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Chicago expo 2022 buying selling

By V8haha

1 year ago

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#51 1 year ago

Star Trek topper for sale

AD51CDCB-967C-48BF-BD76-5BBB944F38C4 (resized).jpegAD51CDCB-967C-48BF-BD76-5BBB944F38C4 (resized).jpeg
#52 1 year ago

Looking to buy a Criblash game. Preferably on the newer side and definitely home-owned only.

#53 1 year ago

I will be at expo. Looking for a Monopoly. PM me if you're selling and can bring to expo. Thanks!

#54 1 year ago

I'll be at the expo on Friday and Saturday. Looking for a Rollergames, Haunted House, or Black hole. PM me you might be open to selling.

#55 1 year ago

Machine - For Sale
Functional - needs minor work - “Williams Flash Overall clean. Backglass below average, someone sprayed green near the face. Bottom cabinet nice. Backbox ok. Playfield has some art wear. Rebuilt mpu. Coin cell ba...”
New Lenox, IL
1,200 (OBO)
Archived after: 40 days
Viewed: 1556 times
Status: Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean - “Here is my players condition Mata Hari. Brand new CPR backglass. Game is complete. All led, also added the no flicker led boards. New mpu. Has 2 new Wolfpack displays. (Only one sh...”
New Lenox, IL
1,500 (OBO)
Archived after: 34 days
Viewed: 1015 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider

I am 1 hour south of Expo, I do not plan to bring these to expo at this time.

#56 1 year ago

Looking for a Booz-Barometer, drop me a line if you have one or a lead. Thanks.

booz (resized).pngbooz (resized).png
#57 1 year ago

I have a Spider-Man and skateball I could bring if someone is interested. $5800 for Spider-Man and $1800 for Skateball or trade for newer pin or possibly higher end Bally Williams.

1CFD5799-B63B-4F5F-BF1B-A0FFDB070DC6 (resized).jpeg1CFD5799-B63B-4F5F-BF1B-A0FFDB070DC6 (resized).jpeg34DB3917-33DE-42C1-AF63-955930955357 (resized).jpeg34DB3917-33DE-42C1-AF63-955930955357 (resized).jpeg5BDB33DA-685B-4D51-9FFF-D482C564A58C (resized).jpeg5BDB33DA-685B-4D51-9FFF-D482C564A58C (resized).jpeg88D0C601-0094-43BA-AA3F-D94C033013AD (resized).jpeg88D0C601-0094-43BA-AA3F-D94C033013AD (resized).jpeg91BAA0B3-58E6-475A-8829-E72CC993CEAC (resized).jpeg91BAA0B3-58E6-475A-8829-E72CC993CEAC (resized).jpegCF989537-7E82-4171-8FF4-38F69FD5708C (resized).jpegCF989537-7E82-4171-8FF4-38F69FD5708C (resized).jpegD42845ED-D555-451B-980A-9303FEADEF3F (resized).jpegD42845ED-D555-451B-980A-9303FEADEF3F (resized).jpeg
#58 1 year ago

WTB - nice examples of Checkpoint and Elvis.

FS - Torpedo Alley, Millionaire, and Lightning

#59 1 year ago

Could be on its way to Expo if anyone wants it.

Machine - For Sale
NBA Fastbreak Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean - “The Good: New Comet LEDs, warm white throughout and No Ghosting in the inserts. New Titan Rings Shot Clock displays perfectly Recently cleaned (I'm not a wax clearcoated playfield...”
Des Moines, IA
Archived after: 22 days
Viewed: 906 times
Status: Sold for $ 3,800
Contributed to Pinside

Added 18 months ago:

Looks like I'm staying home. Thanks, life.

#60 1 year ago

Looking for a Fish Tales topper plastic dome in good condition. If anyone has one and going to the expo, let me know.

#61 1 year ago

I have a used Cyclone playfield that I can bring to Expo, it has wear and touch-ups but it would be a good candidate for a hard top or maybe a wall hanger. $100 obo.

CyclonePlayfield (resized).JPGCyclonePlayfield (resized).JPG
Added 18 months ago:

Playfield is sold, thanks

#62 1 year ago

Skateball is pending

#63 1 year ago

Looking for a Buckaroo or Cow Poke.

#64 1 year ago

Looking for an Addams Family.

#65 1 year ago

Thinking about bringing my Target Alpha for sale.

#66 1 year ago
Quoted from ThatGuyBo:

Looking for an Addams Family.

i might have one in my trailer, its supposed to be delivered to me in a trade deal

#67 1 year ago
Quoted from Tilt:

i might have one in my trailer, its supposed to be delivered to me in a trade deal

Let me know! Definitely would interested!

#68 1 year ago

still have some show games available for sale or trade
mando pro x2
mando premium x2
rush pro x2
rush premium x2
avengers pro
avengers premium x2
deadpool pro x 2
deadpool premium x2
jurassic park pro
godzilla pro
star wars pro x2
star wars premium x2
led zeppelin pro x2
led zeppelin premium x2

and hoping to add to the list this week

#69 1 year ago

Elvira House of Horrors Neca Stern loot box. Contains T-shirt in X or XL(please specify), beanie hat, pin, patch, and exclusive Elvira figure. - $70

NOS Stern Tron 3D Translite -$300

Pickup at Expo or Bumper Blast Party at Enterium

8F29E9D6-CF27-4725-A771-5B8BC3556011 (resized).jpeg8F29E9D6-CF27-4725-A771-5B8BC3556011 (resized).jpeg
#70 1 year ago

Looking for a Rick and Morty. I'm local to Expo if you are driving in! Thanks!!


#71 1 year ago

I can bring a very nice STTNG with led's, color dmd, Lazer cannons and a few other mods

#72 1 year ago

Sourced no fear and BSD.
Still looking for a JP Pro

#73 1 year ago

I'm still in the market for a Jokerz! or a Rollergames project.

I know it's a pinball show, but if anyone who is attending and can do a cash transaction at the hotel/venue is looking for a working Donkey Kong Jr PCB or any of the TKG3 (Donkey Kong 4-board) individual boards LMK!

Added 18 months ago:

DKjr PCB no longer available!

#74 1 year ago

I have a cpr gold Fish tales playfield set in the box from the 2012 run i could bring.

#75 1 year ago

In search of a boomerang if anyone has one to bring to expo for sale!

#76 1 year ago
Quoted from V8haha:

Sourced no fear and BSD.
Still looking for a JP Pro

I have an NIB JP pro available

#77 1 year ago

I am looking for a nice KISS or Playboy . Both need to be in nice condition and running. Will look at your pics and can meet you at expo . Let me know what you have.

#78 1 year ago

I have the perfect winter project for someone!
Future spa.
Messed up ugly red cabinet.
Terrible touch up job on playfield!
4 miss matched legs.
Sanded down apron.
But..It’s fully working !!! Still fun to play as Is.
Battery removed from mpu.
Backglass pretty good condition.

I see playfield Hardtop and cabinet stencils are in stock .
Asking $1350 and can bring to Expo.

45EBE17D-07C2-4775-A923-949B370ADDAC (resized).jpeg45EBE17D-07C2-4775-A923-949B370ADDAC (resized).jpeg462E1652-2D2B-4474-9FED-26342D15A88C (resized).jpeg462E1652-2D2B-4474-9FED-26342D15A88C (resized).jpeg7176F442-493C-49F6-80A6-8065851CEEA6 (resized).jpeg7176F442-493C-49F6-80A6-8065851CEEA6 (resized).jpeg786908F2-C41F-4563-81FA-8989943CC1F2 (resized).jpeg786908F2-C41F-4563-81FA-8989943CC1F2 (resized).jpeg966A2F3C-FF1B-4175-9903-4512B5933B35 (resized).jpeg966A2F3C-FF1B-4175-9903-4512B5933B35 (resized).jpeg9CE25A3E-1730-4910-B2D5-919E85FE6ADC (resized).jpeg9CE25A3E-1730-4910-B2D5-919E85FE6ADC (resized).jpegC0A52A1A-E3C8-4E97-A64F-38DB0B23B1BD (resized).jpegC0A52A1A-E3C8-4E97-A64F-38DB0B23B1BD (resized).jpegCDA8EA71-6BAF-4678-AE50-F1E67FD1C09D (resized).jpegCDA8EA71-6BAF-4678-AE50-F1E67FD1C09D (resized).jpegD78C5B52-4B06-4260-8D4B-5C3B9B77CF3B (resized).jpegD78C5B52-4B06-4260-8D4B-5C3B9B77CF3B (resized).jpegED94FF66-6170-4CE7-9D06-D3067A4B55F3 (resized).jpegED94FF66-6170-4CE7-9D06-D3067A4B55F3 (resized).jpeg
Added 18 months ago:


#79 1 year ago

True dirt legs in that future spa!

#80 1 year ago

Looking for a complete hand popper assembly for Johnny mnemonic

PXL_20221006_213651296 (resized).jpgPXL_20221006_213651296 (resized).jpg
#81 1 year ago

I have a complete whirlwind pastic set. New in package. Never installed. $120. Will be at expo thru-sat

16651526204062875075366913411116 (resized).jpg16651526204062875075366913411116 (resized).jpg
#82 1 year ago

That apron is actually the most interesting part of that entire Future Spa game. I would consider polishing it and leaving the apron that way.

#83 1 year ago

Want to buy a very nice Stern CSI and a Whoa Nellie

#84 1 year ago

Have a nearly fully populated Alien Poker playfield with art in good condition.

Will probably be parting out a Williams Satin Doll as well if anyone needs anything from it.

DM me if interested at all.

Added 18 months ago:

Can't make it to Expo this year unfortunately.

#85 1 year ago
Quoted from Galdaien:

Have a nearly fully populated Alien Poker playfield with art in good condition.
Will probably be parting out a Williams Satin Doll as well if anyone needs anything from it.
DM me if interested at all.

PM sent

#86 1 year ago

Anyone have a Sorcerer wall hanger backglass. Kind of just want the glass for the game room

#87 1 year ago

Machine - For Sale
As is - “I have a Bally Trio project. Game lights up and plays if the score is manually reset. Play field is in great shape. I haven't had the time/passion I thought I would to finish worki...”
Arlington Heights, IL
450 (OBO)
Archived after: 6 days
Viewed: 394 times
Status: Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside

Just listed a project. I'm about 10 minutes from expo.

#88 1 year ago

Got this one too.

Machine - For Sale
Space Shuttle Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean - “Hardtop Space Shuttle with new CPR Plastics and Backglass. Can deliver to Chicago Expo The Good: Hardtop looks beautiful New Blue LED Wolffpac Displays Titan Rubbers throughout A...”
Des Moines, IA
Archived after: 5 days
Viewed: 294 times
Status: Sold for $ 2,800
Contributed to Pinside

#89 1 year ago

Pingraffix PinBlades for Fish Tales - $60.
Pretty crummy art blades for White Water - Free.

IMG_E2019[1] (resized).JPGIMG_E2019[1] (resized).JPGIMG_E2020[1] (resized).JPGIMG_E2020[1] (resized).JPG
#90 1 year ago

Walking Dead pro and Led Zep premium both for sale or trade at expo, photos available via PM if anyone is interested.

#91 1 year ago

Looking for Tron mods.... EL ramp kit, Arcade and black metal pop bumper caps if anyone has them.

#92 1 year ago

I have a Ball Night Rider EM project. Cabinet poorly repainted, backglass flaking a bit, 2 playfields and parts. It's stripped down right now and guaranteed to NOT work, but pretty sure everything is there plus extras. Can get pix later if interested. Or come pick up in Madison sooner! Asking $350 because it's fun to say. If nothing else it's a few wall hangers and some great parts. (SPOKEN FOR)

#93 1 year ago

Looking for a Neptune, Kings & Queens, and Joker Poker (EM).

#94 1 year ago

Looking to sell a Zacaria Spooky if anyone is interested. I have two so selling the lesser of the pair. Plays fine but has a few cosmetic issues. $5000 or trade for something on my pretty short wishlist. Can add cash as needed. I plan to be there on Thursday only but am less than an hour away. PM a phone number or email for photos.

#95 1 year ago

I have a beautiful RFM with MyPinballs updated code available for trade

#96 1 year ago

TRON original 3D translite $300 pick up at expo

92786A83-7854-4DA0-BBD1-43652B21BF6F (resized).jpeg92786A83-7854-4DA0-BBD1-43652B21BF6F (resized).jpeg
#97 1 year ago

Just a heads up that Myth Pinball will be at Pinball Expo coming up next week! Feel free to stop by our booth for a demonstration of our speaker light kit and also receive a flyer for show special discounts!

We also have donated a speaker light kit to the Project Pinball Auction to help raise money for such a good cause.

My homebrew game Pincraft will be in the Homebrew area! Don't Miss it!

Look forward to meeting all of you!

#98 1 year ago

This is for the best. But darn.

#99 1 year ago

Any of my listed items I can bring with to Pinball Expo 2022 .

#100 1 year ago

I have an old BK2K upper playfield with no artwork. Looks like someone sanded it off...

It's not warped, would make a good wall art candidate or ???

$25, I'll bring it to Expo

IMG_1449 (resized).JPGIMG_1449 (resized).JPGIMG_1450 (resized).JPGIMG_1450 (resized).JPG
Added 18 months ago:


Promoted items from Pinside Marketplace and Pinside Shops!
$ 1,059.00
Pinball Machine
$ 59.99
$ 15.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
5,500 (OBO)
Machine - For Sale
Haledon, NJ
$ 29.95
$ 119.99
Cabinet - (Alt) Translites
FlyLand Designs
$ 9.95
$ 45.99
Lighting - Interactive
Lee's Parts
$ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 225.00
Cabinet - (Alt) Translites
FlyLand Designs
$ 109.99
Lighting - Led
Lighted Pinball Mods
From: $ 17.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
$ 18.95
$ 16.50
Lighting - Led
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Playfield - Decals
Machine - Wanted
Bethel Park, PA
$ 109.99
Lighting - Led
Lighted Pinball Mods
$ 19.95
Playfield - Protection
SilverBall Designs
6,500 (OBO)
Machine - For Sale
Kenosha, WI
$ 329.99
Lighting - Other
Lighted Pinball Mods
$ 24.95
Lighting - Led
Mitchell Lighting
Machine - For Sale
Smyrna, TN
$ 329.99
Lighting - Other
Lighted Pinball Mods
From: $ 25.99
Lighting - Led
Lee's Parts
$ 54.95
$ 23.95
Lighting - Led
Mitchell Lighting
$ 17.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
Hey modders!
Your shop name here
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