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    #1 11 days ago

    Well, I am heading into the unknown
    I need to check and/or replace some of my bingo card
    Besides my R. Gerlitz videos and the instructions sheet from Bally,
    does anyone have any tips!!!
    The two(for now) lamps in question are the 10 and 18 numbers.
    I am thinking a bad lamp connection to the socket since they blink
    when I move my magic screen positions!!!

    #3 10 days ago

    If they're blinking when he screen moves the lamps are good.
    Be careful and go slow to not scratch the back of the bingo card when removing/installing it.
    Trouble is likely the socket(s) - after cleaning the inside bright and shiny, pull on the center nub for more protrusion.
    A VERY slight bending on the outer socket with a screwdriver will ensure a snug fit.
    Test all of them before buttoning her back up.

    #4 10 days ago

    Thanks guys
    Steve, I can get NOS glass cards. I am not 100% sure if I have a glass card or a plastic card.
    It will come down to the ease,or lack of, in removing my existing card.
    The instruction from R.G. seems quite straight forward!!

    #5 10 days ago

    It's easy to get to them.
    Fiddling with the sockets is annoying.

    #6 7 days ago
    Quoted from Pinball_Muggle:

    It's easy to get to them.
    Fiddling with the sockets is annoying.

    Agreed. Terry, once you've followed Steve's advice, there's another couple possibilities. The simpler one is Jones Plugs - make sure your playfield plugs (male and female) are clean.

    I like the ensure that the screen is fully on the track before applying power as you don't want the screen to jump the track. That is annoying to fix.

    #7 7 days ago

    The plugs are clean(ed) and burnished.
    I appears to be the socket(s), all though I have not removed the
    magic screen yet.
    I have some new 17V lamps coming as well as a NOS number card; my card has a
    bad scratch on the # 25. I figured that since I am working on lamps I might as well
    change the card!!
    The sockets are the ones that are hammered in like staples, hate those!!!

    #8 6 days ago

    Terry.... (here is my first attempt to helping someone) all I can share is what I learned.

    To get to the screen lights, go to the back of the machine. Push in the solenoid that works the magic screen. Locate the gearbox that turns the magic screen and manually spin the fan with you fingers. The magic screen should begin to move. Once the latch clears the notch, you can stop pushing the solenoid until the next notch comes around. I found four notches. The idea is to get the space in the screen panels to appear on the left side (from the front of the machine) of the bingo card. Once the space in the magic screen panels is on the left side of the bingo card you will see a black clamp held by two screws. Loosen the screws a little and the clamp will slide off. Grab the plastic (mine was) or glass bingo card and get it started coming out the space in the magic screen panels. Just get it started. Careful not to scratch the bingo card. Go to the back of the machine and continue to move the space in the magic screen panels to the right. Go back to the front of the machine and work the bingo card ut a little further. I had to repeat this several times. Eventually the bingo card comes out and the bulbs are accessible.

    Sorry I didn't know the real name of all the parts involved in this process. I learned this when I was thinking of replacing all the bulbs at the beginning of my project. Remember I am new to all this ... but I still willing to help.

    #9 6 days ago

    Good description @KyBingo - the only thing I will say to that is that you do not need to spin the fan. I take hold of the screen itself and apply even pressure top and bottom while holding in the solenoid you mention. There are two retaining clips that hold the screen on the track. They are spring-loaded and will push out of the way. Once they are pushed aside, simply start pulling the sections of the screen free, while continuing to hold the solenoid. Leave one section of the screen visible from the front of the machine, then remove the glass or plexi card and start relamping. Use a flexible piece of hose to grab the bulbs (your hands will thank you).

    Very impressed @KYBingo.

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