles get played in my collection. Never said it was right.

but your still playing and keeping GNR right?

#753 6 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

What's a restored and cleared tz playfield worth?

probably $700-800. They are hard to move tho because TZ doesn't wear that bad overall. But I have seen one that had a trail grove from the slot machine all the way down to the corner of the door panels. Was deep almost like a shooter lane. Don't know how the hell that game got like that. Must have had 347,982 plays on it.

#780 6 years ago

why? you sick of it? I think you should keep it. Adds some diversity to your collection.

#803 6 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Ok this might take the cake.. The WTB ads aren't working so now we've moved to scare tactics? Oh man, I better sell my pinball machines quick, they're affecting my health!
" target="_blank">chicago.craigslist.org link

Whoever this guy is, is a total scumbag. I say we all email him and ask him how quickly he can remove our hazardous machines

pinball_health_hazard.png 131 KB

made me laugh tho.

1 month later
#894 6 years ago
Quoted from pinballphil:

Here are pictures of Phil Hubbert with Arcades At Home's booth and Rich Huff with Midwest Pinball's booth.

image-694.jpg 70 KB

image-245.jpg 90 KB

that's the guy that bought my Royal Guard. I wonder if that was the one I had?

#916 6 years ago

Hows the cabinet on SST? Neons all bright and unfaded?

thinking about unloading my torpedo ally due to space.

1 week later
#938 6 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I have some games potentially for sale:
The last three are in exceptional condition and I will only let go for top dollar. If you are looking for a bargain or a "players" machine, these are not for you. I am also not interested in trades at this time.

I wish your I500 was in the "players" machine price catagory. No wait, no I don't, I shouldn't be buying shit right now.

#947 6 years ago

I have BF. I'm kinda near chicago, but farther north. On the IL/WI boarder if you want to do a swap.

#952 6 years ago
Quoted from Nelly:

Yeah, it looks like you are about 2 hours from me. If I can't find one closer it looks like I'll be heading your way. Thanks!

Let me know, i'll be around.

#963 6 years ago
Quoted from gatordad:

Friend of mine reached out to me looking for a Nice Transformers as a holiday present
Anyone selling?

I'm sure any of us are selling if the price is right. There really isn't such a thing as not for sale.

2 months later
#1116 5 years ago

Dr.who isn't really unreasonable. They can be found in the $1200-1400 range from time to time. WIll be faded on the cabinet, but who cares if you are looking to play.

#1127 5 years ago

ok, so now what is the bottom of the barrel B/W going for these days? No such thing as $1200 DMD B/w anymore? Because Dr.who is one of the bottom feeders. Always has been still is.

#1150 5 years ago

I need to look away... Don't want to be tempted by the JP. Is that a MAME in back of the JP?

#1156 5 years ago

It's more of the fact that I have no room for anymore games. Already have 8 games at a friends house because i'm out of space.

#1169 5 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Bump for the JP. Fun game especially at price point.
Neo just get rid of your Shadow, you can always pick up another for $1200 later.

that's exactly what I paid for mine too. Delivered to my house. Guy brought it over, helped me get it in the basement and helped me set it up. $1200. Had a broken upper playfield side to side bracket (most do), but other than that, it was good. Minimal sanctum wear as well. Luckily I have a small pile of those brackets because I bought all 10 that Gene had back in the day when I couldn't find the damn thing for my first shadow I owned. Nobody was making them, so I bought them all. think I have 4 left.

2 weeks later
#1195 5 years ago

anyone have a Bally Skill Roll for sale? Looking for one.

skill roll.jpg
#1203 5 years ago

sometimes, fawking about like this can land a good deal. Had it happen because the guy just wasn't good at dealing with FS things. If he wants it gone the easy way, might cut you a deal.

#1205 5 years ago

that says to me, that he knows how to buy, doesn't mean he knows how to sell.

#1242 5 years ago

Do they even have pinball parties in Iowa? Thought it was just corn gatherings?

#1244 5 years ago

yea, I know, as soon as you go west a little bit, it's nothing but flat ass boring cornfields. Yet, there are still people driving slow as shit that you can't get around. Go figure.

#1246 5 years ago

that just says you belong up here in WI. Because most of IL can't drive for shit.

#1248 5 years ago

come on chitown, you know it's shitty to drive down in IL. personally, I don't know how you guys handle it on a daily basis. And that bullshit, not being able to pass on the right when someone is turning left. Holy crap is that a bullshit setup. Just backs up traffic for 5 miles for one guy turning left.

#1252 5 years ago
Quoted from MXV:

What are you talking about? What bullshit setup?

what r you talking about.jpg
#1258 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Ya i not sure wat he means either. Ill pass people on the shoulder if there is no left turn lane.
We all drive 80mph on a 55mph higway, i dunno what the problem is for you.
Now ohio, those sons of bitches cant drive and dont understand that the left lane is for passing. Encounter them all the time on road trips and hate that entire state because of them.

You don't see all those signs around IL, that say no passing on right side, out in the subs country roads? Like every main street has them. So nobody will go around someone turning left. That's the bullshit (IL only ) thing i'm talking about. Hate those signs and they don't make any sense to why they have that rule.

#1265 5 years ago

I see signs all over IL, out by mchenry, algonquin and what not that says, no passing on right side by every left available turn on the country type busy roads. Signs like this. So nobody can get around a guy in a single lane road that is stopped and turning left. When traffic is busy, he waits forever to turn, i've been in traffic at least a mile long or more because of this, on at least 30 occasions.

FU IL.jpg

#1267 5 years ago

well it seems they are in every damn place i need to drive in IL. Sucks bad.

#1281 5 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

If we are going to bag on IL laws, let's be fair and tease our brothers in WI.
Margarine is illegal in Wisconsin?
And back to the for sale thread.......

I'd rather never eat margarine ever again, than to have to drive behind some ass clown going the speedlimit or 5 under, which seems to happen about 2 seconds after I cross the boarder. ON the HWY everyone drives 20 over the limit, which is fine, that's normal driving and driving like you're actually going somewhere. But in the country roads, IL people drive like ass.

#1309 5 years ago

I think that coin door is on upside down. Would be easier to play if it was flipped over.

#1311 5 years ago

sounds like something for the pinball olympics

#1314 5 years ago

For those going to MGC next week. I'm looking for 2 things.

Bally Skill Roll


Frontline arcade (cabinet doesn't have to be a beauty but has to have nice complete working control panel)

#1316 5 years ago

I loved it. It was unique because it had a spinner that you could push down as a button as well. Hence why I need the control panel in tact and original. Only game I know of that had it.

#1318 5 years ago

humm, i've been looking for spinners that have the push ability, and had a hard time finding them. I do have 2 slick stiks, that I wish pushed down, but they feel so nice, I hate to swap them out.

#1333 5 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Not going to MGC?

I'll be there. I was saying if they have this, bring it with them to MGC and i'll pick it up there.

1 week later
#1377 5 years ago

I have nice Stern Galaxy for trade. Open to trade offers. Very nice cabinet, nice boards and playfield looks good. Freshly shopped. BG is very good. Not flaking or scratched up.

shopped out machine.jpg shopped out machine (15).jpg shopped out machine (16).jpg shopped out machine (17).jpg
#1385 5 years ago

Told you stephanie could be enticed. Probably won't find a nicer one.

#1386 5 years ago

btw, I dropped the price to $700 on the galaxy because I have 9 insert lights I can't get working. Don't know what the problem is and don't have time to dig into it. Already put in a bunch of time shopping it out and tweeking it. Plays great. clean, displays and backglass is nice.

1 week later
#1406 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

When I think about how much money I've blown on tech that became obsolete, it practically sickens me. I paid well over 5 grand for that rear projection XBR. I think I paid about $2,300 for my first flat screen, and it was only 22". And don't even get me started on laser discs ... Believe it or not, I paid over $1,000 for my first portable DVD player. It was worth it, though. You should have seen the looks I got from people on airplanes.

That's what happens when you have to have new technology right away. Electronics only get cheaper the longer you wait. My laserdisc player wasn't that expensive when I bought mine. I think it was $250 for self flipping model, and laserdiscs were anywhere from .75 cents to 29.99 (new releases). Only reason I went laserdisc was because you could get freshly released movies for cheap and 8 months before they were released to the public on VHS for a reasonable price.

#1422 5 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Still looking for a Dr dude!

No you're not, you're looking for LIONMAN!

I still have the galaxy up for sale or trade. $650 with a near perfect backglass and very nice unfaded cabinet. Playfield super nice as well. Open for trades if you want to change up the collection.

#1424 5 years ago

finding one is easy. finding one for sale is a totally different story.

#1428 5 years ago

Lionman cannot be described in this thread. YOu must refer to the lionman thread to have a full understanding of it.

#1433 5 years ago

I got 2 people interested in it right now. One wants to know if someone can bring it to VFW with them.

#1448 5 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

One of these people is me. I'd be happy to get this game.
If anyone is willing to pick up from Neo and bring it over this way, I would be happy to kick in some gas money.
I would be able to take the game in Southwest Michigan, just off I-94, any time, including Friday of the VFW show.
I will be at the VFW show on Saturday. Driving over there early Saturday morning and coming back home Sunday morning. Happy to meet someone at VFW while there.

I'll write hilton and see what he says.

#1451 5 years ago

no way for me to get to rockford without it being a 2 1/2 hour round trip drive for me.

#1452 5 years ago


Anyone that's looking for the Radio Shack drawer cabinets. I'm selling 4 of them. Just bought the last 8 from the last store closing that is happening in WI and IL. RS told me all the stores that will be closed are closed. Couple are in their last weeks of closing. I only wanted 4 of them, but had to buy all 8 if I didn't want to have to buy all the components in them as well. They wern't cheap and took 3 hours to get apart to get out of the store and empty. With tax they were $185 each. but you don't have to empty them out, or take them apart. Ready to go in cube form. 7 drawers per cube. Each drawer is 2'X1 1/2' X 3" I think. Don't know. Havn't measured them.

#1459 5 years ago

if you don't know what they are, they look like this and are awesome. I'm filling up mine right now, and they clear out a ton of clutter. Love these things. Still have 4 left for sale.

for sale stuff 004.jpg for sale stuff 003.jpg
#1461 5 years ago

that's about the 5th person that says that. But that's the way it was for me as well when I've been looking for the past 6 years for them.

#1465 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Well if ya ever come this way bring one and I'll buy one. But I'm a courier so ya never know where I'll be.....I could come your way.

Find me a zac I still need at a reasonable price in your area and i'll be right over.


Black belt
soccer kings
Pinball champ

or find me a Robot Backglass and i'll be over as well. Hell, i'll trade you one for a Robot backglass.

#1469 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Well I have a new Space Shuttle bg I could trade. That what $239

That would be great, but I don't have a space shuttle. Now if you have some zac backglasses, i'm all ears.

1 month later
#1539 5 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Hey Guys,
I am unfortunately selling my Tron Pro to assist in a down payment on our new house.
The Good:
--HUO first owner
--Eli Ramp Light Kit installed
--Shaker motor
--Tasteful LEDs
--Pinbits neon plastic protectors
--Pinballs included!
The Bad:
--The price $6000
Let me know if you are interested. Thanks,


#1551 5 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Empty Indiana Jones cabinet- $200
Empty Twilight Zone cabinet- $200
Empty Bally Rolling Stones cabinet-free

What's funny is that the TZ cabinet is gone before the rolling stones.

#1558 5 years ago

wow they lowered it. Used to be insane for the car and no people. The kick in the nuts tho, is that you can just drive around the bottom of the lake for around $35 in a minivan.

#1575 5 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Through Chicago and all the tolls.

That is true. you have the state of IL giving you a big butthole on your way through the state. If you take 94 and have a I pass, it's only around $2.50. Only 2 booths.

#1579 5 years ago
Quoted from Trekie:

What about the Skyway toll? Isn't like $7.50?

It would be if you didn't have Ipass and actually took it. It's not worth taking anyway. I never drive it because of the stupid assenly high price. Only shaves off like 10 min anyway.

1 week later
#1593 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

You know where to find one, you just don't want to pay up ...

Yours is pretty sweet. But I don't buy collector quality games. I buy games i can restore and make pretty myself. Cheaper for me to go that route than to pay high amount when someone else did the work.

1 week later
#1612 5 years ago
Quoted from Silvercoin:

Hey guys!
Anyone have a Fish Tales they would like to sell?

Probably everyone that has one )

#1629 5 years ago

looks like you could fit an EM in there as well.

1 week later
1 week later
#1656 5 years ago

Looking for Alien Poker. Anyone got one they want to unload?

#1658 5 years ago

Anyone have gottlieb aftermarket boards for System 1? I need the all in one board and the PS board for Joker Poker.

#1672 5 years ago

el dorado comes in EM form? Still have bonus multiplier and target reset?

#1676 5 years ago

gotcha. Target alpha and what not are great games. But I was drawn more to El Dorato because of the lower target bank advancing bonus multiplier and resetting after all are knocked down.

1 week later
#1711 5 years ago

that blue ribbon looks quite interesting. Layout is something i've never seen before.

#1722 5 years ago
Quoted from Timerider:

$1300 for Wizard. Over a grand for Blue Ribbon. And $1500 for the gun game. All marked sold (from Friday).
Oh , and $800 for the puck bowler .
I'm assuming package deal priced.. but I'm guessing still way over priced.

if they paid anywhere near that, they did not know what they were doing.

2 months later
#1894 5 years ago

I got a Space Invaders for sale for $800 as is. Beautiful Cabinet. Perfect backglasses. Playfield is average. No broken plastics. Boards all look good except the MPU board. Has acid damage along the bottom. Got the game to boot once. Now I get anywhere from 1 -7 blinks on the LED. If you want to put in the time to fix the board. Should replace the bottom 2 sockets. Couple of resistors, and a predriver transistor. Personally, i'd just throw an alltek ultimate MPU in it. If it doesn't sell like this. I'll buy the MPU board and shop it out. Put it up for $1300. When I did get it to boot. Displays looked good and all the mechs worked great. Needs a new cabinet power switch. This one seems to be stuck on, so I've been using the power strip switch.









#1895 5 years ago

some more pics. Cab looks pretty damn nice all around. No fade. very nice color everywhere. Don't think it's ever seen sunlight.




1 week later
#1921 5 years ago

still have the space invaders for sale. $600 takes it home.

#1932 5 years ago

if it's Jims, the damn thing looks and plays like new.

#1938 5 years ago

puck bowlers are very very hard to move. Even at $150-300 you will be sitting in them awhile.

#1941 5 years ago

it is, and more modern than most. I had a puck bowler just show up here near me. like 15 min drive for $150. I was on the fence and kept putting it off because I didn't want to move it.

#1976 5 years ago

actually, i've been on the fence about selling mine. Pretty damn nice.

#1984 5 years ago
Quoted from vdojaq:

Translation: Shoot me an offer I can't refuse

usually that's my moto. But if i'm actually trying to sell a game, then it's really reasonable.

2 weeks later
#2032 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Yep. Super nice guy! Cant wait to get it home. Got it at my office right now waiting to go home.

never seen Tims.........haunted house.

#2036 5 years ago

if you want to overpay for a one, you can have mine. there is no such thing as not for sale with my collection.

1 week later
#2058 5 years ago

if your BOP was converted to 2.0 i'd have a buyer for you now. That's local to you.

1 week later
#2119 5 years ago
Quoted from msteinmetz13:

Allied TNT Dyn o mite 4 player $650
Good working condition


that game is in really nice shape. Good deal for someone.

#2122 5 years ago
Quoted from waldo34:

Any one looking for a Williams Indiana Jones? Thinking about trading mine. New cabinet decals, clear coated playfield, new plastics, and Mike Chestnut chrome plunger grip. I wouldn't call it collector quality but it's pretty nice. Really looking for a CV or Scared Stiff but open to anything.

thought you traded this already?

#2126 5 years ago

your bowler looks a lot like mine, except you have gutters. Only wish mine had flash on it.

#2165 5 years ago

And because 300 is like super soccer which are kick ass EM's. Still my favorite EM's of all time, and top 20 game of all time for me.

4 weeks later
#2298 4 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

Hey guys! Gotta make some room. 2 machines I really don't want to part with but I have to make way!
Really nice WCS94 with Cliffys, some LEDs, newish (couple years) Ball. Works great.
Single Owner (ME!) 3D Tron Pro (Screened Playfield). Fully LED play field, Eli mod, Arcade Scoop Mod, Tournament Button added. Also great shape.

wernt' all the playfields screened?

#2307 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I assume he meant it has a screened cabinet, as opposed to the later runs that had decals.

I figured that's what it was, but I had to give him some shit about it.

#2317 4 years ago
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Hey Chicago pinheads... Since we are on the topic of tickets, I am a big Phish fan and they are playing at Wrigley this summer. Tickets will likely be near impossible to get fields. Anyone have any hookups to help a guy out? I figure it is worth asking before the official on sale happens.
Will likely be my 99th and 100th show and I cant think of a better place to see my favorite band for the momentus life occasion than inside the friendly confines of Wrigley. Hoping to get 4 fields for each night.

do people that go to phish even remember being there?

#2320 4 years ago

what do they say when they run out of drugs at a grateful dead concert?

This music Sucks.

#2339 4 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

did i enter the twilight zone? i thought this was a thread for buying and selling pinball machines, not phish concert demographics. back on topic people.

the phish heads forgot where they were.

#2340 4 years ago
Quoted from jellikit:

at a Phish concert?


am I the only hoping that the chic in the my little pony costume has a back door easy access ass flap on that costume?

#2345 4 years ago

that part of the beauty of it...we will never know.

1 week later
#2363 4 years ago

holy crap that axl hole got some lovin'. Weird that the hole is blown out that bad yet no wear on slash.

3 weeks later
#2471 4 years ago

my zaccarias have grown so much i'm forced to get rid of some other stuff. :/

ESCAPE FROM the LOST World. Displays are nice, works 100% boards are clean, playfield is presentable. Cabinet is solid but the head decals are curling at the edges and have seen better days. $1100 Also have a really nice strange science $1200 and EM travel time $600. all fully working, S.S. has been recently shopped.











#2472 4 years ago

Strange Science. $1200. Really nice playfield. Recently shopped. Displays are crisp. Boards are clean. Translite in good shape. Has plexi for backglass. works 100%.











#2473 4 years ago

Travel Time. Playfield nice. Cabinet fair. Backglass isn't bad. has some cracking in the ink that someone tried to touchup. glass is about a 6.5 or 7. Plays great. $600 would consider a 3 for one trade as well. I need to free up some space.








#2485 4 years ago

you make about 10X profit from mods. If anyone should be bitching it should be the price of mods. You never make 10X your money on flipping games. Be lucky to double your money half of the time. Plus you have to go get the game, somehow get it out of their basement, through doorways that have been modified since the game was put down there. Peel off the crusty NOS rubber that has been on the game for 30+ years. Get everything working again, and fix what you can. It's a PIA sometimes, unless you get it for a song.

#2500 4 years ago
Quoted from dung:

Knowing someone who makes mods, the profit is not ten times. It is a fraction, but do keep selling that line.

depends on the mod. the TZ lamp shades, when theywere going for $150 were more than 10X. The LED TAF swap light was 20X. The LED lamp boards for stern games for hte backbox are at least 10X profit. All depends on the mods. Those $8 chinese cannons for AC/DC people are selling for a hell of a lot more. (bought mine online at a chinese cheap toy site $8 shipped). so depending on the mod, some of them are massive profit. like toppers cut out of cheap ass plastic and charge $75+. So don't act like mods can't make a shit ton of profit, which is fine. My statement was saying it's a hell of a lot easier money in mods than trying to flip games.

#2513 4 years ago
Quoted from dung:

And you sit back and say its all pure profit. What about custom designed plastic protectors? Do you think they just appear out of thin air? What about custom designed replacement parts? Home made ramps? Do you have any real idea or do you just like to pull numbers out of the air? There are a number of modders out there that build things because of passion, not profit and you just crap all over them.
As for flippers there are plenty of them that just buy games off craigslist cheap, do nothing, and then repost them for more.

Here you go, rearranging words and making your own assumptions again. When did I ever say Mods are pure profit? Pure profit means, 100% profit, without any cost to make. Of course there is a cost to make. 10X's profit is not pure profit. Of course you still have a little overhead with initial cost.

And again, you have to be corrected, because I never said all Mods are all profit. I stated that making mods is more profitable with a hell of a lot less work, than going to go pick up games and try to move them. Again you assume and try to fit in means that never were said.

Some do buy games on craigslist cheap and try to flip them without touching them, but most of the time, your still lucky to double your money.

But on the same token. There are moders out there, that make some cheap half assed mod, and charge 20X's what it should be. So there are 2 sides to the spectrum.

#2514 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Well your first statement should have been this clear in the first place. It should have read "some" mods are 10X profit. Thanks for clearing that up. My time is worth just as much for making my mod as yours is for touching up and clearing pf's...but I understand yours is more time consuming and messy.

when making statements I would assume people would know it doesn't mean every single incident would be true. Unless stated, that every single mod..or all of them or something on those lines. I'm sure there are some flippers that can make 10X profit on a game. i'm sure there are moders that barely break even. It can happen. But a majority of the time, it's easier to make money with mods (easier to sell, dont' have to drive and haul a heavy ass game around and usually can be mass produced once made), than it is to buy and sell games (especially if you shop them out, tweek them out, fix them 100% before selling).

#2532 4 years ago

if someone wanted all 3

Travel Time
Strange Science
Escape from the Lost World.

I'll let the triple pack go for $2300. All 3 have newer rubber, and play 100%, boards all clean, displays crisp and nice.

#2544 4 years ago

the Strange science, escape from lost world and travel time have been spoken for.

Wish that bowler had flash on it. I'd snag it up. it's pretty much exactly like mine except yours has gutters.

#2565 4 years ago
Quoted from victor:

Looking to trade my HUO AC/DC premium, plus cash, towards any version of WOZ. My AC/DC is loaded with mods, is in absolutely mint condition, and has very low plays on it.

wow, i'd never do this trade. AC/DC > WOZ

#2580 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Issues aside, I didn't particularly care for the game play. It was a beautiful looking machine, but it bored me. I've only spent a limited amount of time on Hobbit, but I'm already getting that same vibe from it. I've owned TSPP less than a year, and it will probably me my next pin to go. All three of those games have phenomenal rulesets, and yet they just don't do it for me. I guess I'm just not a fan of Balcer's designs.

I agree 100%. I don't care for TSPP either, but I know why people like it. the rules are some of the deepest around. For home environment it can be great. The playfield is more fun than WOZ. I don't care for either, but I can see why people like TSPP. WOZ is just not fun. It's slow and uneventful. But I see people are blinded by the bling. When the strongest feature of a game, is how it looks...something is wrong. Because how a game looks is like the 4th most important thing about a game.