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Chicago Coin - Kicker Resurrection

By MaxAsh

9 months ago

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#1 9 months ago

I'm helping a friend with a Chicago Coin "Kicker", and we have a few things we're working through at the moment. Getting close, but we need to source some parts to try and get it fully up and running.

One of the score reels is missing its solenoid. Looks like the schematic says M-24-700 is the part number, but I can't seem to find that anywhere. I found N24-700, but no M. Does anyone know if that's a viable substitute?

Thanks in advance for any help with this question!

#2 9 months ago
Quoted from MaxAsh:

Does anyone know if that's a viable substitute?

I would call or email PBR and ask: http://www.pbresource.com/

#3 9 months ago

The two coils you mention probably have the same number of turns (700) of the same gauge wire (24), but the letter probably indicates that the bobbins are different shapes. I have no idea how close they are.

You might find an original coil here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/the-em-seeking-parts-thread


#4 9 months ago
Quoted from currieddog:

I would call or email PBR and ask: http://www.pbresource.com/

That was my plan, figured I would see if anyone knew here before checking in with Steve and those folks. Hopefully they'll know!

Also need to figure out what switches I need to order... there are one or two missing/broken ones. I remember asking PBR if they had the switch stack screws, and being told no years ago. Is there a known source for those? Never checked to see if the hardware store might have something that works.

#5 9 months ago

Switch stack screws are standard hardware sizes. usually 2-56, 3-48, or 4-40

#6 9 months ago
Quoted from HowardR:

Switch stack screws are standard hardware sizes. usually 2-56, 3-48, or 4-40


#7 9 months ago

New coil installed, and some other bits and pieces fixed/replaced. We're almost there.

Currently we have an issue with the tens (10-90) score reel.

* The game will start normally and play, and the scoring works fine for all reels (including the 10-90 reel). The problem is that during reset, the reel never turns or goes to zero, yet the game thinks it's at Zero/Reset position and starts up as it should.

* The score roll-over works fine, so when the 10-90 reel rolls over to "0" again during game play, the 100-900 reel advances as it should.

So it seems all of the in-game scoring portions of the reel are good, but for some reason it never receives the signal to reset during the Reset process, and doesn't care that it's not at Zero/Reset position when starting a new game. As long as the other reels reset, the game starts normally.

Thoughts on what might cause this?

Note: I found that on some of the other reels, there is a "jumper" connection (looks original and normal) between a couple of switch connections. It appears that the little jumper on the 10-90 reel is snapped, but I can see where it went. I jumpered between them, and the result is that the score reel still doesn't turn/reset, but the game gets stuck in a reset loop. I'm guessing someone realized that if they broke that connection, the game always thinks the reel is in "zero" position when reset.

Thanks in advance, as always, for advice! I have the schematic, so if pics are needed, please let me know. I can add pics of the reels and switches too, if that helps.

#8 8 months ago
Quoted from MaxAsh:

The game will start normally and play, and the scoring works fine for all reels (including the 10-90 reel). The problem is that during reset, the reel never turns or goes to zero, yet the game thinks it's at Zero/Reset position and starts up as it should.

I'm not sure how ChiCoin does it without checking the schematic, but the other companies had two separate zero-position switches (plus a carry-over switch that closes when 9 is showing) in the same stack. One of the zero-position switches applies to the individual reel and is used to stop stepping once a zero is showing. The other is in parallel with equivalent zero-position switches on all the other reels, and when all of them are open, it represents the fact that the score-reset phase of the overall reset sequence is complete. The same effect could be achieved with all the switches in series and all closing to end the score-reset phase. So the score motor keeps sending step-up pulses to all the scoring reels until all are reset, but each individual reel stops stepping when it hits zero.

Use wire colors from the schematic to determine which zero-position switch does each of the above functions.
.................David Marston

#9 8 months ago

How much of the schematic can be posted? I have the full thing in digital format. Here's a portion, I believe some of what you'd need to see.

Kicker_Schematic1a (resized).jpg
#10 8 months ago

First post on Pinsider for me, new to restoring pinballs.

I'm the guy that MaxAsh is helping debug the Kicker. I managed to resolve the issue with the 10-90 reel not resetting. Looking at the schematic, the reset signal goes through the UNIT RESET relay (circled in green) and gets to the 10-90 coil through the ZERO SW relay (circled in red). The ZERO SW relay is closed on all numbers except for 0. During reset, while the reel is on any number but zero, the RESET signal is controlling the reel turning. Once the reel gets to 0, the ZERO SW relay opens and the RESET signal no longer gets there. I ohmed out both the relays. The UNIT RESET relay was working OK. The ZERO SW relay was always reading an open, even when the contacts were touching. There was some hard white gunk on both contacts that needed to be sanded off. This resolved the problem and now the 10-90 reel resets. The ZERO SW relay itself is really beat up though and I will probably replace to avoid issues in the future.

The one open item on this is what is controlling the RESET signal? What is letting the game know that the reels are reset and that signal no longer needs to be fired. I have a couple theories, the 1-9 reel and the 100-900 reel both have 0-9 counters on them. I think when these counters get to "0", it lets the game know that the scoring reels are reset.

Thanks again to everyone for your help on this.

_Tens_Reel_Debug (resized).jpg
#11 8 months ago

This is the next issue I have encountered - the 1000s scoring reel was not working at all. I pulled the reel assembly off its bracket to measure the coil resistance. Once I inspected it I noticed the wires from the coil to the coil base were either broken or cut. Connecting my multimeter to the wire stubs read an open. Does this mean the coil is bad or could the wires have a coating that does not allow for a measurement to be made? I attached a photo of the coil with the broken wire stubs.

Thanks in advance

_Coil_1000s_reel (resized).jpg
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