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Chicago Coin Top Ten Ball Advance

By Nick_C

6 days ago

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#1 6 days ago

I have another posting about this problem for the same game, the topic is closed and the problem has changed.

Player 1 only, Player 2 works flawlessly.

When I have bonus to be awarded ball will only advance on ball 1,3, and 5. No bonus, works perfectly. When ball does not advance, ball 2 and 4, the player up lights extinguish but points still get added to player 1.

Things I have done. I used a jumper wire from the outhole switch to the coil, doing this the ball advances only every second drain. I have adjusted/cleaned all switches involved in the player unit step up circuit. If I put a piece of paper in between the contacts of the lower switch on the bonus unit, the ball advancement works perfect. I adjusted this switch, no luck.

I am out of ideas on this one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

#2 6 days ago

If you have a bonus coming on ball 2 in a 1 player game and drain, the bonus counts, the ball kicks to the shooter lane and the player up light goes out. Does the Ball Count Unit take one step from position 2 to position 3, which would be for player 2 ball 2? Then when that ball drains does the Ball Count always step to ball 3, bonus or not?

On a 1 player game the Ball Count needs to take two steps when the ball drains, using pulses from two different score motor switches.
Top Ten Ball Count 2 (resized).jpgTop Ten Ball Count 2 (resized).jpg
If the circuit in the red box were not reliable you would get just a single pulse/step which would put the Ball Count Unit into player 2 territory which it shouldn't get to in a 1 player game.


#3 6 days ago

On ball 2 and 4 the ball count unit steps only once, in theory this would be player 2 ball 2 but it is still on player 1. Ball 1, 3 , and 5 the ball count unit steps twice.

I had added a jumper between the 2 arrows, with this jumper in place the ball count unit only steps once in a 1 player game. The 2 switches in your rectangle, I hand also cleaned, checked and installed a jumper between each. No change.

I agree that with the problem that I am having, that circuit must have an issue, I looked at this circuit so many times, I can't find any thing wrong with it.

pinside.b4483d5e8adb4e8c4a41bc5b3b833d6b81cf6b4b (resized).jpgpinside.b4483d5e8adb4e8c4a41bc5b3b833d6b81cf6b4b (resized).jpg
#4 6 days ago

It could be a ball index relay problem.
On the ball index relay find the normally open switch with the white-red & red-black wires.
Also find the normally open switch with the grey-yellow & yellow-red wires. Clean and check these switches strong connections.
On the score motor cam 1 (top cam) switch C3 normally closed switch with the red-black & green wires. Clean and check switch for a positive connection.
On the schematic cam chart, Switch C3 is shown as a normally open switch, which is in error.

#5 5 days ago

I tried what was suggested, still no fix.

It does now advance balls 2 and 4 on the first drain. Opposite of what it was doing before.

This happens only when there is bonus. No bonus, ball advances perfectly.

#6 4 days ago

When the last bonus step is subtracted from score motor switch E2, the bonus collect relay will release. A separate outhole switch is already closed along with a bonus unit wiper disc connection and the score motor switch A2 will pull in the outhole relay and start the outhole relay sequence.
Ball count step up will pulse on switches B2 & D3.
Ball return coil will pulse on C1.
Ball index relay will release on C3.
Outhole relay will release on E3.
Once ball gets kicked out on C1, the outhole switch will open, then the outhole relay is relying on switch E3 connection to stay closed before D3 gets a chance to pulse.
Unplugging the score motor service jack and manually turning the score motor cams might help determine whether the sequence is working correctly.

#7 3 days ago

Thank you for the great write up and especially the tip about removing the service plug from the score motor.

I started a game normally and removed the score motor plug. I did this for both scenarios, with bonus and without bonus. When there is no bonus D-3 and B-2 pulses the ball count step up coil. If there is a bonus, D-3 does not pulse the ball count step up coil even though it is closing. B-2 does pulse the ball count step up coil.

When I get a chance I will have a closer look into why it is doing this.


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